Quick update on my jeep along with a little project.

I thought replacing the shift solenoid on my jeep would solve the shifting problems... Hopefully in part 2 I will figure it out

Took 2 days to finish this thing, so lots of footage to edit.

A short video from my instagram @heyholly_its_holly

Major difference there! A short video from my instagram @heyholly_its_holly

DON'T WORRY, I STILL HAVE MY JEEP :) I had no choice but to get a more reliable car with better gas mileage... especially while Barack Joe Biden is the puppet of this never ending horror show.

song Candy - BLOKKA SOLO (feat. Chynna Mane)

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I must say that my new tires are absolutely the best!
I bought MILESTAR PATAGONIA M/T 285/75R16 from onlinetires.com (way cheaper than discount tire or tirerack) and had them mounted at a local shop, altogether cost about $950

A short video from my instagram

A little video on my instagram

A short little video from my instagram

New Mexico has the bluest skies!

A short little video :)

Maybe I got stuck in the mud on purpose just so I could use my winch... Or maybe I had shitty tires...

I always manage to find wild animals when I'm out offroading.

Changing brake pads are so simple and you really don't need any special tools. If I can do it, you can too!

I bought a vintage CB radio! Watch me install it and follow my instagram to see more of my life @heyholly_its_holly

I managed to hit a rock that wasn't even in the road... blonde moment for sure!
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Definitely needed help with this repair. Hopefully ya'll found my explanation helpful too.

Shocks I bought:

Mounts I bought:

The other rear shock mount broke off... time to get fixin

Get to know me and watch me figure out why my new radio wouldn't turn on

What grinds my gears about offroaders throwing money at their vehicles... where do you place?
Disclaimer: this is for entertainment and laughs, don't come at me if your feelings get hurt by my jokes.

First video of this repair series, see what happened and stay tuned to how I'll be fixing it

Of course the very first video on my channel should be my jeep tour so you guys know what I'm working with.


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