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The Dash Diet is a balanced diet, designed to get an individual all of the nutrients that they need in a strict diet, with an emphasis on maintaining a reasonable and responsible salt intake.

The Dash Diet is similar to some other diets including the Mayo Clinic Diet, the Mediterranean Diet, the TLC Diet, and the Vegetarian Diet. Specifically, DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.

The ultimate goal of the DASH diet is to alleviate or prevent hypertension, also known as high blood pressure. Hypertension is a dangerous circulatory state which significantly increases risks associated with heart and cardiovascular health.

The DASH Diet was developed in cooperation with the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, and its authors simultaneously claim that the diet can improve blood pressure while also making it easier to lose weight.
What is the Theory Behind the DASH Diet?

The DASH Diet recognizes that certain nutrients are vital to preserving healthy blood pressure, and builds a diet around responsibly providing the dieter with these nutrients. The four nutrients that are considered most important in promoting heart health are fiber, protein, calcium, and potassium.


Unlike many other diets that encourage the dieter to keep track of nutrition and calorie counts, this diet focuses primarily on moderation without excessive deliberation or calorie-counting. These are the three aspects of the DASH Diet:

Eat Foods That Encourage Hypertension Sparingly -- The DASH Diet recommends limiting the intake of red meat, sweets, processed foods, and calorie-dense foods which provide little nutrition.

Eat Foods That Are Good For You and Your Heart – Foods such as lean meat, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and low-fat dairy are encouraged. It's important to note here that this is not a vegetarian diet.

Limit Salt Intake -- Salt intake is strongly correlated with hypertension. Salt exacerbates existing high blood pressure, and may also contribute to the formation of such issues when used in excess.

You don’t have to track each one, though. Just ensure that the foods highlighted above are eaten in abundance (veggies, whole grains, fruits, low-fat dairy, and lean protein) while shunning those that we’ve unfortunately grown to love (calorie- and fat-laden sweets and red meat). Top it all off by cutting back on salt, and voilà!

The DASH Diet is an extensively researched diet plan, and there are two primary guides designed to show you how it's done. Both are produced by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. One is short and to the point, and the other is more elaborate and gets into the science and specifics of the diet.

First, the DASH Diet takes into account your activity level as well as your age to provide you with a rough gauge of how many calories you need to consume daily. Second, the guide for the diet contains an extensive list of foods that meet your nutritional needs most effectively. Third, the menu simply encourages you to limit sodium consumption.

The DASH Diet is not a complicated diet, which likely will attract many dieters looking for a no-nonsense diet plan.

On the other hand, other dieters that are looking for more direct meal-to-meal guidance may prefer a different diet plan, even if it is close to the current one described.

Look no further! Here we will cover the basics of intermittent fasting and how it can be incorporated with your current fitness routine, hormone replacement therapy program, or nutrition/weight loss goals.

What is Intermittent Fasting?

First off, what is intermittent fasting? It's a different way to structure your meals throughout the day(s), which involves long gaps in between where you do not consume any calories, not even snacks.

Some people choose to fast for several hours throughout the day, and others decide to skip eating for a day or two altogether (alternate day fasting). There are several different styles of intermittent fasting that have been promoted, which will be covered later in this article.

On fasting days, no food or drinks with calories can be consumed. On the non-fasting days, you can eat whatever you want. However, the best thing to do would be to choose nutrient-dense foods. The goal of intermittent fasting is usually to cut calorie consumption and subsequently induce weight loss, although there are other benefits to this eating pattern.

The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Including the obvious benefit of weight loss, other benefits of intermittent fasting include healing and preventing heart disease, and Type 2 diabetes. It can also help you sleep better. Some experts even claim that it can slow down the aging process due to consuming fewer calories over a long period.

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In a groundbreaking new clinical trial, three patients suffering from mild to moderate degenerative memory loss - Alzheimer's - experienced a reversal of their misfortune as a result of a new medical regimen.

Alzheimer's was first outlined around a century ago, although it has surely existed throughout human history. And for one hundred years, scientists and medical professionals attempted without success to find treatments which would benefit Alzheimer's patients, leaving them resigned to neurological degeneration and the meager benefits of palliative care.

