One thing the leading endocrinologists in Los Angeles, California, believe is that Sermorelin is safer than Growth Hormone (HGH). Lately a growing number of Los Angeles Physicians are recommending that their patients buy Sermorelin Injections as a more cost effective and better alternative to expensive HGH injections. For decades a great majority of medical scientists across the world believed Human Growth Hormones released into the body from the pituitary gland made it one of the most vital hormones produced in the human endocrine system because of how it stimulated and regulated cell regeneration through IGF-1 release. Our sermorelin therapy doctors in Los Angeles California would like to speak with you about our hormone injection programs.

Growth Hormone Deficiency Treated with Sermorelin

Moreover, the deficiency of this vital hormone, HGH, in conjunction with testosterones often incipit decline in adulthood, can cause many serious health and medical disorders for people of all ages ranges (not just adults) from children to senior citizens. While HGH injections can treat growth hormone deficiency, Sermorelin is just as good if not better in cases where the pituitary gland still functions correctly. Our sermorelin therapy doctors in Los Angeles can give you all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision, so make the move and contact us 1-800-929-2750.

What does Sermorelin Do?

A common question asked is what does Sermorelin do? In order to treat the maladies associated with Growth Hormone deficiency, both natural (see our articles on natural ways to boost your HGH levels) and artificial treatments (Growth Hormone and Sermorelin injections) are available that are quite useful in alleviating the symptoms of low IGF-1 levels. Given these two choices of HGH vs Sermorelin, one of the best such treatments is the use of the synthetic substance known as Sermorelin (formerly known as Geref). So to answer the question what does Sermorelin do, it treats the symptoms of HGH deficiency by stimulating the pituitary gland to release more Growth Hormone. This is different from actually injecting HGH, which thus by passes the pituitary gland all together. You can imagine how stimulating your own pituitary gland's natural production of HGH, is a safer approach to just arbitrarily injecting HGH into your body through subcutaneous injections. By boosting HGH levels through pituitary stimulation Sermorelin increases IGF-1 levels. IGF-1 is what stimulates stem cell release for internal repair.


GHRH Pre-Cursor Secretagogue Analog (Sermorelin)

Sermorelin is an active biological analog of growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) that is produced by the human brain to stimulate production and release of growth hormone by the pituitary gland.

During youth, ample amounts of GHRH are created so that the pituitary can provide the body with sufficient growth hormone to sustain health, vitality and otherwise normal aspects of form and function.

However, during aging, GHRH declines causing reduced production and secretion of pituitary hGH and thereby increasing the sequelae of growth hormone insufficiency that erodes health, vigor, and vitality during later life.

Sermorelin is the acetate salt of an imitated synthetic amino acid polypeptide, consisting of the first 29 of 44 amino acids of naturally occurring Human Growth Hormone-releasing hormone (GH-H) in the body.

Sermorelin acetate is the last of the hypothalamic-releasing hormones to be identified and characterized and represents the shortest fragment of GH-RH known to possess the full biological activity of the parent hormone known as Human Growth Hormone-releasing hormone (GH-H).

In contrast to increased growth hormone levels by the injection of bio-synthetic or Bio-identical Human Growth Hormone, GH-RH injections increase plasma growth hormone concentrations in patients with idiopathic growth hormone deficiency, by directly stimulating the pituitary gland to release natural Human Growth Hormone.

Sermorelin acetate for injection (GH-RH ) is similar to natural GH-RH concerning its ability to stimulate HGH secretions in humans.

GH-RH for injection has been useful in the treatment of growth hormone deficiency in children. The clinic anticipates that GH-RH will also be helpful in the treatment of adult growth hormone deficiency because it has been useful in the treatment of children, and because HGH has already proven itself useful in cases of adult growth hormone deficiency.

The GH-RH used by the clinic has been studied for 12 years in more than 70 clinical trials in over 2,600 child patients totaling more than 485 patient years of treatment.

Growth hormone releasing hormone for injection was approved for use in children by the FDA in 1997 and became available to the clinic in 1998.

It is an experimental clinic treatment with regards to adult patients who are prescribed about half the dose of a small child. Prior clinic approval is required to participate in the adult clinical trial program conducted by the clinic.

This therapy has excellent potential for adults who have a growth hormone deficiency and seek to reverse the effects of aging or treat a medical disorder. A patient who is unsatisfied with the results obtained through GH-GH therapy may elect to be addressed after that with HGH replacement therapy or vice versa.

Typically each bottle of Sermorelin, we have you put 3cc’s (3ml) of the bacteria static water into it.

This is done by tilting the container to a 45-degree angle and allowing the water to drip in from the needle slowly, so there is no foaming, contact us for the specific protocol for mixing the bacteria static water with the sermorelin white powder to create a clear liquid sermorelin which is used for injecting.

Doing a dose of 300mcg a night, you would pull 30 on the insulin needle – this dose would make one bottle last ten days. Thus it would take three bottles to last one month

Doing a dose of 200mcg a night, you would pull 20 on the insulin needle, this dose would last 15 days, and thus, it would take two bottles to last one month.


Modern medical science is advancing at an ever-increasing pace. While there is still so much left to understand about how the human body works and how we can protect it, we're uncovering new secrets every day. As we learn more about Stem Cells, Telomeres, and Hormone Balance, we'll inevitably discover new longevity and wellness strategies that will enhance the quality of life at every stage of the human lifespan, and perhaps even extend it.

The goal of our North Dakota Hormone Clinic is to help our patients live healthier lives via therapeutic HRT Intervention. Hormone Imbalance is increasingly recognized as one of the most obstructive barriers to life-long vitality. When we are young, most people have a well-calibrated Hormonal function which promotes good health, high metabolism, and a healthy body. Beyond age thirty, however, the body begins to drift from this ideal balance, leading to adverse health consequences which become more apparent with every passing year.

Human Growth Hormone Deficiency is one of the many common forms of Hormone Imbalance which are detrimental to the lives of the residents of North Dakota. This metabolic condition becomes more common with age and is characterized by symptoms such as unwanted weight gain, fatigue, weakened muscles, reduced exercise capacity, reduced resistance to illness, lack of focus, and more. Our HRT Specialists are fully-equipped to help patients restore normal and healthy HGH Balance so that they can live happier and more active lives!

North Dakota Hormone Restoration Treatments

Our North Dakota Hormone Specialists have helped hundreds of patients throughout the nation experience improved wellness via Bio-Identical and Recombinant Hormone Replacement Therapy. We analyze your Hormone Levels for signs of imbalance and take the necessary steps to correct those issues so that you can experience the improved vigor that is associated with normalized Hormone Levels.

Hormone Research and Clinical HRT Experience have shown that the best outcomes are not the result of overloading the body with Hormones that are considered beneficial, but to restore a balance that is associated with the ideal Hormone Levels related to early adulthood. This strategy minimizes the risks associated with Hormone Treatment without sacrificing results!


Human Growth Hormone Injections in South Dakota

There are some revolutionary things happening in medicine in the 21st century. It's easy to imagine a time, only years or decades away when life-extension treatments will become the norm rather than a dream. While science still has a long way to go to solve some critical issues which limit longevity, the last twenty years have provided lots of new and exciting medical treatments which promote vitality and heightened quality of life deeper into the lifespan than ever!

