In this video we look at film footage and information from the USA and Germany that shows that something is extremely wrong. Why are hospitals empty?

From the USA we see evidence that 2 particular states in the USA, run by Jews are showing extremely weird figures which make no sense when compared to the other 50 states.

We also look at news footage that proves that the Mass Media is putting out stories using definite fake film footage, which is presented as if it is real.

From Germany & Switzerland, we see what doctors and specialists say about this fake crisis and the weirdness that is at work.

In Germany, we find that a Doctor can be destroyed legally if he does nothing for a patient. But if he KILLS someone using drugs, then he is legally untouchable.

We also look at film footage from a Berlin hospital where the Jewish mass media says it is overrun with COVID-19 patients, but it is in fact quiet. Nothing is happening there!

I have much more film footage on these topics, but I am not out to bore everyone with all the film footage. The video footage is used here to simply show other whites that what we're looking at is an ENORMOUS HOAX which is going to shatter economies to pieces.

I will do another video on new information which shows that the UK and USA Govts were TOTALLY FOOLED by scientific nonsense, which if followed up on, will mean that the Western world will be in lockdown for ALL OF 2020!

This crisis is NOT a MEDICAL CRISIS. This is a crisis created by the Jewish Mass media and it will shatter countries.

Whites everywhere, including in South Africa are always saying to me: "What can whites in South Africa do? We are ONLY 4 million!".

I take a look at a small white nation, the Croatians, who have almost exactly the same population as ourselves and who faced a strong enemy.

This is my answer. I look at the Croatian War of Independence which ended in victory in 1995. The Croatians became independent in a war that started with the breakup of the state of Yugoslavia. They faced a clever enemy in the leader of the Serbians who managed to control the entire Yugoslavian army and who was determined to seize a portion of Croatian territory.

The Croatians, like the White South Africans are a deeply Christian and peaceful people. They had very few weapons and found themselves facing a powerful, army of white men with proper weapons.

I give an overview of the war and we look at how these whites who had started with virtually no army ended up winning a war against an enemy that was at least 60% stronger than them.

What kind of army did the Croatians actually create? How did a peaceful, disarmed people go from peace into winning a war?

I also discuss the disarmament of the Germans at the end of WW1 and I allude to some of the incredible achievements of the whites of Finland. I also discuss Europe as a type of White Apartheid state divided into "White Tribes".

In this video, the purpose is to draw parallels between the whites of Africa and the Croatians, and to discuss similarities and differences.

I also give my final conclusions about the size and kind of army that we whites in Africa could create if we dumped our reliance on blacks and ran our own white-only state.

This is in reply to one of my viewers who commented on this video of mine: Why Dylann Roof is RIGHT! - Whites UNDER-REACT to Racial threats! - You can view the video here: http://historyreviewed.com/?p=522

The viewer said in her comments: "... it is only the colour of your skin..." I need to reply to this common Liberal & Jewish lie. Start studying real science and history!

I talk about a number of things including why I am opposed, not only to vaccinations in this time of major panic but even to "free tests" that they will be offering you.

I discuss how we are an age where Whites and Jews will be clashing ever more over the Truth vs Lies, and why I have great hope that whites will come through fighting for the truth. I am very positive on this issue.

I also discuss the most important white truth telling male in the age of the Internet, Julian Assange, the Australian.

For those who want to know more about the extreme dangers of vaccines, you can check my video: BIG PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES: HOW YOU CAN BE STERILIZED WITHOUT PERMISSION & MORE: https://www.bitchute.com/video/3DHuyN7CmO3X/

We look at an article from a Medical Journal that discusses the incredible benefits achieved with very high dose Vitamin C therapy, on large numbers of people.

This is the result of the work of pioneers like Dr Linus Pauling, a Nobel Prize winner, and others as well as the scientist who originally discovered Vitamin C.

This will blow your mind.

You can download the PDF of the article I used for this Video/Audio here: http://historyreviewed.best/index.php/hr-the-gift-of-vitamin-c/

Here are some voice messages I sent to friends and supporters in South Africa. I was being told that Covid-19 is a bioweapon that is mutating. Others pointed to Dave Hodges from the Commonsense show saying that the USA is getting ready to go to war, for WW3. Others were showing me news reports from New York saying people are dropping dead like flies ... and so on.

