Update on the original film by Muad'Dib who was jailed for presenting his evidence see https://hannahmichaels.wordpress.com/2017/02/03/77-ripple-effect-producer-muaddib-arrested-again/ and previously https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2011/05/12/muaddib-acquitted/

In the first section, Neelu points to the buildings in London which administrates for the justice system in the capital. The Law Society is opposite Kings College which teaches law and close by is the Royal Courts of Justice. She gives her perspective on the difference between God's Law and the legal system which has been set up by the Law Society.
In the second part Neelu is at the Royal Courts of Justice stating that whistleblowers can stand for election and need protection. She speaks about various whistleblowers who have been taken by the state and she is filing habeus corpus for them and trying to get an injunction on the Justice Minister to stop the terrorism on the whistleblowers.

This is an Interview with :Andrew :Devine, The-Global-Jury and the now Live Life Claimant :Carol: Woods and was recorded on 19th October 2019. This is an edited version and the description below is from :Andrew: Devine's channel which has the full recording.
This Video Should Explain To The Public and Public Servants This Lady Has Amassed/Collected/Collated The Facts To Back Up This Exceptional Life Experience, This Would Be Far Too Much For Most from the start and More Than Most To Have Endured For This Duration, However :Carol Bless Her is Still Standing With God's Armour intact (The Truth, Backed By The Facts) and Must Be One Of The Strongest, Bravest, Humble and Compassionate Ladies I've Ever Had The Pleasure To Speak Too, and I'm Sure Most Would Be So Proud To Call Their MUM❤Like I Am, God's Speed, Bless and protect The Truth Tellers :) Keep Smiling.

Extracts From Emails More to Follow in the Comments:

Sent: Friday, 25 October 2019, 18:22:07 BST
Subject: NHS and Lancs police data extracts

Dear all as we trawl through the report of psychiatrist Nallapuneni which was written by legal rep of Lancs Police (one of his many roles) Ian Young for Nallapuneni to present in perjury as her own work which is a character assassination of me, Carol Woods The unlawful detention of me started 3 9 19 with various posing as persons they were not pretending to have a Section 135 warrant for police to claim I was mentally ill and take me to The Orchard in Lancaster
The warrant never existed which has been confirmed by all with Nallapuneni assuming that is 'behind us' as the deluded she clearly is
Page 4 of 7 of related report, quote, "She (me) has no home and spends her time traveling to various places gathering evidence for a case and emailing government agencies". A few lines below that it goes on, "Carol lives alone in a rented council property, . . . ." I told you I couldn't make this up So I live nowhere but do live somewhere!
Are they stalking me 24 hours a day by know..

John Paterson introduces his friend Brian Setchfield to an online group with Andy Devine and shares Brian's music Holy Light and his ancestry and connection to a film called Dangerous Exile (1957) which is difficult to find these days.

Neelu speaks with Carol on the current situation at The Orchard Mental Health Secure Unit where she is held without a warrant.

Neelu speaks with Carol on the current situation.

Visitor John Paterson for Carol Woods was not allowed to see her, after travelling most of the day.

Satanic ritual abuse is happening and there is a massive cover up. Here is one man's story of his life. Many whistleblowers on this subject get ruin frauds and incarceration by the state.

As friends of Carol we were not allowed to sit at her tribunal. This is her report of what happened after two weeks of being locked away at The Orchard Mental Health Secure Unit, Lancashire Care NHS Trust in Lancaster, England.

#GcMaf is not being allowed by MHRA and politicians when it has helped people recover from cancer. Looks like a mental health fraud has been used on her. A European Arrest Warrant has taken Lynda Thyer to France and no-one knows where she is now being held to await a trial. The stress of the persecution she has been under for months prior to her imprisonment last month plus family commitments has been very difficult for her. There is a call to raise awareness of GcMaf at Westminster on Sept 11 at 11.11

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