OKAYYY… W T F …Blac Chyna is promoting something seriously odd.. and rather brave on her part for the society we live in right now.. because THIS girl is telling us all to buy her SKIN LIGHTENING CREAM.

Hailey Bieber.. you’ve got some direct family competition.. because Justin Bieber has put his music career to the side..just for a bit ..as he starts his own clothing line called DREW HOUSE!

Travis Scott did the sweetest thing and called Kylie Jenner his Wife in front of thousands during his latest performance during the Astroworld Tour! Also, hailey Baldwin has officially changed her name to Hailey Bieber on Instagram! We have all this and more on an all new Daily Rewind!

Remember when Noah Cyrus was dating Lil Xan?? Yes i know it was for a hot second but doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.. HOWEVER Noah kinda wishes it didn’t.. she says dating him was a mistake!

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie go to dinner with Kourtney Kardashian once and NOW seem to run into her whenever they’re out on the town. That’s right…apparently all members of this never ended love triangle had a little run in this weekend that started out REAL AWKWARD and ended in another meal…TOGETHER. I have the details on Scott…Sofia and Kourtney’s night out right now so stay right there.

Men.. who needs them right?? Well that's exactly what Ariana grande is saying today because she’s kissing a girl in her latest instagram picture! Ari took to instagram to share a new picture.. we love a new upload from the queen however THIS is something we would have never expected a few months ago.

Khloe Kardashian might have kept things mature in the delivery room but prior to Keeping Up With the Kardashians…she revealed on Instagram that she did some not so mature things to Tristan before all of that was filmed. I’m breaking down WHAT Khloe revealed in the comments of her latest post PLUS what went down during last night's Keeping Up right now…so stay tuned. ‘

Travis Scott on stage this weekend professed his love for HIS WIFE Kylie Jenner. If this isn't enough to make you believe my theory that Kylie and Travis secretly tied the knot THEN...Kylie instagrammed these adorable pictures of Travis and Stormi...and his comment is the proof you need to see. If all of that wasn't enough to talk about...Stormi also said her first words...and guess who they were about?! Yeah we have a lot of Scott family news to discuss so stay right there!

If you were still holding out hope that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin didn’t tie the knot during that spontaneous courtroom ceremony...well it’s time to let it go. Because we now officially have to call Hailey Baldwin...Hailey Bieber as she changed her name on Instagram...which of course caused fans to lose...their...MINDS. We’re talking all about the Biebers right now so stay tuned.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and you know what that means… YES eating a TON of food, but also, getting up at the crack of dawn for Black Friday SHOPPING!!! You know we love shopping, fashion and beauty here at Hollyscoop, so we are here to guide you through Black Friday and tell you WHAT TO KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR!! This is all coming up right now on Hollyscoop’s Trending Topics!

Today it’s National Absurdity Day (who knew?) and we are counting down our favorite Absurd celebrity moments, from Justin looking like he was on crack, to Lil Tay being exposed on the internet! Which moment was your favorite? Which moment did we miss? Let us know all you thoughts in the comments below!

Apparently after Nicki Minaj’s thirsty acceptance speech Michael b Jordan can’t stop thinking about her! Also, we finally got a chance to see how it was like in the delivery room with Khloe Kardashian as news broke of Tristan’s cheating scandal. We are discussing all this and more on an all new Moments of the Week!

An EX of justin bieber’s is SPEAKING OUT about his marriage to Hailey Baldwin…and no…it’s not Selena Gomez. Luckily, the biebs and his beau aren’t phased by the blast from the past because their social media PDA reached new levels today. Let’s get into it right now.

Demi Lovato has NO time for people defending those who betrayed her. Demi went OFF about her former backup dancer Dani Vitale…yes the one who many blamed for her overdose…after a fan questioned Demi’s decision to fire her. Demi did not hold back and we need to talk about it right now…so stay tuned.

BREAKING NEWS PEOPLE: ARIANA GRANDE CUT HER ICONIC PONYTAIL. And we NEED to talk about it. PLUS pete davidson made his first solo red carpet debut since his split. Keep watching for all the info.

You all know I was a little surprised yesterday when it was revealed that Khloe Kardashian would be heading to Cleveland for the upcoming holiday to spend it with True and Tristan ALONE but NOW we have a little more insight as to WHY she made this decision… PLUS we now how long she plans on staying. There’s always a silver lining people! We're talking all things Khloe and Tristan right now so stay tuned.

The KarJenners had a SECRET meeting with Tristan Thompson and Kim Kardashian spilled all the details about it…including how she doesn’t buy his apology OR remorse. We have lots to discuss, so let’s waste no time.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and you know what that means… YES eating a TON of food, but also, getting up at the crack of dawn for Black Friday SHOPPING!!! You know we love shopping, fashion and beauty here at Hollyscoop, so we are here to guide you through Black Friday and tell you WHAT TO KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR!! This is all coming up right now on Hollyscoop’s Trending Topics!

Kourtney Kardashian just sent a shady yet subtle message to Sofia Richie on Instagram! Also, Hailey Baldwin was just caught creeping on Selena Gomez! All this and more on an all new Daily Rewind!

The KarJenners threw baby girl Dream a lavish fairy tale themed birthday party but the event was crashed by a couple of uninvited guests…A couple of six legged…winged…completely VILE guests. Yes my friends…there were roaches. All over the dessert table. If you’re eating something right now, put it down because this news is gonna make your stomach turn. Stick around.

CLEARLY Hailey Baldwin needs to go back and listen to TLC so she can learn how to creep on the DOWN LOW because she was just caught keeping tabs on Selena Gomez. Yep…Hailey Baldwin was just caught “accidentally following” a Selena fan account…and let’s just say the Jelena shipper in me just about lost my damn mind. We’re talking all things Hailey creeping on Selena RIGHT NOW so stay right there.

Kourtney Kardashian's latest Instagram post with ex baby daddy Scott Disick is SUPER Shady...BECAUSE it came shortly after we heard that Sofia Richie STILL feels like the third wheel with these two. Seems to me like Kourtney was trying to send a little message to Sofia. Clearly we have a lot to discuss with these three so stay right where you're at.

It's no secret that Justin Bieber has been quite emotional in public lately…and now that we have more info for you guys in regards to his break from music...I can kind of see why. Unfortunately it sounds like the Biebs is feeling unhappy...unsettled...and all around not great. I have the latest up to date info on Justin's music hiatus...how he's feeling...and if we should be blaming Hailey as much for it as we did previously…so stay tuned.

Demi Lovato is letting all those fat shamers out there know… she heard you and she is going to kick your BOOTY! Our girl is getting back in the MMA training game post rehab and re-centering her mind!

Sofia Richie is feeling Like a 3rd wheel with Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian DESPITE the strides Scott has taken to make her feel like the number one woman in his life. We're talking the latest drama with this never ending love triangle...and trust me this is some tea you want to hear.


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