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We have a Hawaii Elections watchdog group here asking why the chief officer of office elections, Scott Nago, is ignoring the requests of the tax payers that pay for his position as well as the office of elections. A lot of people suspect election fraud once again in this latest primary election just like in the 2020 election. This time everyone is more informed how to go about it. The chief officer of elections has been ignoring all emails and phone calls and even hid from us when we came to see him in person. What could he possibly be hiding?

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Get ready for a wave up videos that will be uploaded throughout the evening and tomorrow morning! Oahu had an amazing protest rally at HIDOE Headquarters today. The school superintendent, Keith Hayashi, put on a blatant display of cowardice as he was unwilling to speak to any of these concerned parents over the unnecessary and diabolical leftist agenda to keep our public school students masked up for the rest of the academic school year despite the fact that the mask mandate has been dropped for nearly everyone else including planes, busses, and trains now. The Glory goes to God of course but this could have never happened without these brave community leaders in Hawaii stepping up to the plate. Levana Lomma @for_our_rights_kauai spearheaded this statewide protest for Hawaii and on Oahu, Jessica Priya @my_hilife_eyes did a fine job to organize the event on Oahu.

In this clip you see Bingo @love_da_bango (IG is still shadow banning him) frustrated that Russel (Keith Hayashi’s right hand man) will not have the school superintendent come down to address our concerns. Russel has not properly addressed Jessica Priya’s emails as well as other parents that have also tried to email Keith Hayashi.

What you see here is Keith Hayashi hiding from students and parents with concerns about the continued masking in schools while he hides in his office and takes in his bi-weekly fat paycheck paid for by our hard earned tax payer dollars for doing nothing. More to come and yes we will be back!

UNMASK OUR KEIKI - this statewide protest to give our kids a choice in wearing the mask in school is being spearheaded by Levana Lomma @for_our_rights_kauai from Kapa’a, Kauai (a community leader against medical tyranny and the great reset agenda) working with community leaders on the other islands to take a stand against a wrong that has been made acceptable through the means of propaganda and societal peer pressure. How have we allowed the masking of our children in public schools to continue for so long? Just like the title of David Icke’s book, “human race get off of your knees!” Time to take a stand against this leftist wicked takeover, against mask and medical tyranny, and against the compromised government officials who have sold out their fellow man for earthly riches and promises.

This is a ripe opportunity to send a message with our numbers especially with the recent advances that have occurred regarding the lifting of mask mandates throughout the country.

Peaceful Protest – Unmask the kids – Keep kids home or older student walk-out! Rally Noon-12 at designated locations below:
Wednesday, April 20, 2022 Noon – 2PM
Oahu – Department of Education – 1390 Miller St. Honolulu, HI
Kauai – Wilcox Elementary School – 14319 Hardy St. Lihue, HI
Maui – Education Dept. – 54 S. High St. Wailuku, HI (8am to 11 am for Maui!)
Big Island West – Kealeakehe Elementary
Big Island East – Waiakeawaena Elementary

Please consider donating to forourrights.org as one of the leading organizations (more than likely the most) in Hawaii against medical tyranny as they are preparing to set up another lawsuit to unmask our children. Pls visit for our rights Facebook page:
You can find the individual flyers under events section on forourrights.org

HFSN just uploaded the final episode of Ashley Oyama’s “Kupa’a Academy” Part 3. Be sure to watch it here and subscribe to our new YouTube channels if you haven’t already: https://youtu.be/1Rhpotq3gAo

I will post these on bitchute and rumble later on. Thanks to Ashley Oyama’s efforts and the community who helped to set the model for the rest of Hawaii to free ourselves from democrat controlled institutions that seek to dumb us down and poison our minds and bodies.

