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discussing & deconstructing the latest, absurdest, obscenest current events from the belly of the beast. Helen of desTroy and Truth Jihad’s Kevin Barrett discuss coincidence theorists, the magical Mr. Epstein, Totally-not-a-Truther Tulsi, Charlie Kirk getting groyped, Baghdadi’s final death & faux Islamic burial rites; fake Syria withdrawal, fake terrorists, fake protests (or are they?), dude where’s my war crime? oh it’s in Gaza, of course. as well as Microsoft doing its usual toadying to authoritarian governments, Facebook putting on the zio-kneepads, FBI doing FBI things, the US Department of Pre-Crime in full swing, neoliberalism is officially failed, a SWIFT kick in the posterior, antisocial socialism, & whether we can really trust the prevailing climate change narrative given they’ve lied to us about literally everything else.

We know that the position of US president is a largely ceremonial one, a human face for the military-industrial-financial apparatus that makes most of the important decisions in the American government. but you can tell a lot about that machine from the figurehead it chooses to operate through. in this spirit, i interview independent journalist Dack Rouleau about the 2020 candidates & what their interstitial spaces (the vast majority of acts a person performs daily that are so minor they don't have names) might say about a ruling class that chooses them as their representative. we hear about the candidates' platforms & policy positions all the time, but once they take office, those platforms are usually thrown aside so business as usual can continue. the candidates' personal idiosyncrasies remain, however, yet they never make it into the media.

(before you comment indignantly, yes, i realize he who votes decides nothing, he who counts the votes decides everything. this is not a 'who to vote for' primer, & should not be taken in support of the delusion that voters actually have the power to choose their leader. there are a million other channels for that. say it with me now: "if voting could change anything, they'd make it illegal.")

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talking Epstein, social media censorship, reality management, the Real Housewives of Washington DC, the ever-impending war in Iran, and a healthy helping of institutional corruption with Tom Kiely of INN World Report (originally broadcast on Logos Radio Network on July 18)

(all sudden drops in volume are organic, courtesy of your local intelligence agency)
Helen of desTroy discussing the week's absurd media misrepresentations with Kevin Barrett. we cover the continuing efforts to quash 9/11 investigation, the Ukrainegate impeachment frenzy, Democratic fear of success, the redefinition of "whistleblower" to mean "pearl-clutching CIA agent with no exposure to the matter," Pence's power play (with or without Nikki Haley by his scabrous side), Rouhani grows a spine, the return of Bibi Houdini, how to tell a color revolution, moar antisemitism witch hunt, eating the rich, kill lists ban lists & watch lists.
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the unhinged Zionists running the state of Israel are trying with all their might to convince the world they speak for the Jewish people, when fewer Jews than ever are willing to allow themselves to be used as human shields for these sociopaths. yet their outsize control (am i allowed to use that word?) of media & technology has given them an overwhelming advantage, allowing them to all but outlaw even the discussion of this power. i talk with Adam Green of Know More News about how those Americans who might want to avoid the Zionist "issue" are going to have to deal with it at some point - whether it's when American cops trained in Israel on beating the crap out of Palestinian civilians come home & want to crack some heads, or when Israeli-run tech firms turn their smartphones into always-on surveillance devices using spyware rapidly being adopted by US emergency services departments, or when they find the words they used to use to describe reality are suddenly off limits.
How do you confront - let alone combat - an enemy whose name you are not allowed to speak? we have a few suggestions...
(note: this video was recorded on September 17)
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18 years after the September 11 tragedy, defenders of the "official story" are left without much to stand on except the last resort: call your opponent a conspiracy theorist, plug your ears, & scream "fake news."
but this video isn't about 9/11 conspiracy theories. it's about the utter joke that this country has become, out-Orwelling Orwell & becoming more of a Dick than Dick (that's Philip K., but you get the point).
(2017's 9/11 anniversary video was better, seriously, watch that instead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WndIKMrlJc )
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After Project Veritas' Google whistleblower finally divulged his identity to the public, leaking nearly 1,000 pages of documents in the process, the silence from establishment media (& even much of the alt-media) was deafening. Google's method of damage control was to commission a hit-piece from the Daily Beast's Will Sommer, whose "journalism" consisted of mining Vorhies' tweets for controversial statements he could then use to pin all manner of bizarre or objectionable beliefs on the leaker. No one has yet cast doubt on whether Vorhies' documents are legitimate, and the media was perfectly happy to write about them before they knew who was doing the leaking. Yet somehow this "guilt by association" smear-job has eclipsed the public interest, and sent the Fourth Estate scurrying back into the arms of Big Tech, apologizing for ever having doubted them.
(as Vorhies has pointed out, those condemning his beliefs as "fringe" would be wise to consult trends.google.com to see just how widespread they are. as with the FBI's condemnation of 2/3 of the American population as domestic terrorists via its "conspiracy theorist" policy, the Beast - & its peers in the establishment - have set themselves against a significant portion of the population.)
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you may have heard that the FBI has classified so-called conspiracy theorists as domestic extremists who are one 9/11 blog away from going on a shooting spree. after a trio of mass shootings, it's clear why the document was leaked when it was. the FBI wants you to forget that they are smearing the beliefs of two thirds of the American population as "conspiracy theories," force ridiculously implausible "coincidence theories" down your throat, & conceal the fact that they are seeking greater powers of intrusion into social media & encrypted communications using the rationale that MOST Americans are dangerous - even as they admit in their own leaked document that one of the reasons these "theories" are spreading so extensively is that powerful interests are repeatedly caught doing illegal things in secret!
the Five Eyes just finished throwing a tantrum over the fact that tech companies aren't coughing up the secrets of their encryption yet - this is a concerted effort to force them to crack the code. after all, who knows what we're plotting when 'they' aren't looking? _we_ certainly don't.
(video of Barr warning about impending FF here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-QQwv1U2aY "Gee, that's an awful nice civil liberty you got, sure would be a shame if something happened to it")

