June 21st stream.

Ethan Ralph claims that the Kiwi Farms are creepy and obsessed when they gossip about him.

He had no problem with them when they gossiped about Sargon, MundaneMatt, Kraut, Shitrat, Vee, Ian MC, CoachRedPill, and Tonka.

From his June 24th stream.

Audio edits of totally-sober Ethan Ralph.

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXZIrnlKlCs

Nick Rekieta is just an "internet lawyer" that caters to the alt- I mean bad people. Shane schools him by reading Google and Wikipedia.

Similar accents.

June 19th stream.

"Hello? Can you hear me?"

Happened after the June 19th stream.

From his Dlive stream on June 15.

Referencing The Ralph Retort stream (Scuffed TRR) where they talked about Chris Chan.

From his Twitch streams.

Video clipped by Jarbo Pesos: https://twitter.com/JarboPesos/status/1136413395887038464

Dick Masterson's Patreon alternative: https://newproject2.com

Rubin & Peterson's Patreon alternative:

When is it getting released, Rubin and Peterson?

Comparison between the image DeFranco posted and the newspaper Keemstar got.


This is how Sargon will address those groups.

Nick learns about this community that his 2 guests are familiar with.

Full stream.

Zoom vs Josh.


April 2018.

Happens during the Miami trip.

Ethan Klein is upset because he was included in Pewdiepie's Betterhelp video.

A hot dog, nachos, and a cheeseburger bite.

Sargon of Akkad laughs at Ralph and threatens to deplatform Mister Metokur.

Full stream.

Alex Jones finishes off Ben Shapiro.

Alex Jones and Ben Shapiro had a feud on Twitter.

"No, Kanye. No. NO."

Ben Shapiro orders Candace Owens and Kanye West to not to appear on Infowars.


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