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There are three main reasons why people will not talk about the WBAN. Lets chat about what they are and about how important it is to be cafeful with the things we say and how we say them. Plus Sabrina Wallace is putting out her own work on her own Rumble Archive.
Watch here on Rumble: https://rumble.com/v4vy299-reasons-for-silence-about-the-wban-and-the-power-of-the-tongue.html

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Sabrina Wallace Rumble Archive: https://rumble.com/user/Psinergy

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HopeGirl Explains #WBAN from Biosensors Inside of us to the Satellites and back again through an autonomous weapons system.

See full interview here:

CCR 176: TECHNOLOGY OF THE FALLEN: Seed War, Transhumanism, WBAN, AI, C40 Killbox Cities w/ Hope and Tivon
LINK to presentation in show notes at https://CanaryCryNewsTalk.com

Canary Cry Fly By - 04.06.2024
Declaring Jesus as Lord amidst the Fifth Generation War!
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Todd Callender, Esq.

Hope & Tivon

Todds Monologue Assets:
Skynet Article/Video- https://truthcomestolight.com/with-a-range-that-affects-the-entire-world-skynet-infrastructure-is-now-fully-in-place/
Failed Clearing House - https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/news-selections/world-news/regulators-told-to-prepare-to-handle-failed-clearing-houses
Rob Braxman Tech Video alone - https://rumble.com/v4pvjqw-skynet-2024-the-infrastructure-is-complete.html

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Is Orgone an Occult Practice?: https://www.brighteon.com/e4def927-4d78-4b33-98e0-f44d662844ed

What Is 5G?- What Does 5G Do To Your Body?- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqaO00OAu5Q&t=1s
How to protect yourself from 5G with Orgone - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8lyOinIZH8&t=4s

What Is Orgone?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkUqXo3Zoyc

FAQ about Orgone- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kzF3E_Hbp8

Wilhelm Reich (discoverer of orgone) - https://www.simplypsychology.org/wilhelm-reich.html

What Does 5G Do To Your Body?- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqaO00OAu5Q&t=1s

How To Grid Your Home With EMF Protection- https://www.brighteon.com/00000000-0000-0000-0006-057473281001

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I am a lover of the truth. When I am confronted with wild accusations about someone or something I don’t take anyones word for it. I need to see hard evidence and proof before I condemn someone. And I certainly am not going to act on bad information or join a lynch mob and attack innocent people.
Watch the video on Rumble Here:

What we have all just experienced is a Government Operation led by Amazing Polly. She and her husband work for a government contractor company that:

“develops and delivers large-scale, multi-agency exercises for miliary, public safety and utilities operators. We have delivered disinformation components for military exercises, for domestic major event security and for nuclear power generation exercises ranging from coordinated campaigns across all media channels to limited disinformation activities on key issues. Exercising the information domain provides a highly realistic simulation of the contemporary information space for exercise participants.”

Read the Blog Post: Full Disclosure: Polly's Government Psyop

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I've got a series of new videos coming up soon that discussed the many pressing questions people have had around vitamins detox graphene covid injections nano delivery and many more issues. I'm bringing in the professional, my mom who is a PhD in clinical nutrition and community health and an herbologist. First I wanted to share some of the issues that we've experienced in our own lives when it comes to natural healing and the resistance and attacks that we've received from the church.

Hope and her Mom Val who is a natural healing expert have some “totally casual” conversations that address the many health related questions that we get around here at FTWProject.com
This is a series of videos where we address many topics such as:
Graphene Oxide Detox, Vaccine Detox, Genetic Modification, Chemtrail Detox, Nano Delivery, EDTA Chelation, Zeolite, Metholine-Blue, and more.

Visit Val’s website for health related products and information and EMF protection products.


In this conversation Hope and Tivon Speak with Callum Smiles, a journalist who attended Davos, and we get some feedback about Emerging Technology, WBAN, Graphene Oxide in the Water and the need for EMF protection.

