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Apparently Anne Heche died in a fiery car crash but this video shows something different. She was exposing the human paedophile ring in Hollywood and going to make a movie out of it. She look like she was trying to get off the stretcher because she knew it was about to happen. Did you see the 63 on the ambulance?

HAARP cloud filmed somewhere in Ukraine. This is definitely something not normal. The cabal want total weather control all over the world by 2030. What is in store for humanity?

Are you eating any of these products? A lot of processed products have many unnatural ingredients and chemicals including Titanium Dioxide.

Titanium Dioxide is a known whitening and brightening agent that was banned in Europe. Any product that contains Titanium Dioxide is a cancerous product.

Some products containing Titanium Dioxide are Skittles, Honey Buns, Totino’s Pizza Rolls and everyone single Pop Tart.

This senator rips apart this lawyer about covid, presenting actual facts about immunity and how people who recovered from covid have natural immunity. The lawyer who has called the unvaccinated “flat earthers” as a way to make them look like conspiracy therorists is not a doctor or scientist, and has zero scientific background whatsoever. He believes people should be vaccinated against their wishes and shouldn’t have a right to make their own decision about a vaccine.

This is hilarious. The president of the United States needs a wheel chair. He doesn’t even know what’s going on around him 😂 He can’t figure out how to put a jacket on, but he’s supposed to lead the country? He’s nothing but a puppet.

Kids are now dying like crazy. It’s really sickening to see. I see posts everywhere now on telegram, Instagram and Facebook about kids sick and dying, having major heart attacks and strokes. No this is not normal! A child should be perfectly healthy, but between all the regular jabs that people think is “good” to give your kids, plus this experimental MRNA jab are causing a Cyclone of health issues in children. No kid should be dying of a heart attack unless they are morbidly obese.

We can’t leave this plane-t. Period. Space X is a lie, Elon Musk is a lie and no one has been in space because it doesn’t exist. It’s indoctrination.

Hashtag #diedsuddenly has been removed from Facebook because the Cabal doesn’t want the asleep to wake from their slumber. But this is not going to stop us from spreading the truth. Telegram and bitchute are great ways to find covid vaccine deaths and injuries. There’s too many sudden deaths of every age. This isn’t a coincidence, this is murder.

Quit jabbing your kids, PERIOD. Stop listening to the fake news. There’s no covid, it’s all stories and propaganda just to make you take the genocide shot. Covid is the flu and this covid scam has made people so scared of the sniffles that they willingly hospitalized themselves and were ventilated by inexperienced nurses and medicated by indoctrinated doctors.

Humanity must be this stupid if they actually believe this bullshit! Uranus opens and closes to “release” solar winds? So you telling me that Uranus farts? Come on people wake up! Space doesn’t exists and you are a fool if you believe this crock of bullshit!

This 6 year old boy has permanent damage from the clot shots. He has severe nausea, migraines, seizures and loses his bowels.

Here is his mother’s Instagram with his full story


This video is so creepy. Total predictive programming with doctors and nurses dancing in the hospital, and the grim reaper holding a syringe over a child. This is evil. They told us through the olympics that covid was on the way and so was mandatory vaccinations. Eerie how the grim reaper is holding the syringe.

Welcome to Trudeau’s Canada 🇨🇦

Barrie Ontario where bitches like this security officer who has zero respect for a man who is trying to be with his scared pregnant wife who was admitted to the hospital to check on potential fetal danger with an emergency ultrasound. This woman who is clearly not human has denied the unvaccinated man entry into the hospital. I would have walked right in. This is madness.

Rules for the Canadian peasants but not for the King of Canada. Carbon emissions doesn’t apply to Justin Trudeau. He will tax the shit out of Canadians for their “carbon footprint” then disappear on his private jet anywhere in the world. No mask either! Nothing to see here, just keep your mask on for the 20th wave of covid and take your 10th booster and shut the f&$k up and don’t ask questions 🤡

This man tests out San Pellegrino for graphene oxide, which seems like there is. Don’t buy anything Nestle, or from big corporations in general. They are all evil and want to kill us with their products! Best thing to do is support local products in your area and avoid any large corporate brands.

Honestly you have to be brain dead to still think Trump is coming to save us. You have been psyops big time if you still believe this BS. Trump is a Zionist Jew traitor who is helping with the depopulation plan, and he’s a Rockefeller paid off shill doing what he’s told to do. Wake up! Trump is part of it! If you don’t see this then you are just as bad as the covid worshipers.

Every single picture you see of earth and satellites are fake. You have been indoctrinated since birth.

This man compares the Space Force logos to the book of revelations.

There was a lot of talk today in Kelowna, BC Canada on social media about what was happening in the sky. This is a video compilation of pictures that friends sent me as well as well as videos I took through out the day.

Chinese whistleblower states that Monkey Pox is just a cover up for the covid disaster that is giving people shingles and skin rashes. It’s the perfect coverup because so many people are having major skin issues, including people I know who have gotten these poisonous jabs.

This is crazy. Major hail storm causes huge damage in vehicles outside of Red Deer Alberta. Cars are not drivable as windshields and windows were blown out. People have to wait hours for tow trucks to come help them.

Was there a direct energy weapon used? The towers seemed to have turned to dust immediately. Many experts say that a plane wouldn’t turn a building into dust mid-air. Everything about 9-11 seems to be questionable.

Reproducing is the single most important thing of the human species and these monsters forced an experimental vaccine on the millions of American women and women all over the world. Infertility is coming in effect after these experimental jabs and no one is taking the blame or even talking about it.

Arrest Fauci, arrest Gates, arrest Biden, arrest Trump, arrest Trudeau….. every government official who has pushed this experiment on humans should be rotting in jail forever with no chance of seeing daylight again.

This satanic looking creature exposes lab cloning of celebrities through his lyrics if they don’t comply to their rules.

It’s pretty sad how we are exposed to demons through hollyweird and people don’t see it, and we worship these false satanic idols.

Dutch farmers are very upset, and farmers all over the world in general after the governments around the world have limited fertilizer to their countries. The Netherlands, Canada, and Italy to name a few countries who are seriously upset and worried about their livelihoods, and telling the government that they are trying to starve them on purpose.

Real website, Bitelabs claims that they can take celebrity tissue and muscle and mix it with animal meat. They claim that if you eat this “meat” from healthy celebrities that you will be stronger and healthier.

Satanists pushing their agenda and some people will actually think this is ok. This world is upside down.


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I started this account as a way for me to seek and spread the truth, and hopefully wake people up! We are all living through the biggest lie and scam that anyone has ever experienced. The media, government and Hollywood elites should be exposed for the liar frauds that they are.

I don’t support any political leader or billionaire in the world, they are all connected and all on the same team. Don’t be a fool, do not worship fake idols and do not fall for propaganda! I will repeatedly post about all these lair frauds to wake your asses up!