A story about a man who regrets what happened to a whale he found as a boy.

Play the game at https://bleakmillgames.itch.io/jonathans-whale

I'm going through a building trying to find my way out. But the mannequins have a different idea.

Play the game at https://pddev.itch.io/urbex

This game is based on the testimony of people and what sleep paralysis is like.

Play the game at https://mn3.itch.io/truenightmare

I need to get of this train, everyone is gone and there is blood everywhere. The conductor is the only one left, and he ain't right.

Play the game at https://jawsarn.itch.io/the-train-of-terror

A friend sent me a mysterious note. I have to go to the arcade to find out what's going on, but something's not right.

Play the game at https://reludum.itch.io/s-wap

I enter the Royal Military Academy attended by some dictators of the 20th century. I have to ask one to the upcoming school dance, let's try to not get sent to a gulag.

Play the game at https://veweaver.itch.io/my-communist-boyfriend

I'm stuck in a car that won't start in the middle of the forest and I am not alone. However, my dark past might be scarier than what is trying to ravage me just outside. What did I do? And what have I become?

Play the game at https://circushorse.itch.io/anxiety-lost-night

Children have gone missing, and my only clue to finding them has led me to an abandoned house.

Play the game at https://mikorashu.itch.io/wooden-hearts

I'm out collecting trash, but I discover something unsavory on my shift.

Play the game at https://haofan.itch.io/trash-collector

In search of a missing woman, I enter her abode. All she left behind are audio tapes that reveal a dark truth of her disappearance.

Play the game at https://changeling-interactive.itch.io/whrm

As a little girl, you wake up in the middle of the night to find your parents missing, and a giant rabbit doll patrolling the house.

Play the game at https://moonbit.itch.io/mrhoppsplayhouse

You go to school but everyone is gone. But with her video camera, she discovers another dimension.

Play the game at https://azaxor.itch.io/forgotten-school

The cycle of life right before your eyes. They grow up so quickly.

Play the game at https://danielk0703.itch.io/story-of-my-life

I go visit friends from an animation studio I left four years ago, but there missing and I now have to find them. Where did they go?

Play the game at https://nightmaredev.itch.io/nightmareworldtortured-souls

My last day in the office. Everyone is insufferable and keeps pushing my buttons. I finally snap.

Play the game at https://graouh.itch.io/the-last-pot

King Ramses wants his slab back. Courage must return it to him. But Ramses won't let him for some reason.

Play the game at https://dave-microwaves-games.itch.io/courages-curse

What have I done? It all went wrong so fast, what happened?

Play the game at https://lum-scum.itch.io/mashup-henry-what-have-you-done

Working in a bank, I refuse to help people in need of loans or exchanges of currency. I hate this job, but it pays the bills.

Play the game at https://pointbleepstudios.itch.io/the-branch

Horror game. I enter an abandoned house, I wonder what's inside.

Play the game at https://micaka.itch.io/contemp

One room exploration with weird puzzles. Inspired by an old 1929 French film called "Un Chien Andalou". This is really different.

Play the game at https://nothanks.itch.io/the-tender-cut

I'm a priest looking through a manor full of weird happenings and strange phenomena. What is going on? Horror\Comedy

Play the game at https://e-std.itch.io/black-thorn-manor

Locked in a run down asylum, I'm a detective looking into anomalies after reports of screaming. I have to find a way out exploring this place full of patients that didn't survive their "treatment".

Play the game at https://lilzkgaming.itch.io/the-doctor-chapter-1

Going through a house filled with ghosts. As a detective with a special magnifying glass, I have to find the killer.

Play the game at https://dylza.itch.io/spooktective

Look at prints and clues to decide who the murderer is.

Play the game at https://gear-flower-games.itch.io/the-death-inspectors

I'm a chef who makes pizza for the customers. But it's impossibly hard.

Play the game at https://lukaxd.itch.io/pizzanator


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