Totalitarian Joe Biden dropped the N-Word during his remarks at the virtual Europe Security Conference.

The former NFL player Herschel Walker said Black Americans should not receive $254,782 reparations for every slave descendant.

Totalitarian Joe Biden Says US Veterans and Former Police Officers Are Fueling White Supremacism in America !

A Violent Invaders Caravan of “extra-continental” migrants bursts through the Peruvian border security forces from Brazil, powered by Biden and Democrats Open Border promises. They are Africans, Haitians and from many nations around the world.

DEL RIO, TX — Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano pleaded with President Biden to halt the release of illegal migrants into the area. Mayor Lozano said the city does not have the resources to house and care for them.

A passenger jet en route to Honolulu has landed safely at Denver International Airport after it experienced an engine failure that caused parts of the plane to rain down on neighbourhoods near where it took off. Officials with Denver International Airport confirmed to CNN that United Airlines Flight 328 took off from the airport on Saturday but then had to return after experiencing engine difficulties. The pilot was safely able to land the plane back at the airport.

Joe Biden’s obvious dementia that is apparent to anyone paying attention. No one in the US liberal media is strong enough to point this out – President Biden is out to lunch. He is in an escalating stage of cognitive decline.

WHISTLEBLOWER: Coca-Cola Forces Employees to Complete Online Training Telling Them to “Try to be Less White”

Crazy Nancy Pelosi Hired A Racist To Hunt Down MAGA People …

Biden's Offer Fake Olive Branch to 72 Million Despicables In Flyover Country !

Joe Biden gave his very first town hall as President last night (Feb. 17) on CNN, and unlike his predecessor, connecting with voters on an empathetic level is his biggest draw. However, like every person in power, he made a pretty big faux paus when addressing the vaccine disparity among Black and Latino communities.
The town hall took place in Milwaukee, and a local doctor asked why out of all the vaccines administered, only 3% of Black people and 5% of Latinos had received the vaccine, despite being two of the communities hardest hit by COVID-19.
Biden’s response was two parts. First, after he reminded the doctor of why the Black and Latino communities are distrusting of vaccines, being that Black people were used as “guinea pigs and other experiments,” for far too long in our history. Biden also addressed the lack of walk up vaccine centers for marginalized communities who do not have access to cars. He plans on sending community health centers, which “take care of the toughest of the toughest neighborhoods in terms of illness,” a million vaccine doses a week (though that claim was challenged by fact checkers). He also addressed his administration’s plans to send mobile units to neighborhoods most impacted.

Canada continues to introduce gun laws toward totally ban all firearms !

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Takes ‘Anti-Vax’ Stance in Violation of His Own Platform's New Polic. Mark Zuckerberg agrees with Alex Jones but publicly he's promoting Dr. Fouchi talking points.

Democrats supporting a program to pay reparations to descendants of slaves, could cost American non-blacks $14-35 trillion dollars.

Founded in 1891, Hecla Mining Company (NYSE:HL) is a leading low-cost U.S. silver producer with operating mines in Alaska and Idaho and is a growing gold producer with an operating mine in Quebec. The Company also has exploration and pre-development properties in eight world-class silver and gold mining districts in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Antifa Chants With Snowballs Forced Portland Police to Retreat !

Basecamp get hits by massive Mount Everest avalanche !

Six Proofs Masks Do Not Reduce Infections

1. Insubstantial: A CDC-funded review on masking in May 2020 came to the conclusion: “Although mechanistic studies support the potential effect of hand hygiene or face masks, evidence from 14 randomized controlled trials of these measures did not support a substantial effect on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza… None of the household studies reported a significant reduction in secondary laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections in the face mask group.” If masks can’t stop the regular flu, how can they stop SAR-CoV-2?

2. Unreasonable: “Evidence that masking as a source [of] control results in any material reduction in transmission was scant, anecdotal, and, in the overall, lacking… [and mandatory masking] is the exact opposite of being reasonable,” ruled a hospital arbitrator in a dispute between The Ontario Nurses’ Association and the Toronto Academic Health Science Network.

3. Ineffective: “Oral masks in healthy individuals are ineffective against the spread of viral infections,” write Belgian medical doctors in an open letter published in The American Institute of Stress, September 24, 2020.

4. Unsanitary: “It has never been shown that wearing surgical face masks decreases postoperative wound infections,” writes Göran Tunevall, M.D. in the World Journal of Surgery. “On the contrary, a 50% decrease [in bacterial infection] has been reported after omitting face masks.”

