Globaist Fourth Reich:
Not anti-Semitic
Not white supremacist
pro-control totalitarian

Max Blumenthal on digital ID courtesy Jimmy Dore Show

Peter Schiff on the Wall Street bitcoin scam

Vanguard / BlackRock owns just about everything and especially Vanguard is opaque with regard to ownership. October 2021


For Wall Street 'free markets' means the freedom to monopolize, conglomerate, control and kill competition.

Vijay Prashad editor of Globetrotter may be considered a classic
Marxist, but certainly has an apparently accurate view
with regard to US foreign policy and its role in the world
since WW2
from BT Newsroom Rania Khalek

Russian Foreign Minister on Norway and NATO
Lavrov corrects a US reporter, note the rolling of the eyes by the Norwegian Foreign Minister to his right.

Paul Craig Roberts on the Great Reset and enforced decline of the United States

US Propaganda 'tribunal' sponsored by US gov/taxpayers to support the "East Turkistan" terror movement, Xinjiang China. US propaganda fake front intends to further the US effort to destabilize Xinjiang. CIA has worked to destabilize the region for 60+ years.

Occupation goon threatens journalists with arrest, 1982 Nablus Amos Gitai "A House in Jerusalem"

Pelosi hectors AOC to change her vote on weaponry for Israel

UN General Assembly Address: North Korea Sept 27,2021
DPRK Foreign Minister Kim Song

John Warner author and researcher states his opinion on where the New World Disorder is leading the US and world...

1978-79: NSA head Zbigniew Brzezinki engineered a trap for the USSR in Afghanistan: "The purpose for coordinating with the Pakistani's will be to make the Soviets bleed, for as much as long as possible.." Forty years on, the tragic result.

The Exchange Stabilization Fund is an opaque slush fund for black ops and illicit operations as overseen by the United States Treasury

"... this man is obviously a psychotic."

Video shows the tremendous destruction in Daraa. United States policy of 're-direction' to fund and support insurgency and takfiri terror began in 2011, and with CIA Operation Timber Sycamore. This US terror policy continues to this day and originated in 2006 with Elliott Abrams and the US-Israeli sponsored destruction of Nahr el Bared Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon in 2007.

2007 destruction of Nahr al Bared camp in Lebanon. This was a black flag op funded by the US and Saudis. This video shows the fighting there after Fatah al Islam infiltrated the camp in 2006 during Israel's stalemate war with Hezbollah. The operation reflects a renewed US covert policy called 're-direction' by the Pentagon. The operation was partly funded by Saudi Arabia's Prince Bandar and managed by the son of assassinated former Lebanese PM, Rafik Hariri, as overseen by contra criminal and Deputy National Security Advisor Elliott Abrams. Called re-direction by 2006, the US policy of black flag covert insurgency was originally developed by the CIA and Zbigniew Brzezinski with intel origins, beginning from 1973.

Political analyst Seyed Mohammad Marandi discusses chaos in Afghanistan, intentionally-created by the United States subsequent to its defeat there, after nearly 50 years of the insurgency and warfare that the US provoked.

On April 17, 1961, Brigade 2506, as trained and supported by the US Central Intelligence Agency or CIA, attempted to invade and occupy Cuba, and were defeated within two days. Extremist radicalized militant descendants of Brigade 2506 still influence US politics and US extremist right wing culture today.

On Kamala Harris's Visit to Vietnam: Alex Christoforou & Mr Mercouris The Duran

...going backward ever since. And at an increasingly furious pace..

Bill Murphy addresses June 28th Basel 3 new rules for Central Bank gold holdings, and his correct prediction that the gold cartel would not allow such rules to impact gold prices.

[Courtesy: Portfolio Wealth Global]

Produced by the Cleveland Fed this cartoon represents 'money' as the Fed wants us to believe it to be. Classic governmental mind control propaganda, except the Cleveland Fed is a private corporation. As such the Evil Empire has copyrighted; Edited version, Fair Use.

The Russian Federation Foreign Minister addressed the 9th International Security Conference Moscow on June 24th, 2021, just a few days subsequent to Pax Americana naval aggression in the Black Sea. A British destroyer trespassed within Russian Federation waters (near Sebastapol) and was warned away by gunnery fire, and a show of force from the Russian military.

Author Jacob Mundy on why the US destabilizes and does not work for peace; no US president has ever advocated for peace since November 22nd, 1963,

Excerpted from from Rania Khalek’s site ‘Dispatches’; with all due credit and thanks to Rania Khalek.


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