Tom Metzger Interviews Ernst Zündel on Race and Reason


Mark Weber and Fred Leuchter speak at the Leuchter Congress in Munich; March 23 1991

English und Deutsch

Prof. R.G. Dommergue speaks about the famous philsopher Martin Heiddger's response to the alleged 'holocaust'

Teil 1 und 2

Ein Dritte Reich Film zeigen den Arbeitsdienst
A Third Reich Film showcases the Labour Service.

Doug Collins, a WW2 veteran, speaks about the Canadian Immigration disaster at the 1991 Leadership Conference.

Germar Rudolf speaks about Holocaust Revisionism at the 2004 Euro American Conference.

Bozner Bergsteigerlied

German with English subtitles

Ernst Zündel interviews Michael Hoffman II on his program 'Another Voice of Freedom' about his book entitled 'The Great Holocaust Trial'


The massacres at Katyn and Vannitsa


a video documenting Jewish supremacy and terrorism from the late 20th century

Ernst Zündel's Great Holocaust Trial



Ernst Zündel's first video

Prof. Tony Martin speaks about a controversial topic after discovering some unknown information while teaching at Wellesley College

Real History Conference 2001

5 Sept 1991

David Irving talks to a small audience in Toronto on August 13 1988 in which he touches on the opposition's vast resources but lack of truth in their tactics.


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