**my heart goes out to everyone who lost loved ones or was injured in the three recent mass shootings. don't let these brazen pigs coopt your suffering to further their political aims.**

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discussing current events with Kevin Barrett on False Flag Weekly News. We cover the escalating Persian Gulf of Tonkin ballet with Iran & now the UK,

Helen of desTroy and Ryan the Last American Vagabond analyze the ideological crime scene that is (was?) Grand Theft American Dream - what happened here, & can the pieces be put back together again? the fallout from neoliberalism is painfully obvious for anyone who's ever driven through a mid-size American city, and cannot be shut out no matter how many fireworks we set off or how much "woke" self-flagellation we engage in. at a certain point we can no longer blame propaganda for pulling the wool over our eyes - when you Want To Believe, any altar will do, even the flimsiest CNN Potemkin Village.
(by the way, may we interest you in a stealth bomber to go with those adult diapers? there's nothing like blowing up civilians to make you forget you've gotta go until it's too late!)
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When members of Congress swear their oaths of office, they pledge to uphold the Constitution. While it's easy to get confused - they spend most of their subsequent work hours dialing for dollars & virtue-signaling - passing laws that don't violate the constitution is actually their job. When they do violate the constitution, they're committing treason, which i've heard comes with some pretty nasty penalties, but i wouldn't know anything about those. i'm just an innocent American citizen speaking up for my right to boycott criminal governments (aside from my own, which unfortunately it's impossible to boycott while living in, or i would...). just think, 3/4 of the Senate has openly admitted to treason through their votes - i certainly wouldn't want to be in their shoes should someone decide to enforce the penalties for such things. not that there's any danger of that happening.
i realize expecting the government to do the right thing is like expecting unicorns to erupt from one's posterior every time one passes gas, but the least they could do is not explicitly betray their oath of office. right?
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Americans are setting off more fireworks than ever on the Fourth of July, flexing their patriotism even as the Social Justice memory hole engulfs ever-larger swaths of US history. What started with confederate flags & Robert E Lee statues has now taken the 13-star Betsy Ross flag and even Thomas Jefferson, without whom we wouldn't have the Declaration of Independence - and, the media asks, would that be such a bad thing?
No wonder people are setting off fireworks. They don't buy this garbage, but nor do they support the right-wing "USA! USA!" jingoism that has passed for "patriotism" for decades. Their real feelings lie somewhere between the two, probably contain conflicting emotions, & thus must be drowned out by loud noises & explosions at all times, lest they be forced to engage in that most hideously unAmerican of pastimes, meditative introspection.
"Know thyself? Not if i can help it!!"
(this is sort of an expansion of my 4th of July article here https://www.rt.com/op-ed/463411-patriotic-honesty-denial-economy/ )
(yes, i know the 4th was a Thursday not a Wednesday. not going to do another take)
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from the "1984 was not an instruction manual" department...

