Well, already made anoher video relaed to this mater but this one I found a bit more complete and complementary.

Michael Collins Piper on: Wall Street & Rise of Hitler(Antony C. Sutton), Bush, bankers,etc.

Who financed Adolf Hitler and his party? (¿Quién financió a Hitler y su partido?).

Hjalmar Schacht, Mefo Bills and the Restoration of the German Economy 1933-1939
Posted on December 11, 2013 by pilkingtonphil.

Money Creation for Public in Germany – Moving Beyond Weimar (A History of Public Money Creation, Part 6).
by Frank Van Lerven.

Adolf Hitler last speech.

Adolf Hitler speech to factory workers 1941.

William Luther Pierce.- Adolf Hitler The Ultimate Red Pill.

The 2 sides of the same coin.

Jews behind freemasonry in Europe and America.

Eustace Mullins about Chatham House, Larry P. McDonald on NWO, China Social Credit System,etc.

NESARA and GESARA, Quantum Financial System(QFS),Q or Qanon,etc..

UN, G20, ID2020, China, UK promoting blockchain:Sustainable Growth, Identity, Survilance.

Chico Crypto on criptocurrency.- Microsoft, Rockefeller, Gavi, ID2020, DIF on Bitcoin, Etherum and blockchain.

Corbett's Interview with John Titus on Central Banks Digital Currencies.

Elites and central banks: digital money, StableCoins,CBDC, blockchain in Sustainable Development.

IMF, BIS, FED, etc talking about.- Digital Cross-Border Payment Vision for the Future. Oct 19 2020..

Bill Gates says global vaccination is mandatory; Bill Gates calls for digital certificates vaccines


LUCIFERASE Mark Of The Beast Vaccine; cartoons that predicted the mark of the beast.

Pet Goat 3 por Seymour Studios.

Source.- Jim Rizoly.

Adolf Hitler bankers

More details on the description.Download and share.

WEF Global Water Initiative.


Bolsonaro on WEF 2019 talks about plans for privatization and foreign inversion.

Brazil government privatizes Rio's water treatment for $4 billion.

Rio de Janeiro concludes the largest privatization of basic sanitation services in Brazil,April 30, 2021.

Bolsonaro delivers Eletrobras privatization measure to Brazil's Congress. By Ricardo Brito; February 23, 2021.

The heavy price of Santiago's privatised water.

Source of video.


More channels:

Spanish channels:

WATER WARS Manufactured Drought to cause Food Shortages, Climate Totalitarianism

More on the description.

Luciferian ceremony in San Gotardo, Swiss in 2016. Minute 4:43.

The History of Blood Libel.

Heavyweight Champion Boxer Outs Hollywood Pedophilia And Adrenochrome.

For Those Who Cannot Understand (In Search for the Truth)

Kalergi Plan.

Occult Forces" (1943) -- National Socialist Anti-Freemasonry Film.

The Truth About Freemasonry.

Former grand master freemason warns that Freemasonry is a satanic cult!.

EAG - Mason Elon Musk Exposed.

Mm, seems there are first 3 degrees and the third being Master Mason(not sure which degree Jackson reached but since he opposed the bankers and corporations likely was low degree, its said he became Grand Master but cant find that in the degree list and not sure if its the same as Master Mason) and later there are others and ends in the 33.

Deep State and NWO.

5G and the vaccines explained by the elite.

Vaccines for covid-19.

Digital CBDC currency.

UN, G20, ID2020, China, UK promoting blockchain:Sustainable Growth, Identity, Survilance.

Chico Crypto.- Ethereum, Bitcoin, Microsoft, ID2020, OpenId, Gavi all related to each other.

The Greater Fool Theory,Bitcoin is the greatest scam, Peter Schiff says Bitcoin is the new Tulip.

Is France Heading For Civil War?.


William Pierce on Second World War.

William Pierce Turner Diaries.

William Pierce and Mass Media.

More channels:

William Luther Pierce.- Freedom Use it or Lose it

More details and sources on the description.


Microsoft invests $1 billion in artificial intelligence lab co-founded by Elon Musk.July-22-2019.

Elon Musk's Neuralink brain chip demo.

Hollywood movie Robocop & the Directive 4.

Microsoft, Rockefeller, Gavi, ID2020, DIF.- Criptocurrency, blockchain,etc.

UN, G20, ID2020, China, UK promoting blockchain:Sustainable Growth, Identity, Survilance.

Bill Gates says global vaccination is mandatory; Bill Gates calls for digital certificates vaccines.

LUCIFERASE Mark Of The Beast Vaccine; cartoons that predicted the mark of the beast.

Eustace Mullins about Chatham House, Larry P. McDonald on NWO, China Social Credit System,etc.

