In this video I replace both the front and rear struts on this 2001 Plymouth Neon

Flushing out the orange in color DexCool currently in the Corvette LT1 iron block engine and replacing it with the green in color long life coolant to better guard against any rust development inside the cooling system. Rust happens to be the same color as clean or even dirty DexCool which could cause a problem if coolant service is ignored.

Unboxing and assembling the Arcade 1up MK2 cabinet.
Building the riser and applying a vinyl overlay to the reverse side of the screen.
Upgrading the springs and gates.
Unlocking classic Sub-Zero, Ermac and Mileena in Ultimate MK3

In this video I unbox and assemble a gaming chair (described as a racing seat office furniture) the review the headrest.

Replacing the burned out passenger side headlight in this Mercedes-Benz C230 and then restoring the yellowed headlight lenses. I then ceramic coat them afterwards to extend the life of the restoration.

Finally addressing the surface rust on the roof panel of the Ford Crown Vic.

Showing a road cone who's boss

Installing a car mount for affixing a firearm with a kydex holster. This car mount was purchased from Alameda Custom Holsters.

My 2002 Ford Crown Victoria had a sticking caliper. The brakes would hold the car in place or sometimes make it come to an abrupt sop in neutral. Excessive heat in the above 400 degree range was on the rotor and smoke would emit from the pads.

In this video I show you how to remove and replace the caliper.

My dad said he heard some grinding from the brakes and lately the pedal had been sinking quite low. He stated on occasion the pedal would kick back at him. An examination the the brakes shows the pads and rotors are now shot. In this video I show how to replace the front brakes and rotors on a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport.

Upon going outside to work on the Crown Vic I observed an old shop van with severed wires and a loose blade assembly resting on the motor shaft. The woman who owned it was gonna throw it away. I took it thinking I could fix it with a little time and solder. This is what I did and the result.

In this video I show you how to replace the difficult to see and just as difficult to feel Cranshaft position Sensor in 2003 Mercedes-Benz C230 Kompressor with the 1.8 liter in-line 4-cylinder M271 supercharged engine.

In this video we get into some serious headrest analysis content while driving the Crown Vic P71. I talk about owning, driving and repairing it and compare it with other headrests I've used and other cars I own.

Taking you boys on a drive with me as I compare the Crown Vic to my BMW e38

In this video I use the Autel Maxicheck to diagnose and confirm my suspicion that the left rear ABS wheel speed sensor is damaged and non-functional. I then show how to remove and replace the ABS wheel speed sensor then check to confirm replacement part works.

OEM part is a Bosch unit. Replacement part is Dorman unit.

In this video we address the leaking axle seals that was caused by the obstruction of the axle vent tube.

Do you have cloudy or yellow headlights? Not only are they unsightly, but they reduce the amount of light dispersed by the head lamp, reducing visibility and presenting a safety hazard. In this video I show you how to fix the issue and demonstrate on my 2002 Ford Crown Vic headlight lenses.

Hunting for parts at Pick n Pull. Specifically for Town Car and Crown Victoria parts. I had to check some mustangs too, in an effort to find a limited slip differential carrier assembly.

Using the Portland Pressure Washer from Harbor Freight. It comes with a foam gun, but not a foam cannon. I bought a Trinova foam cannon, only to discover it won't fit without an adapter. I then bought a Ryobi adapter and now we're ready to wash some cars.

This video is a collaboration effort with Panzer Platform and the rest of the Panther-Body enthusiasts out there. Check out the links below to see what the rest of the boyz have going on under their hoods.

Panzer Platform https://youtu.be/bXKexYl8IEg
WJ Handy Dad https://youtu.be/8_pgTK8QrqE
Texas Law Dawg https://youtu.be/_F6jFzGmqvQ
Car Guys New England https://youtu.be/ZrbGZI19z9E
BCM Wolverine https://youtu.be/x0dv-oE4-vg
Mr Black 947 https://youtu.be/aaeUlD8vIjs
Panther Fan 1971 https://youtu.be/fcjrvnXZaLU
Fettboy 99 Productions https://youtu.be/PIKt4rv8SKg

In this video I will show you how to replace the main drive belt and A/C belt only. This is NOT a video on replacing the belts AND the tensioners. Though we will later discover my idler pulley is bad, I will cover tensioner and idler pulley replacement in a different video.

I will therefore have two videos total on this.
Video 1- replace only drive belts
Video 2- replace only the tensioners

If you want a combination video of how to replace both (drive belts AND tensioners) find a different video on You Tube (there are lots of them). I'm focusing on breaking them down into two videos in case you only need to replace a belt and not tensioners, or you need to replace only tensioners but not the belt.

What projects are coming up? What order will they be repaired, filmed and released in? Here's are tentative list and order of operations for the summer (depending on work, weather, and which cars behave).

Lincoln Town Car- (First) Collaboration video. Then, routine maintenance (maintenance will come later, after all other cars are serviced, with the exception of the BMW 528e).

BMW e38- Replace the drive belts (inspect pulleys and replace if necessary). Fabricate a new panel to protect the fuel filter. Repair body damage (Will be done after Crown Vic suspension complete). Replace door handle carrier (Will be done after the body work).

Corvette- Coolant change and flush (will be switching from Dex Cool to the regular green coolant).

Camaro SS- Manual transmission fluid change. Drain and fill coolant with Dex Cool. Replace the thermostat. Inspect for anything else seemingly needing a repair.

Crown Vic- (After BMW pulleys and Town Car Collab video) the Vic will get two new lower front ball joints and sway end links + bushings. Hard wiring of the dash cameras. Paint peeling repair on the roof. Head light restorations. Wheel rim restorations and repainting. Possibly wiring up some auxiliary lighting.

Challenger- Replace the thermostat. Then replace all our recently replaced coolant that leaks out. Change engine oil.

BMW e28- (Once everything else is completely done). Remove the intake manifold and source new gaskets. Replace the fuel injectors and the heater blower motor. Check inside the gas tank. Possibly replace the fuel filter. replace the spark plugs. Change the oil and filter. Possibly remove the cylinder head and replace the valve stem seals and head gasket. Replace worn out struts and other suspension components.

BMW e39 and e46- I suspect throughout the summer, I will have to repair a customer's BMW's. He will need service on his 330i and 530i cars. They will be here when they get here (if they even make an appearance).

Product review and unboxing- I ..

Final decals installed on the Ford Crown Victoria P71.

In this video I drain and drop the factory transmission pan on my 2002 Ford P71. I remove and replace the filter, and install a new Dorman transmission pan complete with a drain plug. I then do another drain and fill with the new pan for a toatal of 9.5 quarts of transmission fluid replaced. Use Mercon V transmission fluid.

In this video I replace the differential fluid in my 2002 Ford P71 Crown Victoria with the open differential. I use a Fel-Pro gasket to re-seal the diff cover, and I use a pump from Amazon to refill the diff after removing the fill plug.
Amazon link for pump


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