Lots more was said. I touched on the 1918 Spanish flu, and its links back to China, etc. I explain why the Chinese skin and cook dogs and other animals alive.

So this was my message to everyone.

I go through various headlines. Some funny, but others shocking and enormous as they pertain to the incredible collapse that is hitting South Africa.

The more I investigate, the medical side of this so-called pandemic, the more convinced I am that this is a #TOTALSCAM. We have a totally fake "problem", which has an even more FAKE SOLUTION. The real crisis that is going to occur is the one that is being created by the massive stay at home campaign across the world.

In this video/audio, I look at the Political consequences as I see them for South Africa and the USA.

I look at the massive economic consequences that will hit other countries, especially the USA like a train.

Finally, I look at the Cultural consequences which are enormous. I look at the short and long term consequences, as well as the things which I think are going to be positive for the Alt Right and for Whites.

I also discuss the role of the Super-Rich and the Jews in this, the greatest scam ever carried out. This is much more enormous than 911 or the 2008 banking meltdown.

I recorded this on 28th March 2020 on the 2nd day of the lockdown.

I discuss what I had expected, in terms of black and white behaviour regarding the lockdown, compared to what actually has been happening. I talk about the Army and the Police.

I discuss some of the details that my supporters and I have figured out about the Corona Virus.

I talk about the weather and when viruses are killed naturally.

I also discuss what we have learned from the Italians and the Chinese as well as the rather different approaches taken by the clever Dutch and the Swedes.

I explain why this virus is here to stay.

I talk about Vitamin C.

Jews have fooled and confused whites in so many ways. They have confused white men especially in certain ways.

I discuss how our societies evolved over time in Europe, and why our methods work so well, and above all, why our methods will work even better in the future.

When President Ramaphosa announced the 3 week lockdown the other day, he then mentioned that the rich whites, who own the South African economy, namely, the Jewish Oppenheimers and the Rupert Family, who are in direct partnership with the Rothschild Trillionaire Jews in the UK, both donated R2 billion for "small businesses". I bet that the only "small businesses" they would support would be BLACK anyway.

Here are 2 jokes I got from whites here in SA on the edge of the 3 week lockdown that the President announced last night.

The blacks, like the Jews, are happy to joke about other races, but they don't like jokes about themselves. In a number of parts of Africa you can go to jail for making a joke about the President.

We take a look at the testimony, of a top US General who was in charge of US Army Intelligence and was planning for future wars. He was extremely highly regarded by his peers. He talks about the creepy possibilities that food you eat, or vaccines you are given can make you sterile. He gives an example of 3 million women who became sterile without knowing about it or having given their consent to it.

He also discusses, what amounts to a war on farmers. The shutting down of certain types of produce for no explicable reason.

This general, who died in 2017, is, to my knowledge the highest ranking whistle blower on a number of topics.

This is also possibly linked to the UN's Agenda 21.

In this video we listen to a German lung specialist. He shows statistics of viruses and he explains a number of things about this Corona Virus, and why there is no scientific evidence as to whether it is a threat, and if so, what type of threat.

Here I take a look at various news from Italy, which shows that the Corona Virus has killed very few people. I look at the statistics which show what the causes of the deaths of the vast majority of Italians really were.

The most powerful Vitamin of all, is Vitamin D. I explain how a brilliant Doctor who saved my life, got me on to Vitamin D. It's almost a "Wonder drug" and it boosts your immune system massively, if you use it properly.

Here we take a look at the ex-Jew, converted to Christianity, Brother Nathaneal. He was created by Jeff Rense. In 2010, when I was at Jeff Rense's house, he showed me a video of this strange looking fellow. That was the first time I saw Brother Nathaneal. Jeff Rense had been on TV earlier in his life. He taught Brother Nathaneal, how to do videos that would get the message across. Rense, in his own way, was among the first to quietly expose the Jews by hiding behind the label that he was only exposing Zionists.

Brother Nathaneal has done a lot of good by exposing many of the internals of how Jews think and behave.

His take on the Corona Virus may be a little over the top, but he does make many good points about the Jewish scum.

Here in Africa, we used to be known for our fairness. Blacks used to comment on this positive aspect of us. It ties back, yet again, to the truth.

Demanding of equality of treatment and standards among ourselves. Modern blindness to the existence of a class system and elite among ourselves. Leaders must behave with same values as ourselves and be punished accordingly.

