Learn how to feed your dog at home and healing allergies, joint issues, and much more all by changing the diet. A simple and easy way to learn. Providing your dog with a safe clean diet is key to health and longevity.

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This is about helping a dog that has joint issues, arthritis or sustained an injury. Also for dogs that are healthy. It is important to prevent rather than to treat problems. Stay ahead of the game by starting now.

Homemade Diet For Dogs with detailed information and menus including whole food form of nutrients for pet parents wanting to switch their dog to a species appropriate diet. Step by step details....
This book covers nutrition, herbs, supplements, arthritis and joint issues, natural heartworm prevention, heart disease, storm anxiety, cancer prevention/treatment and allergies. And for that newly rescued dog in your family.
Available in Paperback, Hardcover or Kindle.

Also offering online courses in Natural Health and Nutrition for dogs. Open ended and open book to earn a Certificate of Completion. Then you will be able to help others and provide the best for your dogs as well.
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We are about alternative therapies, raw diets, safe home remedies, canine arthritis and so much more.