Our South Dakota Hormone Specialists are devoted to staying at the forefront of modern wellness science so that we can bring our valued patients the quality restorative and preventative treatments that they deserve. We recognize the pivotal role that Hormone Balance plays in your long-term health, and we have helped hundreds of patients throughout the American Midwest experience improved outcomes via the exceptional results attained via Hormone Replacement Therapy. If you are at least thirty, we will work with you to promote Hormone Balance and secure your fitness and wellbeing so that you can remain focused on the parts of your life that are most important to you!

Getting started is easy! Our South Dakota Hormone Doctors are standing by for a no-cost consultation. Simply look to the top of the page and contact us via the number above!

Finding an HRT Specialist in South Dakota

One of the things that make getting quality Hormone Therapy Treatments in South Dakota such a chore is that it can be challenging to find a local doctor in your area that provides the unique services that you're after. In many places, especially in Florida and California, HRT Services are much easier to find. At our Board Certified South Dakota Hormone Clinic, we understand your frustration, and we've made it our goal to provide Hormone Therapy Programs of the highest quality to patients all across the United States, and we are proud to offer our HRT Products to patients in underserved areas of America.

We utilize advanced logistical methods to ensure that you are accurately diagnosed and effectively treated for Hormone Imbalance and Deficiency. We offer a whole host of wellness services, including HGH Injection Therapy, Sermorelin for Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, Andropause Treatments for Low-T, Thyroid Treatments, and more. We also offer various pharmaceutical-grade products such as Vitamin B12 Shots and Vitamin D Therapy to help your body overcome the inherent nutritional issues which often suppress health and wellness.


SSRIs Like Escitalopram Among Best First Treatment Options for Depression and GAS

SSRIs like Escitalopram are one of the most preferred methods to treat Depression and Anxiety because they have a much lower incidence of side effects than their predecessors, as well as many of their contemporaries, combined with a high level of success and a low level of relapse potential if the treatment is initially effective.

Also, when side effects do take place, they are generally relatively mild and dissipate in the early phase of treatment.

Older anti-depressants were and are highly effective, but they represent a much higher danger of serious side-effects. In fact, the side-effects are so severe in some of these other medications that a patient could potentially die after only a month of an overdose.

Lexapro vs. Celexa

In spite of the effectiveness of the medication, there is some controversy regarding the use of Escitalopram as an SSRI treatment.

There has been debate regarding whether the company that first produced Citalopram (Celexa) pushed Escitalopram out to the market to extend their patent rights (in a process known as evergreening).

However, further research has shown that Escitalopram does have benefits in comparison to Citalopram, specifically in areas of tolerability and effectiveness.

Research resulting directly from this contention showed that Escitalopram had a slightly better efficacy profile than Citalopram under most circumstances, but more recent studies have come to the conclusion that Citalopram, Escitalopram, and other similar SSRIs known as Second Generation Antidepressants are mostly interchangeable.

Since Escitalopram lost patent protection in 2012, the two drugs have very similar cost-points, making the prescription choice more or less up to the individual discretion of the prescribing physician and the patient.

Both the American Psychiatric Association and the National Institute of Health have both agreed upon this perspective.

Escitalopram (Lexapro) for Anxiety Disorders

Though there is some debate regarding the effective use of Escitalopram for Depression, the body of evidence is much more pronounced in favor of Escitalopram.

Unlike many other psychological medications, Escitalopram is fast acting for many patients suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, some of which experience significant benefits within the first seven days of treatment.

By two months, most patients prescribed Lexapro experience significant alleviation of symptoms, associated with improved functionality and quality of life improvement.

In addition to this, Escitalopram is also useful for long-term use, with only one in five patients experiencing a relapse of Generalized Anxiety disorder, as opposed to just one in two patients prescribed a placebo.

Regarding Panic Disorder, both Citalopram and Escitalopram are of statistically similar effectiveness.

Other Clinical Uses of Escitalopram (Lexapro)

SSRIs, including Escitalopram, have been prescribed to significant effectiveness for women suffering from Premenstrual Syndrome, also known as PMS.

The treatment is useful both when taken during a specific portion of the cycle (luteal phase) and when taken at all times.

Escitalopram has been prescribed off-label for Seasonal Affective Disorder, but there is insufficient data to provide a definitive rating of effectiveness.

The effectiveness of Escitalopram (Lexapro) in Comparison to Other Medications

Recent studies have shown that, in addition to being a highly effective treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Escitalopram is one of the best treatments available for depression as well.

In a survey of research and clinical use, Lexapro was found to be second only to Sertraline (Zoloft) in effectiveness.

Historically, physicians have prescribed SSRIs primarily upon non-rigorous evidence they have received from treating their own patients and discussing apparent treatment effectiveness with their peers, as well as the risk or appearance of side effects for the patient.

This study is the first of its kind to scientifically evaluate the effectiveness of these depression treatments in a manner that can be quantitatively analyzed.


What is Escitalopram?

Escitalopram is a commonly prescribed antidepressant that also goes by many other brand names, including Cipralex and Lexapro.

Escitalopram belongs to a class of antidepressant medications known as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) and is FDA approved for the treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder, both conditions which are most often associated with abnormally low levels of Serotonin in the bloodstream.

SSRIs like Escitalopram prevent Serotonin from being reabsorbed as quickly, allowing them to remain active in the space between neurons for a more extended period. This medication is approved for patients twelve years of age or older.

Escitalopram and Citalopram

Escitalopram (Lexapro) is a stereoisomer of another medication known as citalopram (Celexa), meaning that the molecular configuration of the two compounds are identical, except they are mirror images of one another.

Escitalopram is known as an S-Stereoisomer, which references its configuration from a standardized position.

Pharmaceutical Uses of Escitalopram (Lexapro)

In the United States, Escitalopram (Lexapro) is approved for Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder.

In Europe, Escitalopram has a broader range of approved uses, including panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety disorder, as well as Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder.

In the United States, Escitalopram is often prescribed off-label for these purposes, based on existing research and overseas acceptance for such purposes.

Escitalopram (Lexapro) for Depression

Escitalopram has undergone thorough testing for effectiveness, in the form of four thoroughly controlled clinical trials.

Of these four trials, three of them provided statistically significant proof that the treatment was more effective than placebo at alleviating the effects of depression.

Patients that take Escitalopram of other Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors for depression generally report that the drugs can significantly improve mood and quality of life.

The treatment can also impact the behavior of the patient and the way that he or she interacts with others.

These potential changes can be so profound that they make certain patients tentative about seeing a doctor.

They think that treating their depression will change who they are. The best way to describe how SSRIs work concerning depression (and anxiety) is that they alleviate the symptoms of these disorders which prevent the patient from allowing their inner personality and voice to rise above the artificial limitations imposed by their condition.

To the outside observer, this can sometimes seem like a total transformation, but the patient merely is exposing himself or herself to others in a way that was previously difficult or impossible.


Human Growth Hormone Injections in Alaska

Alaska boasts some of the most beautiful views on earth. In spite of being so remote, its inspired hundreds of thousands of people to come and call it home. Unfortunately, it can be somewhat tricky to attain some services that men and women in other parts of the country take for granted, including Wellness Care. Therapeutic Hormone Optimization is taking America by storm, and there's no reason for the residents of Alaska to be left out in the cold, except by choice!

We are a Licensed and Board-Certified Alaska Hormone Therapy Provider. If you've been looking for a trustworthy and fully-vetted HRT Clinic to help you safeguard your body from the effects of Hormone Imbalance, Nutritional Deficiency, and other factors which have an adverse impact on your vitality, our experienced HRT Doctors can help you maximize your well-being with the full range of Hormone Therapy Products that we offer to men and women thirty and over!

