Historical Lies Exposed

David Irving, 2000 Holocaust Trial, radio documentary

Youtube: GBNews
May 23, 2022
Neil Oliver on the CULTURE WARS & SPEAKING THE TRUTH | Free Speech Nation: The Podcast

This is like something out of a Borat or League of Gentlemen sketch.

George Soros spends millions promoting Gypsy immigration into Europe and branding you a 'racist' if you oppose their behaviour in your nation.

Russian invaders raise another Soviet flag, this time with the image of Stalin. This is what low-take, binary-thinking Putintards are cheering on as thousands of white people die in another pointless invasion.


22 May 22

Youtube: TEDx Talks
May 20, 2022
The Holocaust - A Child's Experience and its Relevance Today | Steven Frank | TEDxFrensham

Don Cheadle discovers his ancestors were never owned by white people, but instead by the Chikasaw tribe. Slaves weren't freed from Native American ownership until 3 years later when the white US government forced them to.

Daniel Finkelstein's family were released by Himmler from Bergen-Belsen and allowed to leave the country.

Jan 27, 2022
Lord Finkelstein speaks to GB News about his family's Holocaust experiences

GB News
May 10, 2022
Uncancelled: Alex Mitchell lost his leg after getting the AstrZeneca Jab

The Ricky Gervais Show Season 3 Episode 12 World Cup

GB News
May 13 2022
‘I didn’t realise you guys feel so strongly about TV adverts'

Bitchute: NameTheJew Video Archives
14th May, 2022

Controversial war hero dies in East Moline

"Despite the testimony of his commanders, regarding Rubitsky's one-man assault on hundreds of forwarding Japanese, some others said the record was embellished."

Azov fighter talks about efforts from government officials to sabotage the defense of Mariupol and block training and weapons reaching the Azov Battalion.

Youtube: iStand with Ukraine
May 10, 2022
Mariupol Defenders Press Conference

Mariupol Defenders gave a press-conference. In particular, a reconnaissance officer from the Azov regiment command group, Illia Samoilenko, and Azov’s 2IC captain Sviatoslav Palamar (Kalyna - Virburnum) This video is the English-speaking part of the press-conference (which made for about 90% of the conference). It was handled by Mr. Illia Samoilenko. Visit SaveMariupolHeroes where you can sign a petition: https://www.savemariupolheroes.com/ The full version of the press-conference is available from the link below: https://youtu.be/GmRWPOoESGQ

Congress bans arms to Ukraine militia linked to neo-Nazis

Jewish journalist Christopher Hitchens says it's ok to debate the Holocaust figures and mentions Israel's own Holocaust Museum who put the Holocaust figure under 6 million.

Youtube: Al Jazeera English
Dec 5, 2007
Riz Khan - Holocaust archive opened - 04 Dec 07


Christopher Hitchens reviews Nuremberg: The Last Battle by David Irving.

May 7
CBS News New York
Suspect arrested for stealing Holocaust survivor's wheelchair

Anti-white BLM/Commie lunatics celebrate Victory Day in honour of the Red Army, and they wave Russian flags while espousing hate towards America and shouting kill the police. Funnily, they also attack CNN, one of the biggest outlets of their own anti-white BLM propaganda.

Zion Don before the "election" and a couple hours after he took the oath of office

Youtube: MEMRI TV videos
15 Apr 2022
Palestinian Political Analyst: The Holocaust Was a Lie the Zionists Used to Blackmail the World

Palestinian political analyst Ahmad Abd Al-Rahman said in an April 7, 2022 show on Al-Quds Al-Youm TV (Gaza – Islamic Jihad) that the Holocaust and the image of Jews as poor and downtrodden were lies used by the Zionists to blackmail the world into bringing the Jews to the "so-called Promised Land." He praised Al-Quds Al-Youm TV and other "resistance media" outlets for exposing these lies. The MEMRI Lantos Project exposes anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial in the Middle East region and Middle Eastern communities in the West with the aim of supporting legislation and educating media and the general public.


Testimony of Ben Lesser

Youtube: Holocaust Museum LA
Oct 13, 2020
Holocaust Survivor Talk: Ben Lesser

Ulf Ekberg, Founding member of 90's pop group Ace of Base was formerly a member of a National Socialist band.

Youtube: Stern
30 Apr 2013
Ulf Ekbergs braune Vergangenheit

Mark Collett and other Putin Shills are currently cheering on a civic nationalist killing white Ukrainians.

April 28th, 2022
The Martinez Perspective (April 29, 2022): Russia Meets Resistance in Kherson; Biden's Orwellian 'Disinformation' Bureau

Having previously called The Holocaust a Hoax Nick Griffin declared on Question Time in 2009 that he's changed his mind and now believes in it. It's unclear whether he actually changed his mind or not.

Source: BBC Question Time

Yad Vashem
Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Shaul Spielmann


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Revising mainstream history with a strong emphasis on the official WW2/Holocaust narrative.

There are many distortions and deceptions surrounding the official holocaust story. No one denies that people were deported to concentration camps and suffered hardships during WW2. No-one denies that many people in those camps died from various causes.

While acknowledging genuine suffering in the camps it can't be ignored that many deaths have been presented out of context. For example: All inmates who died from allied bombings or typhus are deceptively shown to the public as murder victims. Conditions in the camps worsened towards the end of the war due to allied bombing of supply lines, disease epidemics and mass evacuations.

The mainstream media regularly revise Communist and Capitalist war crimes while declaring that we shouldn't revise German war crimes. This is hypocrisy. All history should be open to debate and re-evaluation. No part of the historical timeline should be walled off.

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