If you want to control a person's thoughts, control the words they use. By bending the meaning of key terms, the ruling class is able to create a reality in which dissidents are forced to verbally tie themselves in knots in order to express what were once quite simple, straightforward and powerful ideas. The loss of precision is often fatal, turning messages that once packed a punch into weak statements larded with necessary qualifiers. Iconic concepts like "freedom" are watered down through years of cynical PR initiatives such that, as in Orwell's 1984, the word becomes so warped as to be equated with "slavery."
Don't believe me? While i was uploading this video, Trump declared _another_ "emergency"...
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NATO was founded 70 years ago to "contain" communism as embodied in the Soviet Union. This means it has lived nearly 30 years past its expiration date. Without an enemy to keep it in check, NATO has metastasized in a way that would turn any cancerous tumor green with envy, growing with leaps and bounds even as its raison d'être faded into memory. It now contains more than twice as many countries as it did when formed, some of which abut Russia's borders, and seems to exist for the sole purpose of provoking Russia - and extorting tribute payments from its component countries, with a hint that something nasty could befall them should they fail to cough up 2% of GDP. Anyone who smirks at this suggestion need only research Operation Gladio - the real mission NATO covered for, which continues to this day. Any countries that got out of line - leaning a little too far to the left, say, or (in more recent years) calling out the war crimes of one particular non-NATO US ally - might suddenly find themselves victim of a terror attack (spoiler alert: there's no "might" here - it never fails). "That's a nice country you got dere - would be a shame if anything happened to it..."
related: https://www.globalresearch.ca/us-its-allies-model-abusive-relationship/5671249
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update: a Sandy Hook father has reportedly killed himself while i was trying to upload this video. last week, he was in Florida visiting families of the Parkland kids. So either you believe suicide is actually a pathogen or viral contagion of some kind, transmittable via bodily fluids, or you admit there is something sinister taking place here.

Last summer, 28 survivors of the Parkland high school shooting visited survivors of the 2011 Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand, ostensibly to bond over their shared experience of tragedy and mass death and to gain converts to their cause of gun control. New Zealand, a country where gun violence is essentially unheard-of, experienced its worst-ever mass shooting earlier this month. Now, two Parkland students have reportedly committed suicide by shooting themselves in the head.

to quote one of the most famous Parkland survivors, I Call BS.
There is no way that a 19-year-old girl who can barely handle being in a classroom due to PTSD from the shooting she survived picked up a gun and shot herself. Women - especially young women - don't use guns to commit suicide except in the rarest cases, and the suggestion that the survivor of a mass shooting had guns at home just waiting to be used in her suicide is ludicrous. We don't know the identity of the other "suicide," but he has allegedly also shot himself in the head in an act which flies in the face of logic, common sense, and human nature.

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US to China: how dare you spy on our citizens? That's our job!
When you've devoted decades & billions of dollars to crafting the perfect police/surveillance state, only to have some Wanzhou-come-lately show up & out-spy you, clearly you're going to be a bit peeved. But let's not start World War 3 over it, shall we? After all, Mossad has been out-spying US & China for decades.
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So-called "color revolutions" like those of the Arab Spring seem to unfold in such a formulaic manner it almost seems their participants are reading from the same script. Spoiler alert: they are! It's called "From Dictatorship to Democracy," and it was written by Gene Sharp of the Albert Einstein Institute (you can read it here https://www.aeinstein.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/FDTD.pdf).
The formula for a nonviolent regime change - replacing that pesky elected leader or anti-US strongman with a compliant puppet of the western ruling elite - is relatively simple, and focuses on uniting disparate dissatisfied groups into a unified protest force, then turning that force against the leader, forcing him into an untenable position (on which massive foreign media attention then focuses). Police crackdowns are triggered by rooftop snipers shooting at authorities or into the midst of nonviolent demonstrations. Professional victims appear as if from nowhere with tales of unspeakable atrocities committed by the regime. And all this action is tagged with a color or symbol to mark it as part and parcel of an easily-to-understand "revolution" - brought to you by the CIA, the NED, USAID, & various other front groups that specialize in taking down governments.

