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Help yourself by helping us -- our White race. Listen, copy, share, repost, link, and type that post in comments on videos, on other website articles, on social media. This works on multiple levels. It's a meme, a slogan. It's true. It'll make the half-awake Whites think to answer the automatic question "Who are 'they'". They accept the premise and then try to fill-in the "they" blank.

NOTICE: 6 Sept. 2021. I am through with SHITchute.
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Uploading videos on Bitchute is typically a 24-hr struggle during which I try uploading multiple times, each time removing terms SHITchute probably flags automatically, and I even try other things that ought not matter. This time, SHITchute is blocking my upload of "IN JEW SHOES" -- my latest video. Of course, I sanitized the title, and the filename, and the description, and still I'm blocked. So, I'm Done with this jew-controlled video platform.
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In this "RANT" show, come blow off some steam with me and enjoy many topics and a couple of memes along with a video clip of Daryl Hall and Tommy Shaw.

Here are some clues:

Out of Michigan, into South Dakota, local crypto-jews, gasoline prices, the Second Amendment, scientist James McCanney, free books in pdf form, Eric Clapton’s new song, Van Morrison, Mark Farner, BigCountryExpat.

MyWhiteTV. The only White tv.

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Yes, Offense Is Required to overcome those who have imposed the anti-White agenda throughout our lives.

In this special show, I focus mostly on the “CounterCulture” movement that we all were born into, and which was ramped up in the 1960s and continues to rampage to this day.

“Counter” means “against.” Well, now. “Against” what culture, whose culture?

Against WHITES’ culture!

See a video clip of Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones rock band committing this crime against us so effectively in 1965.

Need I point out that Jagger, surely a crypto, and his fellow Rolling Stones, are still going, having gotten away with all their drug crimes, and have been promoted by the media the entire time?

The enemy's Counter-White-Culture has included much more than the entire rock and pop and jazz and rap music industries. Also, of course, tv, movies, newspapers, magazines, radio, government activities, and more.

I take you back through a bit of history and name some names.

Also, I note a little progress we’re making as evidenced by “car guys,” “gun guys,” and anti-vaxers.

And now is “back to school” time, so I read some of the local free newspaper propaganda against our health — mind-poisons and body-poisons. This is propaganda that most of our older homeowning adults have no clue about. They accept it as “normal.” And they “believe” it.


On the railroad track of Truth,
and on the railroad track of Reality,
belief is the first step OFF the rails.

Live by verifiable facts. Facts assembled is knowledge. Our White race built a Foundational KNOWLEDGE System. Yes, jews have corrupted it. But living by knowledge is the only sure way to make progress in reality. Belief — which is thinking things are true without verifiable factual support — makes people gullible to the enemy's sweet-sounding baits and to the enemy's endless fear-porn lies.

Jim Laffrey

“Belief” strikes again. NC Scout of the website wants to kill us WHITES who don’t subscribe to his religious belief. Send us "to hell" "en masse" -- that's what he wrote.

Come see his post on that military-veterans’ site.

Also, I present some snips from the great Liberty Bell magazine written by Revilo Oliver and pertaining to three versions of the “Christianity” mind-poison — the standard U.S. version, the “British-Israel” version, and the “Christian Identity” version, all still afflicting very many of our fellow Whites.

It bears repeating:

“On the railroad track of Truth, belief is the first step off the rails.”

Closing with some levity, I offer a few “Funny Truths” related to hoaxes, including the infamous “covid.”

Thanks for watching MyWhiteTV. The only White tv. Right?

This is my 4th time to try to upload this video over two days. Typical.
Maybe I should quit this struggle with bitchute.
But that's what they would like me to do, isn't it?
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- Cure Flu & Common Cold.
- Scotty Kilmer. Yes, the famous YouTuber auto mechanic.
- Student Loans.
- Meme on vax.
+ More

Note: In the USA, we have the right to Free Speech. Most people have been scared from speaking and writing full Free Speech, though. Not me. I disagree with the government on who are our enemies that should be killed. Also, I'm not a j**-licensed doctor, so the j**s want me to be afraid, to "believe" that I don't have the right to offer my personal medical and dietary advice. I'm not afraid. I Cut Through The Crap. I cut through the j**s' lies. I Cut To The Truth.
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I am James T. Laffrey, known to most people who have met me as "Jim."
PATTON.45 -- pro-White anti-j** songs and music videos.

TRUTHing does not pay. I do it for my White race.

⁣Let’s celebrate one year of MyWhiteTV with this show of several video clips, some choice memes, and edutaining images.

Key phrases:

* We were born into this.
* Saying “commie” doesn’t cut it.
* Offense Is Required.
* Good Kills
* Ancient White Giants in America ⁣

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Welcome to the finale of Season Two of MyWhiteSHOW — which is Your White Show.

As announced in the previous episode, this one is an end. No promises, but likely there will be a third season, which would likely begin in summer.

Here, get the third and final installment of the series “EVERYTHING the American Public BELIEVES Is False.”

