I describe how lunar and solar eclipses prove what nasa claim about how and why they occur can't be true. If the black swan and the fact that we see too far isn't enough proof earth isn't a ball. Just question what we are told via the sign Jesus said would be the only sign given "A wicked and adulterous generation seeks after a sign, and no sign shall be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah" Matthew 16:4 That was the total solar eclipse of 763 bc.


proof the fact checkers are lying and the you shouldn't just blindly trust the vaccines.

Just another truth video that youtube deleted from my channel


This is the second video boobtube has deleted an given me a strike for. Contradictory facts on a topic like the vax isn't allowed to be heard on that platform. Pleas share and perform the magnetic test on anyone you know that takes the jab.

watch Doctor Ouci I mean Fauci as he describes how his arm hurt the day after he claimed he got the shot but forgot which arm hurt. Hmm, makes me wonder if he got a shot at all.

Utopia an amazon series finished it's first season in October 2019. It is a remake of a 2013 england series.

yet another good video full of good truths that youtube doesn't want people to see.

This video was removed by youtube. It is really powerful truth so I understand why they don't want this info to be spread. I hope it helps you come to the truth

Another good video deleted from my youtube channel.

This is another group of deleted videos the ministry of truth decided to delete from my youtube channel. I offer them up here, so people can see how our news is gas lighting us to react to the script, so they can manipulate us into what ever their agenda is. The current news of today is the corona story where they have everyone running around in masks not getting the proper oxygen and eventually pushing a vaccine to further sicken the masses. They always us masonic numbers and fake story tellers to bolster the view they want us to believe and I believe it is a way for them to signal that it is a gmo news story and not an organic event..

This video was deleted from my youtube channel playlist exposing comforting lies with uncomfortable truths. Hard hitting truth is the sort of stuff the ministry of truth love to remove. Check it out, copy and share widely.

another vid removed from my youtube channel. Truth looks like hate speech to those that hate truth.

All the videos here were deleted by youtube from my channel. Truth is hate speech to those that hate truth!

another vid removed from my youtube channel. Truth looks like hate speech to those that hate truth.

this is the video that made me create this video channel apart from youtube. This content and similar truths that are self evident are the reasons for the channel name hillbilly edu. Simple logical truths that any person with common sense can understand and take to heart that proves we are being lied to on a grand scale about a great many things. In my opinion this subject I.E. what is under our feet, is the most insidious lie of all and possibly the biggest one, our controllers want us to believe! Simple observable facts like the ones I've laid out in this video are prime evidence of the lie and youtube blocking it from being seen is the best publicity which shows you it's true nature. Darkness abhors the light and truth has nothing to hide. I hope the intended seed is planted in your heart so that you will begin to question the things our controllers present to you as facts, that are very easy for you with your GOD given senses to observe and thus unpack the lies of men, I.E. our owners! As one of the best teachers Paul said in 1 Thessalonians , question everything and hold fast to that which is true. Two of my other favorite statements of this truth teller were, God be true and every man be a liar, the other is beware of science falsely so called. If you will keep these sayings in mind when you hear your trusted truth tellers I.E. the news casters like the one pictured in this video cover with the sunglasses, telling you to keep safe and wear something similar when looking at the sun or you will damage your eyes. Common sense hillbilly question, how come when the sun is unblocked and bright in the sky I don't need a welding helmet to look at it for fear I'll go blind for example, sun gazing, but when our moon is blocking most of it's light I better not look at it cause I'll seriously damage my eyes? I know the FALSE science explanation our controllers have given us as to how they claim it will damage my eyes but I say false because I watched the whole 2017 eclipse and as of yet I still don't need a seeing eye dog. Remembering what my teacher Paul said about false science and being an older guy knowing how our trusted news casters always motivate us to act out of fear also remembering how the first book of the bible tells us that the sun, moon and stars are a SIGN unto us, I'm hopeful that in 6 years if the lord wills, I'll watch the next eclipse again without glasses in a large crowd having no eye problems and thus seeing the sign and hopefully passing on to others what I've learned, that the very smooth dark orb blocking our sun can't be our ruff and jagged moon which is only visible with the naked eye and won't be obvious in your camera with a solar filter. It looks totally different. Our controllers of course know this and for that reason claim it is very dangerous to look at with out eye protection. To be sure, it is dangerous, it will in fact help you to see clearly their lying to you!


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I created this channel because youtube kept deleting vids I found and posted to the channel to help wake people up to the truth of subjects like fake news like mass shootings or false flag terror I.E. 911 or fake space or flat earth. I didn't advertise so I shouldn't have had a problem with copy right issues and the times I would see this problem is when someone would try and watch the video and they would see it was blocked but youtube wouldn't tell me it was blocked. So if you were logged in as me to my channel the video played fine. Shit like that is very upsetting when you waste your time putting something together that you've found to be logical truth that people aren't going to hear about on the main stream news. For example the best info I found truthful about the flat earth that no FE channel was talking about was how the solar and lunar eclipses prove flat earth. I made a vid a few weeks back I called it they lie we live. I don't get many views and since this was a big dose of truth I hadn't seen on flat earth channels I made comments on some channels and posted the movie link there, hoping they would watch and pick up on the info and it would reach a lot of people. My movie got ban for so called copy right even though I don't advertise and the only thing in it was famous movie lines. The info contains eclipse facts. I knew from the solar eclipse the shadow came on the sun from the 1 oclock position where I am in Denver and from the 7 oclock position from a friend in Cleveland. The curveballer I'll call him in Cleveland stated it was because of the curve being he is 1700 miles away. What I found and put in my vid was that if you were just south of the center line of the shadow of totality on the ground you would see the shadow come from the 1 oclock side, if you were just north of the center line the shadow would start at the 7 colock side or opposite from what someone less than 75 miles south of you were seeing. This is proof the sun nor moon are as far as so called science claims! I combined that footage along with similar footage from the recent july lunar eclipse, Again science puts the moon 238000 miles out and lined up at the equator to explain the lunar eclipse but I clearly show that must be wrong. Using the moon clac.org site to show that from places in the far south of Africa it shows a person must look in a north direction to see the moon but in places located just north of the very southern part of Africa still below the equator they have you looking SOUTH to see the moon! The same thing happens in Australia and the entire country is south of the equator. I also pointed out the fact that science states the moon is upside down from the northern hemisphere when viewed from places south of the equator. however, I also show how the moon was flipped when seen from perth to Johannesburg. The priest of scientism can't explain that or any of these other facts! Get some friends together and film the next solar eclipse that happens near you. In 2024 I will if the lord be willing, film one from the west of the center line of totality and one from the east side of the center line of that shadow. The footage I will capture will show the shadow coming in opposite directions from each other. I can't wait to see the cartoon, the news gives for how the eclipse shadow will move from south to north. It should make for some good laughs! Please spread this info far and wide so people can check this simple flat earth proof. God be true and every man be liar or should I say G-man. aka globe man or government man.