The left can't meme, they are the meme.

Apologizing like a bunch of SJW's on Facebook because some SJW black chick, furry lover got triggered at a show...


another classic jewtube deleted. Fucking fags, the dislikes and butthurt comments were the best part about the video.


Youtube's new faggy harassment hairyassment guidelines took down the video. Couldn't save it in time and resorted to bootlegging and ripping the video for many generations to watch.

lololols were to be had that night.

fagmos doing the usual faggy shit as always.

What a stupid shirt design

A comedy routine? I thought this was a virtue signaling lecture.

Oh no, I was too sweaty in my hoodie and we got Devoid of Electrolytes.


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Bashing the clowns in the black metal industry. Tune in every week for more butthurt