The elite tells us on our faces that there is a relation between the vaccines(probably the graphene masks as well) and 5G installations.

Pet Goat 3.



Whitney Webb of joins us once again, this time to discuss her latest article, "A “Leap” toward Humanity’s Destruction." Even if you're familiar with the transhumanist agenda, what the ex-DARPA, ex-Silicon Valley old hands at the newly created Wellcome Leap are planning to do in their quest to transform the human species in the coming decade will blow your mind.

More channels:

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Special video.

Biden to Congress: 'White supremacy is terrorism'.


Face masks that contain graphene may pose health risks.

French hospitals told to suspend use of facemasks containing graphene. Issued on: 08/06/2021.

Material Foundation for Future 5G Technology.

These Pandemic Food Shortages Caught Everyone By Surprise. Here’s How They Happened.
The stories behind 12 seemingly random shortages, from Tostitos Multigrain Scoops to Caffeine-Free Coke.
By Sarah Kuta May 13, 2021.

CHINA IS EATING OUR LUNCH! – We Are Losing the Food War!.

Your CPU Is Spying On You? (Intel CPU TXE and ME Exploit Found and AMD case). 2017.

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graphene masks holodomor

Simplified & not accounting figureheads of the same people.

Six Jewish Corporations Own 96% of the Worlds Media.

And just like Andrew Jackson said.
"Unless you become more watchful in your states and check the spirit of monopoly and thirst for exclusive privileges you will in the end find that...the control over your dearest interests has passed into the hands of these corporations.".

And if we investigate we discover he wasnt that much wrong about that.

Or Thomas Jefferson.
"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.".

" I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.... The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

Adolf Hitler.
"The so-called "intellectuality" sees with infinite disdain to anyone who did not pass through official schools, to be filled with "wisdom". Never ask: What does the individual know?, And yes: What did he study? For those "cultured" creatures the highest head, well protected by titles, than the boy more awake".

As for what Hitler may have referred for the intelectuality, among other things a good example would be those related to the Mont Pelerin Society who present themselves as intellectuals in economy.

Check for example those Fundations and Think Tanks affiliated to Atlas Network(which also lists the Mont Pelerin Society):

Or Relial:

From top top bottom those from the Mont Pelerin Society:

The heads of the Mont Pelerin Society were and are people like Milton Friedman, jew from the Chicago University(Rockefeller), Hayek, from the Chicago University(Rockefeller) and London School of Economics(Rothschild), Ludwing von Misses,a jew that thanks to the Rockefeller Fundation was recommended to the New York University, Gary Becker, a jew from the Chicago University(Rockefeller) and Ronald Coase a from the Chicago University(Rockefeller) and London School of Economics(Rothschild):

Then we have other below like those from Atlas Network and Relial:

And others little Fundations and Think Tanks aligned with these big ones:

I guess CFR, Chatham House and other besides their shareholders have their intellectual cartels as well.

Just like Adolf Hitler and other warned us.

Check for Telegram Groups and such to organize.

More channels:

Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson,Adolf Hitler,corporations.

Andrew Jackson vs. Banks and Corporations.
The destruction of the Bank loosed American enterprise from its only central restraint. Gorged with federal deposits and with no one to control their note issues, state banks went on a lending spree that built up a speculative bubble and ended, just as Jackson left office in 1837, in a sickening crash. Jackson's culpability for the ensuing depression is still debated.

Jackson himself came to oppose all chartered banks and banknotes, state as well as federal, and to favor a return to gold and silver “hard money”—a radical deflation which Whigs charged would throw progress back a century.

In Jackson's farewell address on retiring from office, he elaborated the language of the Veto, condemning bank paper as an engine of oppression and warning of the insidious "money power" and of the growing control exerted by faceless corporations over ordinary citizens' lives.


Jackson and the Second Bank,

Andrew Jackson and freemasonry.
It is suggested that President Jackson become a Mason in Harmony lodge No.1 in Tennessee. Harmony Lodge began as No.29 under the charter of North Carolina, later to be named No.1 under the Tennessee grand Lodge in 1913.

It has been said that Br. Jackson attended lodge at Clover Bottom Lodge under the Grand Lodge of Kentucky. He was present in lodge at Greeneville in 1801 and acted as Senior Warden pro-tem. The records of St. Tammany Lodge No.29 at Nashville, which became Harmony Lodge no.1 under the Grand Lodge of Tennessee, show that Jackson was a member.

A very active Freemason, President Jackson served as the Grand Master of Tennessee Masons from 1822 to 1823.

Conspiracy Theories.

