This is the most unusual scambaiting video I have ever done. I felt emotionally drained by the end of it. Was this scammer pulling my leg? Or was he really feeling emotional pain? You can decide for yourself. Please watch this video in its entirety and comment. And please....share it on social media, as well as with as many people as possible. And don't forget to like and subscribe.

This is a short video, but it was fun to do. The first time I called this number was extremely short, but it motivated me to call back and say things to a scammer that most of us are thinking anyway. This scammer was so vile that he claimed he couldn't understand me, even though he reacted to several things I said. Please comment, like, and subscribe, and feel free to share my videos with others on social media.

I have been bugging the SSA scammers for several months now, and I have never been able to get as far as having them tell me to go to a "government-approved store" to buy gift cards for them. In fact, my calls to them are getting shorter and shorter all the time now, thanks to all of the scam baiters who relentlessly drive them crazy...so much so that the scammers almost appear to be walking on eggshells every time they answer the phone. This is good news because it means we are winning! Even though each of my calls to them was brief in this video, I really had a blast being a thorn in their side. Remember to comment, like, and subscribe.....and most importantly, please share all of my videos on as many social media platforms as you can. ENJOY!

This scammer either hated his "job," or he was bored, or he just had no patience with a common, ordinary hillbilly who claimed to know very little about computers. Don't forget to comment, like, and subscribe! Be sure to comment, like, and subscribe!

This call center must have been at the end of its shift. The scammers were either bored, sleepy, or high. But they had already been baited quite a bit, I assume, before I got to them....based on their willingness to hang up before I said much at all.

This particular scam call center was getting loads of scam baiting calls the day I called, and unlike as recently as several months ago, it has become difficult to keep them on the phone for very long. But I still had some fun being annoying. Remember to comment, like and subscribe.

I had loads of fun doing this scam baiting call. Unfortunately, due to a "technical" error on my part, I was not able to waste as much if this scammer's time as I wanted to. But it was still fun to act dumb and annoy this scumbag.

I called the "Social Security Administration Department" several times, but they just weren't very nice. Their phone number was posted on the Internet as a scam number, and they were bombarded with scam baiting calls all day, including several of mine. In one of those calls, Hillbilly Billy thanks the SSA for finding his stolen Toyota Carolla. There is nothing like throwing these losers off of their script. They have no idea how to respond!

The opener and the closer at this cockroach scam call center will never be successful at scamming Americans for one main reason--few will understand them. The opener was worse than the closer, but I was absolutely amazed at how unnerved they became when I threw them off their script with questions.

I don't claim to have Barry White's intimate-sounding voice. Not even close to it. But I decided to take some of his inflections, his words, and phrasing and create a Barry White-like character who one scammer is trying to fool. I was actually surprised that I kept him on the phone as long as I did, with all of my "Can't get enough" and "Baby" comments. I guess he was so focused on wanting to steal my money that he didn't pay attention to my Barry White quirks. I hope you will find this as much fun to watch and listen to as it was for me to do.

My favorite character to portray on these scam baiting videos is Hillbilly Billy. His character might be seem a half-wit hick, but he is not stupid, and he has become very adept at forcing these scammers off their scripts with constant questions, confusing them, and causing meltdowns. This particular call center received lots of crank calls (not just mine) because their number was posted on the Internet resulting in loads of scam baiters and pranksters having a field day. You can tell by how they answer the phone that they are wary of who might be on the other end. In several of my calls to them, they pick up the receiver, wait a few seconds, then they say "Hello" almost hesitantly instead of the usual "Social Security Administration, how may I help you." I had a lot of fun making these calls because I could feel their slow burn just in their frustrated tone of voice. Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe. The Professor needs some subscribers!

I enjoy making my scambait videos silly and humorous. But this one ended up being a bit different from what I had expected.

Luke's Dawg House is my inspiration for this video, as well as my actions during the call. I wasted close to 20 minutes with THREE scammers on the same call with my apparent stupidity when it came to downloading Team Viewer. Please Like, Comment, Subscribe, and SHARE.

I have to thank Luke's Dog House for inspiring me to scambait this idiot refund scammer. Luke has "playing dumb" with a scammer down to an art, so I am learning from the best. The refund scammers are among the worst because they try to fool their victims into thinking they have deposited too much money in your bank account....then they ask the victim to repay the difference. I just enjoyed messing with this jerk.

After being hung up on several times, I persisted, using a different phone number each time, in scam baiting an Indian call center. This time I met with a script-reader who had no idea how to respond to my questions, wisecracks, and disrespectful imitations of him. I spent nearly an hour (total) with this call center, and by the time he sent me to his closer, I was too worn out from the first guy to continue....so I had even more fun with the closer, especially when he realized that he was getting nothing from me. All in all, I wasted an hour messing with these scumbags....which means that is one hour that they wasted by not scamming a real victim. This video has been edited to make it shorter.....and once you start watching, you will understand why. Please comment on this video, like, and SUBSCRIBE!

This is one of the most fun videos I have ever done, playing the role of Hillbilly Billy, a slow-talkin' Georgian who makes others laugh because of his thick accent and his slow way of speaking. This is the typical scam where they offer a "free" gift card in exchange for a small shipping and handling fee. There is no card. They just want to steal credit cards. Please comment, like, and subscribe.

I had loads of fun making this video and wasting the time of several scammers at the same call center. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and comment below.

The social security scam is still alive and well. I play the part of a bored hillbilly who wants desperately to "do the right thing," but the d**n scammer won't let me.

When I called this scammer, he briefly he put me on hold so that he could answer a call from another victim. Instead, he mistakenly placed us on a conference call, and the results were not what anyone expected. Keep in mind that these scammers steal thousands of dollars from innocent victims every day. They deserve no mercy, and it was clear that this scammer, like most scammers, has no heart and no conscience. Remember to Like, Subscribe, comment below, and SHARE this video!

I decide to play the role of a hillbilly with an Italian name. The scammer hardly knows English and struggles with reading his script. He later transfers me to his closer, who sadly attempts to sound like a confident, bullying American drug enforcement agent...but his "government" phone has numerous technical issues as he attempts to get information from me. Remember to like, comment, and subscribe!

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I think this scam center had been called many times earlier by other scam baiters on this particular day before I got to them. But it was still fun. Make sure to like, subscribe, and share..and leave your comments below.

This is a very short and VERY hokey video that we recorded back in 2012. In it I interview a man who claims to hear voices coming from his stomach, along with his very upset wife. I never got around to editing it until 2016. Yep, it is definitely in the cornball category

Keith Valenza hosts this brief talk show where he interviews someone with 57 personalities.

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"Keith" has a serious addiction problem. He suffers from canned laughter addiction. Here he discusses the progression of his dependency--beginning with his first hit of laugh tracks on various classic sitcoms to his desperate need to get cheap laughs by entertaining a canned audience.

This week Google and Youtube held a secret and confidential meeting with all of its employees to discuss employee morale as it related indirectly to its problem with Project Veritas. At the meeting a video of an HR representative discussed some of Google and Youtube's new policies. It is not clear why the HR rep prepared the video at his home and was not present to meet with employees in person. However, a disgruntled employee was able to sneak out a copy of this video, even bypassing security guards, and asked me to upload it to Youtube. Watch it while you can before Youtube's thought police censor it and take it down!

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