There has been an intruder squirrel coming into the house and eating all my food for months. I seal up the walls he comes in, but finds another way in every day while I'm at work. He didn't count on me being home today, though. After this fiasco, I have finally solved the problem of the intruder squirrel coming into the living quarters of my house once and for all.

Compilation video of things observed from both the BMW and the Corvette.

After changing the front brakes in September when they went out at the Corvette Funfest in Effingham Illinois, I've had this suspicious thumping noise emitting from the front wheels while driving and I've finally had enough of listening to it.

How much oil does it take to fill a lawn mower? How do you change lawn mower oil? Watch and find out

After months of sitting through the winter, and stalling out after the last video, I check the fuel pump the easy way in the 1986 BMW 528e. I show the best way to clean the fouled spark plugs in the e28 also and now she's road ready...til it breaks again as usual.

This is the procedure to reset the engine oil life monitor light inside the BMW e38 after an oil change.

Using the BMII Scanner from iCarsoft I clear the DTC P1634 and show you how to clean the throttle body and check for vacuum leaks to insure there are no misfires and whether the throttle valve adaption spring test is being performed or if you have a complete throttle body failure.

Cavalier can't decide which lane he wants to be in (to be the fastest). Also has a busted suspension and body damage (probably from driving like a jerk and crashing into people previously). Just another day driving in the city.

Traffic laws don't apply to St. Louis City Traffic trucks. Especially truck number 18-511. Super especially those pesky red lights. Only us mere mortal peasants must stop oat those. Working for the city gives you license to break any and all laws.

A tutorial on how to remove the antenna from the top of your BMW e38 and clean it up. Plus, I show off the new roof magnet.

As you may know from a previous video one year ago, after the installation of the new windshield, when it rains constantly for days or violently for even a short period if time, my interior (front right) begins to fill with water. After a failed attempt to blow a clog out from the drains with compressed air, it is now assumed the silicone securing the windshield to the car has clogged the sun roof drains, causing water to back up into the car's interior. This has flooded my glove box more than once. Soaked the floor, and caused the car to crank but not start. Securing a large magnet to the roof that covers the sun roof has fixed the problem.

The old magnet blew off the other day after driving 80 mph on the highway. It was 24" tall x 40" wide. It provided minimal grip. This new magnet is 32" tall by 42" wide. It provides 2.6 square feet more magnetic grip surface and should not blow off.

Drove the wife's car to work last night and thought the car was gonna vibrate apart. Every slight change in terrain would cause a massive clunk. This is a how-to video on changing the front struts and sway bar end links on a 2005 Dodge Neon SXT.

I received a letter via FedEx from a producer on the "Judge Jerry" show reference my small claims filing against the jerk who crashed into my car and decided he was too important to hang around for police or apologize or discuss how he planned on paying for my damages. Here's what the letter said.

Music by
Paul Romero, Rob King, Steve Baca
Heroes of Might and Magic II, Battle 3
Heroes of Might and Magic III, Scenario Victory

My first every podcast upload. I sit in front of the camera and microphone and give my take on St. Louis City drivers. This comes after an online accusation that the reason my cars are being wrecked every few months by bad drivers is my own fault, despite half the time my cars are parked and unoccupied. The other half the time I am obeying all traffic laws and subsequently wrecked by someone else who is not.

Intro music: Heroes of Might and Magic 2, Battle 3
Credit Music: Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Scenario Victory
by: Paul Romero, Rob King, Steve Baca

We have a couple of last minute entries for the bad driver/pedestrians of February 2019, and some parking meter antics. Lastly, how to maximize your parking meter money like a boss.

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the Mission Impossible
Song by Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. They own that, duh. I am using it for comedic purposes

Update on the progress of body damage repair from the -1-11-2019 collision involving my BMW e38 740iL. We also look at some of the tools I'll be using to repair the damage. We'll look at the results of the final wheel alignment after installing the new rear adjustable control and camber arms.

*Bonus content! I'll include information on form 1140, the police report of the crash, my upcoming civil lawsuit against Walker, and lastly future repair videos to come once this weather breaks.

Installing the new rear control arms (allowing more toe adjustment) and the new camber arms (formerly known as a guide link with no adjustment) to a fully adjustable camber arm to increase or decrease camber, independent of the eccentric bolt in the swing arm.

It seems there are different tail light designs for the BMW e38. When I plug the harness into the new tail light plug it fails to illuminate the lights and I get numerous check lights. New tail light set is ordered and will arrive in a week. Video to follow. For now, enjoy watching me learn things.

Less than one week of driving, driving the same route, this is what I see. Glad I finally got the dash camera in the BMW. think about what all you've been missing by me driving this car without the camera, or when I'm too lazy to pull the Vette footage.

My semi-annual firearm qualification with the Walther P99. 50 rounds, one target. 48 body shots to center mass and two shots to the head.

In this video I discuss how the alignment shop will either turn you away or fail to properly align your wheels without the proper weights. Also, BMW factory parts will not allow a zero camber or toe in the back, so prepare to have to buy aftermarket guide links and control arms for the rear that allow for more camber and toe adjustment.

Two days after the uninsured disrespectful entitled jerk crashed into my 7-series and merrily skipped away in his POS Ford Escape, we asses the damage and talk repairs and the future of the recently restored but not completely finished e38 project.

This video was recorded prior to the destruction of the e38 by the uninsured driver of the Ford. This video is an explanation of how to easily and properly change the rear brake hoses on the BMW e38.

One minute and 30 seconds into my drive home after a day of working, a stereotypical uninsured black motorist crashed into the back of my recently restored BMW e38. One week after completing everything on the to-do list, I was rewarded by being rear-ended. The car is not drive-able in the current condition. The tail light assembly was completely destroyed, and the brake lights, parking lights, and turn signals don't work (thus illegal to drive). rear quarter panel is crinkled . rear bumper cracked and a giant hole punched through the bumper cover. The aluminum bumper behind the cover is visible (unknown if bent). Unknown other damages. Will keep posted on how the lawsuit and the repairs go. This is the 2nd crash I've been involved in within 7 months with this vehicle. Both times while parked by a black uninsured driver. My Corvette was also crashed into by an uninsured black female driver in June 2017. Moral of the story..."can't have anything nice"-Matthew Hudson 2019

First dash cam bad driver footage captured by the BMW dash camera. St. Louis City/Jefferson County edition. JeffCo hoosiers drive just as badly as the fellas and their lovely ladies do in the city.

After completing the rear suspension refresh on the bmw e38 (both left and right side) I have concluded the following order of operations will make the repair go the easiest and the fastest way possible. Learn from my experience so that you may be able to complete this task more quickly than me by saving time and energy.


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This channel will mostly feature vehicle "how to's" along with occasional dash camera footage reference automobiles. The vehicles that I own are a 1993 Corvette LT1, 2000 BMW 740iL, and 2010 Camaro SS. These vehicles will be the bulk of vehicles featured in the repair videos. Occasionally I work on other people's cars and will feature that content as well.

As bonus content any random things I deem video worthy. Lastly I am always proud of my outstanding marksmanship during my annual and semi-annual qualification at the shooting range for work. Body camera footage of that, and any juicy encounters with criminals will also be uploaded. Enjoy.