HGH Deficiency Treatments in Alaska: Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone and Sermorelin

Most people think of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency as a condition associated with childhood and adolescence. While HGH is integral to growth during childhood and puberty, it remains incredibly important for the entire human lifespan. That's because, after puberty, Growth Hormone is still necessary to encourage ideal cellular metabolism. Without sufficient influence from HGH, the body has trouble keeping up with the physiological demands of day-to-day experience.

Our bodies are designed to function with Human Growth Hormone as a dominant factor. Around the age of thirty, men and women experience a permanent decline in HGH Levels. Depending on a variety of factors, including lifestyle, diet, activity level, and genetics, HGH Deficiency can hurt human health. When diminished Growth Hormone Production begins to afflict normal function in adults, this condition is known as Somatopause.

When HGH Levels can no longer meet the body's metabolic demands, the human body and mind become more prone to a variety of issues which prevent you from making the most of your life. These symptoms are varied and widespread, and can only be reliably shown via blood test. HGH Levels are challenging to track, so doctors determine Hypopituitarism by monitoring levels of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) in the bloodstream. If tests show that you have low IGF-1 Levels, this means that you can likely benefit from Bio-Identical HGH Therapy or other treatments which bolster the influence of Growth Hormone.


HGH Deficiency is a massive issue in the United States today. As men and women are living longer, Age-Related Hormonal Conditions such as Somatopause and Low-T have a greater impact on life quality and longevity. Tens of thousands of patients across Maine struggle with issues directly related to Human Growth Hormone Deficiency and most don't even realize that there's a problem. That's because we have been led to believe that the symptoms of Low HGH Levels are simply a factor of aging, rather than the result of a correctable physiological change.

Our Maine Hormone Clinic is dedicated to helping patients overcome Hormone Imbalance and Deficiency, and our highly trained staff of Board-Certified HRT Specialists are here to help you enhance your well-being through the use of Bio-Identical Hormones. A Free Telephone Consultation is just a phone call away.

Maine Sermorelin Therapy — Boost Natural HGH Production with Sermorelin

When it comes to treating Age-Associated HGH Deficiency, there are two big options on the table for patients, both of which have a proven track record for Hormone Restoration — Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone and Recombinant Sermorelin Acetate.

HGH Therapy was the first treatment made available for relief from Low Growth Hormone Levels and remains a valid and effective choice today. On the other hand, new advances in medical research and technology have led to another option which appeals to a broad subset of patients — Sermorelin Acetate. While HGH Injections directly supplant missing Growth Hormone Levels, Sermorelin bolsters the body's own ability to manufacture Human Growth Hormone. It stimulates the Pituitary Gland to release HGH to meet the human body's rejuvenative demands.

Advantages of Sermorelin over Human Growth Hormone

If Subcutaneous HGH Injections are so effective, you may wonder why a patient would opt for Sermorelin Acetate. Sermorelin does have some unique advantages over HGH that have lead it to become increasingly sought after. Perhaps the most significant factor with Sermorelin is the price. Sermorelin is significantly cheaper by the dose than Human Growth Hormone Shots, primarily because it is a simpler molecule and therefore less expensive to produce in a lab.

The second factor which draws patients to Sermorelin is that Sermorelin can be prescribed to a more extensive subset of at-risk patients than Bio-Identical HGH. Human Growth Hormone is tightly regulated and controlled, and it cannot be prescribed Off-Label. With Sermorelin, your prescribing HRT Doctor has more leeway to use the treatment at his or her discretion, which benefits patients that are at the threshold of deficiency, or those that are interested in preserving healthy HGH Levels before Somatopause becomes highly symptomatic.


Looking for Sermorelin doctors and clinics in Texas? We have some interesting solutions for you if you're serious about starting an HRT program. Looking for Sermorelin injections in Texas? You found the right resource. Growth Hormone Deficiency is a real condition that affects adult men and women across America, and it can be debilitating to wellness and vitality. Most people are aware of the use of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for performance enhancement, but don't know that there are real benefits to boosting HGH Levels that can perhaps benefit millions of patients across America using Sermorelin Acetate injections.

Our Sermorelin Texas Hormone Clinic is proud to provide Sermorelin Acetate Peptide Therapy, a clinically proven method of returning HGH Production to healthy levels associated with young adulthood, maximizing the benefits of treatment and minimizing the risk of side effects. In fact an increasing number of endocrinologists prefer to prescribe Sermorelin over HGH injections.

Sermorelin Doctors in Texas

Our Sermorelin Texas medical treatment clinic serves men and women all across Texas, thirty years of age or older, that have been properly diagnosed with symptomatic HGH Deficiency or Adult-Onset Growth Hormone Decline. We have streamlined the process of diagnosis and treatment in order to provide you with the best prices and service available, so that you can get the Sermorelin Treatments that you deserve at a price you can afford! We offer 11 week and 22 week Sermorelin programs.

If you are interested in HGH Restoration with Sermorelin Injections, we can arrange for an appointment with our own local doctor in your area that can help us assess your need for treatment by giving you a routine physical and taking a blood sample which will be rigorously tested in order to give a clear status of your current Hormone Levels and other factors associated with your long-term wellness. We can provide you with a homemed tablet so you can do a face to face meeting with our physicians who specialize with HRT program development.
Overcoming Growth Hormone Deficiency with Sermorelin in Texas

Adult-Onset HGH Deficiency is also called Somatopause and often diagnosed as hypopituitarism. It has serious and widespread effects on the normal and healthy function of the human body. This is because Human Growth Hormone is a potent agent of cellular metabolism. Natural HGH keeps your cells working at peak efficiency, so that your body can keep up the demands of your day-to-day life. HGH Levels start to drop around age 20 to 30, and this decline continues throughout the rest of your lifespan.

Because of the importance of Growth Hormone, HGH Deficiency impacts nearly every system of the body, leading to symptoms such as increased risk and duration of illness, fatigue, loss of muscle mass and strength, increased abdominal fat, foggy memory, sagging skin, and more (see our list of symptoms associated with declining HGH levels).

Sermorelin works by encouraging the Human Pituitary Gland, the source of natural Growth Hormone, to secrete amplified levels of the hormone via the somatotroph cells, bringing your HGH and therefore, IGF-1 Levels, back into the normal and healthy range.

Recombinant Sermorelin Vs. Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone in Texas

While it's true that HGH Injection Therapy has been around for longer than Sermorelin Acetate Therapy, there are some distinct advantages to Sermorelin that benefit many patients. Most people suffering from Somatopause or Growth Hormone insufficiency have perfectly healthy pituitary glands, they just don't receive sufficient signaling from the Hypothalamus to meet the HGH needs of the body. The hypothalamus releases the secretagogue Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone to stimulate HGH production. Sermorelin is the analog of that secretagogue.

Sermorelin encourages natural HGH Secretion rather than injecting it directly. Furthermore, Sermorelin is easier to produce, and is less expensive to manufacture and distribute, while providing similar, if not superior, results for a patient with clinically diagnosed HGH Deficiency.


Chronic Growth Hormone Deficiency Rampant Throughout Nevada

HGH Deficency is widespread all over the United States, and it's seriously affecting the lives of men and women all across the nation. Nevada is not immune to the issues associated with HGH Deficiency, but there are far too many people that don't seek the treatment that could help them live a happier and healthier life. Suppressed HGH Levels in adulthood are associated with the aging process known as Somatopause. It represents the period in a man or woman's life when Growth Hormone Decline starts to impact wellness in a significant way.