Fortunately, a new and revolutionary treatment regimen may be the beginning of a sea-change with regard to Alzheimer's therapy and treatment. In this study, ten participants were provided a comprehensive and personalized regimen with the ultimate goal of reversing their memory loss. In the end, nine out of the ten patients benefited from the treatment, experiencing enhancements in their memory capabilities in the first three to six months of treatment.

Providing our patients the best possible care is of the utmost importance to the HRT Specialists at our Hormone Therapy Clinic. Hormone Therapy is low-risk and highly effective when prescribed and administered correctly.

Before we offer Hormone Treatments to our patients, we conduct a thorough investigation of the patient's health with the help of a Comprehensive Blood Panel.

We work with industry leaders LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics to fulfill the preliminary requirements for diagnosis and treatment. The following is a list of blood tests we conduct for women interested in Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Estradiol Test

Estrogen is one of the most essential hormones associated with women's health. Around the time of Menopause, Estrogen Levels enter a state of erratic fluctuation before dropping precipitously.

Estrogen therapy can help women overcome the health issues that can crop up during this challenging time in a woman's life. Estradiol Testing allows doctors to design a Hormone Therapy Protocol built to fit your age and your current needs.

Pregnenolone Test

Pregnenolone is a base hormone that the body uses to construct more complex steroid hormones. Pregnenolone is the base of both Testosterone and Estrogen. It's also vital to neurological health. Like HGH and many other hormones, Pregnenolone Levels tend to fall into decline with age.

As Pregnenolone Levels fall, Cortisol Levels tend to increase, both of which have a negative impact on wellness and Hormone Balance.

Pregnenolone Hormone Therapy is a useful tool that can benefit women struggling with Menopause, and it's also used to treat PMS, Endometriosis, and Fibrocystic Breast Disease.

Progesterone Test

Progesterone and Estrogen are the two central hormones associated with feminine reproduction. High Levels of Progesterone can cause symptoms related to PMS. Progesterone/Estrogen Balance is vital for women's health.

Progesterone Deficiency can lead to issues such as anxiety, depression, low sex drive, and hot flashes. Progesterone Therapy can help women overcome many frustrating symptoms of Menopause and Perimenopause.

Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 Test

IGF-1 Testing is the most direct means to diagnose Human Growth Hormone Deficiency. HGH Levels are hard to track because Human Growth Hormone is produced sporadically and metabolized quickly.

IGF-1 is a direct byproduct of HGH metabolism and remains present in the bloodstream at steady levels. By testing IGF-1 levels in the bloodstream, we can easily infer Growth Hormone Production and identify Human Growth Hormone Deficiency.

A1C Evaluation

Before starting any Hormone Therapy Regimen (but especially HGH Injection Therapy), it's necessary to be tested for Insulin Resistance. The AIC Glucose Test approximates your median glucose levels for the past three months, which is critical for diagnosing Pre-Diabetic Insulin Resistance and Diabetes.

Fasting Insulin Test

This test measures your baseline Insulin Levels on an empty stomach. It measures the amount of Insulin in your bloodstream when your digestive system is at rest and should be drawing energy from body fat.

Along with the A1C Hemoglobin Test, this test looks for signs of Insulin Resistance, Diabetes, or Hypoglycemia.


The Sex hormone-binding Globulin Test measures the volume of SHBG in your bloodstream, which impacts the expression of Estrogen and Testosterone. SHBG transports and stores Sex Hormones.

If SHBG levels are high, it can lead to symptoms of Sex Hormone Deficiency even if your body is producing plenty of the hormones.

It is a commonly known fact that men begin to lose testosterone as they age.

Most medical professionals agree that the rate of loss is approximately 10% per decade, and the results are not pleasant: weaker muscles and loss of muscle tone, weight gain, breast enlargement, increased fatigue, brain fog, depression, accumulated aches, and joint pains that just keep getting worse.

Also, there are other problems: increased risk of heart attack, prostate problems, sleep difficulties, decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction or urination problems, and a host of other maladies too numerous to mention.