Second, let’s celebrate Adolf Hitler’s birthday, 20 April.

Also, I give a rundown of the 14April2021 visit by the FBI — the Federal Bureau of Intimidation — in service of jewry. Of course, intimidation isn’t the only service the fbi provides for the enemy jews.

And as usual, there are MEMEs for your edutainment, plus a Pop Quiz (which is supposed to be a surprise).

Click to the SOURCE, my own website:

'EVERYTHING' People BELIEVE Is True Is False PT2. The CIA director William Casey stated this as a goal. And it's very nearly a done deal.

Great White Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the U.S.A., and watch me explain how he was the first White president of the U.S.A.

Also, get a little Races History knowledge from our White ancestors who published it in 1878, before the j-enemy seized the reins and derailed the science.

Other topics covered include Executive Orders, the Floyd/Chauvin BS, crypto-jew actor Woody Harrelson's new anti-German anti-White project, and amber waves of grain.

Click to my own website to get much more:

Wow, “EVERYTHING” is a big subject, thus deserving a series. This episode of MyWhiteSHOW features Part One, focusing on two “Beginnings” that the j-enemy has lied about to us our whole lives.

Also in this s02e09 issue of your WHITE show: Comments and/or Memes on
- Hate
- ‘Old j__ in a Chair’
- Rex image
- Covid relief check
- Easter
- If You Were God
- and an encore of “Out With a Bang”!

Click to my own website for the treasure of the CREDENTIALS page, the new BOOKS+ page, and more!

Join me for the funniest MyWhiteSHOW yet.

Serious FUN it is. The shenanigans include three mini video clips, a collection of memes, comments, and an extended Push-Button Challenge.

This is Season Two, Episode Eight, of your WHITE show.

Laugh with me!

Click to THE source, my own website, for more, including the CREDENTIALS page and the new BOOKS+ page!

Welcome to s02e07 on this Vernal Equinox, 20 March 2021.

Let’s look at a case of what I think is almost certainly Fear-Porn meant to keep our awakening military veterans neutralized.

Also in this show, see some ways that I — and you — can easily use to antagonize the enemy, awaken the workers of anti-White companies, and let various disappointing website owners know that we are out here!

Finally, a couple of memes provide a bit o’ beef to chew on.

Note: There is a brand new page on this website. “BOOKS+” — free books as pdf files, plus a few historic articles, right here on MyWhiteTV. See the new menu item at the top or bottom of this page.

* Click to THE source for these videos, the new "BOOKS+" page, the CREDENTIALS page, and more -- which is my own website:

Let’s get off the homepage and tour the CREDENTIALS. They are mine, and some can be yours. See descriptions, links, and items that are top-ranked.

This s02e06 issue also features a “Happy Birthday” to the great White man, general, and president Andrew Jackson. See key historical aspects about him and how he is “masked” today.

Another website worth your while is — with its huge homepage and menu of treasures. Get an introduction to it here, with commentary.

And as usual there are some extra, noteworthy nuggets known only to those who mine them.


* Click to THE SOURCE, my own website:

2nd try to upload. Changed file title, etc., to clear possible forbidden key terms. Tiresome.

The main segment of this MyWhiteSHOW features the call-in guest Lonnie on Dennis Fetcho’s broadcast of 6Mar2021. He very well lays out the strategic necessity of waking up our vets to j-enemy, and he offers a way everyone can help.

I have enhanced that presentation into a video segment with appropriate images. After that, I visit and show the sites live on the Internet that Lonnie recommended, plus one.

The second segment focuses on two great White HEROES: Leon Degrelle and Hans Ulrich Rudel. Photos, book excerpts, free pdf files, and more — they all await you.

The final segment shows where and how viewers can find my songs, videos, and pdf files, and how to download them — all free and easy.

Also, the final segment presents two memes especially fitting this “Strategy” episode.

The last three website accounts of mine that are mentioned in the video for getting the music, videos, and books are:

* My PATTON.45 account on GoyimTV
* My CallahanBraun account on
* My PATTON.45 account on


Remember: THE source is my own website

The TEST video was very quickly "processed" and made visible by Bitchute in several minutes. So, I try this one, again -- try Number 5.
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This is a test to see if shitshute is totally blocking me uploading or blocking only my strong anti- j-enemy videos. I spent the last two days trying to upload my latest strong video. Four times I tried, with various adjustments that I thought might help it get ok'd, without success.

Welcome to MyWhiteSHOW Season Two, Episode Three!

The main segment is VACCINE DAMAGE — My Story, which is meant to spark Your Story, your memory of what the poison “vaccines” have done to you.

Also, 27 February is the anniversary of the Reichstag Fire in Berlin, Germany, in 1933. Briefly, I provide true historical context in which that false-flag crime was committed.

The third announced subject is an update on the part of the tyranny here in Michigan on the pretense of “Covid-19” — a virus that does not exist. Yes, it’s another lie, thus I use the popular nickname for it by those of us in the know: “Cohen-19.”