Levana Lomma @for_our_rights_kauai , a community leader from Kapa’a Kauai, has been spearheading the movement on putting pressure on the government and school officials to unmask our children. She is organizing a statewide protest to show everyone that some parents, teachers, and students are concerned are we’re not going to just lay down and let these people continue to do this to our kids despite the fact that the indoor mask mandate had been lifted for nearly everyone else on March 25th. Please check out her IG to check out the updated flyer showing the place and time to meet for the protest on your island. God bless the freedom fighters who are taking action to resist tyranny, discrimination, and address wrongs accepted by the 🐑 that need to be corrected. Also, thank you to all the parents that have made the decision to pull your kids out of the corrupt democrat controlled school system. We are still fighting for the kids that have been prisoners of the mask for 1.5 years. Regardless, The kids need to have a choice with the mask.

Uncle Jack, a teacher that works at Ashley Oyama’s Kupa’a Academy in Kona, Hawai’i, testifies to the fact on how much the lives of these kids have improved since they left the masked up DOE school system. He also worked at another school so he could tell the difference. Part 3 will premiere by this Friday on hawaiifreespeechnews3 on YouTube, bitchute, and rumble

We Know Exactly What These Devils Are Up To! When you read the Kitv article on Blangiardi having to stay home supposedly sick with a cold/flu Aka Covid-19, they display his tweet about him testing positive for covid as if we give a sh*t. He ends his tweet by encouraging everyone to get vaccinated and boosted. Then you notice only three replies because those replies are planted propaganda pieces. One of them shows a reply from dr. Mp who blames Blangiardi testing positive on lifting the restrictions stating that the covid rates have ticked up to 5 percent since the restrictions were lifted. Then the same plant tells us that their “unvaccinated child got covid “very, very bad,” and we must do more to keep those who can’t… yet get vaccinated safe. Of course this isn’t a random person responding to Blangiardi’s tweet, it’s a propaganda plant. These devils are trying to convince us that brining back restrictions is for our own good. Well Blangiardi and all the servants of Satan that are feeding into this covid agenda (selling out their fellow man) can burn in hell. We don’t want your covid restrictions, we don’t want more injections for the children, and we don’t want to wear your masks in school. If you get covid then keep it to yourself because nobody gives a sh*t at this point. It’s time to move on and stop using this as an excuse to enslave us and rob us of our livelihoods.

Link to the article:

To watch this video in 4K: https://youtu.be/_N-YWsTSWW0
On April 12, 2022, a group of people which included the parents of masked up children in the DOE public school system rallied to point out that the people responsible for making this unreasonable decision to muzzle our students are completely unaccountable to the people they are supposed to serve.

To watch this video in 4K: https://youtu.be/6Da7K4Gn9-A
Sheryl Beiler, an event organizer on Oahu, explains how she went on an HSTA zoom meeting where they admitted that teachers would still push the LGBTQ agenda despite the fact that the Bill was killed to teach the new nationwide controversial sex ed curriculum in Hawaii schools.

Watch this in 4K: https://youtu.be/yYN3HebLeo8
Realize the first one minute clip wasn’t long enough to give the viewer more context on what they were talking about with the affidavits. Can’t fit this one into one minute but it’s just as important. I’m going to upload a full edit of the event later this evening.

Watch this video in 4K: https://youtu.be/cGX_K8YJops
Bingo, Judge Kahau, & Junior Tupa'i went into the DOE Headquarters to serve school superintendent interim Keith Hayashi on the affidavit but he was hiding from us. Jessica Priya was able to address the fact that Keith’s assistant told her over the phone that she will never be able to talk with Keith Hayashi. Another example of our public officials being inaccessible to discuss concerns with covid restrictions. On April 12, 2022, a group of people which included the parents of masked up children in the DOE public school system rallied to point out that the people responsible for making this unreasonable decision to muzzle our students are completely unaccountable to the people they are supposed to serve. Bingo @love_da_bango (still shadow banned by IG) and federal postal judge Kahau @judgekahau were being interviewed by liberty press and I happened to jump in the middle of it. More to come today on this event! Big Props to Jessica Priya @my_hilife_eyes for organizing this successful rally in front of the DOE