In an attempt to ward off the debilitating symptoms of this affliction, many men have undergone testosterone replacement therapy.

This therapy is done by injections of testosterone, under the care of a physician. These treatments have produced excellent results.

Other men have resorted to more natural methods of replenishing their testosterone supply: exercise, nutrition, over-the-counter supplements, proper hydration, increased sleep, and stress-reduction techniques.

This approach has also benefited countless men who have tried any or all of these methods.

However, there is another insidious testosterone thief that men encounter on a daily basis, and most disruptors are unaware of this manhood-robbing bandit...

Beware of Plastic

That's right...plastic! That seemingly harmless substance that is so convenient for delivering many of our household goods and our food is the culprit, according to a recent study by the University of Michigan.

For the study, researchers examined exposure to chemicals called phthalates and testosterone levels in more than 2,200 people who took part in the 2011-12 U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

Phthalates are common in most flexible PVC plastics and many personal care products, according to the study published online, Aug. 14th, in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

"We found evidence of reduced levels of circulating testosterone were associated with increased phthalate exposure in several key populations, including boys ages 6-12, and men and women ages 40-60," study author John Meeker, of the University of Michigan School of Public Health in Ann Arbor, said in a journal news release.

Study authors measured their phthalate exposure and testosterone levels.

They also analyzed urine samples to measure concentrations of 13 substances left after the body metabolizes phthalates. Each participant's testosterone level was measured using a blood sample.

Researchers noted that among boys aged between 6 and 12 years, increased concentrations of metabolites of a phthalate called di-(2-Ethylhexyl) phthalate resulted in a 24 to 34.1 percent drop in testosterone levels.

For women aged between 40 to 60 years, the drop was between 10.8 and 24 percent. The numbers were alarming, to say the least.

Why are women involved in this study?

Testosterone, while primarily a male hormone, also plays a lesser but still vital role in the health of women as well as men.

Testosterone factors into brain function, bone density, physical growth, strength, and heart health.

Human Growth Hormone Doctors

The Conscious Evolution Institute is your number one source for quality Hormone Replacement Therapy as well as state-of-the-art Anti-Aging and Longevity Treatments. We have on our staff some of the most well-trained and professional physicians, technicians, clinicians, and medical specialists available in America, and our Board Certified Physicians have extensive training and experience with various forms of Hormone Replacement Therapy, including Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone, Sermorelin Acetate, and HCG Therapy.

In addition to being Board Certified, the physicians at the Conscious Evolution Institute are members of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. All of our medical specialists have also received Cenegenics training.

What is the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine?

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine is a non-profit organization that specializes in promoting and educating medical professionals across the world regarding new and existing breakthroughs in medical technology which have the potential to help people live longer and healthier lives.

In particular, the A4M promotes technology, medicine, and research which shows promise in the treatment, prevention, and detection of various conditions and diseases which have a negative impact on health and longevity. The organization is an indispensable source of information regarding the dissemination of new scientific and medical breakthroughs which have the potential to benefit the health of men and women everywhere.

The A4M is a large organization, with more than 26,000 members world-wide. These members come from a wide variety of professions concerned with the potential benefits of health and longevity, including medical researchers, nutrition scientists, physicians, and representatives from various government institution. The A4M has representatives from all over the globe, with members from over 110 countries.

Demographic Information Regarding the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

85% of the members of the A4M are medical doctors (DO, MD, MBBS)

12% have careers in research or come from a variety of health-related professions

The final 3% of members represent governments or media entities, or are members of the public simply interested in the role of health science in the promotion of longevity.

The physicians that are associated with the American Academy of Anti-Aging come from a variety of different disciplines:

Family Physicians, 23%

General Physicians 15%

Endocrinologists, 11%

Internal Medicine, 8%

Dermatologists, 8%

Cosmetic Surgeons, 6%

Cardiologists, 8%

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.), 6%

Obstetricians, 5%

Sports Medicine Practitioners, 4%

Orthopedists, 2%

Emergency Medical Practitioners, 2%

Chiropractors (D.C.), 2%

A4M Mission Statement

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine is a non-profit medical community which is devoted to advancing technologies which treat, detect, and prevent diseases which both contribute to premature aging and which have a negative impact on health and longevity with age. The goal is to promote scientific breakthroughs which have the potential to enhance health and wellness throughout the lifespan. In addition to their dedication to the support of these therapies and treatments, they also feel an obligation to educating scientists, doctors, and the general public about the importance of issues related to Anti-Aging.