Andrew Jackson and christianity.
And his final words, uttered on his deathbed were:

What is the matter with my dear children, have I alarmed you? Oh, do not cry — be good children and we will all meet in heaven.3

Despite his religiosity, Jackson was a staunch defender of the separation of church and state and had no problems lambasting his fellow politicians whose religion dictated their political actions.4 Jackson preached religious tolerance, (as long as they were some form of Christian, at least) and said:

Our excellent constitution guarantees to every one freedom of religion… All who profess Christianity, believe in a Savior and that by and through Him we must be saved. We ought therefor to consider all good Christians… be him Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Baptist, Methodist or Roman Catholic. Let it be remembered… that no established religion can exist under our glorious constitution.5

Some of Jackson’s political stances would most certainly be judged by today’s society to be on the wrong side of history. For example, Jackson strongly supported and endorsed the institution of slavery.


Cant find source if Andrew Jackson did really discover what freemasonry was about or considently perhaps the charter he assisted was more discrete and if he really said that line or that if he really sent that letter in 1829-January-23 to Philip M. Jhonson confirming he was a freemason and made a mistake by becoming one butthat he would exploit his position to later overthrow the ones behind freemasonry and if he did really defund lodges.

As you know victors write history but to support something we need evidence and well i guess the fact Jackson fought against the Banks and corporations tell us the possibility that he may have fought against freemasonry later or that he may have never discover what was freemasonry all about. And yes he became grand master but served that title for very short time which brings to the question why??.

Perhaps the statement he could possible had made against freemasonry possibly in 1832 has been hidden since that would link freemasonry with bankers and corporations??.

Minute 45:57 and 1:34:26 until the end of the civil war.

Mm, seems there are first 3 degrees and the third being Master Mason(not sure which degree Jackson reached but since he opposed the bankers and corporations likely was low degree) and later there are others and ends in the 33.

Jackson Banks Corporations

Andrew Jackson Documental.

Protesters Try To Tear Down Andrew Jackson Statue In DC As Monument Debate Grows | TODAY.23 jun. 2020.

Jews Declare: Negro Tubman to Replace Anti-Banker White Patriot Andrew Jackson on $20 Bill.
Bradford Hanson Bradford Hanson (Editor) · 21 April, 2016.

Chicago: Move Afoot to Eliminate Sites Named After “White Racists” George Washington, Andrew Jackson
Chris Rossetti Chris Rossetti (Editor) · 18 August, 2017 .

American Racial History Timeline, 1550-1860.
Rosemary W. Pennington Rosemary W. Pennington (Editor) · 25 May, 2017 .

Early American Territorial Expansion: A Primer from Dred Scott (1857).
Kevin Alfred Strom Kevin Alfred Strom (Editor) · 27 December, 2016 .

All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars!
Bradford Hanson Bradford Hanson (Editor) · 2 July, 2016.

The Price of Apathy.
Bradford Hanson Bradford Hanson (Editor) · 6 May, 2016.

Some andrew jackson quotes you may find.

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A Brief story of The Legacy of Andrew Jackson
The Anti-Masonic Party found a natural foe in Jackson, who was not only a Mason, but a high-ranked one. Jackson served as the grand master of the grand lodge of Tennessee from 1822 to 1824.

More details and sources on the description.

The Imperial French Cause: In Defense of Napoleon Bonaparte.

It seems that Napoleon Bonaparte could have been a freemason but seems was just initiated and not a high degree level one so is likely that he spread freemasonry at the beggining not knowing what was it all about.

Napoleon Bonaparte on the jews.
– „They are the carrion birds of humanity… [ speaking of the Jews] are a state within a state. They are certainly not real citizens…The evils of Jews do not stem from individuals but from the fundamental nature of these people.“ (Napoleon Bonaparte, Stated in Reflections and Speeches before the Council of State on April 30 and May 7, 1806)


Very likely those points were actually planned by elites like the Rothschild and of course network of jews communities that had contact with them.

Rothschild 25 Point Plan given in 1773 by Mayer Amschel for the French Revolution
The Mayer Amschel Rothschild Plan for the French Revolution was given in 1773 at Judengasse Frankfurt Germany.

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ROYAL CHARTER 101: English Rothschilds, Queen & Ownership of Bank of England. Expose of the Secret Ownership hidden behind Bank of England Nominees.

United Grand Lodge of England.- HRH THE DUKE OF KENT KG, GCMG, GCVO, ADC.

Prince Philip's secret life as Freemason – Duke's work in tight-lipped society remembered
THE FREEMASONS have made an impassioned tribute to Prince Philip, one of their former members, following his death aged 99.
By James Bickerton.
PUBLISHED: 00:01, Sat, Apr 10, 2021 | UPDATED: 09:36, Sat, Apr 10, 2021 .

His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
written by Neill Rhodes 15th April 2021

El Príncipe Felipe, Duque de Edimburgo: un verdadero "English gentleman" y francmasón
Francmasones Magazine 10/4/2021.

