ONE DAY after we hear Justin and Hailey Bieber have postponed their wedding ceremony indefinitely…there’s word that Hailey is calling DIVORCE LAWYERS.
Have the trust issues and personal problems FINALLY taken their toll? We’re getting into that right now…whether you SHIP Jailey or NOT…you’re going to want to hear this news.

Is Kylie Jenner pregnant with baby number 2?! After she posted this picture with Stormi her fans IMMEDIATELY started thinking that she was and now I don’t know what to think. Get your investigation caps out party people because we’re about to dive into the theory as to WHY Kylie’s fans believe she’s pregnant again RIGHT NOW.

BIG NEWS in Kylie Jenner’s friend group.. No Jordyn woods is NOT back in the circle… actually someone else got the boot! ALSO… Kylie’s fans think she’s pregnant thanks to an Old Wive’s tale…. Yeah we are talking dissecting this hippy dippy theory! And the marital problems plaguing Justin and Hailey Bieber are seemingly getting worse.. are they bringing in a divorce lawyer? Finally, we’ve got some good marital news… Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams are engaged!!! Let’s get into this piping hot tea right now on Hollyscoop’s Daily Rewind!

Kylie Jenner is finding it REAL CHALLENGING to trust Travis Scott while he’s on tour…While he tries to show her his loyalty on her latest SCANDALOUS post.
PLUS…get this you guys…sources close to Hollyscoop are saying Kylie FIRED her assistant Victoria and I have a theory as to WHY. FINALLY…Tristan Thompson may be the biggest douchebag in the world…but Khloe Kardashian says their time together was worth it because of THIS REASON. We’re talking all the latest KarJenner tea right now so stay right here.

Move over Jacob Sartorius…Millie Bobby Brown has a NEW guy in her life, who is just as famous and cute. And, Nicki Minaj is addressing those Marriage rumors and weighs in on whether or not she secretly tied the knot with controversial boyfriend Kenneth Petty.We’re talking about these celebs and their relationships right now so stay right where you’re at.

Kylie Jenner is terrified that she will end up like big sis khloe… a single mom, while Travis Scott is freaking out that kylie won’t marry him because of cheating allegations! Speaking of marriage the bieber’s can’t get their -ish together… they’ve postponed their religious ceremony for a fourth time! And Kourtney Kardashian gets ripped a new one for a big photoshop fail! You do not want to miss any of this juicy news so stay right there for Hollyscoop’s Daily Rewind!

Just when Hailey Bieber tried to DENY her and Justin’s marital problems…we find out the couple is postponing their long-awaited wedding ceremony for the FOURTH TIME. Could it have to do with Shawn Mendes giving Hailee’s photo a like… or Selena Gomez getting back into the spotlight and looking better than ever? Something is DEFINITELY up with these two and we’re going to get into it right now so stay tuned.

Kylie Jenner is FREAKING out that her relationship is going to end like Big Sis Khloe’s…Travis Scott does NOT want that to happen…instead he wants to meet her down the aisle.PLUS…the photo shop police are CALLING Kourtney Kardashian OUT. AND the details on WHY Khloe is STILL defending Tristan. We’re talking about all of this KarJenner tea right now so stay tuned.

Our Favorite Celebrity couple, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott haven’t been able to shake the cheating allegations and possibly headed for a breakup! Speaking of rocky relationships… Hailey Bieber has had IT with those negative headlines about her and Justin’s marriage. Shane Dawson is in hot water after claiming to have semi-sexual relations with his cat! Yeah weird… gross and oh so uncomfortable, so let’s get into all of this right now on Hollyscoop’s Daily Rewind!

Hailey Bieber breaks her silence on ALL of those marital problems we keep hearing about with her and The Biebs. PLUS…TMZ reported this weekend that Paris Jackson was hospitalized due to an attempted suicide…however according to her that is NOT true…at ALL. FINALLY…we need to talk about my girl Demi Lovato because she recently got real about her relapse on social media. We’re talking all about your fav celebs right now so stay right where you’re at.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have reportedly NOT repaired their relationship since those cheating rumors and they don’t have any plans to fix it for now. PLUS…Jordyn Woods might not have her best friend back but that’s not stopping her from making SEVERAL money moves since the scandal broke. On top of that we need to talk about Khloe Kardashian commenting on Tristan Thompson’s fathering abilities AND the birthday party Dream threw for her dad Rob Kardashian over the weekend. We’re talking about all the KarJenner news you missed this weekend RIGHT NOW so stay here to catch up.

The Kardashian sisters were out celebrating Khloe being single! Also, Khloe sent some major shade Tristan's way using baby True. And Kendall Jenner was finally able to get Hailey Bieber out of the house! We are discussing all this and more on an all new Moments of the Week!

Jordyn Woods is quickly making her way back into kylie’s circle of friends after this friend just liked her Instagram post! Trouble is still on the horizon for Mr. and Mrs. Bieber, Justin is really struggling to find happiness! & Youtuber Olivia Jade is mortified about the entire college admissions scandal and is not going back to school! The tea is hot and were discussing all this and more on an all new Daily Rewind!