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Please watch the video before commenting.
Following a few dozen cases of measles in the northwest, US lawmakers are preparing to introduce federal legislation to close the philosophical and/or religious loopholes that currently allow parents in many states to exempt their children from the full CDC vaccination schedule, while YouTube and Facebook have declared they will unilaterally censor "anti-vaccination" content. Why? If these people who question the wisdom and safety of universal vaccination are loony conspiracy theorists, surely all the forces of scientific progress need to do is address their arguments, point by point, debunking them, convincing doubters, and sending the converted "anti-vaxxers" to their doctor in shame.
Yet this does not occur. Instead, vaccine skeptics are demonized as "anti-vaxxers," and the WHO declares them a threat to world health on the same level as ebola. How is this possible? Introducing legislation to close the loopholes is a tacit admission on the part of Big Pharma and the CDC that they do not have the answers to vaccine skeptics' questions. Concerned parents are reframed as unthinking monsters - worse - a threat to Society Itself - just because they question a few elements of a commonly accepted "truth."
This is the same treatment inflicted on so-called "holocaust deniers" - scholars of history who in their research have found certain "facts" about the World War II internment of Jews do not add up. Instead of addressing their arguments, however, orthodox historians have chosen to smear them with a broad brush, accusing them of "denying" the historical fact of the entire event - when not a single one (aside from the neo-Nazis whose image is used as shorthand for any and all questioners) denies the Nazis rounded up Jews and put them in camps, where many died. The reality of the situation is horrific enough, but there is another layer of "facts" that fail to bear up to the most cursory scrutiny, and it is these that are called into question by people like David Irving or Germar Rudolf - respected scholars in their fields who will never work in American or European academia again, thanks to the guardians of the narrative's utterly un-scholarly reaction to questioning. Rather than engage in open debate - as scholars tend to do on literally all other subjects - they categorically shut down inquiry with accusations of "holocaust denial" and even criminal charges in several European states. This can only be because they are aware they do not have the facts or evidence to support their theories. Legislation is capitulation.

(so what do you think, should i try to post this on youtube? ;) please share & subscribe for Moar)

more info:
https://www.nvic.org/ (National Vaccine Information Center - a good starting point for research)
http://prn.fm/autism-made-usa-undeniable-connection-vaccines-autism-spectrum-disorder/ (a report i co-authored - if anyone can refute the science, please do so in the comments, as i wish i was wrong about this...)
https://codoh.com/ (Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust - a good starting point for scholarly research on a topic that has been ruled off limits by mainstream academia - includes pamphlets, books, links to places you can buy books now that Amazon has declared any scholarly work that does not support the official narrative on WW2 cannot be sold on its site...)

Until 48 hours ago, Tulsi Gabbard was an extremely rare creature - a principled politician with a seemingly-intact spine operating within Congress. Alas, she blew that illusion right open on the ignominious set of the View, unable to stand up to the ignorant bullying of hate-blimp Megan McCain on her views on Syrian president Bashar al-Assad - a man she met with personally during her fact-finding trip to Syria in 2017.

(Silver lining - i was going to contribute to Tulsi's campaign - now i don't have to! but if anyone reading this has her ear, tell her to fire whatever moron is running her campaign - i'm reading it may be her sister? it seems her strategist left last month - & hire someone who is ideologically on the same page & also has a spine. otherwise you're gonna get creamed.)

All is not lost - she could theoretically bounce back by admitting she made a mistake or just, you know, not making another one along those lines. It's not as if she voted to get the US into a bunch of unconstitutional disgusting evil wars or anything. which brings us to our next topic...

