So I think we got a SAS Hog on the scene near the new Chez hog.

This is a classic - hoggy approaches new Chez Hog but senses a disturbance in the force (notice freeze for attention, foot poised, then forehead spike phalanx deployed) then another Hog approaches! The new Chad hog wanders up headbuts original hog in a show of dominance then waltzes in to have a good feed. Our original hoggy just has to chill and wait it's turn. Nature at work folks.

This hog is hungry and on a mission, look at that hoggy go. The along comes Mr.Catte who wants a table, but we only serve Hedgehogs at Chez Hog Mr.Catte.

Either this hoggy is very very thirsty or Hoggies are a bit rubbish at drinking.

So we've got Chez Hog out back - I wonder if we should make it into a chain and open a franchise out front. Reckon we'll get any customers?

So, let's check out Mamahog at the beginning of the month, around the time she made her nest, and as she appears now (I reckon same hoggy, check shading around nose, stripe down forehead and colour or lack thereof around ears), and yeah she's like twice the size. Could be Disco as they both look similarish from the front but I think this is Mama, at least for now. Considering I saw her in the flesh when she was nesting and she was a big hog then, double that and I think she'd be able to start hunting cats for food.
Interesting to see the difference in as little as a month - hope to see the hoglets soon :3

The Megahog seemed to go missing for a while after the fight with Disco, but he's back and well it seems. Here's a compilation of his adventures last night - at one point looks like he rushes off to Mamahog's nest - wonder what's going on there?

At first I thought this giant hoggy was the Megahog who I haven't seen for a few nights - but it looks like this is a new Hoggy in the garden - a female Megahog I reckon.

Think Mega won the dominance battle there - both hogs wander off on their merry way. No harm done (helps being covered in spikes haha)

Megahog leaves Hoghall for a night of snuffling when he senses a disturbance in the force - another hog is approaching - it's another male, it's the Discohog! Epic hedgy fight ensues.

Mamahog is checking out Hoghall - at first I was thinking maybe she was planning on moving house, but now I think she was checking out where her new playmate is at (based on the next video I upload which shows our new resident at Hoghall in colour - gosh!)

We have confirmation, the Megahog has checked in and is staying at Hoghall. Welcome Megahog, we hope you enjoy your stay.

Great the see the half hog half bear in colour for once :)

Not sure what is going on here as it looks like a hoggy is rubbing it's chin on the ground - not sure what this behavior is for or means - it is leaving scent, some kind of territory or mating thing? Guess I'll have to do some research.

Looks like Megahog is having a fine night out - some hog flirting action going on here, shame camera angle is not the best. Still interesting to see them interact

Have you ever considered that what was missing from your life was watching a massive hedgehog having a massive scratch session for 2 minutes straight? If so, then you're in luck, as I have just the video for you!

Guess who forgot to put food out last night until late. So Mamahog is having a snuffle about wondering where Chez Hog went, and guess who strolls up to have some dinner - why it's the Megahog who looks also to have taken up residence in the garden. Not sure she was too impressed with his introduction - let's see how they get on over the next few days and weeks.

Looks like a pesky cat has arrived and interrupted Mama Hog at Chez Hog. Impressive how blindingly fast she balls up when the cat jumps up. Then the spiky ball tips to the side slowly so she can get a peek if the cat has moved on - yep, so back to dinner again as if nothing happened :)

Another new arrival to the garden last night - look at the size of this hoggy! It's a Megahog - still it somehow managed to squeeze itself into Chez Hog for a good nosh. It later squeezes itself into Hoghall for a few minutes - maybe it will set up home?

Pretty sure this is a new vistor to the garden - this one has a white spot mid forehead. Is it staying in Hoghall? We'll have to keep an eye on it and see over the next we nights.

It's 3:10am and Mama Hog is having a last snuffle about before heading back to her nest for some rest. She's visited Chez Hog a few times earlier in the night so she's nice and full.

30 mins later and after staring at the ceiling with Hoggy equivalent thoughts of cheese on toast swirling about her head, Mama Hog is back up and racing to Chez Hog to stuff her pointy little face. Aww :)

Looks like we have a new Hog in the garden - an excitable and flamboyant Hog he is indeed. In this video looks like all is peaceful, nothing is happening, all is quiet - then BOOM the Disco Hog arrives and has a right party it seems. Who is this strange Hog? Why it's the Disco Hog of course!

More noshing action. Hoglets in a couple of weeks I imagine - woo Go Hogs!

Mama Hog is back for some fine dining at Chez Hog. We can tell it's Mama Hog as there is a poor cut by me at the end where we see her return to her nest to sleep or watch Hogflix or something. Is she the mysterious Long Hog? Well we've not seen both together at the same time...

The mysterious Long Hog is back, creeping like a prickly ninja to the food bowl.


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