One of the central beliefs of the A4M is that there many adverse medical conditions related to the aging process which have the potential to lead to premature aging or otherwise exacerbate health issues related to aging. The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine also believes that many of these medical issues related to aging can be effectively alleviated or treated, and that in the future, further enhancements will have a positive impact on life span and longevity. Proper treatment can allow individuals to live longer and healthier lives, less impacted by age-related health conditions.

There's no question that Football is the most popular sport in the United States. It's also among the most dangerous. Since the turn of the century, mounting attention has been tuned in to the effects of Football on the brain.

While safety measures continue to reduce the risk of CTE and other traumatic brain injuries, we're still learning the full extent of how Football impacts the lives and long-term outcomes of professional players.

Two of the leading organizations that have committed to studying the effects of Football on the brain are the Center for Neurological Studies and the Brain Injury Association.

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Stress is the body's way to manage immediate threats to survival. While many hormones, chemical reactions, and nervous signals are associated with stress, Cortisol is the hormone most centrally involved in the sensation of stress. Stress is designed to get us out of tricky situations and back to a state of safety and balance. Cortisol is an absolutely necessary component of the hormone cascade, but it is also very prone to imbalance. This imbalance manifests in many ways but is most recognizable as Chronic Stress.

Stress Changes Physiological Priorities

Stress puts the human body and mind into fight-or-flight mode, which is a higher state of vigilance that prepares us to make split-second decisions and actions which serve to protect us in the present. While these physiological changes greatly help us concerning immediate threats, it comes at the expense of our long-term wellness. In ideal circumstances, the influence of stress is brief and fleeting, but human evolution, combined with the fast pace of the modern world, puts us in a position where we are faced with constant stress, which depletes vitality.

Cortisol and Hormone Imbalance

The effects of chronic stress are widespread. For example, the over-production of Cortisol comes at the expense of other critical hormones, such as Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone. Stress depletes levels of hormones essential to our long-term survival. Stress also leads to various issues related to fatigue, depression, and lack of energy.

Why Does Stress Lead to Hair Loss?

Along with all these other negative impacts, Chronic Stress is strongly associated with hair loss. While stress and hair loss have been associated with one another for quite a while, we're just beginning to learn the specific mechanisms which cause stress to induce hair loss in men and women.

The cycle of hair growth occurs in three phases. Hair grows from the follicle until it reaches a certain length (anagen phase). Then hair growth stops, and the base of the hair degrades (catagen phase). Finally, the hair is lost, setting the stage for new growth (telogen phase).

Hair growth is triggered by the activity of Hair Follicle Stem Cells. These stem cells contain the instructions for hair growth. During the telogen phase, these cells are inactive. It's been hypothesized that stress prevents Hair Follicle Stem Cell activity, and recent research begins to explain why. Harvard University researcher Doctor Ya-Chieh Hsu was the leader of this investigation, which was published in the science journal Nature in March.



A lot of people these days are interested in the potential benefits of real injectable Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Many people even try to circumvent the American legal system to try to get Mexican and Chinese HGH illegally.

Americans should only seek to get HGH injections from a reputable hormone clinic in the United States.

Let's get some facts straight, right away:

Human Growth Hormone is only legal for FDA-approved purposes with the prescription of a licensed, medical professional. All other uses of bio-identical HGH are illegal.

Human Growth Hormone is only legal when purchased through American pharmacies, except under particular circumstances.
Buying HGH online without a prescription from international sources is always a crime.

Why do People Want Foreign HGH Injections?

purchase-hgh-injections There are two primary reasons why people try to get Chinese and Mexican illegal HGH. Some people are interested in Human Growth Hormone for performance enhancement or weight lifting. Other people want to get HGH for prices that are cheaper than those available in the United States. Using HGH for any purpose other than clinically indicated purposes carries a high risk of side effects and should be avoided because of the dangers associated with Mexican and Chinese HGH -- primarily, the stuff is not what it purports to be.

