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These strange folk are running governments

We own our flesh temples. Apparently

Had a head like a car tyre and his mate is even biggerūüėČ

24th of january is a day of unity

Talkin about a revolution 24th of January

Fun facts about the sky above

Some golden nuggets right here

Do try it


Barry Young imprisoned for 7 and a half years

Dan Andrews with his draconian measures that were enforced by his army of thugs

For not wearing a mask

The Shauberger way that was promptly seized by the big guys

Wise words from Richard Rowe aka Max Igan

Handy to have on the old bookshelf

Words cannot describe

Every person should know knots ūüėé

An awesome deliverence style comrade

Don't forget the 24th of january 2024

This guy blows the whistle and discusses excess mortalily rates

Australia where are ya?

Greedy corporations and record profits

Jody Lowe makes sense. And a few very good points here

Too good not to share

Generational madness


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