Ariana and Pete Davidson? Forget that! The talk of the town right now is all about Ariana and her ex…BIG SEAN. The songstress just revealed the cover art for her thank u next LP, and the title of the last song has fans SHOOK…because it looks like it could be a diss track about Jhene Aiko, Big Sean’s current flame. Khloe Kardashian is also causing some confusion with her posts about betrayal, nervous breakdowns, and healing from trauma…I’m spilling the tea, stick around.

The KarJenner sisters are skeptical about Rob’s new romance, but Kris Jenner is thrilled about it…maybe because the drama between the couple and Rob’s ex, Chyna, means dollar signs for keeping up with the Kardashians. And trust, with Chyna involved, there’s ALWAYS drama. In fact, cops went to her house after a call was made claiming that she was drunk and endangering dreams life. Plus, Justin Bieber is catching heat for supporting Chris Brown…I'm getting into the dirty details, keep watching.

It’s been a tough day for some of our favorite social media stars.
The Dolan twins are mourning the loss of their father while also attempting to keep his memorial services private and personal. Simone Giertz just revealed that her brain tumor has returned, and she’s seeking treatment to get rid of it, and Jake Paul is struggling with a snake…the youtuber is gearing up to dish some major dirt about someone he knows that has done him wrong! I have the inside info, let’s get to it.

We may be rolling our eyes at Kendall Jenner’s Proactiv product placement…but the skincare brand is forced to stand behind her…and her questionable posts. But Kenny doesn’t seem to be too worried about any of it…because her relationship with Ben Simmons continues to heat up…the two are on solid ground. But brother Rob Kardashian’s relationship isn’t…Rob’s older sisters are terrified that Alexis Skyy is using him for fame…and they’re freaking out about how it’ll impact baby Dream. PLUS, Yolanda Hadid just clapped back at a troll who accused her daughters of plastic surgery... I’ve got the latest coming up for you right now.

Pete Davidson just WENT THERE…the comedian made another joke about Ariana Grande…but this time, it wasn’t about their engagement….it was about her sex life with Big Sean. I don’t think Ari will be laughing at that one…and Fans of Demi Lovato are concerned that the singer broke up with her new boyfriend, Henri Levy because she was MIA from his fashion show… I have the inside scoop on all these stories right now, so let’s get to it.

Jusitn Bieber is defending Chris Brown against his charges in Paris, and praising the artistt! At the Same time, his marriage with Hailey Baldwin has been put on the backburner against as the couple has pushed back the date for the Wedding Celebration! We are discussing all this and more on an all new Daily Rewind!

Although the two have broken up not once...BUT TWICE...Gigi Hadid is reportedly hopeful that her and Zayn Malik will find their way back to a good place soon. PLUS...another couple who knows a thing or two about breaking up...and then making up FOR GOOD...Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. Apparently, these two are in such a good place...they might be ready to start adding to their family soon. I've got the details on Zigi and the Hemsworth's right now and trust me you need to catch up on this couple news.

Days after Kylie Jenner stirred up pregnancy rumors…she decides to make everyone think ONCE AGAIN that her and Travis secretly tied the knot with her recent Instagram post. Let’s just say it’s a good thing Google translate exists. PLUS…someone else who revealed she was missing her husband… Cardi B. Her and Offset’s future just got a little more complicated as it’s been announced that she will have her first Las Vegas residency here soon! I’m talking all things Kylie and Cardi right now so stay here to catch up.

I didn't think this whole Chris Brown Paris situation could get any more interesting but then we learn that Chris Breezy plans on SUING the alleged rape victim for defaming his character. PLUS...he's not letting this drama stop him from getting things done...as he made sure to let fans know he's already back to work. And that is something Justin Bieber CLEARLY supports…as he made sure to let Chris know he supports him. We're going to break down all of this Chris Brown news right now and trust me you're going to want to get caught up.

UH OH Jailey shippers this is some news you are NOT going to be happy to hear. Justin and Hailey Bieber have POSTPONED their wedding ceremony AGAIN for the third time. While I see this as a kind of red flag…the Biebs does NOT. He is reportedly still excited for him and Hailey’s future as a couple…AND family. In fact they’re doing anything to prevent a pregnancy if you know what I mean…so HEY…maybe that’s the reason they’re postponing again?! I’m getting ahead of myself here…EITHER WAY this is some SERIOUS Bieber news people and trust me you need to hear it.

