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once in a while a machined surface has to be reconditioned and that task be pert near impossible if there are no reference surfaces to work off of, or if the only reference surface is damaged.
today we're taking a look at a damaged shop vise and restoring a bit of it's original clamping power by re-machining the fixed jaw of the vise.
to do so we're going to lightly clamp a precision ground parallel and average out the tram and get some degree of symmetry back into this vise.

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Heut beginnt eine neue Serie die schönsten deutsche Volkslieder. Weitere werden noch folgen und auch andere von anderen Ländern.

Howdy YouTubers!
today we begin a new series presenting the most beautiful german folk songs. there will be others to follow and also from other countries as well.

Kammerchor Cantamus Dresden
from the album

Das Du ewig denkst and mich
© 2015 Querstand

sometimes you just have to engage in a minor act of civil disobedience and soak up a few rays...


Crossing the Divide - Aspiring by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1400034
Artist: http://incompetech.com/

Howdy YouTubers!
sometimes you just have to engage in a minor act of civil disobedience and soak up a few rays...


Crossing the Divide - Aspiring by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1400034
Artist: http://incompetech.com/

a time lapse moonset on the morning of good friday. lots of symbolism contained herein. who will pick up on it??

happy Easter !
a dandelion and daisy opening up to greet the morning sun

well today we're taking down that hanger that we left off with in episode 1.
there's more than one way to skin a cat and this is just one of many. keep in mind that every situation is unique when it comes to this subject, so there is no "one size fits all" solution to the task at hand.

by Johnny Cash
from the Outlaw album #4
© 2017 Harbour Lights

"Whistle Punk Pete"
by Buzz Martin
from the album
Where There Walks a Logger There Walks a Man/A Loggers Reward
© 2005 Steve Martin

today we're off to the "holyland" of steam motive power in western europe: the RAW Meiningen!
the benevolent wizards of Meiningen have opened their doors for the annual open house event called "Dampfloktage"
there is a long version of this video coming out soon, however be warned: it's gonna be a long one. with it still on the storyboard it is 38mins long and will most likely be around 45mins when it's done.
let me know how well the various aspects of the video come across in the comments section below.

as promised in the introductory video to the channel we're putting out a logging video series beginning with undercuts.
in this episode we're taking a look at how the humboldt undercut is implemented as well as a backloaded conventional undercut.

disclaimer: this video is for info-tainment purposes only, as every tree is unique and there are no generic rules that apply in each and every cutting situation. we do not assume any responsibility or liability for the stupidity of others in their zeal to equal or outdo the techniques demonstrated in this video.

while timber cutting isn't inherently very dangerous in and of itself, it is incredibly unforgiving when a person makes a mistake. those mistakes are often paid for with the offenders life, or worse with the offender spending the rest of his or her life as an invalid in a wheelchair.

by Johnny Cash
from the Outlaw album #4
© 2017 Harbour Lights

"Whistle Punk Pete"
by Buzz Martin
from the album
Where There Walks a Logger There Walks a Man/A Loggers Reward
© 2005 Steve Martin

#Logging #UnderCuts

have you ever heard the term "schoolmarm" used in the woods?

well this video will show you what that term really means...

at long last the video on sharpening your chainsaw chain is here!

Howdy YouTubers!today's tool review focuses on the Güde saw chain grinder P 2300 A. there are several similar grinders like it on the market for very similar price. the quality doesn't vary much from one brand to the other. on the bottom end of the price spectrum you have of course our current victim, then Einhell, Hecht, Forstmeister and a few others. there are other much cheaper grinders on the market, however the build quality is abysmally poor and so we're not going to take those into consideration. On the upper end of the spectrum we have Oregon, EVO, MAXX, TECOMEC and a few others. the thing about these machines is that they don't differ much in build, quality or performance. essentially you're just paying for the name as these things probably come out of the same factory in china...

disclaimer: this IS NOT a paid endorsement by the manufacturer or any distributor of this product

#saw_chain_grinder #Güde_P2300A #tool_review

Howdy YouTubers!
Yes, i know. the random footage is getting a little tedious. but there's a few short scenes i thought the nature aficionados among you might like.
the weather has been so humdrum dog-ass wet and boring lately, it was a welcome change and opportunity to get out with the new camera and the drone and take a few short clips.
for those of you who like the other content of the channel: there is more to come, there's lot of footage in the can and i'll be putting out another machining and woodworking video in the next week or so.