Prince Philip quote about reincarnating as a deadly virus to solve 'overpopulation' resurfaces
Zac Ntim, Apr 9, 2021, 21:54 IST

Congratulations from the Queen!.
Elizabethan Lodge this week celebrated its Diamond Jubilee with a special meeting at the City’s famous Masonic Hall in Old Orchard Street. At the Festive Board afterwards the Master, W.Bro. Paul Mallon, read a letter of best wishes and congratulations from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, after whom the Lodge was named when it was formed in her Coronation Year.

England celebrates 300 years of official freemasonry.

Jews and freemasonry.

The Nostra Aetate or also called Vatican II.

La Casa Rothschild, el Sionismo, el Estado de Israel. Los Windsor y la alianza del globalismo con China (Cap. V).

Source of video.- ROYAL CHARTER 101: English Rothschilds, Queen & Secret Ownership of Bank of England.

More details and sources on the description.

The owner of the Channel NewsNotShownonTV en Youtube sure has interesting stuff, i have been checking some of them and although i dont agree in everything many of the stuff sure has interesting things that should be considered and in the case of this one I feel it might be right in must of things as it makes sense and explains very well how freemasonry started and of course what a coincidence that Cromwell sought to change the Moarchy a Constitutional Goverment with the CommonWealth and by so separate the Church from the monarchy and weaken the power of the monarchy.


‘Our English Zion’: Oliver Cromwell and the Jews. Posted on September 18, 2017 by Richard Mather.
“Build up the breaches, and re-establish the bulwarks of our English Zion” – Sir Walter Scott, Woodstock"
Oliver Cromwell. Statesman, soldier, Puritan, Lord Protector and friend of the Jews. Contemporary accounts show that European Jewish intellectuals in the 1650s saw Cromwell’s philosemitism and his efforts to readmit Jews in England as proof that the great man was on a godly mission to save Jews and establish Zion – both in England and in the ancient boundaries of Israel. In 1657 – 360 years ago – the newly-confident Jewish community commenced synagogue services in London.

In 1655, a rabbi named Menasseh ben Israel arrived in London from Amsterdam. His purpose was to petition the English head of state, Oliver Cromwell, concerning the return of the Jews to England. “I am not come to make any disturbance … but only to live with my Nation in the fear of the Lord, under the shadow of your protection, while we expect with you the hope of Israel to be revealed,” wrote Manasseh in his petition.

The first half of the seventeenth century saw a modest change in English attitudes towards Jews thanks to the Puritans’ high regard for the Hebrew scriptures and their contempt for Hellenism and paganism.


Source.- NewsNotShownonTV.
Oliver Cromwell and how the Jews funded the English Revolution
This is how Oliver Cromwell funded the English Revolution through the wealthy merchants in London and the Jews, Men like Carvajal and Ben Israel were two the leaders of the Jews who canvassed Oliver Cromwell to be be allowed to legally live in England. These were Sephardic Jews living in London and wealthy merchants and slave traders.

Source.- NewsNotShownonTV.-English Revolution: How Jews financed Oliver Cromwell & New Army & Bank of England.

Dissolution of the Monasteries, Civil War, Thomas Cromwell, Oliver Cromwell and the founding of freemasonry and Zionism?
02/01/2018 Tony Gosling.
… In the “History and Evolution of Freemasonry”, the author writes of Cromwell’s links to Masonry, “Cromwell regularly met at the Masonic Lodge in the Tavern called “Crown”. This was a lodge for the Aristocratic Rosicrucian gentry, the new elite who were newly rich. (bk-25,292,294,300)
Cromwell was supposed by many to be a Rosicrucian himself, since he was on the best of terms with them”. (bk-10,126) (bk-5 & 6)

Whether Cromwell was a Mason or not, he was in fact surrounded by both Orders and his revolution was plotted in Rosicrucian Masonic Lodges. (bk-2,88)
During this time, Masonry in England was divided between the lodges that backed Cromwell and the Lodges who were Stuart supporters and of Templar origin. (bk-7,159-160) …

Channel Biographics.- Oliver Cromwell: The Man Who Killed a King.

England celebrates 300 years of official freemasonry.

Jews and freemasonry.

The Nostra Aetate or also called Vatican II.

Oliver Cromwell , freemasonry , jews

More in the full description just by clicking +More. Some free VPN and proxys you should try.

Dr. William Pierce - Freedom: Use it or Lose it.

Holodomor 2.0, going after the shites and christians,stc.

Took this from wardo-rants and since I am not familiar with "From the Trenches World Report" poat-cast program this is all i could find out from them so for more details perhaps ask wardo-rants as i have seen he has posted more stuff from them.

Is this related?.