Sermorelin Acetate is a relatively new tool in the medical arsenal against Hormone Deficiency and Imbalance. Human Growth Hormone Deficiency is a major health issue which depletes the health and wellness of those that suffer from the condition. Luckily, with treatments like Sermorelin Acetate and Bio-Identical Growth Hormone, it's possible to overcome HGH Deficiency and restore vitality.

Finding a Sermorelin Doctor in Nevada

Many people are curious about the benefits of Hormone Optimization, or are sincerely interested in Sermorelin or HGH Injections, but don't know where to turn. We make it easier than ever to find out if you are eligible for restorative Hormone Replacement Therapy, because we've streamlined the entire process of HRT Treatment, from first appointment, to diagnosis, to receiving your Sermorelin Prescription. We are a licensed and board-certified Hormone Clinic, and we provide our services to patients of at least thirty years of age, all across Nevada.

We work with local doctors in your area in order to quickly and accurately assess your underlying Hormone Status, and what can be done to improve your hormone health, including Sermorelin Therapy. With just a blood sample and a physical, we have everything that we need to make a fully-advised decision on your behalf!

How Does Sermorelin Work?

Sermorelin works by facilitating the natural production of Human Growth Hormone by your own body. For patients suffering from Somatopause, the most common form of HGH Deficiency, the body retains its ability to produce and release its own Endogenous Growth Hormone. The problem lies with reduced signaling from the hypothalamus to produce HGH. In order for the pituitary gland to make Human Growth Hormone, it receives a signal from the brain in the form of Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone, or GH-RH. GH-RH activates the Pituitary, and Growth Hormone is released. Sermorelin works by imitating the function of GH-RH. In fact, Sermorelin is the functional analogue of GH-RH, meaning that both have the exact same effect on the human physiology.


Human Growth Hormone Deficiency is a huge drain on the ability for aging men and women to sustain well-being as they grow older. Declining HGH Levels have a devastating effect on human vitality, and the effects only become more serious and more pronounced with age. Sermorelin Acetate Therapy is one of the tools at our disposal to combat Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, and our Hormone Clinic is proud to offer this potentially life-changing HRT Therapy to our patients.

We are a licensed and Board Certified provider of Hormone Replacement Therapy, and our services are available to men and women of at least thirty years of age who live anywhere in the state of North Carolina, as well as the entire United States. Let us help you reveal your underlying needs as a patient and get to the root of your Hormone Imbalance!

What is Somatopause?

Somatopause is also known as Age-associated Human Growth Hormone Deficiency. Somatopause is a scientific term which refers to the time in a man or woman's life when the effects of diminishing HGH Levels become apparent and start to have a profound and noticeable effect on the human body. Growth Hormone Levels are at their highest during childhood, because elevated Growth Hormone Levels promote the growth of bones and organs.

After puberty ends, HGH Levels drop to a level which helps sustain and support normal metabolic and physiological function. This plateau remains stable for around 10-15 years, after which, HGH Levels start to slowly decline. Depending on lifestyle and genetic factors, HGH Decline starts to have a noticeable impact on the human condition in the forties or fifties, though for those that smoke, are obese, and/or have an overly sedentary lifestyle, the effects can be noticeable even in the 30s.

How to Recognize Somatopause and Growth Hormone Deficiency

Because Human Growth Hormone is such a potent cellular modulator, HGH Deficiency causes disruption throughout the human body. Some of the most noticeable symptoms of Growth Hormone Imbalance include lack of energy, changes in bodyfat percentage and distribution, fatigue, diminished exercise output and strength, reduced healing ability, heightened frequency, duration, and intensity of illness, and more. Sermorelin can help relieve the symptoms of Somatopause and help you live a more active lifestyle with improved wellness and vitality.

Sermorelin, a State-of-the-Art Alternative to Human Growth Hormone

It's true that Bio-Identical HGH Therapy has proven itself to be more than adequate for the treatment and relief of symptoms associated with Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, but it's not the only option on the table. With increasing frequency, more and more people are turning to Sermorelin Acetate as a means to treat Somatopause, as opposed to the more traditional HGH Therapy approach. Sermorelin works by promoting endogenous secretion of natural Human Growth Hormone, rather than supplementing and replacing the body's waning production of the hormone.

Sermorelin is a cost-effective option, less expensive than Human Growth Hormone because of its simpler cellular construction, and it's also available to more patients. Sermorelin can be prescribed off-label for patients with moderate HGH Deficiency, or for those with clinically low Growth Hormone Levels that are looking for a preventative treatment. Could Sermorelin be right for you? Contact us to learn more!


Testosterone. It fuels the drive of hunters, athletes, traders in the financial markets and other so-called “Alpha males.”

And regardless of their differences, they all tend to have one thing in common: they are all ultra-competitive and possess an almost superhuman drive to succeed.

As a result of this drive, their testosterone levels are off-the-charts, primarily when they are engaged in the high-level competition of their brutally Darwinist fields.

But There is Another Side to This Story

The Chinese call it Yin/Yang.

In Viking times, it was called Fire/Ice.

The ancient Greeks called it “The Golden Mean.”

Regardless of the name, the fundamental concept remains the same today: balance, including mental, physical and emotional aspects, is something that we all need, and strive for, at times unconsciously.

And it is just as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago.

Fascinating New Research

A new study explores the nurturing, familial side of men who pursue primal activities, often to support their families.

It finds that that side, too, is expressed hormonally, when a man brings dinner home to his family (or perhaps money or a trophy).

The results of the study were surprising, and a bit unexpected.

The more a man’s testosterone has risen in his choice of hardcore male activity, the more the “love hormone” oxytocin tends to surge upon coming home, researchers have found.

The researchers also discovered that the longer his workday, the higher his oxytocin levels are when he returns to his family.

Previous studies have shown that oxytocin makes people more cooperative while testosterone has the opposite effect.

That finding, which was one of the first to measure oxytocin release in a naturalistic setting, emerged after anthropologists from University of California, Santa Barbara shadowed male members of an Amerindian tribe in the Amazon Basin of Bolivia as they hunted for food.

To conduct the study, UCSB anthropologist Benjamin C. Trumble joined the hunters as they went out into the jungle and attempted to make a kill to feed their families.

The 31 men studied were members of the Tsimane hunter-gatherer tribe of Bolivia.

Trumble collected salivary samples (spit) from the hunters, first as they departed on their day long, and often solitary hunts; again after their first chance to bag a prey animal; and finally, shortly after they returned home.


Are you interested in HGH Injections for Human Growth Hormone Deficiency? If so, you may also be interested in Sermorelin Acetate Therapy. Age-Related Growth Hormone Deficiency, also known as Somatopause, is a hot topic these days. Men and women everywhere are learning about the devastating impact of Declining HGH Levels, and Hormone Optimization has reached a point where it is possible to restore Hormone Balance. As our capability to treat Hormone Imbalance continues to advance, new treatment options become available. Could Sermorelin be your ideal HGH Deficiency Treatment?

What is Sermorelin?

Sermorelin is a medication designated for the treatment of Idiopathic Growth Hormone Deficiency, an endocrinological condition in which Growth Hormone Levels fall beneath a point capable of sustaining ideal physiological health. Sermorelin is derived from a Peptide Hormone called Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone, or GH-RH. Prescription Sermorelin and Bio-Identical HGH Therapy both have the ability to boost HGH Levels, improving Hormone Balance and health.

