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H.R. 5 equality act and more bills to giveaway our money when we fucking need it....

See film “war on children” on this channel for more info. It’s gone past equality right and now they are pushing pedophilia agenda...

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(rewatch last 5m if you saw the earlier upload)
Icebergs as large as they are have vast surface area some more then others. Epstein's iceberg is massive and in this video we examine the surface area. Youll see some familiar faces that may not ever look the same after this video. Not as SHOCKING as the first, but could be even more revealing. See for yourself.

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He died so young trying to tell us....A Must watch... insane find... Share like the rest of em. Movie Link:

Never officially released, Director and his family were killed for making this Doc.. RIP- ITS EVEN MORE RELIVANT TODAY!
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The GRAY STATE Project The world reels with the turmoil of war, geological disaster, and economic collapse, while Americans continue to submerge themselves in illusions of safety and immunity. While rights are sold for security, the federal government, swollen with power, begins a systematic takeover of liberty in order to bring about a New World Order. Americans, quarantined to militarized districts, become a population ripe for tyrannical control. Fear Mongering, terrorism, police state, martial law, war, arrest, internment, hunger, oppression, violence, resistance - these are the terms by which Americans define their existence. Neighbor is turned against neighbor as the value of the dollar plunges to zero, food supplies are depleted, and everyone becomes a terror suspect. There are arrests. Disappearances. Bio attacks. Public executions of those even suspected of dissent. Even rumors of concentration camps on American soil. This is the backdrop to an unfolding story of resistance. American militias prepare for guerrilla warfare. There are mass defections from the military as true Patriots attempt to rally around the Constitution and defend liberty, preparing a national insurgency against federal forces, knowing full well this will be the last time in history the oppressed will be capable of organized resistance. It is a time of transition, of shifting alliance, of mass awakening and mass execution. It is an impending storm, an iron-gray morning that puts into effect decades of over-comfort and complacency, and Americans wake up to an occupied homeland. It is a time of lists. Black list, white list, and those still caught in the middle, those who risk physical death for their free will and those who sell their souls to maintain their idle thoughts and easy comforts. It is in this Gray State that the perpetuation of human freedom will be contested, or crushed. Is it the near future, or is it the present? The Gray State is coming - by consent or conquest. This is battlefield USA. Encompassing the world of conspiracy theory, economic collapse, global disaster, end-time prophecies, martial law, and growing civil unrest, GRAY STATE is a piercing look into the immediate future.

A Gray State (Documentary) Film Timeline:

0.00- Exposing the Government, Taxes IRS Fraud, Federal Reserve Fraud, CIA Whistle Blower #1, Obamas entire administration stemmed from the Federal Reserve.

0.20m- Inventions, Power of Money, Fed Reserve Control Techniques, U.S. Debt, $23.7 Trillion Dollars missing in the first 2 years of Obama Presidency, China Buying Country, CEOs liquidating their assets

0.34m- Conditioning Children since 1800s, Good/Evil Psychology, School funding and control, Works hours longer gets being raised by schools, Politic Fraud and how they fool us.

0.44m- CIA spends $1 Billion Dollars a year on propaganda efforts against us , Obama, Ego in politics, A vote is complied consent, Military, Conditioning for soldiers and kids, Iraq Vets talk about the truth, Media integrity, Gov connection to Cabal,, Obama Caught Supplying Mex Cartel With Guns, Watergate.

0.57m- Skimming Game, Unequal Distribution of wealth, Teach Youth to Accept hand outs, Teach team work so they are never independent, Taking rights away for the common Good.

1.13m- In the 20th Century the Gov has killed 262 Million people not out of defense or war, Whiteness of other countries have seen this before, “One Death is a Strategy, a Million is a Statistic”, Military Industrial Complex, We arnt entitled to an explanation and they get to use our military, War in Irag and the Uranium Fraud, Veterans Apologize.

1:27m- System 3: Liberty, Laws, Court Fraud, Tax Fraud, Gov creating crime, The Drug War, The Police State.

1.36m- The Rise of a Warrior Cop, 10% of Police are Power Drunk, 9/11 Patriot Act Break Down, Internment Camps (new age concentration camps).

1.58m- National Defense Authorization Act, Obama Bad mouth Constitution, Domestic Terrorism, Independence, FEMA, System failure.

X53A Was a shot they tricked people into taking.... WATCH... This is a 10m TRUTH ⁣Swine flu report on "60 Minutes" produced by Norman Gorin and reported by Mike Wallace ... at time when there was still some real investigative journalism and reporting being done. ⁣This is an old segment from CBS '60 Minutes' on the swine flu (also known as H1N1) & the vaccine that was developed to stop the pandemic. When the news was actually Genuine.... A MUST SEE

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I think Mad Dog is JFK JR, Your thoughts? Golden Age here we come!


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Wow, Watch the whole thing till the end...ESPECIALLY IF YOU EAT MCDONALDS!! 18+
In the Ice Cold Waters of Antarctica, Jefferey Epstein Lay afloat on the surface of the dark blue water. Cold as ice, Just Barley not. The tip of the iceberg he was indeed, in a water so murky. Like a tropical beach untouched by man, this video sheds light and clarity on the seemingly impossibly murky ice water. After this video you will have an over view of the entire satanic iceberg and all its cracks. See this video and you may have a chance to avoid it.

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My fav uncle is G and couple best friends of mine are B, not that its relevant just saying i Support the people of LGBT and BLM but not the origins of the movement regarding the people in control. I also don't believe all of one people is bad. I think worse case scenario it could be up to 80% bad, there has to be some light in all areas. But its for sure a dark place out there and not all is what it seems.

More man hole explosions, proof the underground war is happening. This is the real reason for the army in DC...

MUST WATCH (Ignore 3m Religion Aspect / Skip intro)
"Out of the shadows for anons"
(Intro 9m long, kinda worth it, it’s a movie)
- After watching this, everything going on TODAY will make 117% sense to you.....

Starts with religion in relation with the sun (interesting, but not the sauce)
If anti Christian stuff bothers you, its just a few min in the intro, just ignore it and bare through it, its not long and ties into things later in the film

9/11 - most in depth of any video I've seen! Hijackers still alive - Paid off by our gov - Osama CIA - Pentagon "crash" - First responders first hand accounts

Federal Reserve and banking (super in depth) Pandemic of 1920 (IMPORTANT) - Banking political control moves explained the best way I've seen of all vids

Income Tax IS NOT REAL and is A FRAUD - IRS AGENTS QUIT and spread awareness

Whole movie is more relevant now then it was when it was made (2007). I've seen this movie in the past but gave it another watch and now I NEED TO SPREAD IT!

MUST WATCH!! more @disclosurehub (scroll to top of channel and read if you join :))
2007 documentary film by Peter Joseph. This movie was first presented as a public performance and later published online.

This version includes Peter Joseph's 2010 updates.

More information can be found here:​​

Download the Companion Source Guide (free):,%...​

Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Ted Gunderson, Charles Lindbergh, Aaron Russo, Tim Galloway, Jordan Maxwell, George Carlin, Carl Sagan, Bill Hicks and Peter Joseph.



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Share this with everyone, awake or asleep. Should help downed patriots as well. Interesting to say the least. This isnt just going to go away and more and more people are waking up every day!

Great video to wake someone up or re awake them... crazy world

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Interesting to say the least!


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