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Conservatism has failed because: What is left for us to Conserve? It's time for us to acknowledge the problem: Conservatives and Republicans failed to #HoldTheLine. We must change, we must evolve. Our mission can no longer be conservation but restoration. We can no longer just oppose the progressive transformation of American into a Democrat-Socialist state, we must work actively to reverse it.
The first part of solving a problem is admitting you have one: Conservatism is Dead, the Republican Party is dying and we are running out of time. Not merely to just save what's left, but to take back what has been lost.

On this week's #HollowNet Matt is back, and No-One, nobody.. at all is #RootinForPutin and it's insane that the left can conceive that any conservative or republican would. Just because you see and call out Biden embarrassing the United States at every turn doesn't make you a Russian plant, it makes you a concerned citizen.

On this week's #HollowNet, Matt talks about the completely Bullsh*t "threats" to the Capitol that are keeping our troops deployed there indefinitely, and what Congress is hiding: Attacks on the 1st Amendment (House hearings with Big Tech), 2nd Amendment (HR 127), Election Rights (HR1) and the $1.9 Trillion COVID Relief bill that is only about 42% COVID related... But yeah... tell us again how the militia are going up against 5,200 troops please.
Plus we look at the crisis in Myanmar and Hong Kong the media have kept you blind to, and the frightening similarities in rhetoric from the Chinese locking up Hong Kong's pro-decmocracy leaders and Congressional Dems going after the GOP.

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On This week's #HollowNet we talk about the latest political news out of Arizona, a major gaffe from Congresswoman Debbie Lesko and some moves from the state legislature that give us hope for #ElectionIntegrity. Rep. Paul Gosar on the other hand is setting himself up #LikeABoss with millennial and zoomer #conservatives. It's time to #ExpelRINO's and enact #TrumpsRevenge by ousting all of them in the Primaries. As always any public official I criticize or compliment is invited to come on and speak their mind.On and there's more.. .there's alot more...

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On this week's #HollowNet the #ConservativePurge continues as Youtube takes aim at Matt! It's time to consider supporting ALL of your favorite conservative & libertarian creators (not just us) directly because very soon Facebook and Youtube will purge all of us. Consider Gab, Minds, MeWe, Bitchute & Rumble. #Pelosi fans the flames and doesn't care about unity, #Antifa don't want #Biden, They Want Revenge and Youtube can't stop Biden's videos from getting Ratio'd to hell. Welcome to the #DarkWinter.

On this #HollowNetLIVE, Matt reports on the news coming from Washington, DC in real-time (please note: there are some serious technical issues that have since been corrected) This is a supercut of Matt's Updates throughout the day beginning with the breach of the Capitol building.

During Nov. 6th Coverage of the #CountTheVotes Rally in Phoenix, The #HollowNet unknowingly captured the #BuffaloMan 's speech with exclusive video!
His speech transcribed:
"They've infiltrated levels of government like the President Obama and the Vice President Biden. This has been going on for nearly 100 years. You need to understand this is the same New World Order that is bringing dystopia to communist China and in Venezuela. Its a New World Order...Through the media, through compartmentalization of American Citizens and that includes black, white, gay, straight, republican, democrat, left, right, conservative, liberal. WE are all Americans. We all believe in the Constitution, right? Now I'd like to say these communists are pushing Karl Marx theology. Now Marx was a 33rd degree mason, he was a satanist, he said he wanted to dethrone God. Washington was also a mason."

"That's why they tried to steal this election because they knew they couldn't win it! That is why they are trying to steal anything or everything they can! Whether it be our resources, whether it be our votes, whether it be our news corporations, our entertainers. Okay? Our policies."

"Now how is it these people are sold out? Believe it or not these communist networks these globalists these child sex trafficking rings use photos to bribe politicians, entertainers and CEO's."

"These people do not care about Americans, bringing Karl Marx and Satanism to the United States of America."

"With all that said! I have just one more thing to say! It is you ladies and gentlemen who are going to be the leaders in the rebirth of America! Just like with every birth there is what seems to be chaos, there's blood there's screaming, there's "oh my God", but at the end of the birth, when the child is born all of that chaos is forgotten about. And we will have a new nation! When we take it back! Thank you for your cooperation, God Bless you and God Bless America!"

As Matt returns from Christmas break, the January 6th Joint Session of Congress to count the Electoral college votes is nearly upon us. Riots in Portland and Seattle present a possible preview of the mass unrest we could see in either result. Nancy Pelosi's house was vandalized by.... "White Nationalists"!?!?!? Since when do they demand Universal Basic Income?!?!? #Antifa is real, #Antifa is the threat, #Antifa ARE FASCISTS.

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On this week's #HollowNet, we talk about the damning testimony coming out of the Election2020 hearings and the fact that our state legislatures are the most powerful legal bodies in the United States! Don't believe me? Check it out!

On this week's #HollowNet we talk about peace at Christmas between the disparate parties of our nation. We have the right to #DemandInvestigation and #StopTheSteal. 74 million Americans (at least, probably more) believe wholeheartedly that Presiden Trump won the Election. So why NOT investigate? We spent four years and 32 million on #RussiaGate after all... There can be no reconciliation or reunification until there is first a full, complete, meticulous, national-level investigation.

Why aren't prominent GOP officials standing and fighting with "overwhelming evidence" of election fraud & irregularity? Why did so many on the left vote for the same kind of establishment DNC candidate? Why are so many people being cowed and obeying COVID restrictions and mask requirements? The brutal combination of a fear campaign and weaponized normalcy bias.

This show was produced immediately prior to the AP, Fox, MSNBC, ABC & CNN prematurely calling the election for Joe Biden. This is far from over. The irregularities have been manifold, many and staggering. The hubris of stealing an American Presidential Election is unimaginable, yet we stand today with the MSM & DNC joining hands in doing so. With AZ, PA, NC, NV, GA still counting. With mandatory recounts in multiple states, calling this election at this time was incredibly rash and will have consequences because no matter who wins in the end ( I believe it will be Trump) faith in our electoral system has been shattered PERMANENTLY.


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On this week's spooky #HALLOWEEN2020 #HollowNet, The scariest thing is the lengths the Left & the #MSM will go to in defense of #JoeBiden.From forcing #GlennGreenwald to resign from his own company, to flipping a story of Trump supporters being forced off a highway in Texas to blaming the Trump supporters! It's really more a case of bumper cars, and the Biden bus started it... (We have video, for the record noone's completely innocent they're still lying..) It's getting scary out there. Don't forget to #Vote2020 like your life depends on it, because at this rate, it actually might.

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The HollowNet is a Millennial, Constitutional, Conservative commentary on the 21st Century American Republic in an increasingly Progressive, Globalist world. The Goal of "The HollowNet" is to establish a forum of discourse and representation for the Millennial Conservatives and more than that to bring about earnest political conversation again.
Our nation has become a divided one, and it's a simple truth that we need to keep talking. There are some things that we're never going to agree on; and that's okay! We are a country built on debate and disagreement. There are some things though that I know we can come together on.

Tomorrow belongs to those who can unite America and return her to what she should be, the shining city on the hill. Where a difference of opinion doesn't get you called a racist or a homophobe, where belief in God is something to be celebrated not shamed, but mostly where everyone is accepted along with their beliefs.
I am proud to be a Millennial Conservative, there is no shame in my political, religious and philosophical opinions. And I am done apologizing for them.
Together we have to decide, can we live as one again?

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