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A mild breakdown of pushing the goal posts, the psychology of compromise, compromising for the lesser evil, and psychological nickel and dime-ing.

Vergeben und Vergessen

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August 24 2019

Despite the disorderly approach to this complex breakdown, I think this will yield some form of understanding and comprehension. Please take advantage of my potential mistakes and if something seems off or if you have questions you would like to pose for me to investigate further--- I implore you to ask! Stay healthy!
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Babies crying are like using a taser on the brain of the parents... Especially the mother.

See language, hear colors... Smell an itching sensation. You'd be crazy not to taste the sound!


As an inhibitory neurotransmitter
Stimulating a sense of self assuredness
Serotonin passing through
Synaptic pathways
Axon connects to dendrite

You're laughing too hard, you've had too much to drink
Serotonergic overflow
Your brain releases
Monoamine oxidase A

You've been keeping this up for days and days
Acetylcholine reminds you
This is the only way

Monoamine oxidase A has been hard at work to clean up your
Endocrinological mess

Your serotonergic receptors get pruned over time
And now you're stuck and you're feeling
Quite depressed...



Also, in case you missed it, here is a link to the movie Gaslight which highlights the ways Psychpaths and Sociopaths manipulate their victims.

Understand some underlying causation of the condition in relation to the cellular structures of the nervous system.


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Prescription? Subscription. Trust me, I'm a musician...