Watch this video in 4K: https://youtu.be/Ytu1UDReWyc
Bingo and Judge Kahau went into the DOE Headquarters to serve school superintendent interim Keith Hayashi on the affidavit but he was hiding from us. On April 12, 2022, a group of people which included the parents of masked up children in the DOE public school system rallied to point out that the people responsible for making this unreasonable decision to muzzle our students are completely unaccountable to the people they are supposed to serve. Bingo @love_da_bango (still shadow banned by IG) and federal postal judge Kahau @judgekahau were being interviewed by liberty press and I happened to jump in the middle of it. More to come today on this event! Big Props to Jessica Priya @my_hilife_eyes for organizing this successful rally in front of the DOE

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Everyone keeps pointing the finger at this guy, HIDOE Superintendent interim Keith Hayashi, for imposing the mask on our students even after the indoor mask mandate had been lifted! In every interview I’ve found with Hayashi, he reads directly from his notes how the kids need to be vaccinated and mask up for school like a puppet. During the beginning of the interview he admitted that the case counts were low and things were looking very promising but when asked about changing the mask requirement, Hayashi pulled out his notes and read his script like a robot. The protest on April 12 is being organized by Jessica Priya and others and we want to send Hayashi a message that the people are not just going to lay down when our keiki are suffering in school with these stinking masks

To watch this video in 4K High Resolution:
This is actually good timing to finally release this footage to the public. The 2020 West Hawai’i Teacher of the Year and now former HIDOE teacher talks about how she resigned because of her moral conviction in aiding in the suffering of these Keiki with covid restrictions especially the mask mandate. The Kupa’a Academy model in Kona, Hawai’i is the answer! We need to break away from these institutions that are run by democrats that seek to control our children further now with a controversial sexual Ed curriculum as well as keeping the dreaded unsanitary mask over their faces for 7 plus hours a day. It’s amazing how far compromised politicians that get paid off in various ways as well as a brainwashed cult programmed general public can accept such ridiculous terms for our children. They say, “Trust the Science,” well whose science are you blindly trusting like a brainwashed cult member? Then they say, “Well the masks saves lives,” Hey, “I thought our puppet Governor Ige dropped the indoor mask mandate due to low case counts and even lower hospitalizations?” “Well even if we save one life then forcing the children to wear a mask for 7 hours a day in school is justified.” - says the maskee. This is the tv programmed slave mentality we are trying to convince here. God help us! God bless Ashley Oyama and Bingo

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For parents who want to get involved like these moms here in standing up against the arbitrary control of HIDOE keeping our keiki masked up, join the new telegram channel: unmaskthekeiki808 https://t.me/+Mry_EHYDdy5kNDA5 what you see here is day 5 of a weeks worth of students and parents who have stood up to the continued masking of our keiki, this time in Wahiawa in Oahu, Hawaii. These actions are now happening at multiple schools at once and the goal is to put pressure on schools who need to put the pressure on their chain of command going up to Keith Hayashi himself as well as HSTA’s president to let them know that #wearedone the second part of this video shows Jessica Priya informing HPD what she knows about the DOE’s own mask mandate and then takes action by attempting to go directly to the HSTA president and the School Superintendent Keith Hayashi. A lot of ground was made off camera with folks very close to the HSTA president where we were able to advocate for teachers and students who wanted a choice in masking up for school. They promised to deliver our message to the president as HSTA and KHON did a Piss poor job to show that there are actually teachers who are for personal choice regarding compulsory mask wearing in school. These actions will continue next week and we would like folks to volunteer to support and stand with these women! This is how change will take place. It’s time to get off of our asses and demand this democrat control operation cease and call for these devils in power to “Unmask Our Keiki!”

To Watch this Video in 4K High Resolution:
We will upload the longer version on Sat. Basically more parents are getting together to protest the DOE’s own evil mask mandate hypocrisy. Some students are tolerated for not wearing the mask whether it’s by medical exemption or the School Principal being cool about it while other kids in other schools are kicked out of class, isolated, deprived of their education, and suspended in some cases. Then there’s cowardly administrators that run and hide from parents over this issue. There’s also a lot of confusion and inconsistency where the blame is passed from one entity to another for example School Principal will blame the DOE, DOE blames BOE and DOH and the DOH will blame the DOE and the DOE will blame individual schools and Principals. It’s a cluster F—k and a nightmare and the DOE school superintendent Keith Hayashi is no where to be found. We have been to HSTA headquarters and DOE Headquarters during the last two days and they set themselves up to be as unavailable and unreachable to the public as much as possible as you will see in a future video. The corruption runs deep and no one can seem to answer the question, who is ultimately responsible for making the decision that these poor students suffer another quarter required to where a face muzzle for 7 hours a day? Keith Hayashi’s people say it’s not him exactly so who is it?!
To watch this video in 4K on our YouTube: https://youtu.be/uZrKepp87iw

