1. when you subscribe to a channel you imply a wish to be informed of new uploads ( thats obvious)
2. stop the less and more nonsense , allow multiple lines for video preamble and description
3. next video disabled as default, most of us wish to choose what video plays and when we wish to hear it
4, start moderating disqus to prevent harassment, impersonation and stalking
5. protect content producing channels from anonymous no content abuse
6. look at the forums page

i am still hoping that bitchute isnt yet another dead end but with the one signficant intervention when they allowed my 'created July23rd 2014 channel to be reisntated after false flagging) they have done nothing

Zionist Trolls and ' Nazis' are tag teaming daily to abuse me , pro Israel impersonation accounts are 'liking' comments made by Nazis and channels masquerading as ' Nazis' are liking and duplicating Israeli abuse directed at me . its very likely that the Nazis and the Zionists are the same team

financial institutions are not entitled to prevent people from making a living or to act as judge and jury by preventing financial tranasctions that they do not approve of , financial institutions should not interfere in politics

apparently its the fault of half breed ' kikes' like me that Paypal has stopped allowing bitchute transactions . I must have a lot of secret powers that I am unaware of

he certainly does not have much respect for the 17.4 million UK citizens who voted for Brexit including 52.5% of Welsh, he even made the folloiwng illogical assertion 'In the dark imagination of English reactionaries, Britain is always a defeated nation – and the EU is the imaginary invader' if we exclude Scottish and Welsh nationalists people who feel British did vote leave by large margins . i wonder if Mr O'Toole thinks that SNP and Palid Cymru supporters are also paranoid for wanting out of the . The Guardian has always been globalist virtue signalling crap

yet again I am forced to bring the matter of stalkers and harassment to your attention . It really makes me question why you allow it

the folllowing channel is constantly following me and refollowing me , i must have removed it 100 times but for whatever reason Disqus allows removed channels to refollow . according to Disqus this is something they will deal with in the 'near future'

there is absolutely NO legitimate reason that a channel should be allowed to keep following a channel that DOES not wish to be followed

i am not able to set my channel to private
i am not able to report trolls using the tool
have also reported the channel that is in absolute violation of the terms and conditions of Disqus and Bitchute

the channel can constantly rename sometimes appearing as hoaxashian ( with my avatar ) and sometimes with variations of Paul /Paulie etc

its currently named futile existence Paul ( a troll name for a channel)

its not an issue of free speech to be stalked or impersonated

so note I want to set my channel to private and cannot do it using the hoaxashian account created at the bitchute start up process
i want to PERMANENTLY block people from following me
i want to ask why disqus also the creation of duplicate accounts

i also want an answer from bitchute and disqus about what you plan to do about it , please explain your lack of action ? if somebody was masquerading as Ray Vahey for example and contacting people on bitchute would bitchute allow that as free speech or would they take action ?

i alos want to ask you in what way your proposed comments platform is better than disqus, what features are you planning to implement?

i really think that after using bitchute for 9 months and Disqus for many years I am entitled to an answer ( fairness and decency demand it)

i also wish to complain about the so called mods at Disqus blogs who blocked me from complaining about impersonation , they claimed that the exclusive responsibility lies with bitchute even though they themselves have polices that forbid impersonation

so will i get an answer or are you too busy to deal with these critical issues

unfortunately bitchute are allowing trolls to work the various Disqus backdoors and trolltools that allow harassment , impersonation etc , sadly many people who do not face these issues are dismissive about this very serious issue . Hopefully a few of you have the ability to see whats going on and the decency to help me do something about it , remember this absolute truth that Israelis are by nature a group dedicated to deceptions and tricks of all kinds . do not allow them to dupe you and please make representations to Disqus and bitchute to stop allowing these trolls tools that can only be used as part of criminal activity

