Brief tutorial on how to replace front brake pads and front brake pad wear sensor on BMW e46.
You'll need a large C-clamp
Size 7 hex key socket
Pry tool to remove brake pad spring
Pretty easy job overall. The whole front axle can be done in less than two hours counting grabbing tools and putting them up when done.

I purchased the Hi-Point Yeet Cannon G1. I've never been excited about a Hi-Point until now. Yeet!

Do you have a car A/C system with R12 that needs a recharge? Don't convert it to R134A. Simply get an adapter, buy some R12 and recharge it yourself. R12 molecules are larger than R134A. If you convert R12 to R134A you run the risk of the R134A being able to more easily escape the system via a leak or through the porous hoses. What's more is R134A is more difficult to compress than R12 which will strain a compressor originally designed to compress R12 refrigerant.

I bought three out of these four Taurus G2C's. Sadly one of them came with 2-10 round mags instead of the normal 12-round mags. I reckon the gun shop forgot we live over here in America and not one of those communist States with a magazine capacity limit. The correct 12-rounders have already been ordered and are enroute. Other than that mishap, I have no complaints.

1993 Corvette LT1 has a thumping noise while the wheel rotates when the brakes are NOT applied. I'll show you how to diagnose and fix this issue in the C4 Corvette. This may also apply to many other vehicles suffering from the same condition.

Final part of range day with mom. She shoots her 1911 for the first time, and her Phoenix Arms .22 also for the first time.

Shooting my mom's Smith & Wesson SD40 VE. Never been fired before by anyone. 1st time shooting it, and her first time shooting a .40 caliber. I haven't fired a .40 in years.

Walther PK380 Redemtion Run number three. This is after Walther replaced the entire slide and all its components.

First day at the range with my new Taurus G2C and my mom with her G2C.

Mom's first day at the range, test firing hers and my Taurus G2C and Walther PPS with 115 grain FMJ, 115 grain +P and 124 grain +P JHP 9mm ammunition.

While driving NB US 61/67 aka Truman Blvd in Jefferson County, MO. specifically Festus/Crystal City, an ambulance heading SB prompts many vehicles to come to rest in front of me. I decide to also stop because, there are cars in front of me, and a woman in a Chevrolet Impala smashed into me. My poor Camaro 2SS

Do you have water pooling into the floor boards of your BMW after a rain storm? Has your windshield been replaced recently? I'll show you how to fix a BMW e38 clogged sunroof drain. This applies to most other BMW's with sunroofs that have standing water issues in the floor board.

Finally got the PK380 back from Walther. Now we can compare these three guns side-by-side. Are you considering one of these guns? Single stack 9mm vs double stack 9mm vs single stack .380.

Four days after buying my Walther PPS I bought another Taurus G2C. Counting Katie's G2C I bought her, that's three guns this month, two of which are G2C's and I'm not done yet. Here's another unboxing video and I compare it side-by-side with the PPS.

I purchased a brand new Walther PPS today. In this video I unbox and review, giving my first initial impression. I also side-by-side it with my PPQ and compare the triggers.

Using the BMii scanner and the UEI meter I show you how to diagnose and replace a bad ABS wheel speed sensor on a BMW e38. This is responsible for the trifecta (brake, ABS, and DSC) lights illuminating.

The third shooting session with the PK380 and its 2nd redemption run is an utter failure with the Winchester ammo. The Fiocchi on the other hand seems promising, as does the Hornady American Gunner self-defense hollow points.

The 1st shooting of the new Taurus G2C at the range. This is the wife's new gun and our 1st time shooting it after unboxing and cleaning. I also test standard FMJ target ammo vs standard pressure hollow point ammo vs +P hollow point ammo in the G2c, P99 and PPQ.

How to fix a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 that won't turn on.

How to diagnose ABS codes in the BMW e38 via the serial port. What is ABS code 21? How to fix it? What is"the trifecta"? I'll show you in this video.

I show you how to reprogram your key fob to the vehicle when it no longer remotely operates the door locks or opens the trunk. I also show you how to check your rear lights when the dash warning light is on, and which bulbs you need to buy and where the brakes, parking lights and turn signals are, respectively. I also demonstrate how to run a bypass on the brake pad warning sensor when it fails, and a functioning replacement sensor is unavailable.

Part 4 of 4 on range day with the wife. This is the PK380 redemption run after I filed down the extractor to better keep pressure against the casing. It did not completely fix the issue, but did help. I will be filing the extractor further, and doing another redemption run in the future.

Katie and I take turns with my PPQ at Top Gun indoor range, leading up to the PK380 redemption run. This is my 2nd time every firing this gun, despite me owning it for years now. I am very impressed with the performance of this gun. I highly recommend it to anyone considering it.

Part 2 of range day/date with the wife. Having been disappointed with her CCW, the Ruger LCP, we test-fire my friend's Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 (aka G2C these days), as a possible replacement for her.

The day for the PK380 redemption run has arrived. This is part 1 where we return to the range. First up is the Taurus PT92 and the Phoenix Arms HP22A me vs the wife.


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As bonus content any random things I deem video worthy. Lastly I am always proud of my outstanding marksmanship during my annual and semi-annual qualification at the shooting range for work. Body camera footage of that, and any juicy encounters with criminals will also be uploaded. Enjoy.