#RandomDroneFootage #DJIPhantom4ProPlus #CanonLegriaHFG60

today we're going to take a brief look at the blower units of dust collection systems.
this video is thought to assist the home gamer in setting up a more efficient dust collection system, but moreover a safer system.
there are some real dangers lurking in your pipes!!

here are some links to some web based resources to help you figure out the basics:



here are links to my other videos mentioned in the video:
the lazarus wheel-

to mod or not to mod, pros and cons of the thien baffle-

here's some more random footage taken from around the area in part with the new Canon Legria and the DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus

Morning Mood
by Edvard Grieg
downloaded from the YouTube creators library

this is a review of the 4K capable Canon Legria HF G60. this is only an overview of the camera systems and functions and a loose comparison to other cameras used to produce my videos.

this content is not sponsored in part or in whole by Canon Inc. or any of its subsidiaries, affiliates or dealers, nor the merchant from which this item was purchased from

just a few more drone shots from around the area

just some random drone shots from around the area

continuing on with shop dust collection systems we're going to take a look at duct work and a small foray into the many calculations that go into figuring out diameters and necking down

today we're taking a brief look at saw tooth geometry and talking about the correct match of material to the saw.

Howdy YouTubers!
today we're going to take a look at the Fein cordless drill ASCM 18 QSW.
this was a limited edition drill in a recent promotion by Fein. so we put it to work before doing an unboxing and review. by doing the review after the unit has been working for a while i felt that we can better highlight the pros and cons of it.
in addition we'll be taking a brief peek at the ALED work light from Fein that uses the battery packs of the 12v, 14v and 18v cordless devices that Fein makes.

countries of origin for the various products featured:
drill - Germany
drill chuck - Germany
charger - Vietnam
battery packs - South Korea
angle head attachment - Taiwan
tap adapter - Germany
work light - Taiwan

this video is not sponsored by Fein or any dealer of Fein equipment in any way nor endorsed by the manufacturer or their respective dealers

link to the company website:
Germany - https://fein.com/de_de/
US - https://fein.com/en_us/

products featured:

drill - https://fein.com/de_de/bohren/akku-bohrschrauber/ascm-18-qsw-select-0395043/#

work lamp - https://fein.com/de_de/zubehoer/allgemeines-zubehoer/akku-led-lampe-aled-12-18-v-best-nr-9-26-04-200-02-0/?back=1&start=app&productId=348264

#FeinCordlessDrillASCM18QSW #ProductReview

got a new pair of work boots that are making your life miserable? well fret no more, here's a cheap and easy way to soften those boots up and break them in without breaking you!

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TURN UP THE VOLUME ON THIS ONE! it's a little hard to hear the subtle notes in some of the passages.
this an edited version of a video previously uploaded under the same title. Sony had the original version blocked world wide. I don't begrudge YouTube for having to implement the block. they're living up to their end of the deal they had to make with Sony.
the version of Dvorak's "New World" used in this edition of the video isn't quite as pretty as the last, but alas this version is at least not encumbered by Sony.
this melody evokes the deep seated visions and memories of my native Idaho and its breathtaking beauty.


Antonin Dvorak
Symphony No.9 in E minor
"From the New World"
part II, Largo

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under an http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

0:01 Clearwater valley above Lewiston
0:18 Indian Mountain, south east of Riggins
0:25 Boise front ridge road, looking out towards Middleton
0:35 Stratocumulus cloud over the Snake river plain near Buhl
0:45 Middlefork of the Clearwater river near Syringa
0:53 Payette River near Fisher creek, McCall
1:01 northeast side of the Buffalo Hump in the Gospel Hump Wilderness area
1:11 another view into the northeast corner of the Gospel Hump Wilderness area
1:17 Dodecatheon conjugens, also known as "Shooting Star flower"
1:29 DeVoto Cedar Grove along U.S. highway 12 on the Clearwater National forest
1:47 rocky front near the balanced rock by Buhl
1:54 Balanced Rock near Buhl
2:00 cattle trimmed tree in a pasture on the Snake river plain near Buhl
2:06 Womens Dance at the Fort Hall powwow
2:18 unknown couple at the Fort hall powwow
2:25 at the top of Whitebird grade looking south into the Salmon river valley by Whitebird
2:41 another cattle trimmed tree in a pasture near Buhl
2:46 oncoming storm clouds over the Snake river ..

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today we're looking at how to set up a shaper spindle to achieve maximum purchase on the threads.
some shaper spindles are reversible and therefore it is critical that you have maximum purchase to exercise the best pressure performance of the nut on the rings, cutter and shaft.

Howdy YouTubers!
today we're putting the U140/4 back together. there were some nasty little surprises along the way too. damage on the machine in places where there shouldn't have been.
included is footage about how to set your fences, bed plates and guides.
spindle setup is in the next episode of random lengths hot shop tips....


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