Gov Perry uses his office as a disco . Not so much a moonwalk more a Loonwalk

9/11 very good for Israel according to Donald Trumps best friend Bibi Netanyahu , its also interesting to note that Donald Drumpf claims to be a good friend of 9/11 profiteer Larry Silverstein

for 8 months i have been asking bitchute/disqus to use its so called moderation tools to prevent stalking/abuse/harassment/impersonation from criminal UK based Israeli troll accounts. Google Israeli agents are active on bitchute so I ask why do bitchute allow Israeli extremists to enjoy the platform as if it were Youtube ?


these fuckers keep getting away with it

what are the odds that 'probably 50 or 60 people were at BOTH the Thousand Oaks shooting AND the Las Vegas shooting' !!!!! Cant be true , i guess this is a case of admitting to something before others notice it . these greedy and selfish people are part of the problem . they have no idea how much damage these psyops do and how in order vto earn a few sheckels they are putting their own futures at risk . Its not clever and its not funny and its a form of treason

looks faked to me , fakery is now the norm, all such events should be assumed as faked unless proven otherwise by honest independent researchers ( if they exist)

Israeli criminal activity on YouTube from 2012 , authorised by treasonous UK government and Google Inc

they show us pictures of people who appear to be looking at things but do not show us what they are looking at . sorry but this proves nothing at all. The public need to be in a position to see all the facts, Politicians should never be allowed to make decisions based upon having information that the electorate are not allowed to see . We cannot make well knformed choices without evidence

manufactured News to serve as 'public Information' via crap 'Social ' Media

as you can see UK based Israeli crime syndicates flagged comments on my channel as spam, sadly bitchute and disqus also allow Israeli trolling and although bitchute is collecting money for a new comments platform there has been no feedback whatsoever on what particular features the new platform will have and if it will allow individula channels the right to moderate their own channels . another favourite deception practiced by the well funded and organised Israeli trolls is to create sock ' Nazi' accounts that accuse the target of being a 'Zionist etc' that Jews create such accounts shows the depths to which they willingly plunge

Google likes to airbrush history while demanding the right to decide what can get published and what can get removed . all senior decision makers at Google, facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia are Zionist Jews

'community guidelines strike for trying to expose Israeli trolls , Google allow and protect crime on its platform while removing channels that try and expose crimes

Ths strange world of Ziomathematics

or 6 years ago in Bitchute/GoogleZio relative speak

jury is still out , no exodus from YouTube , mainstream kosher platforms are not going to help bitchute out by moving to bitchute as the lure of monetisation is too high , as a result bitchute is stuck with advertiser ' unfriendly' content. content is usually created to please a potential financial market and sanctions agisnts thosee of us who seek the truth are ongoing , problems with disqus are ongoing and cannot be resolved by giving money to other platforms without strict and binding pledges about proposed platform features . just repeating ' free speec' ad nauseum is no guarantee of anything
my experience
first channel on youTube 2011
heavily censored
heavily trolled
8 months on bitchute
6 years on Disqus on various accounts
4000 YouTube uploads
700+ bitchute videos

viewer discretion is advised, content may not be suitable for small children or large adults with learning difficulties

He is going to pretend to save you , its all a bad script . by all means fall for it if you are a dupe or an Israeli agent troll


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Channel created 20th February 2018

this is the channel I use to post comments , any other channel is impersonating me

https://disqus.com/by/StopZionistCensorship/ ( listed as channel created 23rd July 2014) if in doubt check

any other /hoaxashian accounts are smear /impostor accounts. please note a troll has created a channel on disqus using my channel name and avatar. I am not responsible for comments made by other people impersonating me and seeking to discredit me .
please note the creator of this channel has been targeted for malicious criminal attack from state sponsored agencies that have included threats, impersonation, smears , harassment and gangstalking , please do whatever you can to monitor events and screen grab , note and register any attempts to create impersonation/smear accounts. also fake impersonation accounts have been created on disqus duplicating my channel name and avatar and seeking to smear me . please do not fall for these routine Zionist deceptions

realhoaxashian is also my account which I created hoping to get a reprieve from the trolls , i seldom upload there