LUCIFERASE Mark Of The Beast Vaccine; cartoons that predicted the mark of the beast(i think the order out of caos they are talking about in the cartoon perhaps might be their solution that a very likely civil war they are planning and the case with France and migrants makes me think might be the same thing they plan in USA and of course use their media tersgiverse things).

Corporations are must of them part of a monopoly.

UN, G20, ID2020, China, UK promoting blockchain:Sustainable Growth, Identity, Survilance.

A bit about George Lincoln Rockwell and American Nazi Party.

Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell: Dr. William Pierce - The Turner Diaries.

William Luther Pierce.- Adolf Hitler The Ultimate Red Pill.

Message from Adolf Hitler to Britan after bombings.

More channels:

Spanish ones:

From the Trenches World Report.- Endorsing your rights and Second Amendment

Please click +More to see the full description. If you know about some trustfull Telegram Groups advise them please.

From TheFascifist.

Now then, not very sure of some things like Abhram Lincoln being a freemason? (other sources say he didnt become one but once he got interested and was going to apply) and although perhaps Thomas Jefferson might have been a freemason there is also the question about his degree sicnce i dont think a high grade freemason would have opposed to the private banking system since i would imagine a freemaon in high degree would already know who he is working for.

And some other things here and there not completely sure but in general very interesting and feel many things might be true as they make sense. Now of course about the symbolism like how the swastikas are being used in some ceremonies i wonder of its it hat may have a different meaning or could be for mocking the nationalsocialists since the symbol might change its meaning in other cultures but seems in general in most of them like India has been used for good luck and such.

In "Mein Kampf," Hitler described the Nazis' new flag:

"In red we see the social idea of the movement, in white the nationalistic idea, in the swastika the mission of the struggle for the victory of the Aryan man, and, by the same token, the victory of the idea of creative work, which as such always has been and always will be anti-Semitic."

England celebrates 300 years of official freemasonry.

Jews and freemasonry.

The Nostra Aetate or also called Vatican II.

National-socialists vs freemasonry and jews.

Message from Adolf Hitler to Britan after bombings.

South Park and the Kalergi plan.

All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars!.

Andrew Jackson:

More channels:

Brithish Empire & freemasonry; USA

Thanks to Jim Rizoli for sharing, more in the description.

Try a VPN like firefox extensions to access censored channels.


The Rooth.- Whiteness Is a Pandemic. By Damon Young, 3/17/21 1:00PM.

Gabrielle Crooks, Stanford student senator says ‘White people need to be eradicated’ .

National Black Power Convention activist predicts a time will come when black Americans will ‘kill everything white in sight’
by Lawrence Richard, Social Media Writer. | June 01, 2021 03:39 PM.

Related videos:

William Luther Pierce: whats the most important thing in your life?.

Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell: Dr. William Pierce - The Turner Diaries.

Meet the World Economic Forum.

Cyber Polygon.

About Babylion, just see how actually multiculturalism,international centralized finance systems, corporations and more are driving us to new Babylion. Is not a bad thing is just some migrants live in other country and become true americans and are assimilated with time but when you have to many and they are becoming the majority and they want to implement their culture and traditions thats a problem.

Is France Heading For Civil War?. May 10 2021.

Michael Collins Piper Discusses His Book The New Babylon Those That Reign Supreme With Texe Marrs.

I feel there could be civil war in USa and Europe with all the inmmigration and i think thats what they want since obviously bringing jews enemies like those from islam is not convenient to them, thats why i think they are going to be used as cannon fodder to fight people of USA and with that justify this.

So prepare for the worst and buy weapons for protection and organize and if possible instead of going for the pawns they are bringing as migrants, not all of them likely must of them, go for the head ones in your institutionsmoving the strings before is too late; if possible do not kill them and put them in jail but very likely is going to be almost impossible as things are now; i hope i am mistaken in this last part & can be resolved other way but i really doubt it.

William Pierce- Freedom: Use it or Lose it.

Trimurti.- Racial Apocalipsis and the end of USA. Minute 4:25 about the Los Angeles in 1992.


More channels:

Más en la descripción; usen Youtube-dl para respaldar el sitio.



Fuente y los que invitaron a Pedro Varela.

Los secretos de las Vacunas Experimentales ARNm.





True Europeans Don't Knee.



Canales que recomiendo:
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English sites:


Más en la descripción; usen Youtube-dl para respaldar el sitio.

Pedro Varela Geiss.

Salvador Borrego.

Ernst Zhundel.

Joaquin Bochaca.

Leon Degrelle.

M.S. King y sus libros.

Michael Collins Pipper sobre Antonny Sutton y su libro Wall Street & Rise of Hitler.

Felipe Botaya.- El origen de la 2a guerra mundial.

James Perloff sobre la elite banquera y Adolf Hitler desafiandolos.

