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Is this a hoax or is it real? Are we going to see a major influx of deaths on October 4th in the United States?

There are 3 popes: the white pope who rules the Vatican, the black pope who is in control of the society of Jesuits, and the grey pope who everyone, including the Rothschild family, who all have to report back to him.

I listened to this song a lot back in the day, but didn’t really “listen” to the lyrics until now. This song literally tells us what is happening right now in 2023

This is truly sad. These people don’t even try to hide who they worship. John Legend is no legend. Baphomet worship in plain sight.

This is so sad what’s happening to this world. Tiktok is literally for the completely stupid, low IQ people making dumb noises and slutty faces just for a fake ice cream cone. Social media brings out the worst.

Its true, when you start digging, you will find lies and holes in their theories about the moon landing, space and satellites.

Starlink was seen above Kelowna BC tonight. Footage was taken at 9pm pacific time. There is no way that I believe this is just for better wifi. What do you think?

Sir Theresa Tam wants us all to mask up for every single sickness out there, and hopes that Canadians get into the habit of masking up…..Canada says no. Someone please cast this demon out of here! Here comes Covid 2.0


Whoever made this should win a prize 😂

If you do not worship Trump, he will make his non-supporters look completely evil. Christian Trump supporters do not understand this. Trump isn’t fighting evil, Trump is fighting anyone who comes against him and who doesn’t worship him. If and when evangelicals criticize Trump, he will turn on them so quickly it would make your head spin. It’s just a matter of time when Trump turns on everybody because Trump only cares about himself. Trump first money first, the godfather of the vaccines proved this point back in 2020 with operation warp speed. Wake up Trump supporters! Trump is and always has been with the New World order… Trump is a traitor.

Trump the mason

33k hillary emails destroyed, 33 billion to Ukraine, 33 million documents Obama has hidden, Melania has an apartment on the 33 floor of Trump Tower, they live on 66, they have 33 bathrooms in the Tower, Trumps approval rating 33 percent, jobs sink to 33 percent..

Also to my 33/66 point Trump spent 66 million of his own money on his campaign

Also his Trump Tower is 203 kilometers tall (666 feet) and the time from Trump Towers opening to his day in office was 33 years.

I watched a video that really leaves very little doubt that Trump is indeed a 33 Mason. His NY Towers are riddled in Symbolism. He lives on the 66 floor, he's got a pyramid of trees and all 3 sides have 6 trees. He's got an apollo themed room, 33 bathrooms in the place. Norman vincent Gill was his Pastor that he always brags about...Definitely a 33 mason. His biggest renters are Gucci and some Chinese bank, he used to banks for the loan for the towers that belong to George Soros.

MAGA in other languages mean sorcerer, High Priest and Witch.. Check it out on the Church of Satan website ….

This is crazy. Symbolism everywhere. Everything means something and we aren’t the wiser to it.

Fauci is a clown. Everyone who complies is just a fool. The data is out, masks do not stop the spread of Covid.

If you still listen to any of these shows, you are indeed listening to controlled opposition… Listen to how Joey Diaz lets it slip that Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo used to be part of the CIA, as Alex Jones literally has a hissy fit over the fact that he runs the CIA and how they listen to him. All these people are just controlling your mind all with their acting skills, propaganda and fear pushing. They tell you the truth right to your face, and we all blindly just turn our heads and pretend we didn’t hear any of it. All these people have huge followings and you do not get this famous, and this much attention without being part of their club.

This is a really strange video. This man is making fun of burning man and all the weird stuff that’s happening there, but meanwhile, something really weird happens with his face. Watch and see for yourself.

Who listens to this garbage? This isn’t real music or real artists anymore. The entertainment industry is here just to push this LGBTQ crap on all of us. I rather not listen to any music. Look at all these dumb people cheer their queer weirdos on. Not only are these men dressed in drag, the main guy seems to have eaten too many Doritos and donuts. Who even wants to look at that??

Stop exposing your children to this garbage. It’s disgusting and disgraceful.

How many times did Bob Barker die? What a weird thing to be reporting repeatedly. Seems like his death has been announced 3 times now.

MAGA and what it means in the church of Satan.


Canada’s middle class will be wiped out soon because of rising costs just to live. It’s insane to me that someone who makes $35 per hour can’t afford to live. Most people I know have a side hustle so they can have extra cash for their family. Housing prices in Canada, specifically in BC, are completely outrageous. A regular, hard working person working a normal job would never be able to afford a house ever in this country.

Pedophiles are the most evil disgusting people out there and LGBTQ is their agenda. These people are sick.

How easy is it for these elites to have the truth in front of our faces and brainwash us into being total ignorant humans and believe their lies. We aren’t a spinning globe in fake space. Wake up! HELIOCENTRISM is all about satanic worship! It’s FAKE

I am sure we all have seen this video of Trump and Klaus Schwab. Just a little reminder that Donald Trump is buddies with Klaus Schwab… But I’m sure the Trump worshippers are convinced that he is friends with Klaus just to bring him down 😂 MAGA!! Don’t worry Trumpy bear worshippers, I’m sure him switching to Judaism back in 2017 means nothing….

Earth’s electromagnetic field explained. We aren’t a spinning water ball.

Were dinosaurs really actually dragons? Was history changed on us a long time ago? Does Hollywood show us the real truth in these fictional movies? What do you think?

The evil elites have been lying to us for a very long time. Check out this ridiculous moon hoax that people actually fell for and believed back in 1835.

Come on. Are we supposed to believe this garbage? Many do is the problem. No one landed on the moon, not now and not ever. This looks so fake it must be real right? That’s what Elon Musk said 😂

Watch Buzz Aldrin say the moon landing was fake


Buzz Aldrin admits to a child the moon landing was fake



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I started this account as a way for me to seek and spread the truth, and hopefully wake people up. We are all living through the biggest lie and scam that anyone has ever experienced. The media, government and Hollywood elites should be exposed for the liar frauds that they are. Every last one of them are liars and puppets.

Everything we know is a lie. What you were taught you can forget it, we have been used as pawns for a very long time to help the elites push their satanic fakery, as well as keeping them rich through taxes and consumerism.

I don’t support any political leader or billionaire in the world, they are all connected and all on the same team. Don’t be a fool, do not worship fake idols and do not fall for propaganda! I will repeatedly post about all these lair frauds to wake your asses up! All these Hollywood celebrities, News Reporters and politicians are in on it, including Trump, Zelensky, Putin, Trudeau, Biden, Stew Peters, Tucker Carlson, every News channel, Kanye West, Joe Rogan, Russel Brand, Info Wars, and anything else that works to distract you….. Wake up!

If you don’t like my posts then you are at the wrong page. Go on a different page who loves Trump or tells you the vaccines are safe and effective. Keep your head in the sand if you choose. That is your decision if you want to stay in the dark.