I try to compare passive income from a small youtube channel to interest earned from a bank CD. Is youtube a better investment than money in the bank? We go over some numbers and talk about my channel.

Passive income from Youtube better than money in the bank

Just a casual tennis practice session with a friend under the lights. We did have some point play mixed with some cross court drills. At the end we did a good volley to volley live ball play to develop speed and good reaction.

Tennis With Heck Practice

Camera: Canon G7X II

Police car chase to rap beats

Hitting 1000 Subscribers Thank You

I was lucky to catch the moment my channel hit the 1000 subscriber mark on video in real time. This is a thank you for helping me and my channel reach one thousand subscribers. It is a little silly but it is a moment for this channel and something not many catch on video. Thanks

Tennis Training for all Levels

This is how I like to train for my USTA tennis teams and maximize my time on the court to try and improve my tennis game. I also stress this to my USTA teams because we can't spend more than just a few hours a week on the court. This is more effective than just hitting from the baseline for 1 to 2 hours I feel.

Carbon Fiber Performance Insoles Review

I test out my new performance insoles from VKTRY Gear and give a review for Tennis. Tennis is what I play and I look to the Vk insole to see if I can gain an advantage in performance.

Check out VKTRY web page for more info

Sneakers: KSwiss

Camera: Canon G7XII

Police Chase Running Crashing and Getting Caught

Police chases that show crashes and high speed pursuits that end with the police catching their man and woman. Don't run is the moral to the story.

Tennis Hitting The Opponent Shot

A player takes a hit from an overhead and shakes it off pretty good. Usta match 2017

D1 Tennis Female Vs 3.5 Male Passing Shots

This is passing shots from my match with a former D1 college female tennis player. This is from one set where I lost 6-3. The full set can be seen at the link below.

How much does it cost to own a boat

This video I talk about how much it cost me to own and maintain a 23-foot center console fishing boat in the New York area. Feel free to ask questions in the comment section and please Subscribe to the channel for more content.

Factors that increase your risk of developing kidney stones

I go over the 5 risk factors that put you at risk for developing kidney stones

Learning the Tennis Serve From Youtube Video Lessons

Is it possible to learn tennis from YouTube videos? I say yes and here is the proof of my serves that I learned from a vast array of tennis lessons I have seen on YouTube.

Red Foxes Visits The Spilled Trash In The Night

Some garbage was spilled on the street and froze in the ice. A pair of red foxes came to visit and have a go at trying to feed off the scraps. Westchester County NY

Tennis Friendly Mens Doubles Match Highlights 3.5

This is from February 2018 where we had a friendly doubles match. I could not use the camera sound as the fan was on and you could not hear much. I am the one in white.

Gear list

Camera: Canon G7X

Bellroy Wallet Review 4 Years In Action

Doing a follow-up review of the Bellroy Note Sleeve wallet that is now 4 years old.

Lond Island Sound Fishing

These are some video clips of my fishing trips over the last 5 years of owning a boat. I fished out of the Long Island Sound with my father and we enjoyed the boat for 19 year before I sold it. I have not been on the water the last few years but this season I look to get fishing again.

Can I Pass Kidney Stones At Home

I talk about Kidney stone size and passing time based on my personal experance passing over 100 stones in the last 15 years. This is a common question I get in on my other 2 videos I have done on kidney stones. Find links to them below.


Clay Court Shoes vs Hard Court shoe Tennis

I talk about my experience adding clay court or har tru shoes to my game. What is the difference clay vs hard court shoes? Find out here.

3.5 vs 4.0 Set Tennis With Heck Road To 4.0

Part 3 of my series of matches I am having trying to make my way to 4.0 level tennis or more. I played a former D1 Female and look to play many players with different styles of play. Subscribe to see more as I travel on my tennis obsession.

Location Cary leeds Tennis Center in The Bronx
Shot with a Iphone on a tripod

Edit with Sony Vegas Pro 13

The BRONX Historic Streets Of 1900 to 1980s

Take a trip to the past looking at photos of the history of the Bronx New York. See many historic streets from yesteryear to the 1980s when the Bronx was burning. Also many images of the northern part of the Bronx where the middle class did well and lived in beautiful homes and apartments.

World Of Tanks Scouting With No Repair Kit

This is what happens when you play world of tanks and forget to replace your repair kit. I could have done so much damage on this open run to kill artillery. But it turns to disaster quick.

Mini Tripod Review Manfrotto Pixi

For under 20 dollars you have can a mini tripod that is big on getting the job done. Set up cameras and mics where you need it quick and easy with the Manfrotto Pixi Mini. Best money spent for your camera needs.

EASY TO INSTALL AND USE: This car seat protector can be switched on/off with a single gesture. Being such an easy task you won’t have to worry about wasting time installing it.
COMFORT AND SAFETY: It is safe for your car seats and comfortable for you and the entire family. Enjoy your drive and keep your eyes on the road, knowing that Rainung cover gots your back.
UNIVERSAL FIT: There’s nothing more convenient than getting a car seat protector which is suitable for different car models. The universal fit assures you that Rainung cover will be adequate for your car, no matter the brand.
SHIELD AGAINST STAINS: This non-slip protector creates a shield against all the exterior factors that could affect the quality of your car seats. Now you can take your car to the gym, to the beach, even take your pets with you knowing that your seats are protected against sweat, odors, stains, pets mat.

Welcome back to Tennis With Heck. Today's match is a good one. I take on a former D1 top-ranked college player who played a few WTA matches. She took a break from the game for a few years and now is back. I am a 3.5 USTA rated mid 40's player vs a younger and much more skilled player. Hope you enjoy it and Subscribe for more content like this. Thanks.

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Location: Yonkers Tennis Center

Hecks Gear:
I have the Yonex 100 Plus with Tourna Big Hitter Black strings 52 pounds.

Z Gear:
Head Racket unknown model.

Camera: Canon G7x II

Audio: Zoom H1 at midcourt.


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