In this video I show how to replace the lower ball joints and the sway bar end links on a 2002 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (P71). This Panther car uses the older suspension setup with 'shocks on the front and a steering box' vs 'struts on the front & rack and pinion' found on the 2003 and up.

The good news is you don't need to remove the upper ball joint or the strut (because there are no struts) to replace the lower ball joint. The bad news is it still sucks but it could be worse.

A huge compilation of expired paper plates and the usual bad drivers. We also have footage of a guest stalker who swings by the house to record and photograph. For some strange reason, the stalker didn't stay long when she was recorded and photographed. Enjoy.

This video is a collaboration video with Panzer Platform and the rest of the boys. I am checking manifold vacuum on two panther cars, the Crown Vic and the Town Car. The links to the other collaboration videos are below.

Test Vehicles;
2002 Ford Crown Victoria 147K Miles
2003 Lincoln Town Car 51K Miles

Altitude Test Conditions: 466 Feet

Maniform Vacuum Test Results;
Crown Vic: 21 in.-Hg @ idle
Town Car: 21 in.-Hg @idle

The links to the other collaborators on this project;

Panzer Platform; https://youtu.be/oJPc1Yd97Sk
WJ Handy Dad; https://youtu.be/S1Im72-bzhM
Butler’s Auto DIY; https://youtu.be/FiN4hh7edTw

Annoyed with the seatbelt reminder chime on your Panther Car? Want to know how to turn it off the easy way without reading the owner's manual and doing complicated key turning and buckling techniques? Watch this video and do it the fast and easy way.

I forgot to film all the shots where the Citadel fired perfectly, however I did remember to turn on the camera when I fired the low/no brass shells. The good news is you can see how any shell not considered "high brass" will cause a jam every shot.


I also give a quick summary of how the M&P 15-22P and the Radical Firearms AR-15 pistol functioned and how well the .22 caliber conversion kit worked in the RF pistol. I also mention the differences between the two different reflex sights and which one is better in my opinion.

I saw a C8 Corvette in Rapid Blue, and a whole bunch of expired paper plates and bad drivers. Enjoy.

This is part three of my three part series on the quest to determine if it is possible to restore a used car battery. In part 1; I used high current to desulfate and restore the 11 year old battery in my 2010 Camaro SS (the factory AC Delco battery) to amazing results. Sweet Project cars recommended this technique however did not load test the battery. I duplicated his work and used a load tester to verify they battery was restored.

In part 2; I used the spare Crown Vic Battery and filtered the original acid/water mix, cleaned the inside of the battery cells, then put the original acid/water mix back inside. The battery showed some improvement (approximately a 50% increase in capacity compared to the current state of health). That number was still below 50% of the original capacity and thus, method 2 is a cheap and easy way to restore some battery health, but nowhere near as effective as the high current method.

In part 3; I will remove all the old acid/water mix, rinse the battery cells, and install fresh water/acid mix and see if we can obtain better results than method 1 or 2. After doing this, I have determined this method is not sufficient to restore a battery, and we actually see a 50% decrease in capacity down from where the battery was prior to performing method 2.

In my opinion, method 1 is the best (high current), it is expensive to purchase the high amp charger, but can be used over and over with multiple batteries and is relatively fast and easy.
Method 2 is the cheapest way but takes a little more time to perform and does not give results as good as method 1.
Method 3 takes the most time, is the 2nd most expensive, and yields negative results and actually decreases battery capacity.

I have done the science so you won't have to.

In this video I fire the first rounds from the Radical Firearms AR-15 pistol using the .22 caliber conversion kit. I also take the opportunity to sight in the new optic from Amazon. It is not quite as good as the Crimson Trace used on the M&P 15-22 because it is not as bright, but it was cheaper and you get what you pay for.

In this video I take the hood of a Dodge Challenger that is normally supported via a prop rod and convert it to gas struts found on higher end Challengers. I will demonstrate and explain how you can do this yourself if you aren't a fan of prop rods either and want hood struts to hold the hood open while working on your Challenger.

A compilation of bad drivers running red lights and having expired paper plates, no plates at all, or expired plates and a sweet bus vs car 10-50 that Katie happened upon after the fact.

