What if everything we’ve been told about saturated fat is fiction? And what if the “low fat, heart healthy” diet represents one of the most damaging public health recommendations in the history of our country? FAT FICTION (formerly known as BIG FAT LIE) is a film that questions decades of diet advice insisting that saturated fats are bad for us. Along the way, we'll reveal the lies we've been told about fats, learn what fats are good, what fats are bad, and what we can do to reclaim our health.


The video that is being suppressed by all of the tech tyrants!

Tom MacDonald - WHITEBOY

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Pizzagate: A Primer

TRANSCRIPT AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/bigoil/

The 20th century was the century of oil. From farm to fork, factory to freeway, there is no aspect of our modern life that has not been shaped by the oil industry. But as the "post-carbon" era of the 21st century comes into view, there are those who see this as the end of the oiligarchy. They couldn't be more wrong. This is the remarkable true story of the world that Big Oil is creating, and how they plan to bring it about.

Re-Up from The Corbett Report https://www.bitchute.com/channel/GwPziiQZrVT3/

TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: https://www.corbettreport.com/episode-310-rise-of-the-oiligarchs/

From farm to pharmaceutical, diesel truck to dinner plate, pipeline to plastic product, it is impossible to think of an area of our modern-day lives that is not affected by the oil industry. The story of oil is the story of the modern world. And this is the story of those who helped shape that world, and how the oil-igarchy they created is on the verge of monopolizing life itself.

Re-Up from The Corbett Report https://www.bitchute.com/channel/GwPziiQZrVT3/

TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: https://www.corbettreport.com/gates

The takeover of public health that we have documented in How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health and the remarkably brazen push to vaccinate everyone on the planet that we have documented in Bill Gates' Plan to Vaccinate the World was not, at base, about money. The unimaginable wealth that Gates has accrued is now being used to purchase something much more useful: control. Control not just of the global health bodies that can coordinate a worldwide vaccination program, or the governments that will mandate such an unprecedented campaign, but control over the global population itself.

Re-Up from The Corbett Report https://www.bitchute.com/video/igx86PoU7v8/

TRANSCRIPT AND DOWNLOAD: www.corbettreport.com/gates

In January of 2010, Bill and Melinda Gates announced a $10 billion pledge to usher in a decade of vaccines. But far from an unalloyed good, the truth is that this attempt to reorient the global health economy was part of a much bigger agenda. An agenda that would ultimately lead to greater profits for big pharma companies, greater control for the Gates Foundation over the field of global health, and greater power for Bill Gates to shape the course of the future for billions of people around the planet.

Re-Up from The Corbett Report https://www.bitchute.com/video/o7A_cMpKm6w/

TRANSCRIPT AND MP3: www.corbettreport.com/gates

Who is Bill Gates? A software developer? A businessman? A philanthropist? A global health expert? This question, once merely academic, is becoming a very real question for those who are beginning to realize that Gates' unimaginable wealth has been used to gain control over every corner of the fields of public health, medical research and vaccine development. And now that we are presented with the very problem that Gates has been talking about for years, we will soon find that this software developer with no medical training is going to leverage that wealth into control over the fates of billions of people.

Re-Up from The Corbett Report https://www.bitchute.com/video/wQSYdAX_9JY/

TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: www.corbettreport.com/gates

There can be no doubt that Bill Gates has worn many hats on his remarkable journey from his early life as the privileged son of a Seattle-area power couple to his current status as one of the richest and most influential people on the planet. But, as we have seen in our exploration of Gates' rise as unelected global health czar and population control advocate, the question of who Bill Gates really is is no mere philosophical pursuit. Today we will attempt to answer that question as we examine the motives, the ideology, and the connections of this man who has been so instrumental in shaping the post-coronavirus world.

Re-up from The Corbett Report https://www.bitchute.com/video/DSvhPnUgyz8/

1st documentary movie on the origin of CCP virus, Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus

The CCP virus, which originated from China, has rampaged through the world and caused more than 80,000 deaths, infecting at least 1.4 million.

The true number of deaths and infections is unknown due to the underreporting of cases from mainland China.

China in Focus - NTD / Epoch Times

Out of Shadows The Documentary

An exposé on how Hollywood and the mainstream media manipulate the multitudes by spreading propaganda throughout their content.


Plandemic Documentary: The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid 19
PLANDEMIC (pt. 1 Judy Mikovits)

Perspectives on the Pandemic | The Bakersfield Doctors | Episode 6

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Song by Styxhexenhammer666: https://www.bitchute.com/video/cyRpzcN_S44/

Song by Styxhexenhammer666: https://www.bitchute.com/video/cyRpzcN_S44/

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