George Patton.

William Luther Pierce.


Adolf Hitler fabrica trabajadores 1941.

Canales que recomiendo:

English sites:

Genocidio de los alemanes de Checoslovaquia, por ello Adolf Hitlerpidió el pacto de Munich.

Crímenes de Polonia a sus minorías (1939).

Hitler respondiendo a Churchill por los bombardeos premeditados de Inglaterra sobre Alemania..


Mao Tse Tung estuvo al servicio de las Finanzas Internacionales.

Los que manejan las finanzas de China y evidentemente varias de las multinacionales.

El Banco Central de China (PBOC) esta vinculado al Bancod e Pagos Internacionales a traves de acuerdos de Basilea.

Y parece que el Banco central de China goza de cierto nivel de autonomía; aunque seguro aunque deba haber acuerdos con El Partido Comunista de China pues seguro la elite tiene gente ahi tambien de los suyos y dudo mycho que el ejercito chino este bajo control de el gobierno chino, seguro también hay una especie de complejo militar industrial como EUA. Me parece que al gobierno chino le dan un poco más de flexibilidad que a otros paises para asegurarse de evitar tensiones.

Película.- Hitler la historia más grande jamás contada HD:

Judios detras de la masoneria en EUA y Europa.

USA Deep State & Complejo Militar Industrial.

No se si Bernard Mannes Baruch era agente Rotshchild o si su clan esta en el top en la piramide pero si me queda claro que
jugo un papel muy importante para la creación del complejo-militar-industrial privado y si realmente Standard Chartered esta ligado a su clan pues es curioso que como HSBC(Rothschild) en China esten los 2 bancos pegados con celo y su simbologia aparezca en Baphomet abajo aunque la de el escudo rojo en Baphomet esta en la cabeza.

Principales líderes de Venezuela como Nicolás Maduro hablan de su origen judío.

¿Por que quieren quitar derecho a armas?

Hellstorm, el verdadero holocausto (Documental en Ingles con subtitulos en Español). Aunque holocausto es ofrenda al fuego por lo que no aplica ni lo que paso con los judios, ni alemanes,etc.

Canales que recomiendo:
[email protected]

Más abajo en la descripción, fuente del video.- Trimurti.

Hellstorm, el verdadero holocausto (Documental).

Mike king creo se refiere a M.S. King autor de libros como "The Bad War", "Planet Rothschild", etc. Sobre el comentario de que Hitler dijo que intento convencer a Polonia pero que no quicieron..

Jim Rizoli habla con M.S. King.

Genocidio de los alemanes de Checoslovaquia.

Crímenes de Polonia a sus minorías (1939).

Felipe Botaya.- El origen de la segunda guerra mundial.

Doctor en Historia Javier Nicolás.- La Verdadera Historia de la Ahnenerbe, Sociedad de Thule,etc.



El mejor discurso de Adolf Hitler - Español.

Película.- Hitler la historia más grande jamás contada HD:

Edward Rydz-Śmigły, el hombre de Polonia que comenzó la 2a GM, por Mike King o M.S. King.

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Un poco más para aclarar ciertos puntos.

Pedro Varela Geiss, una conversación informal. 28 Febrero 2021.

De dónde surge el término nazi?- No viene de donde creen (Der Jürgen).

Adolf Hitler, El hombre que luchó contra todas las posibilidades.

Adolf Hitler sobre las mentiras de los aliados, la democracia, prensa,etc.

Querra propagandistica, altas finanzas,usureros, especuladores, masones,etc.

Hitler deseaba la paz pero se la negaron.

Declaración de guerra a Alemania nacionalsocialista (sub-Español y Sub-English)..

¿Quien financio a Hitler?

Hitler da un discurso donde nos advierte sobre los judíos, los financieros y sus negocios.

Hitler y su discurso contra las élites financieras internacionales.

Hitler respondiendo a Churchill por los bombardeos premeditados de Inglaterra sobre Alemania.

Hitler delata al judaísmo internacional como un poder satánico(el inicio del video esa frase no es de Hitler sino de Strasser)

Hitler esta es una guerra del oro contra el trabajo.

Hitler habla sobre las democracias de otros pueblos.

88 Aniversario Adolf Hitler.- Germania (Luis Garcia 14)..

La ideología de Hitler por Pedro Varela.

Respalden el sitio con Youtube-dl. No olviden compartir en Telegram, Foros de discusión, etc. El que hace la instalación parece es de Telecom.

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Luis Garcia 14.

1933 HITLERJUNGE Quex (El joven hitlerista Quex) Película Documental.

Hans Schmidt nos habla de su versión de la historia de como era vivir en la Alemania nazi.

Hitler nacional-socialismo: Parademarsch_der_Legion_Condor_-_Inno_della_Legione_Condor.