With Sermorelin, it's possible to overcome the negative health issues associated with Somatopause by encouraging the human body to produce more of its own natural HGH. Sermorelin has a high safety profile, and we can help you find out if you qualify for Sermorelin Therapy! We offer our Hormone Services to patients of at least thirty years of age!

Finding a Sermorelin Doctor in Michigan

Finding a Sermorelin Clinic near you can be a difficult task. Many men and women struggle to find a Hormone Doctor that can fulfill their needs as a patient. We are a Licensed and Board Certified Hormone Clinic that specializes in treatments like Sermorelin Acetate Therapy. You can contact us for free consultation simply by dialing the phone number that you see at the top of the page or by filling out one of the forms on this page. We will connect you with an affiliate medical professional near you that can perform the physical and blood sample required to assess your need for HGH Therapy or any other form of Hormone Replacement or Optimization.

How Do I Know If I Need Sermorelin?

Human Growth Hormone Deficiency is a complex condition that erodes life quality in a host of different ways. If you've experienced a combination of the following HGH Deficiency Symptoms, Recombinant Sermorelin Shots may help you improve your quality of life: Lack of energy, foggy memory, depression, delayed recovery from illness and injury, increased body fat, ongoing muscle weakness, sleeping issues, and more. Sermorelin Injections can help you overcome these problems and potentially feel better than you have in years!


If you've been interested in HGH Therapy but are concerned about the cost and affordability of Hormone Replacement Therapy, Sermorelin Acetate may be exactly what you've been looking for. Sermorelin Acetate is one of the latest HRT innovations, designed to facilitate your body's personal production of precious Human Growth Hormone.

Our HRT Specialists have worked for years to improve and enhance the lives of our patients, and we would love to help you restore your Hormone Balance and help you take back your vitality! Our Massachusetts Hormone Clinic specializes in Hormone Restoration and Anti-Aging Therapy for men and women of at least thirty years of age.

Sermorelin doesn't have quite the same name recognition as Human Growth Hormone Therapy, but it's still an amazingly useful product that many patients prefer over HGH Shots. Our HRT Doctors work with patients just like you, providing thorough analysis and complete care for an affordable price. Our Hormone Clinic has connections with physicians throughout the state so that we can quickly meet with you on your own terms — no waiting a month to make an appointment.

All we need from you is one medical checkup, during which you will provide a blood sample and undergo routine evaluation to determine your current health status. If our Comprehensive Hormone Panel shows that your Hormone Balance is in jeopardy, we can write you a prescription for Sermorelin Acetate Therapy, which works by bolstering natural HGH production. With Sermorelin, your body once again has the ability to meet its own Growth Hormone needs!

Signs and Symptoms of HGH Deficiency

If you've found this site, then it's likely that you have some idea of how Somatopause (Age-Related HGH Deficiency) affects your life. It's important to recognize just how widespread the effects of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency can be. If you've been experiencing a number of the following symptoms, slowly growing worse with age, then it is very likely that HGH Deficiency is the underlying cause:

Lack of Energy
Increased Abdominal Fat
Sleep Disturbance
Impaired Immune Response
Decline in Strength and Muscle Mass
Slow Healing from Injury
Thinning Hair
Deep Wrinkles
Premature Graying of Hair


Do you feel as though Hormone Imbalance and Deficiency are having a deflating impact on your personal wellness and vitality? Have you considered Hormone Restoration, but don't know where to turn? We are a licensed and board-certified Hormone Clinic that specializes in treatments like Sermorelin Acetate Therapy that are designed to bolster hormone levels and improve health and longevity. If you are at least 30 years of age, we may be able to help you live an enhanced life through the power of Hormone Replacement Therapy!

What is Sermorelin?

Sermorelin is a game-changing Hormone Treatment designed to naturally restore Human Pituitary function. Sermorelin is the functional analog of Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone, the secretagogue responsible for promoting the secretion of Human Growth Hormone by the Pituitary Gland.

With Sermorelin, it's possible to alleviate the effects of Idiopathic Human Growth Hormone Deficiency without diminishing the function of the pituitary gland. Sermorelin and GH-RH have the same effect on the body, but Sermorelin has a simplified structure that makes it less expensive to produce without altering the medication's impact on physiological function as compared to its parent hormone.

Dangers of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency

Of all common forms of Hormone Imbalance, HGH Deficiency may be the most problematic. Human Growth Hormone promotes metabolism at the cellular level, maintaining the ideal functional capacity of various organ systems throughout the body. Human Growth Hormone helps keep us healthy, strong, and sharp.

HGH Deficiency becomes more and more common beginning in the thirties and beyond, leading to a whole range of issues, including weight gain, diminished strength, depression, impaired immune health, lack of energy, and more. If Growth Hormone Deficiency isn't adequately treated, these symptoms become more severe as time passes, diminishing quality of life in a drastic manner.

Finding a Sermorelin Doctor in Missouri

Sermorelin is one of the most efficient tools at our disposal to treat Human Growth Hormone Deficiency. By stimulating the pituitary, the body can produce enough natural HGH to meet the needs of the body. Our Sermorelin Clinic works with doctors across Missouri to help patients all over the state get the HRT Services that can benefit them without the hassle typically associated with Hormone Care. All you have to do is consent to a physical and provide a blood sample, and we can determine your candidacy for Sermorelin Therapy or any other treatment that we offer!


Sermorelin Acetate is the next stage in Hormone Restoration and Optimization. Bio-Identical HGH has been used for over a generation for the treatment and mitigation of symptoms of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, but for patients dealing with Somatopause (Age-Associated Hypopituitarism), Sermorelin my be the best choice for restoring normalized HGH. Our Licensed Hormone Clinic is staffed by Board-Certified Doctors who specialize in treatments designed to boost and amplify Hormone Health. If you are 30 years of age or older and looking for a reputable HRT Clinic in Oregon, we're here to help!

How Does Sermorelin Acetate Work?

Sermorelin works because it replicates the natural function of an existing HGH Secretagogue in order to encourage the natural production of Endogenous Human Growth Hormone. For patients dealing with wellness issues related to Somatopause, Sermorelin triggers the Pituitary Gland to make just the right amount of natural HGH needed to mitigate the symptoms of Age-Related Growth Hormone Deficiency. Sermorelin can even be considered the superior choice for many patients because it's less expensive and easier to prescribe while more safely and accurately preserving natural Hormonal Rhythms of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis.

How to Recognize Signs of Somatopause

HGH Deficiency is a particularly devious medical condition because its symptoms manifest so quietly. Growth Hormone Levels fall continuously after around age thirty without HRT Intervention, slowly leading to the buildup of a host of symptoms, such as fatigue, impaired immune capacity, joint stiffness, cognitive fogginess, loss of strength and exercise capacity, increased body fat, and more. The symptoms of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency are often confused for aging, but the simple fact is that many issues that we have long associated with aging itself are actually the result of Hormone Imbalance and Deficiency.

Finding a Doctor that Offers Sermorelin Acetate in Oregon

If you feel that Sermorelin may be able to positively influence your life and your wellness, then you're likely wondering how you can find out if you qualify for Sermorelin Shots. Like HGH Injection Therapy, Sermorelin also requires a prescription. If you're looking for Sermorelin Acetate Prescriptions in Oregon, we can help. We will work with doctors in your area to provide us with all the preliminary medical data to make a diagnostic assessment of your health and Hormone needs. If you'd like to speak with one of our Hormone Doctors or HRT Specialists directly, we offer free phone consultation which you can initiate via the phone number on this page!


