Korean junk product placement , doesnt Richard Spillett realise that he is writing totally contradictory versions of events . or does he rightly assume that almost nobody will notice or even care

kind of odd that the mass media didnt tell us that they knew all about Alex King for many years . many morons were fooled by this obvious hoax and calling for Russian blood

Tesco do not sell Diet Sundaes especially ones costing £16.66 , whats more I dont think they sell £16.00 carving knives either . we are being presented by mass media and POLICE with fake evidence that is deliberately designed to deceive the public

and some mouthwash, toothpaste , body wash and gravy , a real dogs dinner , why would a killer need to buy TWO overpriced knives anyway , it all reminds me of the lurid invented script of Lee Rigby when the Nigerian Muslim ' Converts' bought a 5 piece knife set in Argos and not having much confidence in the sharpness also bougt a knife sharpener . and for heavens sake what exactly is a ' Diet Sundae' that apparently costs £16.66, and where was the ' receipt' obtained ? back of the hire car like the Lee Rigby event?

thank you to my Northern Correspondent for the link. This is a reupload

one would think President Putin has better things to do with his time than attempt to kill some third rate wannabe model who for some odd reason decides to have an Italian meal in Salisbury of all places . wonder why she didnt go to Zizzi wearing a shapka . its all total idiocy , also how many Russian generals are in an orchestra ? kind of convenient for UK gutter press to have dozens of pics of the Jewish floozy to plaster all over their grubby pages

according to a Police witness

not much different to leasing a villa

NY Born EU educated liar, regardless of that the only reason people believe the ies is because the media is parroting the myths , if we had a genuine media then these kinds of scams could be revealed instead its left to private individuals to speak out

the car on driveway meme . this time no stupid note

dont go to Salisbury unless you want a DIGNITAS style experience , in particular avoid any ersatz italian chain eateries especially with the letters ZZ , Prezzo , Zizzi , Jamiezz italian etc etc . also try not to sit next to any uncomfirmed Russians while dining , if you do venture into salisbury wear hazmat and NBC protection . would probably be cheaper to abandon Salisbury altogether and resettle its residents in Bow Road now that access to the Hospital is being blocked by Fire Engines

who needs the Savoy or the Dorchester when you can stay in the chic boutique hotel in fashionable Bow Road , convenient for the Magistrates court, Police station, Texaco, Bus stop Unless you had business in the immediate area you would definitely not want to stay in such a hotel, especially if you were planning on killing somebody in Salisbury and flying in from Gatwick and out via Heathrow . No actual hitman would be so unprofessional.

UK government application for a business visa for Russian assassins

are we really supposed to believe that Russian hitmen will stay in an obscure downmarket east London hotel and have a cannabis party with a Prostitute the day before attempting to kill a double agent . There is absolutely no way any real agents would be so fantastically indiscreet . also why wait until his daughter is in UK to kill him and why not use more effective methods . according to the official 'story' Skripal is still alive so the nerve agent is not effective , the story makes zero sense and its now high time to see it for what it is , a scripted event designed to take our mind off what should be the #1 issue . Brexit

When Jack Steven dies his agent David Bowie will go on TV to praise him . hehe


My Fakedar says yes

video footage emerged , how often have we read that trite line
also the yobbos legging it from the Barnsley truck crash with some nice 'footage' and the inevitable bicycle have a go hero/witness/actor

He can be heard saying: "This is how we deal with beggars on the street", adding "he's not even a beggar."

Chillingly, he then adds: "There he is, sprayed to death."

so he says 'sprayed to death' and a few days later the guys i dead

that really does sound like part of a script

would you carry a deadly nerve agent in a fake womens perfume bottle ? cant the Russians afford a real empty bottle ? well I suppose the budget for assassinations has been cut due to austerity

by chance the Novichok blame Russia event took place at exactly the same time as the Royal Marines were having a major chemical exercise

how convenient that embedded BBC journo should have had ' several' meetings with Russian traitor and security risk Sergei Skripal ( The Guinea Pig AND Cat owner )

PS i daresay Mr Urbans ready to publish 'book' will fly off the shelves now his hero SS is a national treasure and HERO

for some odd reason the guy didnt want to answer any questions , hope they have cleaned the room with the Novichok

for some odd reason these 'gay' hitmen chose an obscure and badly rated hotel in east London as their HQ for their Salisbury operation , its inconvenient for Salisbury and also inconvenient for both Heathrow and Gatwick , if it makes no sense for gormless tourists then it would make even lesss sense as a base for Russian assassins

nice postcode as well

idiotic ' gay angle' for some reason Russian spys must stay in a third rate Hotel in East London to poison a man in Salisbury , they carry the deadly nerve agent in perfume bottles that leak and seem to share a double bed , they also claim Salisbury was knee deep in snow and had mud when hitmen or no hitmen they wouldnt need to say that . and why would ' Kremlin' funded RT release such an interview either , couldnt they have got their experts to vet it first if it was as ridiculous as the Daily Mail and May claim ? and why did they need two men ? couldnt one agent have done it? how heavy is Novichok anyway and since they apparently know where he lives why not post it to him ?

what kind of spy keeps Guinea pigs as pets, has a horeshoe on the door and has burglar friendly doors and where is the cctv 'footage ' from the taxpayer funded Skripal residence or couldnt MI5 afford it . also why was Skripal allowed to takeuploaded pics in various empty restaurants and who is the odd agent taking the money pics? and why Salisbury? could the Porton Down tourist centre be a reason for his placement in a street full of coppers

anyway its great to know that the Russians are now equal opportunity and are catching up with LGBTQ MI5 as being a workforce that actively promotes homosexuals as assassins


the BBC is more realistically named the EUBC as it pushes an endless Pro EU/Open borders/Zio/LGBTQ agenda , dire warnings by Canadians , threats to increase roaming charges ( thought everybody used VOIP or Jewish owned whatsapp ) and suggestions that our driving licences will no longer be valid in the EU are all part of an endless carrot and stick policy designed to get us to accept the fact we wont be allowed to leave


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