While sitting at an intersection waiting for cross traffic to clear so I can turn left one of the fellas makes his own lane and nearly crashes into me head-on. Love driving in the city. It's so fun...and safe too.

Per Chris's request I recorded a brief video explaining and showing how the dash camera in my Corvette works.

Sorry for the throat clearing. I just finished eating and was washing dishes when I heard the sounds of dumping in my dumpster and observed a vehicle parked out back discarding waste and filling up my dumpster to capacity. This is body camera footage of me confronting the suspects as I had just gotten off duty and arrived home before eating, and was still in uniform.

One week after the Corvette hit and run the BMW was also hit while parked at work. This time I witnessed the B/F driving her blue in color final generation Ford Escort back into the BMW, then immediately flee the scene. If you know the suspect feel free to throw her under the bus so I can sue her into the stone age. If not, but you know how to remove and repair the trim, leave a comment or response video.

This is a video of surveillance for the client as requested. It was captured from the dash camera in my car. It has not been edited for length. Each 3-minute section is a separate unaltered file

A compilation of what appears to be either suicidal or very oblivious jaywalkers crossing the street in risky situations.

Missed him by that much.

A short video of how to replace the front cup holders on a BMW E38, 740iL. This is the fastest, cheapest way to replace the problematic factory cup holders prone to breaking.

My solution to fixing the clogged drains on the BMW E38 sunroof


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This channel will mostly feature vehicle "how to's" along with occasional dash camera footage reference automobiles. The vehicles that I own are a 1993 Corvette LT1, 2000 BMW 740iL, and 2010 Camaro SS. These vehicles will be the bulk of vehicles featured in the repair videos. Occasionally I work on other people's cars and will feature that content as well.

As bonus content any random things I deem video worthy. Lastly I am always proud of my outstanding marksmanship during my annual and semi-annual qualification at the shooting range for work. Body camera footage of that, and any juicy encounters with criminals will also be uploaded. Enjoy.