The official music video for Sayonara Disourse by Freedom From Concern off their new upcoming album Because, Maybe. Filmed & edited by Dan McDonald.


We aren't defined by our ideologies, sexual proclivities, or ethnicities.
We aren’t defined by our nationalities, or gender identities.
We must rethink our current critiques,
because we’re more than what lies on the surface.

Strangers are not our enemies.
Sometimes the hunger for power feels stronger
than the desire to coexist together.
Opposing perspectives provoke altercation.
We clamor in anger through confrontation.
Our destination’s dehumanization.
Animalistic behavior without realization.
We have forgotten how to see ourselves
in each others eyes.

Cognitive dissonance holds us hostage.
Examine the ignorance that we marinate in.
We judge each other from our worst examples
while rating ourselves by our best intentions.
Tribal sovereignty narrows our empathy.
A double standard that’s double dealing.
History will repeat itself
until we redefine ourselves.

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