never forget 9/11 and 5G are creations of the terror statelet of Israel

please note Bitchute is owned by Zionists



millions of people have lost their jobs, an Economic collapse is imminent , personal freedoms have been removed by a raft of pre written laws , 5g is being implemented against our wishes , vaccinations are being promoted by billionaires with no medical expertise . people are being arrested for swimming, surfing and sitting alone on park benches . Police have been given loads of new powers to bully the public and people are going along with this like sheep on their way to the slaughterhouse

all dfislikes organised by Israel , the state that created the coronavirus crisis

all dfislikes organised by Israel , the crime state that created the coronavirus crisis

well if Boris Johnson, Prince Charles and Pink have it then it must be serious, will they ' kill ' him off ?

an Israeli criminal ( using my account details ) sent me the following message

"hey Paulie that hag being arrested was an enjoable watch , also check out some of her Flat Earth videos on youtube i know your a big fan of FE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmngE79d2MIHTmYdCaQruxg/videos PS: I (you) couldn't resist leaving a commment on her parkbench video..."

sandbach police, heroes absolute heroes

would you buy a used Bagel off this man?


they are heroes , after a 12 hour shift they instead of going home to sleep prefer to enjoy a high energy choreographed dance routine

rubbish Police cant catch criminals but can drive across grass annoying people

they are all in on it , its one world bullshit

absolutely exhausted after the cancellation of all routine operations and the influx of hundreds of severely ill common cold victims many of whom needed a cup of tea and some digestives , who can blame them for making a dance video after their heroism and unpaid devotion, th sad thing is many NHS staff are in on this . they must know that the public are being deceived big time

there is nothing one feels like doing after watching people die and being run ragged by the hundreds of deaths door patienrs


Clayton "Clay" Riddell is a disillusioned artist, who a year earlier abandoned his wife Sharon and son Johnny in hopes of living his dream of publishing a graphic novel. At Boston International Airport, Riddell tries to board a flight in hopes of reconciling with his family. His cell phone battery dies and he reconnects with Sharon by using a payphone. Suddenly an electronic signal (later dubbed "the pulse") is broadcast across mobile networks worldwide, turning cell phone users into rabid killers. Riddell escapes the chaos in the terminal, and meets a group of survivors in a subway car. The train's driver, Thomas "Tom" McCourt, suggests abandoning the train and travelling through the tunnels. Riddell agrees and, joined by a third man, attempts to escape the airport.


surprised they didnt put a picture of a penis


must be non stop action in lockdown Cromer population 7,683
however shifts for paramedics can be ten or 12 hours something i was not aware of , I assume a lot of time is spent waiting up


David Tillyer
on Wednesday.

** EDIT: I am amazed at the response this post has received. For anyone wanting to show their thanks to everyone on the front line, I implore you to donate to NARS - Without your help they simply can’t keep doing what they do. Please go to https://www.nars.org.uk/donation for more information. **

I am humbled and a little bit emotional. I finished my night shift this morning and joined the line of shoppers waiting to enter Lidl in Cromer. One by one they all let me ahead of them followed by a round of applause and thank yous. Once I’d done my round of shopping inside, a lady I’d been chatting to in the queue ran up and swiped her card on the reader to pay for my shopping. I tried to say “that’s kind but you musn’t” but she said with a smile “Not much you can do to stop me now”. Thank you to the lady that did that and thank you to all the shoppers that made me feel special after a tough run of shifts. #NHSandProud #stayhome #covidkindness

what will we do when we have depleted our stocks of alcohol and toilet paper , should we loot the supermarkets before the enrichers for a change?

as seen in your local supermarket

hous arrest is for your own good #stayathome #selfisolate #obey #doasyourtold #trustauthority #radiationisgoodforyou #imprisonyourself


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nb genuine channel was created July 23rd 2014 and has /disqusallowonlinecrime as url

trolls are targeting me via Disqus ( with the full knowledge and permission of bitchute ) impersonating my channel

because bitchute encourage renaming of channels I wont say what my channel name is but if you look on the details its created july 23rd 2014

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realhoaxashian is also my account which I created hoping to get a reprieve from the trolls , i seldom upload there