If you get caught with illegal HGH, you can face fines or even jail time. If you are interested in legally getting HGH injections, contact our medical clinic today, and we can help you get real, injectable, pharmaceutically pure Growth Hormone. You can take these injections in the privacy of your office or home.
Why is Foreign HGH Dangerous?

Not only is foreign Human Growth Hormone highly illegal, but it can also be potentially dangerous or harmful to your body. Because you are buying black market HGH, these products are not subject to any form of regulation or scrutiny. Many people order international HGH online and find out they have fraudulent product. Others get HGH cut with inert or even potentially toxic ingredients which reduce or negate the effectiveness of treatment. Avoid purchasing HGH outside of the United States.

On top of the risk that you will get fraudulent Human Growth Hormone, there is absolutely no guarantee that the product that arrives at your door will be useful, even if you get real foreign HGH. Human Growth Hormone is a sensitive product. It is not designed to withstand abnormally high temperatures, nor can it survive freezing. Liquid HGH is also highly susceptible to tampering, and if the product is not shipped to you with care in the lyophilized form, you could be getting a biologically decomposed form of Human Growth Hormone that will in no way work as intended. Getting HGH injectable products in the United States is not difficult. We can show you the proper way to get a prescription for Sermorelin, Growth Hormone, Testosterone and HCG injections.

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Buy Real HGH Injections for Adults Above the Age of 30

Adults who are USA citizens and residents, under the age of 30, we do not provide HGH or Testosterone Replacement Therapy programs, because, before the age of 30, the body is typically releasing adequate Growth Hormone and Testosterone Levels.

If you are over the age of 30 and are feeling a steady decline in your health, contact us to speak about our HGH programs and how to get started.

Buy HGH Shots for Sale

HGH MoleculeBuy HGH Growth Hormone injections online in a white lyophilized powder that you can reconstitute in the privacy of your own home using bacteria static water.

In searching for injectable HGH for sale online, it is essential to only work with and deal with only reputable companies providing HGH injections for sale.

The Conscious Evolution Medical Institute is an experienced and professional bio-hormone replacement therapy clinic, providing blood analysis, symptom diagnoses, customized co-created programs and consultations by physician specialist educated, trained and experienced in this highly specialized field of Age Management, Integrative Medicine, Longevity Medicine, Anti-Aging Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Longevity Medicine.

The Conscious Evolution Medical Institute does not directly provide the Growth Hormone HGH injections you will be using, however, upon evaluation of your blood work, medical history and quality of life assessment, our physician will submit your testosterone prescription to a licensed pharmacy in the US, and your HGH injections will be shipped from the pharmacy directly to you by overnight delivery, you will need to sign for it.

Follow our simple directions above for how to get HGH injections safely and legally in the USA.

Best Brands and Types of HGH Injections

Our HGH Clinic has done all the legwork, researched products and tested all major HGH injections companies and brands determining the highest quality brands of injectable HGH Human Growth Hormone and compared them with other reliable medical reports and reviews about the subject.

Following our HGH research guidelines and analyzing HGH reviews, our hormone physician specialists only prescribe the top HGH Human Growth Hormone injections for sale from the licensed pharmacy: Omnitrope, Norditropin, Saizen, Genotropin, and Tev-Tropin.

Many other HGH Clinics advertising HGH injections for sale don't always follow the strict guidelines for quality assurance that we do.

What About Other HGH Injection Sites?

Many websites are offering HGH injections for sale, but as an Internet user; you must be cautious because there is a lot of fake HGH out there.

Some websites advertise HGH injections for sale and do not require a blood test, medical exam, medical history form, or prescription.

This is very expensive, dangerous and illegal, having someone send you HGH in the mail without a prescription can land you in jail.

Many websites online offer HGH injections without physicians prescription or FDA approval, these websites are dangerous because you don't actually know if what you are getting is the real thing, or the potency is up to United States pharmaceutical standards.