I discuss how whites are tied to the land. Even archaeological studies show that whites hardly move. Once they have settled in an area, they stay ... virtually forever.

This video was banned from youtube. I discuss various ancient lies based on information and thoughts from my Boer Nazi Pal who was a lecturer in scientific method and who has a deep interest in the mythology of the Middle East. After my discussion we view the NAZI documentary called The Eternal Jew which was made during WW2. It is as valid and true today as ever. They try to dismiss it by calling it a "movie" but its not a movie, its a proper, well-researched DOCUMENTARY from NAZI Germany.

In this video I also discuss my idea of "Greater Europe", a massive ethnostate of Whites ... the biggest area on the planet inhabited by Whites only!

Some of my conclusions in this video may surprise you.

I begin by discussing the past 3 invasions of Russia in recent centuries. The first was by Charles 12th of Sweden. Then Napoleon invaded Russia 200 years ago. Then Hitler invaded Russia in WW2.

In what ways were the invasions of Russia the same and/or different? Which invasions were the most successful and in what ways?

Who is getting the upper-hand? Is Russia getting stronger and stronger?

I also discuss possible future trends. Will Russia invade and conquer Western Europe or not? What is possible in the future?

My dream is of a Greater Europe in the future, a vast Ethnostate of Whites ONLY!

I chat to Frederick C. Blackburn (also known as BlackBird9) who studied engineering and then became an electrical engineer and had a career in IT. He had a Top Secret clearance in the USA. He gave lectures to: Military and Naval Intelligence personnel as well as NSA, CIA and FBI personnel about cell phone and other technology.

We discuss his specialist knowledge with regard to cell phones and why the cell phone technology of 911 did not allow cell phone calls to be received from people in planes. On 911 there were between 15-40 alleged cell phone calls from people on aircraft before the planes crashed into the Twin Towers or elsewhere. Frederick explains why those phone calls were impossible. 911 changed his life because he realised immediately that the collapsing towers as well as the cell phone calls were utterly impossible.

He even told Military Intelligence people he was giving lectures to, that the cell phone calls were impossible. This caused consternation and it caused him to lose a 5 year contract he had of giving lectures to military/intelligence people. He was blacklisted and financially destroyed in the ensuing years.

He discusses Dr David Ray Griffin's work on disproving all the phone calls that came from planes, regardless of whether they were cell phones or sky phones in the planes. He also refers to an excellent paper published in 2010 by Rowland Morgan called: "Voices".

We discuss the fake Anthrax attacks, blamed on Muslims which actually came from US Military sources and the Jewish involvement there.

He mentions the 200 Israelis that were arrested and deported by the US Govt to Israel, which Fox News Reported and which was hushed up later.

He explains how Bill Clinton changed the law to give "back door access" via CALEA (Communications Assistance For Law Enforcement Act of 1994) compliance that allowed the NSA and others to spy on American citizens apparently in order to fight the war on drugs. Bill Clinton's laws allows companies to lie in the media without suffering any repercussions.

He talks about ICTS, an Israeli security company that had no videos of the supposed Muslim hijackers!

He talks about Booz Allen and Hamilton, a Military Contracting company.

He discusses the Jew Jerome Hauer, who was a key role player in 911. He mentions the Jewish plan to take over the Middle East, which was written up by Oded Yinon in the 1980s as well as General Wesley Clark saying: 'We’re Going to Take out 7 Countries in 5 Years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran..'

I discuss this critically important and very powerful feature of our European/White Race.

Definition: A Meritocracy is a political system in which economic goods and/or political power are vested in individual people on the basis of talent, effort, and achievement, rather than wealth or social class. Advancement in such a system is based on performance, as measured through examination or demonstrated achievement.

I discuss us as workers who have a pride in what we do and how a proper reward system and motivation system between us, from top down, but also between the sexes, turns us into a ball of nuclear human energy that is almost unstoppable.

I discuss the importance of this value of our race, and how it ties into other values.

I also discuss in detail the role of Pagans and Christians in contributing to our civilisation.

On 10th December 2019, Brizer interviewed me. We had a great show and I was told that it was well-received afterwards.

We discussed South Africa, whites and Jews. The discussion was good.

They especially liked my "rant" near the end.


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