Bernie Sanders is back, hoping we'll have forgotten how he threw us under the bus in 2016. As this video was processing, i learned he hired a Clinton-adjacent strategist to run his campaign, so we can safely put to rest any thoughts he might have changed either.
(Note: in a crowded field of spineless losers, these two are actually better than the other ones, so please don't accuse me of pushing one of the nameless blobs. i don't name them precisely because i do not find them worthy of a name.)

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Ilhan Omar's "anti-Semitic" tweets criticizing the outsize role of the Israeli lobby in American politics were neither anti-Semitic nor remotely controversial, and the insane overreaction of both Democratic Party leadership and members of the Lobby proves her point better than she could have hoped to do alone. AIPAC and its ilk are lobbying groups - by definition, their purpose is to get money to congresscreatures in order to elicit the desired legislative behavior. It's as Pavlovian as it sounds. By attacking Omar, AIPAC and Israel's army of hasbara trolls (more than half the Twitter users attacking Omar, especially those claiming to be from her district, are obvious sock-puppet accounts, likely being run out of Tel Aviv) proved she was right. The arrogant, hubris-bloated Lobby sees no reason it should not continue operating with impunity - while Democratic leadership cravenly proved it would rather appease a foreign government that holds the purse strings than stick up for one of their own, even when that "one" is a Muslim woman of color, a winner of the intersectional identity politics sweepstakes.

Democrats have revealed what we knew all along - all this identity politics talk was just divide-and-conquer rhetoric, and what really matters is - as Omar said herself - the benjamins. Good luck getting people to vote for your morally-bankrupt asses in 2020.
Meanwhile, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is sabotaging an entire generation's attempt to reform the rotting husk of capitalism, poisoning the well for future activists and dashing the hopes of an entire generation with her sloppy, fake, spineless half-measures, abandoning her campaign platform before she was even sworn in, & allowing unseen forces to sand off what rough edges remain. And Rashida Tlaib is looking more like a sellout every day, content to screech-to-impeach but remaining silent where it matters. Somewhere in Congress, there is a room full of the spines that have been checked before lawmakers are allowed to enter the legislative chamber.

al-Jazeera's "The Lobby" part 1 https://youtu.be/3lSjXhMUVKE (the rest is linked here if Youtube is censoring search results https://electronicintifada.net/content/watch-film-israel-lobby-didnt-want-you-see/25876)
Cynthia McKinney on loyalty oaths https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-rbw_SLoeA
An explanation of how AIPAC works (it does not directly contribute to candidates, so don't be fooled by its comparatively paltry budget) https://www.foreignpolicyjournal.com/2016/03/22/the-best-congress-aipac-can-buy/

MOAR: helenofdestroy.com

In which we question the seemingly nonsensical tendency of the Fake Left (Antifa & its allies) to attack moderate figures with broad appeal - Tucker Carlson being the latest victim, the only television presenter who has spoken out against endless neocon war and therefore a much-needed bastion of sanity in the rabies ward that is the mainstream media - it's obvious these people aren't interested in any genuine social progress. They never target Wall Street, or the military-industrial complex, or any of the real oppressive powers in America. Instead, they offer the disenfranchised a pressure release valve by diverting their anger and frustration toward "lesser evils" even while making the Left seem toxic to the politically-unaffiliated, killing two birds with one stone.
What would have happened to Tucker Carlson's wife if the "protesters" had gotten inside his house? Are we looking at French Revolution Part 2?

Drug addicts and criminals are the only class of people it's still considered morally acceptable - even laudable - to oppress in America. Certainly, criminals should experience consequences for their actions, but the way our society defines "crimes" means there is a horrific amount of collateral damage involved in the execution of 'justice.' Unfortunately, our need to believe that justice is being done leads us to shy away from examining the realities of the system, lest we see how unjust it actually is.
Diversion programs for addicts are an improvement over the 'throw away the key' policies of the past, but they're also ripe for abuse, as evidenced by the recent scandal in California that exposed the practice of 'body brokering' wherein rehabs trade patients for exorbitant 'finders fees' & huge insurance payouts for urine tests. These rehab facilities are enormously expensive and rarely offer scientifically-proven treatment, instead throwing the patient to the 12-step wolves and blaming them when they don't get better through this modern-day faith healing. If this was being done to anyone other than drug addicts, Americans would be up in arms. but who cares about a bunch of junkies, amirite? (as overdoses surpass all other accidental causes of death in this country - we all know at least one, whether we choose to admit it or not)

Watch the documentary Kids for Cash - search on YouTube, someone's uploaded it & i'm not going to rat them out by linking.