5. No Protection: “There were 17 eligible studies.… None of the studies established a conclusive relationship between mask ⁄ respirator use and protection against influenza infection,” concludes a research review in the journal Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses.

6. Unproven: Dutch Minister for Medical Care, Tamara van Ark, asserted that “from a medical perspective there is no proven effectiveness of masks” after a review by the National Institute for Health on July 29, 2020 (according to Reuters).

At Least 6 Dead After Pileup Involving Over 130 Vehicles Traps Drivers, Shuts Down I-35W In Fort Worth.

Kamala Harris should face impeachment over her comments on the riots that rocked the country this summer in light of President Trump’s impeachment.

Welcome to Illinois Trampoline Park where many can be seen punching, shoving, stomping and pulling hair as even more stand and observe, sometimes toppling over each other as they get to a safe distance, or jockey for a better view of the fray.

Former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov exposes the four stages of a Communist takeover of a country in rare 1984 interview.

Mechanism of Action and Rationale for Use in Patients With COVID-19 Ivermectin acts by inhibiting the host importin alpha/beta-1 nuclear transport proteins, which are part of a key intracellular transport process that viruses hijack to enhance infection by suppressing the host antiviral response.3 Ivermectin is therefore a host-directed agent, which is likely the basis for its broad-spectrum activity in vitro against the viruses that cause dengue, Zika, HIV, and yellow fever.3-6



Latent Deaths Predicted Among The Elderly After Immunization With mRNA Vaccine. Dr. Dolores Cahill, professor of molecular genetics, School of Medicine at University College Dublin, and chairwoman of Irish Freedom Party, Then the real adverse events will happen, against whatever is the real mRNA in the vaccines, and when the person vaccinated comes across (this coronavirus) sometime later …. what happened in the animal studies, 20% or 50% or 100% of the animals died. Among people over 80, maybe about 2.5% will experience severe side effects, adverse events where people cannot work or live life normally. Then with the 2nd vaccination it could be 1 in 10 or ten percent. For the over 80-year-olds, I would think that 80% of them would have life-limiting reactions or die when they come across the messenger RNA again. For others (not elderly) it could be half of the people who could be severely harmed. What it does is this gene therapy or medical device is setting up an autoimmune disease chronically.



It’s anaphylaxis in the first wave. It’s anaphylaxis +allergic reaction the 2nd wave. But the 3rd reaction occurs when you come across whatever the messenger RNA is against (virus), and now you have stimulated your immune system to have a low-grade autoimmune disease, not immunity to yourself per se because the mRNA is expressing a viral protein.

Now you’ve made yourself into a genetically modified organism, and so the immune system that is meant to push the viruses or bacteria out… now the autoimmune reaction is attacking your body low grade.

Now months later when you come across the virus that stimulates the immune system to get rid of the virus and when the immune system sees that you have viral proteins in your own cells and organs, then about a week later (the adaptive immune system kicks in, the mechanism that makes specific long-term memory antibodies against a pathogen) and you go into organ failure.

Because your immune system is killing your own organs. Those patients will present as sepsis initially. Then later you die of organ failure.

If you have one or two co-morbidities, the energy the immune system requires will make the older person very tired and exhausted and they don’t have the capacity to survive if you have underlying conditions.
Normally, because the mRNA is in every cell of their body, it’s almost unstoppable. It destroys the heart, or the spleen, or the lungs, or the liver because the mRNA is expressing the protein in every cell. Just as a solution, what we urgently need, just as a repository, 1 in 100, or 1 in 200 vaccine vials injected, to be set aside, especially into the elderly in the care homes. They need to be stored in a biorepository of the vaccine vials randomly, so when the people start to die, we can actually see what is in this vaccine. We should be doing this now. I am concerned that there are maybe multiple mRNAs in this vaccine, not just something for coronavirus. We urgently need quality control to randomly require doctors to give 1 in 100 vaccine vials to a repository and someone like me could forensically analyze what’s in these vaccines. So, when the elderly start dying, we will know. We should be knowing now what’s in them. It’s absolutely a dangerous gene therapy. Should not be given to the elderly,” emphasized professor Cahill.

" What Is Life " is a song by English rock musician George Harrison from his 1970 triple album All Things Must Pass . In many countries, it was issued as the second single from the album, in February 1971, becoming a top-ten hit in the United States, Canada and elsewhere, and topping singles charts in Australia and Switzerland.



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