Cybergoth, EBM and Ritual Noise


Remnants of the past, victims of the future...

The Perfect Song, for a Perfect war (on the dance floor)

A great cover of the 80's song

Thought to upload some covers today, hope you enjoy

A great cover of the well known song

Some Gothic Rock , Ritual noise

let your blood flow...

Hope you enjoy , as always do leave a comment on songs you would like to listen to , will upload a few more dance songs and will try to upload songs from bands like DAF (thanks to BlackwolfPOW for the suggestion) and KMFDM.

a very nice cover of the well known song

A amazing song from a not so well known band

Some more ritual noise for our ears... will upload a couple more classics then I shall try to get some dance (aggrotech / industrial songs ) up here

Enjoy, and do leave a comment on songs you would like to listen to.

Like the song? please do support the band

Director: Kim Nezzar Editor: Romain Bouchu
Production: Marion Escriva


Poor little thing What about your dreams ?
Below the gallows tree What do you feel ?

Frail livid skin
Please slack the noose
Come with me, down with me
Twist with me, die with me

With the angels and the demons of hate
Amongst chimeras and reality
Succubus will savour their feast
Forsaken harvest of all your sins

A much beloved classic.

Although I will try to cover the entire Goth,industrial, EBM ,etc spectrum please do let me know what would you like to hear most

Classic Goth like Siouxsie and Bauhaus

Cyber / EBM like Combichrist and Suicide commando

Or would you prefer more of aggrotech (like Noisuf-X and Tactical Sekt)?

leave a comment bellow , I appreciate your input.

Europe is falling apart...

A nice track to start any kind of Goth night with.

As always if you like the song please do support the artists

a nice song to dance to by the well known band Blutengel

If you like the song do support the band

Still burn...

A classic , haunting song from Peter Murphy (Singer of Bauhaus)

Classic ... ritual noise


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Update :

Will try to upload Music covering the entire Goth Subcultures , so from Depeche Mode to Phosgore (and everything in between).

Videos shall be mostly extremely simple flashing images that you would expect to see in a nightclub so nothing special other than the music.

please do leave comments / suggestion as to what you would like to listen to.

A big thanks to Synapsyche whose music helped me through some rough times.