So Franscesca Ramsey is now trying to claim that assuming two guys are gay when they do what is considered a romantic gesture is homophobic...

Dont thing about it too much, you'll get a headache.

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This is a bit of a random idea, but I'm going to just have a chat about things I'm considering doing in the future regarding my personal life. I also recorded two videos about the same topics that I will be releasing on my blog channel. Anyway, thought this would be fun!

Disclaimer: I will be driving, but I'm starting the stream while I'm stopped, and will end it when I stop again.

Welcome to my series, "The Kronicles of Kavanaugh." This is the first part of a multiple part series that I am working on after witnessing the circus that became of Judge Brett Kavanaugh's journey to the Supreme Court of the United States.

This first installment will tell Brett Kavanaugh's life story, and it will also detail the events of Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford's accusations of sexual assault against Judge Kavanaugh.


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