Drake and The Weeknd are OFFICIALLY in a feud...as Drake just did what all celebs do when they have a problem with someone...unfollow them on Instagram. PLUS...in other music news Ariana Grande blessed Arianators with the track list for her album that is now CONFIRMED to come out on Feb 8th and let's just say they all about lost it.

This will be the wedding of 2019 for all you Hailey and Justin shippers.. its just a matter of time before we’ll get to see that wedding dress! But right now.. I’ve got some more exciting news for you because we finally know who Hailey’s bridesmaids will be.. listen up!

This will be the wedding of 2019 for all you Hailey and Justin shippers.. its just a matter of time before we’ll get to see that wedding dress! But right now.. I’ve got some more exciting news for you because we finally know who Hailey’s bridesmaids will be.. listen up!

Kourtney Kardashian received some MAJOR shade from fans for her recent Instagram post. Not only did they roast her for always liking younger men but they also pointed out that the guy on her right looks just like her ex Younes Bendjima. PLUS...one day after Kourtney admits she wants to be in love...we hear that deep down she is SUPER jealous of the love Scott Disick and Sofia Richie have because she's LONELY.

AWKWARD in the Kar Jenner clan because it looks like Sofia Richie and Kylie Jenner are a lot closer than we thought.. and speaking about the Jenners, Kendall was seen out and about, supporting her man Ben Simmons WITH HIS MOM. OH LA LA

Chris Brown was recently arrested in Paris after some pretty shocking charges! Also, Ariana Grande is planning on ruining every couples Valentine's day by dropping her Album that’s bound to make everyone want to be single! We are discussing all this and more on an all-new Daily Rewind!

Broken marriages and engagements really have some of our fav celebs SHOOK. Cardi B admitted that she wants to go home and basically get back to how things USED to be with Offset. PLUS…Pete Davidson lost his mind and made SEVERAL inappropriate jokes during his latest stand up performance. Oh and once again he talked about his dick. WE GET…IT’S SMALL. We’re talking all things Cardi…Pete and how their breakups have them clearly SHOOK right now.

I've got everything you need to know about Logan Pauls rumored relationship with Corinna Kopf and WHY we think they’re dating PLUS if you heard that Jojo Siwa invited Justin Bieber to her birthday party.. you might just be right! keep on watching for all the scoop

Chris Brown has BROKEN HIS SILENCE since getting arrested overnight in france! New details surrounding the allegations HAVE come out AND CHRIS BREEZY is defending himself! You’re going to want to stick around for this

Cardi B has been very active in all facets of her life as of late! from wanting her cheating husband back… to getting kulture back to healthy… to now politics! Yep, our girl Cardi b is letting her voice be heard in the political arena and despite her Bardi gang persona… the woman knows what she’s talking about!

Niall Horan has A LOT of love for Ariana Grande...does this mean we could have a future little fling on our hands...because I'll be honest I'm here for it.
PLUS Ari was all about spilling tea on Twitter and it sounds like she's going to drop a NEW album here in potentially just a few weeks and according to her she's about to ruin EVERYONE'S Valentines Day. We have so much Ariana news...so you Arianators are going to want to stay right here and listen up!

Remember when Rob Kardashian claimed last week that him and Alexis Skyy are NOT hanging out to get back at Blac Chyna...well apparently that's NOT the case. Oh and it’s worth mentioning that Chyna has made it clear Alexis will NEVER meet Dream. PLUS...the cops reportedly had to visit Blac Chyna's house AGAIN. And we have more details on that original anonymous 911 call. Sources close to Chyna say she thinks Rob was behind the whole thing. FINALLY...Ryan Seacrest is about to find himself right smack dab in the middle of the KarJenners verse Chyna lawsuit. I have all the details on this Rob and Chyna news right now...and trust me this is ALL stuff you need to hear.

It looks like apologies are in order after Logan Paul causes yet ANOTHER controversy…SURPRISE SURPRISE…ALSO, Ariana Grande is now apologizing for MORE 7 Rings backlash, stay tuned to find out what Ari has to say.

Youtube stars are making headlines this week, let's be honest THEYRE ALWAYS MAKING HEADLINES…First up…Bhad baby’s makeup collar is BLOWING UP. Second Shane Dawson teased a new conspiracy video series AND the Dolan twins share some sad news about their father, sit tight for all of this and more

Kylie Jenner sparks pregnancy rumors with just one simple tweet AND Zayn Maliks ex Perrie Edwards has ZERO sympathy for her former FIANCE…sit tight to find out why!


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