If you've found your way to this page, it's very likely that you are interested in HGH Deficiency Treatment. Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone has been around for a long time now, and it's very effective, but the time comes when even the most groundbreaking medical treatments are eclipsed by newer, more well-rounded Therapy options. Sermorelin Acetate is an attractive alternative to Human Growth Hormone Shots that is just as effective, if not slightly more so, while also conferring some other benefits that would interest most patients.

We are a Licensed and Board Certified Sermorelin Therapy Provider which also provides various other forms of Hormone Optimization and Hormone Replacement Therapy for patients thirty and over living in the state of Minnesota. We also provide remote services nationwide.

HGH vs. Sermorelin -- A Primer

So what's the big deal about Sermorelin? Human Growth Hormone Injections have been used for over a generation now, and are proven-effective — Why should a patient choose Sermorelin over Human Growth Hormone? And what is Sermorelin anyway?

We can answer these questions and more. Sermorelin is a Recombinant HRT Therapy which is designed to perfectly replicate the effects of a vital HGH Secretagogue known as Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone or GH-RH. Sermorelin resolves Adult-Onset Growth Hormone Deficiency by restoring the ability of the human body to produce its own natural, endogenous Human Growth Hormone.

For the vast majority of aging patients, the pituitary gland still has the ability to produce an abundant amount of Human Growth Hormone; the problem is that the brain stops triggering the production of HGH in adequate amounts. Sermorelin takes the place of GH-RH, stimulating the Somatotrophs of the Pituitary to fulfill their duty and encourage optimal HGH Balance.

What Makes Sermorelin Better than Growth Hormone for Many Patients?

Of course, for patients with Pituitary Issues, Sermorelin won't be useful, but for virtually all other patients, Sermorelin gives HGH Therapy a run for its money. For one, Sermorelin is much cheaper than Human Growth Hormone — Over the course of six months of treatment, you could be looking at thousands of dollars saved. This is due in large part to the cost of production of each molecule. Sermorelin is a smaller, simplified molecule, a derivative of naturally occurring GH-RH. Human Growth Hormone is a vast and complex molecule — the largest hormone produced by the human body.

Second, Sermorelin can be used to safeguard the Hormone Balance of patients with borderline HGH Levels, or for patients that have Clinically Low HGH Levels but have not yet experienced the full onset of HGH Deficiency Symptoms. HGH Injections are very tightly controlled, and cannot be prescribed off-label, even if your experienced Hormone Physician feels that it could benefit your health and your life.


Most people don't realize just how vital Balanced Human Growth Hormone Levels are to long-term health and well-being. HGH Deficiency is far more common than people think because it belongs to a class of Hormones that are known to decline in correlation with age, along with Testosterone. Our Iowa Hormone Clinic has tremendous experience in both the diagnosis and treatment of Hormone Imbalance, including Somatopause, Low-T, and more. We've helped hundreds of patients across the Midwest resolve issues related to HGH Deficiency with Sermorelin Acetate.

If you are one of the countless folks in America today that could benefit from Hormone Replacement Therapy, our Iowa Hormone Specialists are at your service. In just a matter of days, we can analyze your Hormone Status and provide you with our professional opinion of your HRT Needs. Simply by dialing our number at the top of this page, you can set up an appointment with one of our Diagnostic Affiliates.

Quality Hormone Testing Diagnostics Evaluation by LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics

Hormone Replacement is a powerful form of rejuvenative therapy and requires important preliminary testing to determine your unique individual needs. Every patient is different, and it's vital to ensure that the patient gets exactly the treatment that their body requires to provide the best results. We work with renowned and reliable diagnostic testing companies Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp to bring our fantastic Hormone Replacement Services to you. With just a single visit to our affiliate Lab Professionals, we can gather all of the indispensable information needed to make an informed diagnosis regarding your Health and Hormone Needs.

Iowa HGH Therapy with Sermorelin Acetate

While most people are highly aware of Human Growth Hormone, most people don't recognize that there are alternative treatments available for patients struggling with Somatopause, or Age-Related HGH Deficiency. Sermorelin is a potent alternative to Bio-Identical Growth Hormone that provides compelling results on the same level as the classic HGH Treatment. Sermorelin activates the Pituitary Gland, encouraging the production of Endogenous Growth Hormone.

For adults struggling with HGH Deficiency as a factor of age, the primary issue with HGH Production isn't the result of Pituitary Insufficiency, but a lack of precursor signaling from the Hypothalamus. GH-RH is the secretagogue responsible for healthy Growth Hormone Production. It is also the root of Adult-Onset HGH Deficiency. Sermorelin is a Recombinant Hormone Treatment that replicates the effects of GH-RH on the pituitary, restoring optimized Growth Hormone Levels. If you live in Iowa and are interested in the fantastic HRT Results that Sermorelin Acetate Therapy can provide, our HRT Specialists are standing by for no-cost consultation! Contact us today!


Did you know that many health issues have long been associated with the aging process that is actually the result of other independent factors?

One of the most significant contributors to physiological breakdown as we grow older is Hormone Imbalance, and one of the primary culprits of our ongoing decline is Human Growth Hormone Deficiency.

Bio-Identical HGH has been used for over thirty years as a means to revitalize flagging hormones, but since the turn of the century, another Hormone Therapy Option has slowly entered the limelight — Sermorelin Acetate.

Sermorelin Acetate is a medical treatment which was derived using Recombinant DNA Technology, the same medical research which produced Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone.

Whereas HGH Therapy replaces the waning supply of natural HGH, Sermorelin encourages its renewed production. Sermorelin is the functional analog of GH-RH, the hormone responsible for the pituitary stimulation which leads to Growth Hormone Secretion.

Sermorelin is not identical to GH-RH, but shares the same active structure, allowing it to influence the activity of the all-important Somatotrophs which are responsible for the manufacture of Endogenous HGH.

If you've reached our site, you're likely interested in Sermorelin Acetate and may be interested in speaking with a local Hormone Clinic about your options.

We are a board-certified HRT Provider for the state of Maryland, and we would be happy to answer any questions that you have about Sermorelin, Testosterone, HGH, or any of the other Hormone Therapy Options that our Licensed Hormone Provider offers.

If, after your consultation, you decide you'd like to work with us to help establish your clinical need for Hormone Optimization, we will make an appointment for you with a physician that lives in your immediate vicinity that can obtain the necessary precursory assessment that is required to understand your needs as a patient.

You may be wondering why Sermorelin Acetate is prescribed at all, given that Human Growth Hormone Therapy has been used effectively for years as a means to treat Somatopause.

There are a few reasons why Sermorelin has experienced such an acceleration in prescription volume. First, it provides similar results as compared to Bio-Identical HGH for a less expensive price-tag. Per month, Sermorelin costs around 1/3rd as much as Human Growth Hormone.

Furthermore, Sermorelin can be prescribed off-label, which, due to arguably archaic restrictions, is not possible with Prescription HGH.

Third, clinical research shows that Sermorelin more cleanly preserves the natural balance of hormone production and absorption, whereas HGH Injections are immediately metabolized by the liver.

For patients with healthy Pituitary Glands (which is most adults), Sermorelin offers some great benefits that are hard to ignore.


