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The topic was Zionism not being Judaism and that some orthodox Jews are speaking out against Israel. Whether his history is accurate or not, and evading the Talmud question were expected.
The essence of the interview was to expose Zionism as a new idea to those who don't know their history, and that Judaism is not some monolith that fully agrees on all things.
The Rabbi was willing to do the interview, so try to keep it clean, and I am fully aware of all the corrections and rebuttals.

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This video explains who my next guess is and all footage is used to present that for educational purposes.
Mom's son took hormone blockers without her consent or guidance at Rutgers and now has the strength to lead a movement asking for answers.
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This video explains who my next guess is and all footage is used to present that for educational purposes.
Mom's son took hormone blockers without her consent or guidance at Rutgers and now has the strength to lead a movement asking for answers.
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THE WAR FOR CHILDREN. Laid out. In plain English. Don't look away.

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*I mean Robert Francis of course.
*Repetition as brainwashing was used by Nazi propagandists and has way longer roots than that. Science isn't fake. It is just being used for other reasons now.
*No one thought he was running. His sole purpose seems to be to test if you are OK with someone taking your God given rights.
*Mass trauma should NEVER be used to pass legislation for the people who RULE us.

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Matt Landman comes on 2 hours after being on Coast 2 Coast to discuss his years of ridicule for trying to talk about Weather Control.
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*Bill Whatcott faces a "hate crime" charge for handing out Bible verses and health pamphlets from the CDC during a recent Pride Parade. He has 4 legal cases running at the same time, but took the time to talk to me about the politics of Canada, Christian issues, and freedom of speech and religion.
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*Bill Whatcott has been jailed over 20 times for Christian activism, free speech, and protests
*Wait for the full 3 part interview and make up your own mind if this man is a danger to society, OR if Canadians/Americans should make changes before this is their society FOREVER.
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**E Michael Jones was the first person to show me kindness despite doing a health show, and now we have made it a full time commitment.
**Background- Human biology, chemist, consultant to bodybuilders, and founder of one of the largest supplement companies in the world. This ended doing hormone research for health and life-extension on grown adults that are now forced on our kids.
**Mischa Popoff guests as contributor to with EMJ as a former USDA contractor, conservative journalist, and researcher from Breitbart to Daily Caller.
**I started a stream as an attempt to find out if censorship was real or not. There was tons of legal notices, bannings, and even a loss of jobs for INTERVIEWING people the oligarchs don't want you to speak to. Now we are at a point in America, people just come out and say, freedom of speech is still in America, but you are not free from consequences. This is not where I grew up, and we look to secure a community of ideas whether we agree or disagree all the time. Exchanging ideas is fundamental to finding the correct answer.
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***Bill Whatcott is facing 104 million dollar fine and lengthy prison time for sneaking into a pride parade “without permits” to hand out Bible Verses and health sheets from the CDC.
****Ways to support Bill are on the next two parts.

***Any activist who thinks this is a fair punishment with a real organization is welcome to make their case.

[email protected]

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Full first half tomorrow. Subscribe for the full interview.
Whether or not you agree with the methods, Bill is facing 104 million dollar fine, life in prison, and has gone to jail over 20 times for non-violent protesting. This is in the "free" country of Canada who is now all about #PC Culture and Human Rights Tribunals. Not one person has been hurt in his protests, and he has never incited violence. There are 3 more parts, subscribe here for all clips or for all live streams and community.

***All content is fair use in context. Feel free to share, mirror, and make suggestions in the comments or [email protected]

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