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This is about helping a dog that has joint issues, arthritis or sustained an injury. Also for dogs that are healthy. It is important to prevent rather than to treat problems. Stay ahead of the game by starting now.


Supplements are loaded with junk and you really need to dig to find good ones. Even your best most trusted holistic vets or drs selling products...still contain many junk ingredients. Learn the ingredients so you will know.

This book is about making changes in your dog's life to help them to thrive in living a long healthy life instead of just surviving off of kibble. Learning to feed a proper diet (raw or cooked) step-by-step in detail and reduce many illnesses and exposure to toxins. As your dog ages, the joints start to wear, this book helps to eliminate or reduce joint pain drastically by incorporating certain things into your dog's life. This is a complete guide to giving your dog the best throughout their lives.

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Providing Information To Pet Parents Worldwide.

I talk about my personal experiences using Adequan and why I recommend it to dogs that are in a lot of pain and pain meds just aren't doing the trick. Read more about Adequan here: http://bit.ly/AdequanCAJ
FYI- I did NOT mention in the video but many have asked whether to give Sub Q or Intramuscular. Manufacturer recommends Intramuscular due to it works faster than the Sub Q.

Choosing titers over vaccines

How you can help by supplementing your dog with heart disease.

This was supposed to be a short video and became a long one. HA. Talking about joint supplements and my dogs..that kept interrupting me. LOL Good talk.

Used by human and animal chiropractors to adjust the spine. This is simple and easy to use and I help explain how.

When you make the third pass down the spine, you do it just on one side of the spine.. In the video I didn't specify that clearly.
Then feel along to see if the bones feel inline.

This is what I do to help my dogs along with helping others in their time of need.


Learn how to feed your dog at home and healing allergies, joint issues, and much more all by changing the diet. A simple and easy way to learn. Providing your dog with a safe clean diet is key to health and longevity.

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We are about alternative therapies, raw diets, safe home remedies, canine arthritis and so much more.