Adolf Hitler Platz - En la plaza (Subtítulado).

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El nacionalocialismo en el plano económico no proponía que el Estado fuera el único con derecho a tener los medios de producción como sostiene el socialismo marxista o comunismo, pero tampoco iba a dejar a su suerte el mercado y permitir abusos de oligarcas o que otros países se hicieran del control de la economía de Alemania por medio del libre mercado. Ellos sostenían que la intervención del Estado en la economía era necesaria para regularla y no una mano invisible(los más poderosos capitalistas internacionales) lo hicieran y se apropiaran.

Aquí un video más completo aunque con algunos errores de traducción(parece no tradujo bien una parte pues omite la mención del liberalismo económico y pues no se aleman pero si me he acostumbrado un poco y si es cierto que en una parte menciona algo que suena a la palabra liberal o parecido).

Economía Nacionalsocialista.

Sobre la publicación de Wall Street & Rise of Hitler por Antony Sutton.

Hitler sobre el capitalismo y comunismo.

El mejor discurso de Adolf Hitler.

Sobre los que hablan de que el nacionalsocialismo apoyaba las ideas de Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.

Sobre los supuestos vinculos del nacionalsocialismo con el ocultismo y cuando usan ejemplos como Thule.

Eso de que Adolf Hitler y los nacionalsocialistas buscaban la guerra.

Felipe Botaya.- El origen de la segunda guerra mundial.

Pedro Varela Geiss, una conversación informal. 28 Febrero 2021.

El general George Smith Patton siendo reprimido por tratar de dar su opinión y revelar la verdad.

Que hicieron los judíos a los alemanes antes de la llegada de Hitler y los nazis?

Queremos destruir a la Alemania nazi y usaremos propaganda atroz.

El caso con Polonia.

El infierno checo que lelvo al pacto de Munich.

Película.- Hitler la historia más grande jamás contada HD:

Steven Anderson hace análisis profundo de las supuestas pruebas sobre el Holocausto.

Ex judío Milton Kapner expone los mitos del supuesto holocausto.


Entrevista a Joaquín Bochaca sobre Hitler, los nazis y la Segunda Guerra Mundial.

Conexiones de Winston Churchill con la Judería organizada por David Irving.

La carta de Paula Hitler contra las élites inernacionales.

La ideología de Hitler por Pedro Varela.

¿Puede EUU imprimir dinero hasta el infinito?

Sobre el modelo petrodolar global(ahora otros países almacenan dolares en reservas internacionales para respaldar su moneda nacional y se lo tienen que comprar al gob. de EUA con itneres quien a su ves obtiene los dolares de la FED con un interes).

Y ojo esto no empezó con Biden, Biden ha sido continuista de quien lo empezó.

LA FED: dinero de la nada y comprando bonos corporativos: Coca-Cola, Microsoft, WallMart, etc.

Keiser Report 2018.- La Reserva Federal,futura crisis y burbuja de Bonos Corporativos,


Peter Schiff tenía razón de la Burbuja Subprime 2008 y dice que la de Bonos Corporativos será peor.

¿Como la deuda pública de USA pone en peligro su posición internacional?. Del 10 jul. 2020.

RAY DALIO Explica por qué Estados Unidos esta Entrando en una Horrible CRISIS FINANCIERA. 23 may. 2021.

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Aqui la vos de Europa recomienda.

Lo que no se cubre en el video y vieron en la imagen miniatura más abajo en la descripción es cubierto.

La ilustración, el liberalismo y la masonería.

Extra sobre los origenes de la masoneria.
Durante el siglo XVIII proliferan los foros de encuentro y los medios de propaganda (desde las gacetas a los salones, los cafés, las sociedades y la masonería surgida en Inglaterra y después muy bien asentada en Francia -la masonería, que en buena medida nos conecta con el liberalismo en ciernes y también con aquellas primeras ideas que citamos sobre el primer humanismo).

Los Judios estuvieron detrás de la Revolución Francesa y trataron de usar a Napoleón

Masonería es básicamente judaísmo para no judíos y casi siempre los maestros de las grandes logias resultan ser judíos.

The French Revolution and the Emancipation of the Jews. I. H. Hersch.

Las revoluciones liberales Revolución Americana 1776 Revolución Francesa. 1789 John Locke. J. J. Rousseau. Montesquieu El liberalismo. Evolución; Masones o freemasons.