Remember Scott Disick's sweet Woman Crush post for Khloe Kardashian that I filled you in on? While we might have seen it as a sweet gesture it had his girlfriend Sofia Richie asking where her post is?!PLUS…YouTuber Olivia Jade is reportedly FURIOUS at her famous parents over their college scam being exposed. Oh and it’s worth mentioning the college career that she didn’t really want in the first place is OFFICIALLY OVER. FINALLY…Lily Singh is making HISTORY…as she is set to get her OWN late night show. We’re talking the latest social media and youtube news you need to know right now so stay right where you’re at.

Khloe Kardashian uses baby True to send a very strong and SHADY MESSAGE Tristan Thompson’s way. Justin Bieber admits Hailey doesn’t love him anymore in awkward video…. And it just gets more awkward from there! And YouTuber olivia jade was spotted partying on a yacht while her mom goes to jail… and she may just gift us with a vlog surrounding the whole College Bribe scandal! This is all coming up right now on Hollyscoop’s Daily Rewind

Khloe Kardashian throws some MAJOR shade at Tristan Thompson and sends his absentee father self a message by dressing True in THIS. PLUS…YouTuber Olivia Jade was spotted on a yacht enjoying life and partying it up while all of this college admissions scam is going on… but we may be hearing her side of things in the very near future! Olivia’s older sister on the other hand…Isabella Rose is taking the OPPOSITE approach as she was seen hiding her face. We’re talking the latest news you need to know right now so stay right where you’re at.

Justin Bieber posts some interesting Instagram Stories of him and his wife Hailey and let’s just say this isn’t the most uncomfortable one. PLUS…Cardi B clapped back at fans who think she’s pregnant in well…the most Cardi way. We’re talking the latest with your favorites right now so stay right where you’re at.

Jordyn Woods is looking at the glass half full when it comes to her relationship with Khloe Kardashian because she’s not ready to give up just yet. PLUS…Tristan Thompson celebrated his birthday yesterday…I have the details on IF Khloe reached out. FINALLY…Scott Disick caused some MAJOR confusion when he named Khloe as his crush and NOT his long time girlfriend Sofia Richie. I’m talking the latest with your favorite famous fam right now so stay tuned.

Khloe, Kylie , Kim and Kourt Were out on the Town Celebrating Life Sans Jordyn and Khloe’s Newly Single Title .While Kendall Jenner Finally Was Able to Coerce Hailey Bieber out of the House and Away from Justin - and Major Legal Trouble Is Plaguing Youtuber Olivia Jade! In the Words of Kris Jenner, This Is a Case for the Fbi and We Are About to Break It down Right Now on Hollyscoops Daily Rewind!

Khloe Kardashian apparently did NOT make the cut when it came to becoming the next bachelorette. PLUS…I have a Jailey update for you guys. Hailey is reportedly a VERY proud wifey now that Justin is being open with his fans about his mental health. FINALLY…Nicki Minaj has her European venues SCRAMBLING after she cancelled her show in France which ended with her own fans chanting Cardi B’s name. We’re talking the latest with your fav celebs right now so stay tuned.

YouTuber Olivia Jade is potentially getting TAKEN DOWN…and not by YouTube itself…oh no…I’m talking by the FBI. PLUS…James Charles is now being DRAGGED for threatening to sue a fan over a FAKED DM. FINALLY…YouTubers Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman have OFFICIALLY SPLIT after 12 years together. We’re talking all about the latest YouTube news you need to know right now so stay tuned.

Ariana Grande is spotted out with ANOTHER one of her exes and no I’m not talking about Big Sean. PLUS…Pete Davidson FINALLY addressed Kate Beckinsale being his girlfriend on Saturday Night Live…And now we know HOW she feels about him essentially confirming their relationship. FINALLY…it sounds like Tristan Thompson is finally dealing with a big fat case of REGRET as he’s reportedly VERY JEALOUS of Khloe Kardashians recent girls getaway…and get this NOW he misses her. UH I CAN’T WITH HIM. We’re talking about all of these exes and their drama right now so stay right here.

Selena Gomez STUNS in her new music video with J Balvin for I Can’t Get Enough…While Justin Bieber is reportedly two steps behind her as he’s working on his NEXT studio album. We’re talking the latest with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez right now so stay right here.

Kylie Jenner might NOT have met up with Jordyn Woods over the weekend but that’s not stopping her from BEGGING her to come back into her life. PLUS…Khloe Kardashian is reportedly ready to go under the knife to get her NEW revenge body post Tristan Thompson split. On top of that we need to talk about Momma Kris taking some SERIOUS action when it comes to the families lawsuit against Blac Chyna AND the fact that Sofia Richie clapped back to hater of her and Scott Disick’s relationship. I’ve got the latest Kar-Jenner tea you need to know right now and as always it’s HOT.

Kylie Jenner seems to have changed her TUNE towards Jordyn and is now begging her ex bestie to come back into her life! Khloe Kardashian may be living her best life in Vegas post breakup… but when she gets back she reportedly plans to go under the knife for some major reconstructive surgery! Finally.. speaking of breakups…. Ariana Grande is seen out grabbing a romantic dinner with her EX boyfriend.. Graham Phillips!
This ain't the first ex she’s been spotted with since her broken engagement so hang tight and stay right there for Hollyscoop’s Daily Rewind!


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