As we have seen, the Lords of Tharsis were Christians sui generis, and if the Church would have discovered their real beliefs surely they would have condemned as heretics. But they had always cared on their public manner to express their ideas: far were the times when the House of Tharsis guarded the Cult of the Cold Fire and assumed the obligation of its conservation and diffusion. After the destruction of Tartessos and the oath made by the last Men of Stone, the priority that they had imposed to themselves consisted in to comply with the familiar mission and save the Wise Sword: and for it would be necessary to move remaining unnoticed, concentrated only in their objectives. They didn't forget that the Wise Sword was still waiting in the Secret Cave neither the sentence of the Golems, or Gorren, that's to say, the Hogs, as was contemptuously qualified by the Lords of Tharsis alluding to the sentence written with the blood of the Vrayas.

Nevertheles, even though from Tartessos not remained stone over stone, the Sacred Forest, was reduced to ashes, and the sculpture of Pyrene was demolished by order of Halmicar
Barca, the Golems’ prophecy was not fulfilled because the Stone of Venus, the unique Eye of the Vrayas, couldn't be stolen by Bera and Birsha. That demonstrates that even though it is true that the mystical arguments can be developed many times over the Earth, their repetition is not always identical and even they can produce more than one surprise for who has propitiated them. In this opportunity not only failed the prophecy, when the Wise Sword remained save, but the extermination sentence that was over the House of Tharsis neither could be accomplished.

In the Period when the Ritual of Cold Fire was not celebrated, the Tartessians Hierophants allowed the pilgrims to reach the clear space of the Sacred Forest and contemplate the colossal effigy of Pyrene; there they could deposit the offerings and meditate if they were disposed to face the Death of the Test of the Cold Fire or if they preferred the return to their illusory reality of their common life. By the moment the Goddess could not harm them because Her Eyes were closed and no one was communicating Her Sign of Death. But, even for this conviction, many remained frozen of fright before the Revealed Ancient Countenance and were no less those who escaped in that moment or died of terror right there. That was due to that Menhir was placed there by the White Atlanteans demigods thousands of years before, but, in the days of the alliance with the Lydian, not existed anyone over the Earth capable to emulate such feat to translate through thousands of kilometres a giant stone, and deposit it in the middle of an extensive ashes forest, without deforesting the zone; it is understood then, that the pilgrims received the immediate impression that such terrible sculpture was made by the Gods. But not only the Menhir was work of the Gods, because the conformation of the Countenance proceeded from that notable capacity to degrade the Divine that exhibited the Lydian; craftily, the Tartessians were always worried to inform about the origin of the disquieting sculpture.

Above all I want to give thanks Dr. for what you have done for me in this long year in which I was your patient. I know that many times your kindness have taken you to exceed the limits of your mere professional responsibility and you have dedicated more time and attendance which undoubtedly deserved my alienated condition: I recognize it too much, Dr., but, as you will understand when reading this letter, my recuperation was practically impossible. Anyway, Goddess Pyrene will know how to reward your efforts fairly.

The matter intrigued me and, even if I doubted that there was some advance, I decided to obtain all the possible information of the crime. When Officer Maidana and I discussed about the probable filiation of the bejeweled rope, I agreed with Maidana to give him a masonic publication to compare the similarity, only external, of the medals, to some jewels destined to rituals of different grades of that organization. At that moment, I wasn't thinking to comply with such promise, when I made a desperate intent to convince the policeman of the ritual character of the murder, noticing that they evaded the bundle and searched a rational solution which, in my opinion, not existed.

I know that many powerful people of my country consider that every correct police officer of our country must indispensably profess the «Nationalist Ideology»; and I also know that such indefinable ideology is opposed to the great Internationalisms as the Marxism, the Masonry, the Zionism, the multinational corporations, etc., and even the foreign policy of the imperialist powers. In the nationalist ideology it is a common belief that all those vast organizations converge in one summit of power, situated in some place of the world, real Secret Government which they call «International Synarchy».

I met Belicena Villca when she was interned in the Neuropsychiatric Hospital «Dr. Javier Patrón Isla» in the city of Salta, under diagnosis of irreversible senile dementia. Being Medic of the «B» pavilion, of incurable patients, I had to paid attention to the referred patient for a long year in which I applied all the resources that the psychiatric science and my extensive experience in the profession gave to attempt, vainly, her recuperation. As will be seen later, her story was written by herself while she remained in that joyless confinement.


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