Another super hogjam - a male is busy courting a snorty ladyhog when a larger male hog arrives on the scene - maybe he's a psycho or maybe it's all the hormones in the air but he's a vicious SoaB.

So here we have a tale of 3 hogs - a lady hog books her table at front chez hog when a male suitor turns up and much lady hog snorting ensues as expected. A minute or so later another male hog shows up and punts the other male out the way before venturing into Chez Hog and much more snorting. The victorious male comes out for a drink (I suspect not enough room to do the job in the feeding station) but his undercarriage comes out at one point, and Holy Shit, these hogs are hung like horses lol!

A short of a lil hoggy having the bestest scratch evarr

Here is a short of hedgehogs being, well, very hoggy, bless em.

I think I can almost see this hog's brain working in this vid - "dominate other hog, oh shit I made it a barricade blocking where I want to get to, is there another way in?? Let's check over here... No, ah crap. Oh well better go back and shove this MF out the way."

As the days grow longer and the nights shorter, we see some hoggies venture out just at the cusp of night because they can't wait to have a drink and stuff their pointy little faces. Here we have another hoggy captured in colour - 1 minute after the video the camera went into night mode, so this hoggy was out just on the brink of dusk - amazing how they know, must have very sensitive eyes for light.

Here we have a hungry and thirsty hoggy who couldn't quite wait until it was dark to come to Chez Hog for dinner. Note how it drops down and creeps like a spiky ninja from the waterbowl to the feeding station - lowering it's height by about 2cm makes it virtually undetectable as you can see ;)

In contrast to the polite version, this is an example of an impolite hedgehog who doesn't want to queue for a table and just barges in to get stuffing it's pointy little face. It's starts off normally, a hog wanders in and starts eating, then 1 minute later another hog turns up and just crams itself in. Classic Hog move.

This is a snip from the impolite hogjam video but it's shorter and amusing :)

This is unusual to see, normally when hogs fight they push each other about but sometimes when it gets heated they can get quite vicious and bite each other - the angle on the vid is not the best to capture the fight but it's interesting to see - the smaller hedgehog fully balls up and is rolled around.

Here is an example of a polite hedgehog queuing for a table at Chez Hog - no fights, no fuss

This is an interesting one I think - here we have I think one of the stars from the Hedgy Action Movie of the year reprising his role when he senses another hog approaching - shield up! Spikes go up and the new Alpha hog strolls into view - notice the Alpha just punts the other hog around to get him out the way and never even bothers to raise his spikes. This is a boss hog and that's Alpha Diplomacy in action.

Music snippet from 'Cultist Base' by the awesome Mick Gordon

If you like snorty hedgehogs then this is the video for you.
So here we have a bit of a feud going on - the hedgy that you see getting ambushed drinking did the exact same thing to the other hog the minute before, so that annoyed hog walks around and comes up behind the drinking hog and does the same thing back. Bless em.

*WARNING - this may be too exciting for people of a delicate disposition*
So this is an epic 12 minute (12!?!) tale of danger, exciting fights and I think hedgehog romance once the male hedgy in the box realises the newcomer is a hot chick - at least that's what I think is going on here, hedgies are weird. As for the girlhog all she wanted was a drink and to get some tasty Chez Hog food - will she get her way in the end and emerge victorious? Only one way to find out!

For info music at the start is 'BFG Division' by Mick Gordon (DOOM soundtrack OST)

Treat this as a trailer for the upcoming Hoggy action blockbuster - it's got fight's, it's got snuffling, it's got romance it's got the works. So here we see a hoggy approaching front Chez Hog when they feel a disturbance in the force... raise shields! There's likely another hog about, dun dun dunnnn

Here we have a hogjam at the front Chez Hog - a fat hoggy is already at the table when another hungry hog turns up and wants a spot for a good feed. Will the new hog wait it's turn politely, get frightened away by the other hog or something else? Only one way to find out!

Here we have the continuation of a hogjam out at the front Chez Hog restaurant - I think we need a bigger box. The new hog doesn't worry though and just rams itself in there to get feeding - it's like a shark feeding frenzy only with hedgehogs and way less action, danger and excitement :)

I like to think this hoggy was doing some kind of hedgy catwalk, walk up to camera, pose, do a twirl and then walk away again.

I think I might need a bigger Hog restaurant out back, what do you reckon?

Looks like we have a newcomer to Chez Hog out the front - seems like not overly convinced of the fine cuisine on offer (aka cat biscuits) but who knows perhaps this super-snuffly hedgy will be back to book a table soon.

Check out this lovely little hoggy - posing for the camera like a spiky little diva. The hoggies have awoken and are out and about, so game on once more!

Woke up early this morning and it was still dark so figured would have a peek into the back garden with my totally non-creepy infrared binoculars and see if one Fat Freddy esq was still running about - turns out he was.

Because we all love little cute hoggies

Mr. Cat has decided to pay a visit to Chez Hog out the back. What's this? Why it's Fat Freddy from Hog Hall coming to visit at the same time.
Neither seems overly bothered about the other, they probably see each other every night so quite used to each other by now.

Fat Freddy the greedy Hog from Hoghall in the back garden visiting front Chez Hog.


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