Hormone Deficiency can be a serious pain. It's way more widespread than people realize, and issues related to Hormone Imbalance become more of a threat to your wellness with every passing year. We are a Licensed Hormone Clinic which specializes in treatments such as Sermorelin Acetate Therapy for Somatopause to help patients live happier and healthier lives. We provide HRT Services all over the state of Colorado, and our Endocrinologists are proud to provide their expertise on your behalf!

If you are 30 or older, and you feel that Human Growth Hormone Deficiency is a burden on your quality of life, Bio-Identical Sermorelin Acetate Injections can relieve the frustrating symptoms and help you take back your vitality!

Improve Your Life and Relieve Somatopause with Sermorelin Acetate

Somatopause is the time in a person's life when the symptoms of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency become apparent, inhibiting quality of life and making it harder to fulfill one's potential in their golden years. With the help of Injectable Sermorelin Acetate, it's possible to reverse many symptoms associated with HGH Decline to help patients look and feel their best. Somatopause symptoms generally appear during the forties or fifties and gradually increase in severity over time.

If you've experienced increased fatigue, feelings of depression, loss of strength, increased belly fat, weakened immune system, joint pain, or thinning hair over the last six months to five years, your life could be changed for the better with Sermorelin Acetate!

Finding a Sermorelin Doctor in Colorado

There are doctors that specialize in Hormone Care all over America, but it can be hard to find an HRT Specialist that you can trust. We've simplified the process of Hormone Deficiency Diagnosis and Treatment so that you can meet with a local doctor and get all of the preparatory evaluation completed in a single appointment. With the blood sample from that meeting, we will conduct a thorough Comprehensive Hormone Panel to get to the bottom of your underlying health status and design a course of action to restore Hormone Balance and Vitality to your life!

Sermorelin Injections for Sale in Colorado

If you are looking for affordable Sermorelin Prescriptions from a real and legal Hormone Clinic, we can help. We have contracts with pharmacies that specialize in Bio-Identical Hormone Treatments in order to get you the best prices and the highest quality Hormone Products available in America today. If our Comprehensive Hormone Panel shows that you could benefit from Restorative Sermorelin Shots, we can have the injections delivered to your selected address in a matter of days.

Though HGH Injection Therapy remains the most commonly prescribed choice for Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, Sermorelin Acetate is quickly picking up steam as a highly sought after HGH Alternative. For one, Sermorelin is less expensive than Human Growth Hormone while providing similar results.

Human Growth Hormone is also strictly regulated, and many patients that could improve their lives with Prescription HGH don't qualify under the strict federal guidelines. Fortunately, Sermorelin Acetate can be prescribed to patients that are interested in Preventative Hormone Optimization. Third, Sermorelin enables natural HGH Production by the pituitary, encouraging more natural Hormonal Rhythms which both help boost results and minimize the risk of side-effects.


Sermorelin is a next-gen Hormone Replacement Therapy Treatment that is designed to facilitate Human Growth Hormone Production by the pituitary gland naturally.

Bio-Identical HGH supplants natural HGH Secretion, but the goal of Prescription Sermorelin Injections is to encourage the body to produce its own youthful supply of Growth Hormone.

Our Indiana Hormone Clinic specializes in treatments designed to help you restore Hormone Balance and improve your vitality and quality of life.

If you're 30 or older and are interested in Therapeutic Sermorelin Shots, or any other form of Prescription Hormone Therapy, we can help you find out if you're a candidate and provide you with the most excellent HRT Products available in America today!

The best way to get access to Sermorelin Acetate is to reach out to a qualified HRT Clinic which specializes in therapeutic Hormone Care.

We serve patients all across the state of Indiana, and we can provide our expert Hormone Services quickly and efficiently, wherever you may live in Indiana because we work with local physicians so that we can establish your clinical need for treatment without you ever needing to leave your city of residence.

Just meet with our affiliate doctor and undergo the necessary preliminary examination and blood sample and we can take over from there!

Signs and Symptoms of Somatopause and HGH Deficiency

Today, awareness of the effects of Menopause and Low-T are well-known, but most patients aren't as aware of the impact of HGH Deficiency.

Age-Associated Human Growth Hormone Deficiency is a widespread malady which afflicts tens of thousands of people in Indiana, perhaps more. The condition is also known as Somatopause.

As HGH Levels fall as a result of age, it leads to a host of symptoms related to declining cellular metabolism and rejuvenative capacity. If you've experienced the following symptoms, Sermorelin may help you live a healthier life:

Weakened Immune Health
Increased Bodyfat
Diminished Exercise Capacity
Joint Pain
Mild Cognitive Decline
Fuzzy Memory
Slow Recovery from Injury
Deep Wrinkles
Thinning Hair


Age-Related Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, or Somatopause, is a major medical issue that affects the lives of both men and women of the state of Kansas. Healthy HGH Levels are necessary to help the body operate at the fullest capacity, and with every passing year, Growth Hormone Production falls naturally. Our Board-Certified HGH Doctors have helped thousands of patients across America overcome the frustrating symptoms of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency.

Our Kansas HGH Clinic uses all of the available tools at our disposal to help patients return to a state of enhanced Hormone Balance so they can live a life free from the deleterious effects of Hormone Imbalance. We offer both Prescription Sermorelin Acetate and Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone as treatment options for our patients! If you're interested in the HRT Products that we provide, we have representatives that are standing by that can help you arrange for Free Consultation!

Relieve the Symptoms of Growth Hormone Deficiency with Sermorelin Acetate

HGH Injections have been used with exceptional success for the last thirty years, but Sermorelin is quickly experiencing a surge in popularity as it becomes clear that Sermorelin provides highly effective results for less than half the cost. Sermorelin is less expensive primarily because it is a cheaper molecule to produce. Sermorelin boosts Growth Hormone Levels by promoting Pituitary activity. Sermorelin is functionally identical to the precursor hormone necessary to stimulate HGH Production — Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone (GH-RH).

Somatopause is the result of declining pituitary yield of natural HGH, leading to a host of health issues, such as weakened immune health, slow healing, weight gain, lack of energy, thinning hair, depression, fuzzy memory, diminished aerobic capacity, and more. Whereas Prescription Human Growth Hormone replaces the HGH that your body is no longer producing, Sermorelin rekindles the body's ability to produce its own natural supply.

Finding a Sermorelin Doctor in Kansas

Sermorelin provides great results for an affordable price. If you're interested in Sermorelin Acetate for Growth Hormone Deficiency, we can arrange for you to meet with a local Kansas doctor to get started. We work with physicians in your area so that we can provide the advanced diagnostics necessary to diagnosis Hormone Imbalance and Deficiency without you ever having to leave your hometown.


Hormone Imbalance is a hot topic in 21st-century medicine. Endocrinology is one of the most exciting fields of medicinal science because it demonstrates the powerful influence that Hormones have on our wellness. As we learn more about the profound effects of Age-Related Hormone Decline, we can take advanced steps to correct hormonal issues such as HGH Deficiency, Low-T, and more.

Human Growth Hormone Deficiency is a troubling and common hormonal condition which impairs cellular metabolism and diminishes quality of life via its effects on various physiological systems. As the influence of HGH wanes, it leads to a host of issues, such as increased body fat, cognitive fogginess, depression, loss of strength, reduction of healing capacity, fatigue, and more.

Our Board-Certified New Hampshire Hormone Clinic specializes in the treatment of various forms of Hormone Imbalance, including Somatopause. Our Licensed and highly qualified Hormone Specialists are well-versed in the opportunities that Hormone Replacement Therapy offer to patients nationwide. We've helped patients across New England experience the benefits of HGH Restoration, and you could be next!

