Hey you guys what's up? I hope you have all been enjoying this series. I know redirects aren't fun, so if at any time you guys just want the old system back just let me know. Anyways I hope you all enjoy the reaction~
Link to full reaction~ https://www.bitchute.com/video/kJuRKIu3P8QS/

Here is the next episode you guys! I hope you all enjoy it~

I thought this was a great episode. I want to hear your thoughts on the matter to.
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Hey there you guys! If you have any thoughts about this episode please leave them in the comment section below. I hope you are all enjoying this series. I can tell you this anime to me was amazing and I wish there was more! See you all next time~

Here is the next episode for you guys! Hope you all enjoy~

It's finally here and I can't be any happier! I hope you all enjoy. I know I will~

This episode covers the story line from episode 1-15. It was a great recap episode using little tiny characters to tell Sawako's story and the events that have occurred around her. Please let me know what you thought of this episode I am curious to find out.

Here's my reaction to episode 15. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did It gives us more of an insite into Kurumi's character and I love it. Sawako has made her first rival!
Also it's shown that Pin has finally lost his soul.

Hey there. What did you guys think about this episode I am curious to find out. This anime is doing a good job at drawing me into the story. I was suppose to stop watching at episode 3 but I recorded till episode 6.5!

Hey there you guys! Is this something that would interest you? If so please tell me in the comment section below. It's cute and fun but still want to know how you feel about it. See you guys in the next video~
Link to full Episode~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igGExQd8rJc&list=PLPv-sRCTZM-sVNGhSyTVsnSF3gjEVtG0x&index=1

This episode was awesome. My only complaint is... The cliffhanger! WHY! Anyways this episode develops more through Kotarou's side of the story. What is Akane going to say. I can't wait to find out. Literally I'm about to go see the next episode, I can't wait.

This episode was great I loved the interactions between Akane and Kotarou. This show is doing a good job at making me relate and like the characters and its just amazing. Tell me what you guys thought about it in the comment section below~
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So, for this series I am going in completely blind. This episode was amazing and I am really enjoying the characters so far. I hope you all enjoy it as well! See you guys next time! Bye~
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Hope you all enjoy this reaction~
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I will be doing reactions to different Anime series. I hope you all can enjoy the show with me.