HGH sold online from Mexico and China or outside the United States, often has trace elements of lead and other heavy metals that can harm your body.

Never cut corners when it comes to Buying HGH injections, only use the best quality Human Growth Hormone from licensed clinics and pharmacies in the United States.


Geriatric Medicine, Genetics, and Endocrinology are tightly wound disciplines at the forefront of advancing medical science and technology. One of the long-term goals of these disciplines is Anti-Aging. As we learn more about the processes that induce aging, we can develop strategies to overcome those processes, thus increasing the quality of life and length of life at the same time.

Aging is a complex set of circumstances that we're just beginning to really understand, but we do know that it occurs all the way down to a cellular level. Cellular Senescence is a term that describes the end-of-life stage of a cell where its growth permanently ceases.

This physiological end-point is determined by a combination of inherited factors. Some of these factors are genetically baked in from birth. Others are activated by lifestyle, circumstance, or other environmental causes. The scientific field that studies how these on-off switches are flipped is known as Epigenetics.

Few Studies Explore Epigenetic Treatments to Slow Down Aging

While we do understand a handful of these genes and have hypotheses regarding how they impact aging, there is still a tremendous amount of information left to be revealed. In spite of this growing knowledge, there is minimal research going into the development of treatments that can help promote longevity and health via epigenetic intervention.

Most current research involving epigenetic life-extension is conducted in animal laboratories. A collaboration of Chinese medical research facilities recently released data from a recent study designed to gather information regarding how animals and humans regulate aging at the cellular level.

Part of this research involves the Beijing Institute of Genomics, which is hunting for genes that encourage cellular senescence in humans. The institute is exploring the human genome with CRISPR/Cas9. By finding these genes, we can study them further to identify new potential therapies to overcome health issues related to aging.

Utilizing stem cells that experienced premature aging, they found 100+ genes that appeared to relate to senescence. They narrowed that list down to a hypothesized top 50 genes most likely to affect aging, then flipped the genetic switch using targeted sgRNAs.

KAT7 Overactivity Detrimental to Cellular Rejuvenation

One of the most notable of those 50 genes was KAT7. Lower KAT7 activity was correlated with controlled cellular senescence, but excessive activity inhibited cellular development. By inactivating KAT7, stem cells experienced rejuvenation, relieving them of their stasis.

The body of research thus far has shown that inflammation and senescence of organ/tissue cells lead to an increased incidence of age-related conditions and perceived aging. In animal research, the removal of senescent cells helps prevent the degeneration of tissues and has a positive impact on the lifespan of good health.

This new study provides evidence that the injection of serum to mitigate KAT7 activity improved the inflammatory profile in older mice and led to lower levels of cellular senescence in the liver.

Based on these results, inhibiting the activity of a single problematic gene may be enough to improve health and extend the lifespan, at least in mice. When this same intervention was applied to stem cells, it led to relatable results.

This study adds another prominent member to the list of genes that inhibit cellular rejuvenation and also provides the groundwork for taking advantage of the use of genetic manipulation to help humans live longer and healthier lives.

Reference: "A genome-wide CRISPR-base screen identifies KAT7 as a driver of cellular senescence" was published online in Science Translational Medicine on Jan. 6, 2021.



As men age, hormone levels tend to decline or become imbalanced. The majority of hormones tend to decrease, but occasionally levels are seen to be too high. For example, this includes testosterone, growth hormone, thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), etc. All of these hormones (and more!) play essential roles in our bodies – roles that need to be continued if one wants to live a long and happy life. A hormone of major interest to most men is testosterone.

As men age, testosterone tends to decline by about 10% a decade after he reaches 30 years of age. Unfortunately, we are seeing low levels happening even earlier in men due to poor lifestyle choices and environmental factors, most likely. A recent study has found that if a man’s testosterone levels are out of balance, being too low or even too high, he is at increased risk for cardiovascular issues.

Low Testosterone a Risk Marker for Hypertension

The results of a recent study, published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, demonstrated that high blood pressure (hypertension) is associated with decreased free testosterone, total testosterone and sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) in middle-aged and older men.