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In the mean time, if you value this sort of content I produce, then to see it continue please consider financially supporting me to continue to do my work on the website directly or at https://www.buymeacoffee.com/csmilesnews bringing you:

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Hope and Tivon are a husband and wife team of engineering, research and business professionals. They are American expats who live in Morocco. Tivon has a background as a US Navy Technician and energy technology engineer. Hope holds an MBA and has a variety of business management experience in both government and corporate finance, small business management and marketing. They run an online engineering academy for the development of clean energy technology devices. They also make handmade products for EMF protection. They are the authors of “Forbidden Tech: The complete guide to energy, social, and biological technologies that they did not want you to know about” The book is a collection of their life’s work and research on fringe topics such as free energy, energy weapons, EMF radiation and protection, surveillance and biotechnology.
Little did they know when they wrote their book in 2017 that the methods and technologies that they had researched would soon be used on the entire population via the COVID agenda. For the past two years Hope and Tivon have been monitoring the latest censored information on 5G, and Covid vaccine related issues to present them in a condensed summary to inform the public. As Christians they feel it is God’s calling on their lives to help communicate to people the technology that is currently being used against Gods creation. Everything they disclose is backed by scientific studies, patents, and facts that can be found in the show notes for each of their presentations at their website www.FTWProject.com

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Emerging Technologies are destroying Gods creation.
This is part of a larger conversation, view the full conversation here:

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The Book of Enoch tells us about what is going on in our post Covid world today with gene editing transhumanism and the 4th industrial revolution. 


The Medical Industrial Complex has Satanic origins, COVID brought them out for the whole world to see. In this documentary film we cover the History on Alopathic and Naturopathic Medicine, Origins of Medical Industrial Complex Symbolism, Pfizers Satanic Internal documents, the DOE Kingdom of Bacteria, the Book of Enoch and the church taking the knee to Baal.

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In this video, Hope and Tivon of FTW Project Interview Rickie Lambert, an English former professional footballer who is WIDE AWAKE to the reality of what is going on in our world.

We talk about The Great Awakening, 2030 agenda, 15 minute cities, and the COVID agenda. We also cover solutions on how you can fight back which include our EMF protection products made by FTW project in Morocco. We talk about the science behind our product and how they work and discuss the amazing power of structured water and things you can do for your physical and spiritual health to be ready for the days to come.

Check our the EMF protection Products that Ricki Lambert endorses at this link here: https://ftwproject.com/ref/502

In this very important discussion, Hope and Tivon from FTWProject.com join Todd Callender, ESQ and the team at Vaxxchoice.com to talk about the technology that has been injected into the worlds population through Covid.
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For the Blog Post with all links and download of slides go here:

Whistleblowers who are speaking out against the NWO Covid genocide agenda are being targeted, hunted and sometimes murdered. Recently Karen Kingston and Brian Ardis put out information speaking about how they have been targeted and their lives have been threatened. This casual conversation recorded by Hope and Tivon is a response to this recent disclosure. Based on our own experience with being targeted, we wanted to provide insight and advice to all Whistleblowers out there that might help to keep them safe and may even save their lives.
We discuss that the symptoms experienced are most likely from microwave radiation targeting even though many are saying its “aerosolized chemicals”. We also discuss define and locate the grid that is needed to use these energy weapons on targets. Our opinion is that a targeted individual is safer off of this grid. We also discuss a list of precautions that we feel all whistleblowers must take to ensure their safety. Below are links we reference in this discussion. Please share this video with any whistleblowers that you feel might need to hear it.


Karen Kingston Targeting Video

Brian Ardis Targeting Video (about 40 minutes in and then again later on)

Mike Adams covers Karen Kingstons Targeting

Dr. Buttar
Dr. Buttar talks about his targeting here: https://unite.live/greenmedinfo/greenmedinfo?recording_id=1999&fbclid=IwAR0hJZMy-DB8gMDWYNI6m6Ff5NXLBXamfFeGlpXlsQTBbXemKCaoT4jrMUk

Tivon’s Testimony

Most Recent SGT show

Most Recent Todd Callendar Vaxx choice show

Targeted Individual Information:

In today’s Cleanse Heal Ignite episode with Dr Diane Kazer, Warrior Wednesdays to help you become your own best defender! Prepare to be INpowere’ed and INspired.
Tune in LIVE Wednesday July 19, at 10am PT on Dr Kazer’s Channel on CloutHub, Twitter or Rumble
UN and WEF plans outline in recent documents emphasizing their focus on setting up the prison planet grid infrastructure. The grids aim is to connect human bodies to the internet of things so they can control us and enforce a social credit score and financial system such that we are rewarded when ‘compliant’ and penalized when ‘disobedient’.