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To watch this video in 4K on Youtube:
This week we learned that it’s up to individual Schools & Principals on how they will deal with maskless students, NOT THE DOE! For all of you that were leaving comments last time saying that it’s not the School Principals fault, he is just doing his job... well it turns out that if a school Principal wants to ignore the fact that a student is not wearing a mask in class he can. We have examples of that going on this week and we also have examples of Principals that have taken it upon themselves To discipline maskless students. It depends on the personal choice and political leanings of that school administrator which is not consistent at all. 1. Governor Ige said during his end of the mask mandate proclamation that businesses could still enforce covid restrictions on their employees and customers if they wanted to. Yes the loophole of discrimination. 2. The DOH made the recommendation 3. The DOE sent out guidelines 4. HSTA also recommended the DOE continue to mask up the kids 5. Under the expectation that schools would require the students to be masked up indoors, ultimately it was up to individual Schools and Principals on how they would handle maskless students. 6. There is no across the board policy suggesting that maskless students be disciplined and receive a suspension for failing to come to class unmasked on the third day! Therefore, if a School Principal and teacher is cool and the students don’t care, there won’t be an issue. If the School Principal and teacher are Dems! Then good luck! Yes the DOE has once again set up their students and staff members up for disaster with inconsistent policies that could be checked by anyone or any lawsuit headed their way for discrimination and inconsistent discriminatory policies. The Schools Chapter 19 rules say nothing about the mask. Here we have a mother and her daughter sharing their experience with maskless discrimination at an East Oahu Elementary school after the mask mandate had been lifted for everyone else but the Keiki on March 25th. Props to them for putting themselves out there to inspire you folks to do the same. This is an opportune ripe moment for civil disobedience. Contact mom [email protected]

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Hawaii is the last state to drop its indoor mask mandate. Why? The state is run by a bunch of leftist controlled democrats with puppet elected officials such as our governor which is only good for reading off of a teleprompter. We also have a very compliant population which is why we are taken advantage of with these devils in office. On March 26, 2022, the indoor mask mandate was finally lifted with the exception of our kids in public school, the bus, and the airports. We still have a fight on our hands with the DOE and HSTA teacher’s Union but regardless, people see this as a huge milestone ending a chapter of leftist medical tyranny for the most part... for now at least. An event was held at Ala Moana Beach Park where guest speakers Joe Akana, Lynn Mariano, Shawn, Levana Lomma, Abrien Aguirre, and Nurse Kim gave a speech. Jessica Priya hosted the guest speakers. Ka’imi played music and Kainoa recited a poem. Eventually everyone made their way to the fire pit to burn their masks which symbolizes the end of a leftist medical tyranny for now at least. Liberty Press and HFSN will work hard to post more of the event in the coming days so be sure to check our bitchute and rumble channels.

HSTA, Hawaii's Public School Teacher's Union, has decided to hold our kids hostage with a mask mandate for learning in school while nearly everyone else goes mask free. What kind of message does this send our students? As a former teacher who worked for Hawaii’s DOE for 14 years, I can tell you that wearing the mask at school made school miserable to learn or teach in. Notice how KHON propaganda news chose to interview a leftist teacher to spout the pro-“mask up our Keiki” party line as if she is the only person that should have an opinion that matters. Most of us realize that the mask is no longer an excuse for public safety, it’s an excuse for control over our lives and to reinforce a segment of the scamdemic to keep their con game going for all the followers and 🐑 that dwell among us. Then of course there’s the poor kids that have suffered for more than a year at the hands of these democrats and political puppet sellouts. Hope to see you guys on Saturday at Ala Moana Beach Park to celebrate 🎉 the mask mandated being lifted but the war is certainly not over as we must continue to put the pressure on the responsible parties to allow our students breathe again like before.
Rumble: https://rumble.com/vymklc-hsta-is-still-forcing-our-keiki-to-mask-up-instagram.html
Instagram: @HFSN808

