its got so bad that people just wont see whats going on , this puts those of us who can clearly see it in a very difficult position

((( social media ))) was full of Tommy Yobbinson style comments about Muslims , this was planned , they want you to blame targeted communities , having said that I suspect this incident was another hoax

lies have always played a major role in all operations. indeed UK government agents with well paid jobs at crime agencies are trained in how to use lies to further a Zionist one world government however the tech has changed, now fake troll accounts can be managed online that can be used to attack, smera, threaten and impersonate anybody with decent honest opinions , meanwhile the msms shill channels can prattle on without being targeted because they offer no threat to the status quo

our Israeli overlords are keen to create a transexual multicultural underclass that they can more easily dominate . So it reminded me of this song by the great band kraftwerk with a bit of artistic licence. i used the pic of the gay diving Thai cave rescue as a joke ( European Commission LOL )

are a feature

2 minutes to 22 = 22 its code

it doesnt matter just how stupid or impossible the story is the public will fall for it . I have read fairy tales that are more plausible than this and yet because people like the sound of it with its silly ' happy endings ' then they will believe it . Incidentally I wonder if bitchute CEO Ray Vahey knows ' Vern Unsworth' as they both live in Thailand doing god knows what

more scripted feel good fake nonsense to appeal to small minds and persuade us wrongly that there are still some good people out there , pity they must train children to participate in these deceptions

she can meet another similar person Jacinda Ardern, Soros can finance the yacht

despite being stabbed 5 times this Polish cook who was washing glasses at 1.55 pm came running out of the unsoundproofed basement to confront a crazed Muslim knifeman armed with a fake bomb vest and two knives that he had managed to smuggle in to the high security conference and even though he had been stabbed 5 times managed to wave his pole around with other 'bystanders' and assorted heroes and ' members of the public' even so most people will believe this cock and bull

the IIIsraelites feel they and they only they have the right to decide what we are allowed to watch , what we are allowed to think and what we can say , they attack free speech and analysis and are given authorisation to do so by our wretched corrupt EU and NATO governments and unfortunately by pro trolling policies allowed by both Disqus ( CEO David H Steinberg AND Bitchute ( CEO Ray Vahey )

whenever you suggest that something is badly wrong with society , anonymous trolls ( often Israeli) emerge from the woodwork to claim you are a ' tin foil hatter' or other ((( hilarious ))) put downs that their pathetic scriptwriting teams come up with , here is a slide show I found online with some notorious tin foil hatters that join the ranks of David Icke in the ZOG hall of shame


link to ( deal with it) troll account
link to example page with sample of targeted state sponsored abuse


NB all trolling, targeting and impersonation is with the full permission and involvement of both Disqus AND bitchute

there is something extremely childish and desperate about their methods

what's really going on here,

all alleged terrorism attacks have very low quality footage taken by alleged bystanders which are not in keeping with modern high resolution cameras or mobile phones
many similar events such as the previous London Bridge event from 2017 was also just prior to an election that returned the ghastly Theresa May


10 is a nice round number, although 666 reasons would have been more accurate

Brave Polish ((( Hero))) confronts Muslim terrorist with a Narwhal tusk . Immediate offer of Polish medal . I suppose the man with the fire extinguisher was a hard working Big issue seller from Rumania , what a load of nonsense but as Mark Twain said ' its easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled

Tusks , Elephant tusks, Narwhal tusks or Sabre Tooth Tiger tusks , or use dentures
Fire Extinguishers , foam, powder or water ( depending on what material the terrorist is made of and if his siocide vest is real or not
Cakes ( must be halal) a cream pie in the face will incapacitate the terrorist so that the Police can pretend to shoot him

i suppose not hating the groups that the government frame is considered hate speech , we are encouraged to hate the targets the government select for us but we are not allowed to hate the agencies that actually commit these crimes

youtube are purveyors of lies, misinformation and Propaganda , it is a satanic criminal organisation

its fake , wake up grow up , stop your trust in the corrupt masonic ((( government)))

the new Lazarus . thanks for the link, unfortunately our entire political establishment and Police are all involved in high treason
this includes Johsnon, Corbyn, Sturgeon , Swinson, Dick, Basu and all agents working for the EU and ZOG ( ie all UK based in security organisations

these type of events would always have heavy security , cctv and all visitors would go through a scanner and have their pockets emptied by security guards . every aspect of this ((( story))) is faked , all participants in this staged event are guilty of treason


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this is the channel I use to post comments , any other channel is impersonating me


nb genuine channel was created July 23rd 2014 and has /StopZionistCensorship as url

trolls are targeting me via Disqus ( with the full knowledge and permission of bitchute ) impersonating my channel

because bitchute encourage renaming of channels I wont say what my channel name is but if you look on the details its created july 23rd 2014

any other /hoaxashian accounts are smear /impostor accounts. please note a troll has created a channel on disqus using my channel name and avatar. I am not responsible for comments made by other people impersonating me and seeking to discredit me .
please note the creator of this channel has been targeted for malicious criminal attack from state sponsored agencies that have included threats, impersonation, smears , harassment and gangstalking , please do whatever you can to monitor events and screen grab , note and register any attempts to create impersonation/smear accounts. also fake impersonation accounts have been created on disqus duplicating my channel name and avatar and seeking to smear me . please do not fall for these routine Zionist deceptions

realhoaxashian is also my account which I created hoping to get a reprieve from the trolls , i seldom upload there