its got to the stage where even the reports about the Fake News are themselves being faked , what a joke this revolting SWNS is

you can sell some lies here


as usual they mask their wickedness with their bogus philanthropy


regardless of the death toll on our beloved pets , we still voted to leave the EU and that decision must be respected

i have just been talking to a dirty German who refuses to accept Germanys responsibility for the refugee invasion , an invasion that had broad support in Germany , anyway this video was made in January 2016 and was removed by YouTube in June 2016 along with another 2000 videos , i also point out that Germany is plotting to prevent the UK from leaving the EU , yes I am sorry about you being framed for the holocaust but it is a fact that the Germans are playing a leading role in the destruction of Europe and are providing Israel with nuclear cappable submarines , years ago I was sympathetic to Germany and their people but now i see the Germans as a problem people , they have been brainwashed and cannot be saved

1 the search engine is absolutely useless
2. do not donate any money to sleazy Ray Vahey the Israeli frontman based in Zionist Thailand
3. bitchute allow impersonation and allow Israeli trolls to work the system
4. Vahey is a supporter of arch Zionist Tommy Robinson
5. Vahey is a liar , claims that impersonation accounts are parody accounts
6. bitchute altered the terms and conditions to remove impersonation as a malicious use - giving the Green light to his Israeli friends

never forget who really organised 9/11

he claims he was the only person being impersonated ( and it was me who told him) other people who have been subjected to abuse and even videos by the likes of Annie Logical and sowhat he claims its ((( parody))) Vahey is a really repugnant liar

generations are a lot shorter these days

the only issue that seems to have changed is that the public no longer seem minded to accept the result , Scotland voted ( or seemed to vote) to stay in the UK, as soon as the result was in people were demanding another referendum . I presume that if Scotland does become ((( independent))) in the clammy EU embrace then they wont allow another referendum to confirm it , after all maybe people will change their mind . facts change after all ( or we are told they do) anyway although i didnt hear any allegqations of vote rigging in the 2016 referendum I have noticed that unlike in general elections there is no need to respect the result , they will only do so if its what they wanted

we live in a corrupt society that allows parents to market their chldren but gives no credit to truth seekers who want to tell the truth even when they do it FOR FREE , what does it say about us our priorities that a small child can be used to earn millions by promoting imported low quality junk and a grown man will have all his work destroyed by a Jewish corporation committed to the dumbing down of our society

1, names son Zion
2, keeps changing political party
3, member of multitude of Jewish Zionist organisations
4. wants to veto 2016 referendum result
5.was elected as Labour MP with almost 80% of the vote , now represents a political party that won 6.5% of the local vote
6. never says a word against Israeli atrocities , big supporter of Netanyahu

his adulterous wife sally is a supporter of remain

corrupt Bercowitz has spent £250,000 on international jaunts , what would his beloved Greta Thunberg say ? fact is that there are far too many prominent Jews involved in the remain camp. i also wonder why some people think they are entitled to overthrow a democratic vote

Maybe we dont want an ((( Open Society))) nor do we think its necessary that our societies are managed by know alls with bags of criminally obtained money

does it please you to read about it even when its almost certainly a faked event ?

the political class have no sense of honour , its all about feathering their nest

its all over folks

Tory MP in Leave seat crosses over to Remain camp , ignores the people who voted for him. refuses to call by election

it seems highly unlikely that all the worlds advertising agencies would decide simultaneously that what every product needed was a focus on LGBTQ

Pantene - Wikipedia
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Pantene is a Swiss-created American brand of hair care products owned by Procter & Gamble. The product line was first introduced in Europe in 1945 by ...

this is how they try and sell frozen potatoes now, a Zionist troll has marked down a video that was made by a Zionist ad agency , these Zionist trolls are funny

Harley Man , This is what it has come down to , a world so dumbed down that even after seeing these things people still belive the official lies

surely fake hard hat was screaming ((( fake witness))) imagne a genuine event that needed fake witnesses on standby to reinforce lies , piss poor but good enough to fool the average person and the Trump/Vahey/Robinson fanboys who infest this Zionist honeytrap site

cui bono


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this is the channel I use to post comments , any other channel is impersonating me

because bitchute encourage renaming of channels I wont say what my channel name is but if you look on the details its created july 23rd 2014

any other /hoaxashian accounts are smear /impostor accounts. please note a troll has created a channel on disqus using my channel name and avatar. I am not responsible for comments made by other people impersonating me and seeking to discredit me .
please note the creator of this channel has been targeted for malicious criminal attack from state sponsored agencies that have included threats, impersonation, smears , harassment and gangstalking , please do whatever you can to monitor events and screen grab , note and register any attempts to create impersonation/smear accounts. also fake impersonation accounts have been created on disqus duplicating my channel name and avatar and seeking to smear me . please do not fall for these routine Zionist deceptions

realhoaxashian is also my account which I created hoping to get a reprieve from the trolls , i seldom upload there