this targeting has been ongoing for many many years . its what they do , framing the innocent

for some odd reason he seems anxious to give the virtue signalling crowd endless opportunities to attack him . Of course these third world women have nothing worthwhile to offer politics however providing ammunition that will hurt the cause of border control is not the answer . I regard Zionist Donald Trump as a cartoon caharcter who should have focused on his TV career

with the obligatory ((( Youtube))) star

its only a matter of time before we see a white female Shaft and Florence Nightingale played by Mike Tyson. this is all part of an agenda and i can only wonder what sinister plans the globalists have next

is it really fair that Serena Williams gets paid the same as Roger Federer for losing in the final at Wimbledon ? women are getting paid the same for much less work and much less quality . This is not equality

in order to remind us about a faked event they create a new faked event as a vomit inducing feel good story . sick of the incredible wickedness of mass media and their fantasy island bogus storylines

taking the grandmother to collect her from foyer , all aspects of this story are a nonsense

BBC a government Propaganda unit . do not buy a TV licence unless you want to finance pro EULGBTQ Proapaganda
NB, the BBC is beloved by Britains ruling Zionist community as it promotes enduring myths such as anti semitism, the holocaust, climate change , LGBTQ , globalisation and forcible vaccinations. the Beeb is just Propaganda and never forget the BBC allowed perverts like Sir Joimmy Savile and Rolf Harris to use BBC facilities to conduct their activities . activities that BBC comedians used to joke about on the TV

model agencies are casting people with tattoos when they are at best unnecessary and at worse a primitive form of body mutilation and scarification . perhaps this would be ok if we were tribesmen in papua new Guinea about to go headhunting but this ((( trend ))) is something we should resist

I wont insult him by claiming he is stupid so will just have to say he is a liar


a vote for morbidly obese Boris Johnson is a vote for the EU
Johnson is an ex Etonian Bullingdon boy
US born to multicultural parents
avowed Zionist just like his colleagues David Cameron and Tony Blair
a vote for any Tory candidate is a vote to stay in the EU
the Tories , Royals, Lords Media, Banks , celebrities , Oligarchs all support EU
Britain can never be free within the EU
if Scots put their relationship with the EU and Merkel ahead of their links to England and Wales then they can have the fake ((( Independence))) they keep banging on about

the EU placed their own agent as the fake leader of the leave campaign .

comments disabled because of ((( Bitchute))) endorsed stalking and impersonation

Unit 731 ( Japanese Torture Unit) is a Zionist troll . `100% stalker made in Israel

wonder what explanation the ((( bitchute))) team for allowing the comments mechanism of Disqus to be managed by a Zionist outfit? dont think we will be getting any explanatoions from Thailand based ((( love you long time)))Ray Vahey

posts obscene pornographic content as part of a spamming and harassment campaign . please be aware that bitchute is being worked by Israeli trolls with the colusion of Ray Yahvey and the bitchute team

video is being spammed by Israeli trolls

cut and paste, off topic usual shit sick of bitchute and its pro Zionist policies

here is a link to the ((( channel ))) that is framing me, there are others , why dont you try reporting them , the fake channel that has NOTHING TO DO WITH ME was created in April 2018 in order to stalk, harass and frame me . it has been reported on many many occasions both to disqus , to bitchute and to ray Vahey personally and no action has been taken . maybe you can also try reporting them . Israel has a long and fully documented history in using criminal methods to defame honse people . if you are a sincere truth seeker then stop gicing them easy opportunities for duping delight
here is the fake channel please REPORT IT and do it NOW


how many more fucking times do i have to mention it and why do both bitchute and Disqus allow it when its in clear violation of their stated terms and conditions and has been reported on multiple occasions

lovely white teeth, he will do well in USA where they are proud of their tippex style teeth

witnessed by a BBC reporter who just so happened to be on the ((( scene))) . it really is a lovely story. what a pity its total bullshit

link to ridiculous story ( celebrity model)

we are constantly told that money is in short supply and that hospitals etc may be closed and the Police are short staffed so I wanted to find out which organisations are sponsoring this gay extravaganaza , it includes the usual suspects but also the ((( mayor))) of London and even the scouts !!!!!

Mayor Sadiq Mohammad al islamistan Khan
Police Commisoner Biggus Dickus
Minister of LGBTQ affairs Schlomo Mordechai Goldstein
Minister for EU promotion and integration Slavomir Brezhinski
Minster of Propaganda Angela von Sturgeon
Miinister of Youth affairs Sir Greville Janner
Minsiter without Portfolia the Rt Hon Jess Philips
Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corblimey
Special Adviser Mike Hunt
Sponsored by Saudi Arabian Airlines , Visit Tel Aviv , Bin Laden Construction and the Brunei Tourist board
special advisers George Soros, David Beckham . Gillette. the chief rabbi, The Dalai Lama , mr and Mr Elton John ,

PM Theresa I love EU May
Leader of Opposition Jeremy ( man with a beard) Corbyn
Global warming and Carbon footprints provided by the LGBTQ Rainbow Arrows
free software limits my uploads to 15 minutes which is just as well

Sadiq Khan marches at the head of 1.5 million ( official estimate) LGBTQ and EU supporters claiming that there is far too much white privilege ,

Jewish journalist and activist Tony Greenstein exposes Israeli agent Tommy Robinson


for some odd reason Jewish hardman Mr Yemini is fascinated by Tommy ( I love Mossad))) Robinson and wants to encourage you to give your money to Robinson

i have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of this 'kid' in future
my channel marked down by Zionist Jews who control womens sport ( and allow for transgenders to compete as women ) its in the rules

using your children as cannon fodder as part of a PR campaign . no fan of Corbyn or Sargon but Jess Phillips really needs to be deselected

imagine the furore if Iranian commandos were to seize a UK vessel taking WMD to Israel . however in our corrupt world certain illegalt statelets like the US, UK and Israel can do whatever the hell they want with no fear of being censured by a corrupt media the amount of sick antics by our EU loving Tory regime and their fake heroes ((( marines))) is sickening, far from trying to overthrow President Assad we should be helping him defeat Israeli created ISIS , as usual the pro EU creep Picardo is involved. my attitude towards Gibraltar has totally changed since their treasonous vote

why wont my avatar show?


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