no matter how many times they repeat the same total blatant Bullshit lies , the public keep believing it

same stories being republished over and over again , BS terror In Strasbourg . CC initals 33 numbers and SITE crap , no matter how many times they regurgitate the same lame contrived stories people continue to fall for it

i wonder how they find so many Police who are willing to participate in these ridiculous events , and the establishment journalists who by chance can hear everything from adjacent windows

our useless goverment prefer to fabricate terrorism rather than look for just solutions to international issues, in order to prepare the public for a planned event they get the BBC to plant the idea in peoples head. This mockumentary was published by the BBC about one year before 7/7 whats more on the actual morning of 7/7 Peter Power was planning an identical exercise. what are the mathematical odds that they should be planning something almost identical t coincide with an actual unexpected terrorist event

maybe they can also predict the location and time of the ((( planned))) attack as well to give us time to get out the way of the staged event

humans are coded to conform and assume that the majority are correct, once you can deceive a certain number of people the rest will follow regardless of reasoning or evidence

Hear me out in full please

I used to be a huge fan of Max Keiser but he always seemed so hyper, daresay he is a big fan of party powder , funny and clever guy though

would anybody really take a BEFORE photo of a humdrum living room , with the festive Tell Lie Vision centre stage , and as for the stupid SWNS bicyc proposal story its obvious crap

shown once in 1992 but for some strange reason was never shown again , I wonder why

BBC and all Tee Vee is part of ((( programming))) , they are trying to acclimitise you to a future as obedient trangender drones with barcoded arms and a Google Echo in your living room listening to your every mundane minute , if you dont want to live in a gloablised transegnder surveillance superstate with a Robot sex partner then you better take action now , funny how the Israelite and ((( Nazi trolls ))) who keep pestering me every day never say a word against the mass media but prefer to heavily targe, stalk and abuse a solitary individual who insists on his personal rights to his own opinions . as i keep repeating nobody is under any obligation to keep attacking me on this channel , if you dont like it you can jog on , unfortunately paid trolls are not going to take the logical or decent approach but will continue their diabloical policies . however that doesnt mean that honest people must fall for it so take this as a heads up about how these criminals proceed


its almost as if the disqus platform was designed to assist trolling ? there are so many things wrong with it that it cannot be an accident , as for repeated requests to bitchute to explain how its own proposed commnents system is better than Disqus and who will be in contrl of moderation ( in my opinion modding comments should be the SOLE responsibility of the channel creator

this guy is an examle of a troll playing the (((good cop))) faux reasonable endless BS

the only function of blocking somebody is that you will no longer be able to see the unwanted abusive and defamtory comments that are being posted about you , nice system dont you think , even then you will get informed of the comments you cant see in 3 separate ways . what a bloody joke bitchute is

Tommy Robinson is a total faker and thats not even his real name , for some odd reason he has been chosen to be an advisor on rape when he is more qualified to be Israels ambassador , seems a real tragedy that Farage must leave UKIP to make way for jailbird Yaxley -Lennon or Paul Harris or Schlomo Netanyahu or whatever that career criminals real name is

this video was just removed by Google so considering Macron is in the news I thought I would reupload it

had to reupload


are 66.06% of the French public really so stupid as to vote for this child abuse victim ? was it not absolutely inevitable that this closet homosexual would be a total disaster , do we really want to be cemented to the failing EU especially considering basket cases and Islamic nations are all lined up to jon with ((( free movement))) guaranteed

vid.me was a load of shit , bitchute so far has been extremely disappointing , guess there is no genuine platform available, all controlled in one way or another

beloved by Angela Merkel and Netanyahu ( screenshot from January)

these are channels that constantly rename , troll and impersonate ( with bitchute permission)

https://disqus.com/by/disqus_XaD1pa2GmP/ nb the channel is disqus_XaD1pa2GmP/


@disqus_bjbHR98w5r previously impersonating hoaxashian now mocking me with ' futile existence'

these are channels that constantly rename , troll and impersonate ( with bitchute permission)

https://disqus.com/by/disqus_XaD1pa2GmP/ nb the channel is disqus_XaD1pa2GmP/


@disqus_bjbHR98w5r previously impersonating hoaxashian now mocking me with ' futile existence'

1.Google account deleted due to terms of service violations ( not very specific really)
2. This channel does not exist ( it used to exist however )
3. This video is no longer available because the uploader has closed their youtube account ( i really did not close my YouTube account)

and there is no way to get any of this injustice changed

my dormant channel sickofthebullshit has been removed by YouTube despite eing totally dormant since early May 2017 , when i tried to go through the motions to get my channel reinstated there was no way , just a brick wall

maybe bitchute would like to tell us what type of account they have with Disqus as all accounts ( even the free ones) contain so called moderation tools as standard . therefore there is no reason why they allow Disqus accounts @ray_vahey to post anti semitic content , the only logical explanation is that this abuse is allowed by bitchute

at about 5 am UK time
Ray Vahey 3 hours ago

Go fuck yourself you half-breed nog-loving Kike. Half-breeds are the worst in our society without a culture to claim, therefore more mixing of races must be accomplished so the mongrolized half-breeds don't feel out of place in a pure society.


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this is the channel I use to post comments , any other channel is impersonating me

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any other /hoaxashian accounts are smear /impostor accounts. please note a troll has created a channel on disqus using my channel name and avatar. I am not responsible for comments made by other people impersonating me and seeking to discredit me .
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realhoaxashian is also my account which I created hoping to get a reprieve from the trolls , i seldom upload there