Freedom Party @ Ala Moana Beach Park March 26 Saturday Family Fun Day 12pm-3pm then Trash Da Mask Event 3pm-7pm Come join us as we celebrate the end of “safe travel,” “safe access,” vax mandates and indoor mask mandates - reads the flyer the flyer also notes that “Don’t forget! Although, we have reached a new milestone, we still need to fight for our keiki, transportation, and healthcare workers and their right to breathe fresh air! This isn’t over! Brought to you by: All Lives Matter Hawai’i and Unmask Hawaii Song at the end is from YouTube’s Black Pegasus - CNN is playin tricks on you

To watch in higher resolution on our Rumble Channel:
Jane Jin Gives a Speech of Freedom against government oppression, surveillance, and tyranny. She talks about the CCP infiltration and how we must stand up against their worldwide surveillance control of us using our products.

To watch this video in high resolution on our Rumble:
We Could not make this video 1 minute this time, the conversation between the three community leaders (Levana Lomma @levanalomma Jessica Priya @my_hilife_eyes Millicent Cummings @?) of the covid tyranny resistance movement in Hawaii was too important to edit down. After the worldwide Rally for Freedom took place this year in Hilo, Hawai’i, three important women involved in the fight against covid tyranny in Hawaii met together in a house to plead with the community that the time for civil disobedience is now especially on the 28th for students and teachers after the mask mandate has supposedly been lifted. We will post a longer version of this conversation on bitchute and rumble completely uncensored as they discuss the legal and ethical ramifications of the mask and vax covid tyranny. @sawdude_79 #wearedone

To Watch this video in higher resolution on our Rumble channel:
Lohi Goodwin is another Patriot in Hawai'i that is running for office covering District 5 (Area of land that's bigger than the Island of Oahu) as leader of GOP West Hawai'i. He's running on the platform of Freedom, specifically Parent's Rights and against the corrupt democrats that imposed covid restrictions, vax clinics in schools, and covid corruption on the people of Hawaii. We will post his full speech on Rumble and Bitchute as soon a possible. This Speech was at The Worldwide Rally For Freedom on March 19, 2022 which took place in Hilo, Hawai’i this year. Last year this event took place at Kapiolani Regional Park in Waikiki. Many more speeches to come from this event, monitor our bitchute and rumble channels especially. [email protected] @lohi_goodwin_for_freedom

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We've noticed that a lot of freedom fighters are letting their guard down now that the vaccine and mask mandates are being lifted for the most part but not so fast! Alex Jones tells us that the globalists brag in their white papers that the lockdowns will come back after the midterms and we will be under the same form of tyranny once again. It's important that we continue to fight as hard with the determination of the Canadian truckers.

Don’t worry, we will get to the actual 1697 Bill event but first... Once again Gene Ward virtue signals with his mask and pushes the CNN JOE Biden talking point that we must "Stand w/ the Ukraine" and Russia is the bad guy at a GOP sponsored event. If he walks like a dem and talks like a dem... but then he also gets behind republican causes every now and then like Bill 1697. Gene, why not run as a conservative democrat like Mike & Tulsi Gabbard. At least we would have more respect for you for being a conservative rather then a radical democrat and not hate you when you when you support Bills like Senate Bill 540 (Senate Bill 540 would allow state or county officers to levy $200 fines against anyone that breaks pandemic emergency orders, like not wearing a mask in public, hosting large gatherings or hiking on state lands closed to the public). No Gene, we have not forgotten about how you supported draconian covid restriction legislation that would have mobilized HPD into a full scale covid tyranny on us. For those Republicans who get mad at me for putting out a video like this on Gene Ward claiming that he's afraid of catching covid wearing his mask, well he doesn't look like he's afraid of catching covid to me. It seems more like he's virtue signaling to his fellow democrats and friends in the UN.


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