In this video I try a different battery restoration technique by removing the acid, cleaning the inside of the battery cells and putting the old acid back in. I also use the high current method from part 1 just before removing the acid, and upon putting the old acid back in. The batter did gain more amperage capacity than it previously had, but it was nowhere near as good of a result compared with part 1 using high current.

That said, I will be doing a part 3 where I use fresh acid after cleaning the battery, so stay tuned for that one.

In this video I fire the first rounds from Katie's Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22P. I then proceed to break the AR pistol in while simultaneously sighting the pistol in, using the Crimson Trace CTS-25 optic.

The gun fired and functioned flawlessly and I eventually got it sighted in. A few tips are to get binoculars, a telescope or a person to tell you where your shots are hitting so you can adjust the sights and stay put instead of running back and forth. I set the zero at 50 yards from the target.

Once you get it pretty close to zero, fire three rounds and triangulate them. The bullseye should be in the center of your three shots. Then you are sighted in and good to go. Happy hunting/self-defending.

In this video I show how to fix a trunk that keeps falling on you when opened by replacing the trunk struts. This particular vehicle suffering from this is a 2010 Dodge Challenger but the concept is the same for any other vehicle equipped with gas struts designed to keep the trunk open and resist being closed by a light breeze.

In this video I describe and demonstrate how to remove and replace the fog light assembly on a Dodge Challenger. This particular vehicle is a 2010 Dodge Challenger SE.

A compilation of expired paper plates, no plates and a few red light runners. Sometimes a combination of two or more of those things at the same time.

This video is for Katie and those like her. Those people seem to be unfamiliar with the concept of rotating to the left (counterclockwise) to loosen a threaded gas cap. If you turn to the left and it still doesn't come off with a pull, turn some more and try again.

In this video I use a 200 amp battery charger/car starter to boil the acid inside of the factory 12 volt Delco battery taken from my 2010 Camaro SS. Since my Camaro was not at my house or its Site B location where it is stored, I was unable to do this procedure 5-6 times like it should be. Nor did I have the facilities, time or equipment to clean, strain and filter the acid while rinsing the battery plates. Therefore I couldn't get the battery up to 100% health or even close to it in this video.

I did however go from under 20% health to over 40% health with three boil sessions, so I'm convinced I can do better with the proper materials and time. Fear not, I will do a part 2 where I properly restore the spare Crown Vic Battery

In this video I explain and demonstrate how to replace the upstream oxygen sensor also known as O2 sensor, air/fuel meter, pre-cat sensor in this 2001 Plymouth neon reference OBD2 trouble code P0134 and P0135.

A dash compilation of some crappy drivers and jaywalkers during the spring, in the city of St. Louis.

In this video I explain and demonstrate how to replace the standard H7 low beam and the 9005 high beam lights in a 2003 Lincoln Town Car.

In this video I explain and demonstrate the installation procedure for the running board lights made by OPT7. In this kit there are two 60" LED lights with wiring and associated hardware. This kit will be installed on a 2019 Ford F150 STX. Link to the item below.


After filming the video it dawned on me I could wire the white courtesy light on the running strips to the rear bed light on the cab. I suggest you try that if you want the courtesy light feature of the running strips to function without having to find the dome light circuit.

Lastly, it should be noted if you wire the turn signal wire for the LED strip to the rear turn signal or trailer harness like we did in this video, your running strips will glow brighter when you apply the brakes. This is the better option as if you were to splice into the front turn signals, you'll have strobe effect coming from the led strips when the engine is running. Installing diodes doesn't seem to help resolve that issue either. Now that you know all the things, you can make an informed decision.

Good luck, boyz, we're all counting on you.

In this video I explain and demonstrate how to replace the cabin air filter inside your 2010 Hyundai Accent.

In this video I will unbox and display a new AR15 pistol made by Radical Firearms. How does the upper and lower receiver compare with a full-size Bushmaster AR15 rifle? Are the parts interchangeable? Can you use a .22 conversion kit with a AR pistol? Watch and find out the answers to all these questions and more.

In this video I show you how to fold the rear driver side seat in a 2019 Ford F150 STX, first, using the factory setup.

I then show how to install the Alterum rear seat release kit to make folding that seat much easier and how it should have been made from the factory.

In this video I explain and show how to replace the engine air filter in a 2010 Hyundai Accent.


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