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The so-called #Resistance's unconditional love for the FBI is at best Stockholm Syndrome and at worst suicidal. The FBI has dedicated itself since the 1960s to destroying leftist movements, and when Robert Mueller led the agency under George W. Bush (and later Obama) he continued this tradition, bringing COINTELPRO into the modern age with the help of the PATRIOT Act. Mueller's crimes are legion, yet all seems to have been forgiven by liberals who see him as their St. George slaying the great orange dragon of Trump. The post-election protests to #protectMueller in the wake of Jeff Sessions' firing were a hideous joke that could only come from the Deep State - whether the FBI itself or the CIA or some contractor tasked with dreaming up Onion-level psyops. In a country that's supposedly the richest in the world yet where 2/3 of residents can't come up with $500 for an emergency expense, the idea that we should focus on "protecting Mueller" and his joke of a Russiagate investigation is astronomically stupid. Mueller's track record shows it is in fact liberals who need protection from Mueller, who (among a laundry-list of other misdeeds) had snipers positioned on Houston rooftops in order to take out Occupy protesters in case they got a little too rowdy. Yet the brainwashed fake-left has been led to embrace this sociopath in the hopes of getting rid of the president they're told is the second coming of Hitler crossbred with Satan and lightly sprinkled with Mussolini.

tl;dr - Mueller literally wants you dead, liberals. Why would you want to protect him? Trump is the symptom of a problem that has been taking shape in American politics for a very long time. Mueller represents the forces driving that problem, even more than Trump does.

(some background on Mueller & Russiagate: http://helenofdestroy.com/index.php/28-caveat-resistor-the-church-of-russiagate

(hello to all new subscribers! find more of my work at helenofdestroy.com or follow me on twitter @velocirapture23 or minds/gab @velocirapture. video also available on Youtube https://youtu.be/fJrIAseuxMU Helen of desTroy)

The fascist death cult backing the American military-industrial-surveillance complex has been busy. In order to defuse the opposition, they have had to commit all sorts of crimes - not just against humanity, but against the English language. "Antisemitism" no longer means hatred of Jews - it has been redefined, increasingly in the legal sense, to include criticism of Israel. The goal is to put anti-war activists on the defensive - to force us to spend so much time defending ourselves against allegations of antisemitism that we never get around to actually protesting all the ziofascist wars the US has been roped into.

The facts remain: these wars in Syria, in Yemen, in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, all the undeclared conflicts in Africa, none of these benefit the US strategically. Yet the US continues to volunteer its services as Israel's eager pitbull, continues to shovel billions of dollars in aid to a government that violates international law on a daily basis, continues to allow this government to meddle in our political affairs, even while American citizens struggle to put food on their tables and roofs over their heads.

Criticize this state of affairs and you are labeled antisemitic.
This is adding insult to injury. Ziofascists and their allies have ripped us off; contributed to our intellectual, moral, and physical decline; propagandized us to the brink of incoherence; and rendered our country an international pariah - now they want to smear us as bigots as well? This is unacceptable. We will not be silenced.

We stand for peace and justice. This is not a controversial stance, but the forces of greed, hypocrisy and violence have made it so - they are too cowardly to debate us in an open forum and must resort to deception and subterfuge. Ziofascism is a repugnant ideology, rendered even more so when it uses ordinary Jews as an ideological human shield. If we ever want to achieve world peace, we must address the zionist elephant in the room.

Nikki Haley recently revealed she is clairvoyant. What a cool skill for a diplomat to have! Divining with absolute certainty that if chemical weapons are used in the Syrian province of Idlib, it will be President Bashar al-Assad who was responsible, Haley makes it painfully clear that when Trump finally grows a pair and fires her belligerent ass, she has a future with Miss Cleo on the Psychic Friends Network.


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