Cybergoth, EBM and Ritual Noise


A tribute to the Seductive, Dark side of the Force

Peace is a lie , there is only passion...

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Video was originally uploaded on YT by soundmirror66 (
I reserve no rights, he deserves all the kudos as this is just a re-upload to Bitchute.

CD/Format: Die Krupps ~ The Machinists Of Joy [Box Set, Limited Edition]
Label: Synthetic Symphony ‎(SPV)
Released: 25 Oct 2013
Copyright (c) -- Synthetic Symphony
Copyright (c) -- Die Krupps
Deluxe edition box set includes:
- Limited edition 2xCD digipak
- Cap with bandlogo
- Sticker
- Logo-magnet
- Postcard
[Ein spezielles Dankeschön an Jürgen Engler für die Genehmigung]

Faderhead online:

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Idea & Concept: Boris May & Faderhead
Art Direction, Compositing & Editing: Alena Artsiukhova
Animation & Character Design: Olga Ptichkina
Character Design: Holger Riefler
Production & Editing: Boris May
DOP: Oliver Durke
Makeup: Steve Vayne
Intro-Song in Bar: Faderhead (feat. Shaolyn) - "I Got My Bass Back" from the album "The World Of Faderhead".

The 3rd track off Thomas Rainer's new album Alle Lust will Ewigkeit. Support the artist get it on :

Written, performed, recorded and produced by Thomas Rainer
Lyrics by Thomas Rainer
Mixed by Bernd Mazagg and Thomas Rainer at Mechanic Mind Studio, Vienna, Austria
Mastered by Enrico Mercaldi at Time Tools Mastering, Hannover, Germany

Online store:

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Official "Rain" video, taken from the 2013 album "BLACK".
Filmed by: Screaming Eye Productions™

You are not afraid of the dark... are you ?

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Another song by one of the most underrated bands of their time...

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Model : Arhythmia Hart

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From The New Album Crank It Up (2014)
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