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Helmuth Nyborg speaks at "For Frihed Folkefest 2017"
With French subtitles.

Helmuth Nyborg speaks at Aarhus University 28. September 2017
Event hosted by Conservative Youth (Konservative Studerende)

Internationally famous and equally controversial intelligence researcher, Professor Helmuth Nyborg is interviewed by lawyer Knud Bjeld Eriksen.
According to professor Nyborg's research Denmark will slowly lose its civilizational and cultural level of development due to low IQ immigration.

Helmuth Nyborg speaks at Aarhus University 28. September 2017
Event hosted by Conservative Youth (Konservative Studerende)

Dr. Helmuth Nyborg speaks with Stefan Molyneux about human intelligence, including: general intelligence factor, racial differences in intelligence, impact of age on intelligence, gender differences in intelligence, physical differences between ethnicities, brain size, regression to the mean and the unintended consequences of third world immigration.

Vært: Niels Krause-Kjær
Deltagere: Professor Emeritus Helmuth Nyborg "Kontroversiel forsker" - Psykolog
Peter Pagh (kritiker af uredeligheds kommissionen)
Vagn Lundsgaard Hansen (tidl. medlem af uredelighedsudvalg)

Deadline 26 februar 2015 20:30

Prof. Helmuth Nyborg's speech at the Scandza Forum in Oslo, 2 Nov, 2019.

Helmuth Nyborg's talk at the 2017 American Renaissance Conference: "Turning the Tide"

Danish Public Service TV July 30, 2011 - Host Jesper Larsen - English subtitles

Breaking the Taboo - All scientific research shows that intelligence (IQ) is not evenly shared amongst races and ethnical groups

Since WWII this has been a precarious subject.

Lone Frank tells us how left wing ideologues tried to make scientific theories fit the ideals of equality propagated by 'international organizations' such as the United Nations. Those ideals are not based on science, but on wishful thinking.

Lone Frank explains that the resuslts of such research can be used in many different ways, positive as well as negative.

Major Danish television station shatters taboo on race and intelligence.

DR -- 2 is a Danish television network sometimes referred to as the "highbrow station" for it's focus on news and documentaries. It recently ran a segment that shattered all taboos on the discussion of race and intelligence. The anchor and expert guests state frankly that all tests and studies show that IQ is strongly linked to race and ethnicity. The show declares that "fact are facts" and denounces anyone who would vilify social scientists for speaking the truth.

Science Journalist Lone Frank points out that there is a 16 point IQ gap with first generation Moroccans. Among second generation Moroccans, who have been showered with countless benefits, the IQ gap only lowers to 12 points. Part of the reduction of the gap is only due to European admixture. Frank explains that every study puts IQ at between 60%-80% heritable and only 20%-40% a product of environment.

Helmuth Nyborg taler ved For Frihed Folkefest 2017

2010. TV interview and debate med Peter Lund Madsen ‘Hjernemadsen’ (popular TV researcher) concerning low IQ immigration.

The following speeches deals with related phenomena like IQ, immigration and Europe’s future.
Youtube censored part 3 and 4 before we could download it. If you have these videos please let us know.

July 7 2007. Deadline
Interview-debate concerning sex differences in general intelligence.


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