What is Sermorelin Acetate?

Sermorelin Acetate is among the most valuable and effective means of HGH Deficiency Treatment available today. While our HRT Clinic also offers Prescription HGH Therapy, we also provide Recombinant Sermorelin Therapy as an alternative option, and with good reasons. Sermorelin Acetate is a potent Growth Hormone Alternative that works by directly influencing the function of the Pituitary Gland. Sermorelin imitates the purpose of a vital HGH Precursor known as Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone (GH-RH).

GH-RH Deficiency is the cause of Age-Associated HGH Decline. Almost all individuals retain the ability to produce Human Growth Hormone, but Pituitary Stimulation by GH-RH drops slowly as we grow older.

Both Sermorelin and Bio-Identical HGH share similar rates of effectiveness. On the other hand, Sermorelin is significantly less expensive than its counterpart, while providing those same results. Also, Sermorelin is highly useful for edge-cases where patients display low Growth Hormone Levels that don't quite reach a point of diagnosable deficiency. HGH Prescriptions are very strictly regulated and not available for off-label prescription, while your doctor has more flexibility to offer Sermorelin if he or she feels that it can benefit you! Our New Hampshire Hormone Specialists can help determine your candidacy for Sermorelin Acetate with a blood test and physical!

Hormone Deficiency Analysis by LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics

Our New Hampshire HRT Doctors offer a variety of quality Hormone Therapy Products, including Sermorelin Acetate. To assess your need for the Hormone Services that our clinic offers, we work with Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp to extend our reach nationwide. Our affiliates have Lab Testing Centers located throughout New England, and we can even schedule for them to meet you at your leisure.

During this appointment, our medical affiliate will take a blood sample. This sample is the key to determining whether Sermorelin Acetate is right for you, and it will also help us learn what else can be done to improve your health whether it be through supplementation, Hormone Replacement, or traditional medical intervention. Once we have analyzed the results thoroughly, our Hormone Physicians will develop a plan of action with regard to your health needs. Your input will be directly involved in this phase, as we will incorporate your personal preferences into the final plan.

Once you have confirmed your treatment regimen with our staff, we will write the prescription, and you can initiate HRT Therapy as soon as the package reaches your address!


Hormone Imbalance is one of the top factors which suppress the wellness of men and women across the state of Virginia. The human body functions at its peak when hormones act in harmony with one another, but there are a variety of factors which negatively impact that balance. Though we can control many of these factors, we cannot control the passing of time. Many hormones, such as Human Growth Hormone, fall into a state of deterioration as we grow older.

If you are a resident of Virginia and are interested in Wellness Care with a focus on Hormone Optimization, our Licensed Hormone Specialists can help. We work with men and women 30 and older, providing prescription Hormone Care to the patients that can benefit most!

Though HGH Levels fall for genetic reasons, that doesn't mean that this decline is healthy. Our bodies are designed to function at their smoothest when Growth Hormone Levels are high enough to support natural rejuvenation and rehabilitation. Our Board Certified Hormone Clinic specializes in the treatment of various forms of Hormone Imbalance and Deficiency, including Growth Hormone Deficiency. One of the most potent and effective tools at our disposal is Sermorelin Acetate.

Finding a Sermorelin Doctor in Virginia

Sermorelin is a highly effective means to treat Age-Associated HGH Deficiency, also called Somatopause. Sermorelin has experienced a rapid increase in prescriptions over the last decade, as doctors recognize the immense value in this Alternative HGH Deficiency Treatment. Sermorelin has proven itself to be a valuable tool in the battle against Age-Related Hormone Imbalance, and thousands of patients across Virginia have experienced the benefits of Sermorelin Acetate.

We've made it simpler than ever to reach out to a qualified Hormone Physician. We work with local doctors all over Virginia so that we can provide our tremendous expertise directly to our patients. If our detailed bloodwork shows that you can benefit from Sermorelin Acetate Injections, we can arrange for Prescription Sermorelin HGH Therapy Shots to be delivered straight to your chosen address!

Signs and Symptoms of Somatopause

To be approved for Sermorelin Acetate, you must both show signs of HGH Deficiency, and a blood test must show that your Serum IGF-1 Levels are low. Measuring IGF-1 in the bloodstream is the most effective means of diagnosing HGH Deficiency, because IGF-1 Levels remain fairly constant, whereas HGH is released by the pituitary in spikes and pulses.

Because HGH Deficiency is a metabolic disorder which affects cellular metabolism, its symptoms are widespread. If you've experienced a number of the following symptoms, you are a potential candidate for Injectable Sermorelin Acetate:

Trouble Healing
Increased Adipose Fat Deposits
Loss of Strength
Reduced Exercise Capacity
Thinning Hair
Weakened Immune System
Deep Creases and Wrinkles

Boost HGH Levels with Sermorelin Injections

Sermorelin Acetate Injections are administered once-daily, either five or seven times per week depending on the advice of your prescribing physician. These injections are delivered directly into the fatty tissue just beneath the skin and are nearly painless. There are also Sermorelin Pens and other products available which simplify the injection process. Most patients begin to experience some benefits in the first days and weeks of treatment, and can expect to encounter significant and widespread results over the course of the first six months of treatment!


In order to live a long and healthy life, you must treat your body like a temple. If you take your body and mind for granted, you may quickly find your temple turn into ruins. There are a lot of things that you can do to keep yourself healthy—Eat well, exercise, or meditate, for example—but you should also explore a variety of wellness options as well.

One of the most precious resources that our bodies have are our hormones. Hormone balance is the key to maintaining good health. There is a problem, however—In spite of our best efforts, some hormones fall into an irreparable state of decline. One of the hormones that is prone to age-related deficiency is Human Growth Hormone. HGH is a key agent of cellular metabolism, and without sufficient quantities of Growth Hormone, the body can't keep up with the ongoing demands of life.

There are two answers to HGH Deficiency—Prescription HGH and Sermorelin Acetate. Our Licensed Pennsylvania Hormone Clinic offers both options to patients experiencing the symptoms of Somatopause, the clinical name for Symptomatic Age-Related HGH Deficiency. We also provide an assortment of other Hormone Therapy and Wellness Programs designed to amplify your life, such as Testosterone Replacement, the HCG Diet, and Vitamin B12 Injections. If you'd like to speak with a representative for free consultation or make an appointment for Hormone Assessment, our Certified Hormone Specialists are standing by to take your call!

Battling Somatopause with Sermorelin Acetate

HGH Deficiency has a massive and profound effect on your body's ability to maintain peak performance. When HGH Levels fall into decline, the entire body falters as a direct result. Symptoms of HGH Deficiency include diminished immune capacity, slow metabolism, depression, fatigue, foggy memory, impaired concentration, loss of muscle mass, slower healing capacity, and even thinning hair. With Recombinant Sermorelin Acetate, you can mitigate many of these symptoms and boost your overall vitality!

Pennsylvania Sermorelin Doctors

We have a staff of highly trained professionals that have dedicated their lives to the ongoing health and wellness of our patients. We work with local doctors in every corner of Pennsylvania so that you can be treated quickly, accurately, and effectively without ever having to experience any undo inconvenience.

With just a simple phone call, you can set in motion an amazing transformation of wellness in your life. We will arrange for you to meet a local Pennsylvania Physician for preliminary evaluation. With just a sample of blood and a brief physical, we have all that we need from you to fully assess your current hormone status!


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