Jhon Locke, la ilustración y la masonería.
John Locke became a member of the society in 1668, a year after he became private secretary to Anthony Ashley Cooper, powerful member of the so-called Cabal Ministry. Some believe that he acknowledged his membership in the Masonic craft in an expository letter (since lost) to the Earl of Pembroke (who was a Mason) on 6 May 1696. Whether or not he was ever initiated, Locke was in regular contact with many known practitioners of the Craft and with many others whose works and interactions suggest membership (e.g., Isaac Newton and Anthony Ashley Cooper). Locke’s works were to become instrumental in broadening the enquiries of the cognoscenti during the 18th century into social science. Before considering the changing complexion of enlightened investigation, however, let us notice the place where cosmopolitans at every level of enlightening society conducted their conversations—their local tavern.

John Locke y el liberalismo esclavista primigenio. Jesús Pérez de Viñaspre Txurruka,12/07/2016.

Autores/as, Raúl Reyes Camargo.

El complot liberal-maxista: capitalismo y comunismo dos caras de la misma moneda.

Para los que confían demasiado en un libre mercado y creen solo hay beneficios, ¿se han preguntado sobre el caso de China y que en varias partes del mundo estamos llenos de productos chinos?. ¿Eso nos beneficia en su totalidad o quizas también por estar tn abarrotados de productos chinos por ser tan baratos empresas e industria nacional quiebra por n poder competir?.

Para eso debe de haber regulaciones por poner un ejemplo, y me diran unos pues que la solución es mejorar la producción y que hagamos productos más baratos y ser competitivos. ¿En la mayoría de los casos como creen se resolvería eso?. Pues bajandote el sueldo a niveles tan bajos como a los chinos, indios y otros.

Respalden el sitio con Youtube-dl. No olviden compartir en Telegram, Foros de discusión, etc. El que hace la instalación parece es de Telecom.

Recuerden que si dejan de poder acceder al Canal por cuestión de censura regional intenten una vPN o proxy como:

Rabino Shalom Arush - El corona va para los goyim, no para el pueblo de israel.

Chinese CCP professor laughing at Covid deaths in America

Esto del 5G y las vacunas me recuerda...


5G, is it a weapon, Active Denial System.

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Algunas pruebas más de la muy posible relación del 5G y vacunas contra coronavirus


Los secretos de las Vacunas Experimentales ARNm.

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Imanes e Inyecciones covid experto Stefano Montanari


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Recomiendo seguir a canales como los de Pedro Varela, David Duke,TLV1, videos de National Alliance(su fundador fue William Luther Pierce),La Verdad Nos Hara Libres, Info Guerra, POPULUS TV y Servimat. Para México recomiendo seguir a BIIE,Personajes México, Rafael Loret de Mola.

Película.- Hitler la historia más grande jamás contada:

El diario de Hitler:

Dado a la cantidad de canales y videos de Youtube que empiezan a ser bloqueados y tumbados de forma descarada por las nuevas normas de Youtube que se van alineando a lo políticamente correcto y censuran cualquier cosa que el sistema no vea conveniente pues he decidido crear este canal recopilando revisionismo histórico y temas que puedan ser útiles para su acervo cultural.

Todos los videos que ponga serán sin ánimo de lucro ya que aparte están hechos por otra gente la cual más abajo mencionaré para agradecerles y cooperar con ellos si lo desean.

Lado B de las cosas:

Pedro Varela.

Tlv1 Argentina.

Adrian Salbuchi.

El Canal de QQ.

Amos del mundo.

BIIE y Personajes México en México:



No confundir nacional-socialismo con comunismo:

Viereck — ¿Por qué se define usted como nacionalsocialista, cuando su programa de partido es la antítesis misma de todo aquello que normalmente se vincula con el socialismo?

Como respuesta, Hitler puso su taza de té sobre la mesa y se dirigió a mí con tono beligerante.

A.H. — El socialismo es la ciencia que se ocupa del bien común. El socialismo no es lo mismo que el comunismo. El marxismo no es el socialismo. Los marxistas se han apropiado del término y han cambiado su significado. Yo arrebataré el socialismo a los socialistas. El socialismo es una antigua institución aria y germánica. Nuestros antepasados compartían ciertas tierras y cultivaban la idea del bien común. El marxismo no tiene derecho a disfrazarse de socialismo. Al contrario que el marxismo, el socialismo no rechaza la propiedad privada. Al contrario que el marxismo, no implica renegar de la propia personalidad. Al contrario que el marxismo, el socialismo es patriótico. Podríamos haber escogido el nombre de Partido Liberal, pero decidimos llamarnos nacionalsocialistas. No somos internacionalistas; nuestro socialismo es nacional. Exigimos que el Estado satisfaga las justas reclamaciones de las clases productivas sobre la base de la solidaridad racial. Para nosotros Estado y raza son la misma cosa.

De lo poco que encontre de la relación con Thule y como cuando Hitler llegó empezó a haber cambios en el partido DAP transformandolo en el NSDAP y la disolución de Thule poco después.

Y de el blog de Luis Garcia 14

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