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If you like American cars - but not only - this is maybe a video for you

This is a housing for the Pi4 what keeps the one Platinum Computer save clean and cool - it looks cool.
It runs very quiet and it is tested in a Maltese summer. up to 42°C Room Temperature.
No Problems @ all!

Fresh chicken stomachs - Troy loves them!

A slice from a Lamb leg - always gladly taken.

They do a great job there! They are committed to protecting and conserving indigenous plants, collecting rubbish on the beach and selling organic olive oil. A visit with explanation is definitely recommended. http://www.projectgaia.org/

In her opinion the " floating apartment" was perfect from the first moment.

She loves cracking the bones.. one of her favourite food.

First discovered in Malta in June 2013 - the Maltese cat. Appearance like a Thai cat, with the peculiarity of preferring to stay in native, shady trees. (joke)

Better you don't park any car/boat there ...

One of the "funny videos" ...

If you think olive oil is expensive - have a closer look how it is produced.

If you love strawberries - don't miss this event.

Scarab, Latin scarabaeus, in ancient Egyptian religion, important symbol in the form of the dung beetle (Scarabaeus sacer), which lays its eggs in dung balls fashioned through rolling.
We nearly stepped on this hard worker

Mizieb in Malta is situated in the North near Mellieha. Mizieb is one of the greenest part of the island with a woodland creation.

It was a nice warm day and a great impressive end.
For more information about the park please check:

Since we have heard that the bread should be bad for the fish and we got the tip with bananas - we had to try it immediately. The result was really surprising.

17 Babysharks were released today. Without this organization - all of them would be dead. Great thanks to this people - to spend so much time and work on this project. As well to the Malta Aquarium and so many other supporters. Please check their website: https://sharklab-malta.org/

If you like religious things - it is nice to visit this place on a hot summer day.

This was one of the other 65 :)

An old lady in a good shape - playing with a Donzi in Maltese waters.

Troy likes Galettis - the taste of herbs with a bit of salt - even if she has to steal them..

It was hot and she found a solution.

This spot you should not miss!

Working a bit with the nose... confirmed with success :)

Y U M M Y &&&& FUN


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