Upload ban is lifted mashallah.
Lazy reupload from my secondary channel assuming most of you don't follow it, will do the rest for the other videos as well.

yahudi struck again

We are the Shia of Haydar Ali

New Mc Dima/ Abu Al-Rusi / gay wahhabi channel

Living up to my username for once with a Hez song for International Quds day that falls on the every last Friday of Ramadan.

Uploaded for educational and archival purposes.

A very lazy addition to the SAAnime series as Kitauji performs a very special song for a very special day for Syria and it's people.

Video is fairly old (Original upload date is presumably 15th of September 2015) as evident by the presence of Obongo but quite relevant especially as of lately.

Originally uploaded by Ayatollah Khamenei on his YouTube Channel before it got shoahed, then it was reuploaded by an Iranian girl before she got shoahed as well and now has ended up here after I hunted mirrors of the video down.

As requested by Lean Ler about like two months ago, here's a tribute to /sg/'s win earlier this year during /pol/eague 2. I only found a dump for Day 3's matches and sadly none for the rest, although it's undeniable that these matches are probably where things get heated up so. Rest of /sg/'s matches on day 3 (+final boss match) to follow.


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Electronic Resistance 2: Shia Weeaboo Boogaloo
Backup in the event the yahudi takes the YT down.