A few surprise items await you, too.

* Don't forget my CREDENTIALS page on my own website. There is nothing like it -- nothing else as good as it -- on the Internet. My Credentials can easily become your credentials. Check it out.

This video includes segments on Total War, a special email I received, and the premiere of the latest PATTON.45 song, titled "They Live In Me."

(This was my third attempt to get this video to finish the "processing" phase. The first two times, I let it try for hours, and then I deleted and tried again, with all details the same. This third time, I strategically changed some aspects, deleted some possibly forbidden terms, and this one finished processing in less than half an hour and became visible to everyone. Hmm.)

And don't forget the treasure that is my CREDENTIALS page on my own website. My credentials can easily become your credentials. See the best list on the Internet of knowledge about our White race and how to win.

* See my CREDENTIALS page on my own website:
This video provides a tour of some websites -- good, bad, and ugly -- along with my own website stats.
- How to grow an audience, or kill an audience!
- What Executive Orders are, really.
- Good Kills.

CLAIMER — not a disclaimer:

We in the USA have the right to disagree with the government on who are the enemies we need to kill and how to kill them. The U.S. government has said at one time or another that nearly every kind of human on Earth has needed to be killed EXCEPT for jews. I disagree. I say nearly the opposite is true: jewry is the enemy we need to kill. I have the right to say this. Any person or entity censoring me becomes the enemy, too. And the only way to stop enemies for all time is to kill them.

IN THIS VIDEO, I explain why our plight is SNAFU and why.

Also in this video, I state what we must do about it.

In addition, I offer these:

* three January calendar dates worth remembering,
* admission of my prediction error on the 2020 sElection, and
* some crypto-jews that jewry is lining up for the next presidential sElection.

PS: See the great resource that is the CREDENTIALS page. On my website click the CREDENTIALS link atop or abottom of any page. Use it for yourself. Use it for homeschooling.

Click to my own website for EVERYTHING:
* Businesses, including video platforms, doing business in the USA are required to follow USA laws.
We in the USA have the right to disagree with the government on who are the enemies we need to kill and how to kill them. The U.S. government has said at one time or another that nearly every kind of human on Earth has needed to be killed EXCEPT for jews. I disagree. I say nearly the opposite is true: jewry is the enemy we need to kill. I have the right to say this. Any person or entity censoring me becomes the enemy, too. And the only way to stop enemies for all time is to kill them.

Click to my website for much more:
But right here, I want to further emphasize the element of surprise. Very important. Don't want the enemy to have time to make a phone call nor take any reactionary action of any kind. Simple, quick, and clean.

* Click to my website, THE source:

Special: Movies and Memes. Comedy, tragedy, and intrigue. Plus, a seasonal note, and a reminder that “only Whites have ever changed hell to heaven” — as the lyric says in my latest song in progress — and Offense Is Required.

Recorded 25Dec2020.

* Click to the SOURCE:
If you’re White, “YULE” like this finale episode of Season One of MyWhiteSHOW — which is your White show.

Yule is White. Christmas is jew. Though this ought be entirely obvious, I explain it briefly. Some history. Some examples. Some suggestions. And I show how obviously our calendar has been jewed, too.

Also, this s01e23 issue of MyWhiteSHOW features two very short but telling videos of the criminals, usually jews, in “our” government exposing themselves.

The final official segment of the show is a Good Kill. It’s one that almost nobody but me would recognize as such. Get the details, of course, in the video.


“Our” government tells us ...
* Get the rest of this article, plus other MyWhiteSHOWs and Specials, and music videos, at the source:

* Click to my website for the full description, along with videos you have yet to see and my CREDENTIALS page. Nothing like it.

Season One of MyWhiteSHOW — which is Your White Show — nears its finale with this hourlong, hard-hitting truth fest.

Kary Mullis, inventor of the famous PCR process, died last year, 2019. But long before he did, he called out the famous HIV/AIDS liars — one of whom is a Covid liar, too — Gallo and Fauci. See the video right here. Let’s nail the coffins shut on the criminal HIV fraud and the criminal Covid fraud — jew frauds.

Also, let’s analyze the latest LOL fake from SpaceX: a comic-book reverse landing and explosion — with all the untimely camera changes and jarring edits we’ve come to eXpect from crypto-jew pedo Elon Musk and company.

The full description on my own website names the jew rock-music propagandists most Whites have been duped to adore. And there you'll find info on some website owners who need a kick in the head, and, oh, there's more. Such as? The reason we're here.

* Click to THE Source:
Thanks to the research and reportage by Peter Hammond of South Africa combined with my own research, articles, and video on the subject, this is perhaps the best single video source on the planet for the jews’ assassination of our great White U.S. Army general George S. Patton Jr.

Yes, General Patton served jewry in WW2 in the destruction of our most admirable and heroic Germany, but he quickly woke up to the crimes of jewry in the months immediately after the end of the war in Europe.

* Click to my website for more info, including the script for the show.


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