Hope and Tivon return to the CHI Show on Warrior Wednesdays to drop some seriously scary truths about:

The Power of Prayer - Join us LIVE for this Collective Prayer!
Mind Control & what’s REALLY going on with the Cognitive Decline of Humanity?
5G - it’s not what we’re being told it is.
Digital ID’s, CDC, Satellites and Space Dots…why you need to know
Elon Musk - friend or foe? (And why you might rethink Starlink and Electric Cars)
6G, 7G, 8G, O’ My! Learn the country that already has this technology and what they’re using it for
Monsters growing inside of you (Vaxxed AND the unVaxxed) that make the Grid work to Track and Trace you - and how to get them OUT!’

We will specifically focus on the most urgent and imperative action steps Dr Kazer advises ALL Americans and all humans to work on a Total Body Transformation approach to Cleanse your Body, Heal the Root Cause and Ignite your Sovereignty from symptoms, sickness and suffering.

See you there?

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Previous Episodes with Hope and Tivon


See the 5G Towers

Tower Gardens


In this very important discussion, Hope and Tivon from FTWProject.com join Todd Callender, ESQ and the team at Vaxxchoice.com to talk about the technology that has been injected into the worlds population through Covid.
EMF Protection Support Vaxxchoice by shopping here:

For the Blog Post with all links and download of slides go here:

In this smoking gun report, Todd Callender provides condemning evidence that tells the full story of how Pfizer experimented on 44,000 American military service men women and their children to test their COVID vaccine bioweapon and then hid the adverse reactions to obtain the Emergency use authorization needed to inject the entire US population.

Blog Post with all the links:


This video is one of several videos we are calling the COVID Truth Educational Series. It has been put together in a step by step educational format. The purpose of these videos is to help clear up the confusion of the lies that have been told to the public through the COVID agenda. We believe that educating people about the truth of what was done to the human population through COVID is the best defense humanity has against this ever happening again, and those who planned COVID are definitely planning to do something again in the near future.
This video is meant to be free and uninterrupted. It is put together as a public service by FTWProject.com We are Engineers, Scientists and Researchers that run a handmade EMF protection products business. We are also Authors of the Book “Forbidden Tech The Complete Guide To Energy, Social, And Biological Technologies That They Did Not Want You To Know About”
We Hope You Benefit From this Presentation and Share it / Mirror It To Help Spread The Word.

EMF Protection Products

Forbidden Tech Book:

Recent UN and WEF documents are focusing on setting up the prison planet grid infrastructure. Part of this grid is to connect the bodies of human beings to the internet so that we can be controlled. We have discovered a body of work that discloses what the technology is that does this, how it works, and what the plans are for rolling it out.
Read More Here:

EMF Protection Products

Forbidden Tech Book:

The network that hooks up human bodies to the internet has just been established. This is what the most recent conferences and papers coming out of the UN and the WEF are focusing on right now. We have recently discovered a body of work that has been made public that discloses what the technology is, how it works, and what the plans are for rolling it out. While this technology is not really something new (its been worked on since at least the 1990’s) it was kept hidden and implemented covertly for years and then recently launched in full force right before Covid. Perhaps it is the reason why Covid happened. The network consists of a global grid that runs on 6G and 7G frequencies that connects all surfaces of the planet through satellites in space to the nano machine technology that has been injected into 5.55 billion people through the Covid-19 Injections.

Read the Blog Post for Back up Documentation and Links:

EMF Protection Products

Forbidden Tech Book:

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Real Speaks is a show that is summation of current events that centers around politics, end times, ancient history, new world order agenda, global shifts, supernatural and fallen angels, and alternative news coverage. The hosts Hope and Tivon are both Christians and intend to weave a biblical understanding into the show. However, the content is not focused on being a ministry or bible study, but rather an honest reporting and perspective of what is happening in our world intended for a mixed audience.