For all the blackpilling online, I'm seeing a LOT of White couples lately. It's quite incredible that our beautiful White ladies are able to resist the jewish race mixing propaganda like they do. It says a lot. Shoutout to our White women committed to making White babies \o

I've been busy but I just wanted to make a quick update and say it's great to see our guys out there making waves and supporting the White race! Activism, making videos is very important to bring new people into the movement, but don't forget to do the most important thing which is make White babies!
Assorted links:
White Supremacists Invade Maine: A Chilling Analysis and Call to Action

Jordan condemns far-right Israeli minister over "Greater Israel" map
At the start of 2023, the net cost of illegal immigration for the United States – at the federal, state, and local levels – was at least $150.7 billion.
California reparations panel approves payments of up to $1.2 million to every Black resident


I asked Computing Forever why he's doing film reviews of jewish fiction movies instead of covering the fact that Ireland (his country) just passed a law banning the sharing of any content that isn't (((mainstream media))). Instead of addressing the question or telling his audience to pay attention, he blocked me. I don't do drama videos hardly ever but this is pretty ridiculous. Dude is would rather his audience sit there watching jewish hollywood videos than advocate for activism to save Ireland from the shitskin invasion. Maybe he's a jew. who knows

You can take the jewtuber out of jewtube but you can't take the jew out of the jewtuber. If he comes out and addresses it I'll retract my statements in the video, but this was pretty lame.

(((randy feinstein))) twitter bio = "Brevard Drag Queen Story Time organizer" ... stop noticing patterns goyim!

All credit for the video goes to Ford Fischer. This video is fair use commentary on his work. No audio is included and the video is clipped.

In this video, I explain how both the left and the right would benefit from balkanization of the USA. There is no reconciliation possible. This conflict is only benefiting jew bankers. Why don't we just separate at this point? I am reaching out to the far left with this video aswell, please watch. With this jewish two party "democracy" ... you're always going to end up with half the population unhappy. Let's change that.

I let hate and anger cloud my judgement, and said some really stupid things mixed in with truth. I don't expect you to accept the apology, but I need to not make a mistake like that again, as it reflects poorly on all of us. It's noteworthy how years of hard work and research can be destroyed in a 15 minute childish rant video.

We need to get the word out about this because ALL OF OUR LIVES and FAMILIES LIVES ARE IN DANGER. I have collected all of these sources at great expense of time. SAVE AND SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH YOUR LOVED ONES; THEIR LIVES DEPEND ON IT






"We basically nuked a town with chemicals so we could get a railroad open,"

2 sentenced for falsifying reports on soil samples at Hunters Point

The video, which captured the train 20 miles before it reached the site where it derailed, is raising questions about when the crew knew there was a problem.
The video, obtained by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, was taken by a security camera at an equipment plant in Salem, Ohio. What appears to be sparks and flames can be seen in the video under one of the train cars as it passes the plant. The National Transportation Safety Board referenced the video at a news conference last week.
"We have obtained two videos which show preliminary indications of mechanical issues on one of the rail car axles," said Michael Graham, a member of the NTSB.

“Within the last two hours, a drastic temperature change has taken place in a rail car, and there is now the potential of a catastrophic tanker failure which could cause an explosion with the potential of deadly shrapnel traveling up to a mile,” Gov. Mike DeWine warned in statement explaining the decision to take action to avert widespread devastation.

Gov. Justice: Ohio train derailment spilled chemicals into Ohio River


Dead fish in a nearby river


In 1984, Jack Gladney is a professor of "Hitler studies" (a field he founded) at the College-on-the-Hill in Ohio. Despite his specialism, he speaks no German and is secretly taking basic lessons to prepare for a speech he is due to give at a conference.

However, their lives are disrupted when a cataclysmic train accident casts a cloud of chemical waste over the town. This "Airborne Toxic Event" forces a massive evacuation, which leads to a major traffic jam on the highway. Jack drives to a gas station to refill his car, where he is inadvertently exposed to the cloud. The family and numerous others are forced into quarantine at a summer camp

North Lima woman finds chickens dead Tuesday, questions chemical release from train


"White Noise" (2022)
Filming locations

​Wellington, Ohio, USA



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Palestine to force evacuation, just like they do in the middle east.


DEVELOPING! Officials responding to large fire at railroad facility in Dudley, North Carolina.

Crews have been responding to a large fire early Saturday morning in Dudley after a passerby saw a facility on fire, according to Wayne County officials.

Nevada governor declares state of emergency over gas pipeline spill.

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