Cybergoth, EBM and Ritual Noise

"Do you believe in the nobility of suicide ? "

Does not get any more monstrous than Noise chaos marines

it never stops

cause sometimes you just had enough so ... fuck it

Be careful of people that keep a constant smile on their face

I am what I am , or was it "what am I" ?

If you can not beat them...

I think macron is a appropriate poster boy for a riot trigger

Could not think of a more relevant image for this video ,a talentless , brain less feminazi that for some reason "TV' made famous

buy it here:

Taken from AVARICE IN AUDIO’s successful second album “Apollo & Dionysus”, we are proud to present the final single from this album: “Anthracite Nights”. AVARICE IN AUDIO have brought the thunder with this song, and shown to never rest on their laurels. Always working on new content, and always delivering diverse but thought-provoking material each and every time.

Not just a summoner spell

a distance there is

Model : Darya Goncharova

Being awake while the world is asleep...

a honest Holiday wish for the people you dislike.

Inspired by the song I am thinking of uploading darkwave , new wave, batcave / 80's goth songs on Fridays

Do let me know what you think in the comments

made Batman return even better


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Update :

Will try to upload Music covering the entire Goth Subcultures , so from Depeche Mode to Phosgore (and everything in between).

Videos shall be mostly extremely simple flashing images that you would expect to see in a nightclub so nothing special other than the music.

please do leave comments / suggestion as to what you would like to listen to.

A big thanks to Synapsyche whose music helped me through some rough times.