Venus should always be near the horizon since it’s on the same plane as the earth. The moon is turning like a clock every night. The moon should NEVER look like a smile.

We live in a three sun system and the ancient Egyptians and other ancient civilizations told us so. It has been hidden from us. It is not Nibiru causing what we are seeing happen on Earth. It is Horus and RA aka Red and Blue Kachinas. Our second and third suns.


We see the box on the magnetopause cygnet on ISWA and I am pretty sure what causes it. Link to Scientific Lee's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy00XUn3WqmPCpxiqRFEIyg

Horus aka Red Kachina is showing off its color.

Since 2010 the moon has been turning like a clock and it shouldn't be. This video explains why it is doing so. It is not the moon turning , it is our perception of the moon.
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Earth is pushing against other magnets. Drawing energy from the magnetopause and rocketing that energy right out the back. I will show you that happening and prove that it is not coming from the sun.

Earth is ringing like a bell.

Clouds showing energy flow.

We should see less then one degree of tilt a week.

We are seeing energy rocketing from Earth and you too can learn how to tell if its from the sun side or from Earth.

This video clip from ISWA shows how our third sun Ra aka Blue Kachina made its presence known to us electromagnetically. Almost no energy from this event came from the sun side. Mostly the energy came directly from Earth and the other magnetic bodies within our tail stream and beyond.

How to read the graph and understand what it says.

This video shows a the magnetic signature of Ra's staff on iswa. The siggy is blue meaning that is completely unconnected to earth's magnetic field. All the red closed field lines to the left of Earth(behind) came from Earth.

Polarcap line coming from behind.

Learn it

Evidence that they are here.

A more detailed explanation of craziness.

The title says it all.

Eric covered pressure outside of Earth. I will cover down on Earth.

Examples of the electromagnetic energy we are seeing daily.

The moon is rotating clockwise at a rate of 15 degrees an hour every night.

It’s all quiet from the sun on all fronts and yet we get a burst of solar wind followed by a major drop in density.

Captured In Virginia pointing east on June 25th 2019 at 8:10am


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