Free testosterone is the testosterone in the blood that is not attached to other molecules or proteins. It just the testosterone molecule itself circulating through the bloodstream. It is bioavailable and free to use by the body. Total testosterone includes both the unbound (free) testosterone and the testosterone that is bound to proteins, such as SHBG or albumin. The bound testosterone cannot enter most cells of the body.

SHBG is a protein that is made by the liver. It chemically binds to sex hormones in both men and women and carries the hormones through the bloodstream. Its role is to control the amount of testosterone that the body uses.

For years, there has been controversy regarding whether or not high testosterone causes cardiovascular (CV) issues, especially increased heart attack risk. The results of multiple studies were inconclusive and contradictory. Researchers in China wanted to try again and attempt to discover the relationship between testosterone levels and cardiovascular events.

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It is becoming more and more commonly known that HGH levels begin to drop as a natural result of the aging process. In certain individuals, Growth Hormone Levels can drop to rates which have a significant impact on health and wellness. Although every person on the planet follows the same gradual and downward track in regard to their HGH Levels, some experience this decline faster than others. Do you feel that you may be a victim of Adult-Onset Human Growth Hormone Deficiency?

Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone Combination Therapy

In men, a number of the complications of HGH Deficiency are related to the symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency. At the Conscious Evolution Institute, we've realized that a significant number of men simultaneously suffer from the effects of both Low Human Growth Hormone Levels and Low-T. When a patient is experiencing a severe deficiency of both of these vital hormones, the negative effects appear to stack exponentially, creating even greater and more significant complications as a result of hormone imbalance.

Many patients will only need one form of therapy or the other. The numerous diagnostic tests that we perform will highlight exactly where your medical issues likely arise, and will help us prepare a treatment regimen that appeals directly to your needs and desires. Many patients will see the greatest level of benefit from a combination-approach that utilizes both HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy and Testosterone Replacement Therapy in order to restore a more harmonious balance of hormones, which has the capacity to benefit the patient in numerous and vital ways.

Hormone Treatments for those that don't Qualify for Bio-Identical HGH

In addition to Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, we also utilize other therapies and techniques in the case of patients that may not qualify directly for HGH Injections. Among these treatments are L-Ornithine and L-Arginine Amino Acid Treatments, which can achieve modest boosts in evening HGH Secretion if administered just as you head to bed.

In order to monitor your treatment and assess the benefits of therapy, we occasionally draw blood samples in order to determine the success of your treatment, as well as monitor for any potential minor complications which may lead us to adjust your treatment.

Physical Symptoms of Growth Hormone Deficiency

Human Growth Hormone Deficiency affects systems throughout the body, but some of the most obvious physical changes that take place as a result of HGH Deficiency are increased fat around the midsection, the development of sharp lines and wrinkles, thinning hair, and significant changes in sleep quality.

Human Growth Hormone for Those That Need It

We should note that, although we specialize in Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy, only patients that display a clinical and diagnosable need for HGH Replacement, as outlined by the Endocrine Society's Criteria for Deficiency, qualify for Human Growth Hormone HRT. There are a number of other treatment options available with which we can assist you (such as Sermorelin Acetate Therapy or Amino Acid Treatment), but as a result of the legal status of HGH, we may be unable to provide Human Growth Hormone Injections for your particular case.

How Can HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy Improve My Life?

Thank you for visiting the Conscious Evolution Institute. If you've made your way to our website, then no doubt, you are interested in the fantastic Hormone Replacement Therapy Programs that we provide. CEI specializes in various forms of Hormone Replacement Therapy that have been proven to benefit adults over the age of thirty that are experiencing the negative health impacts of disorders such as Adult Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, Menopause, and Andropause.

Hormone Imbalance is a major medical issue that has the capacity to severely limit your ability to enjoy your life. If you are experiencing symptoms such as low sex drive, reduced muscle mass, trouble healing, or significant fatigue, all it takes to discover your underlying hormone health is a simple blood sample.

Conscious Evolution Institute for Quality Hormone Replacement Therapy

Whether this is the first time that you have pursued your interest in Hormone Replacement, or you are looking for a respected clinic which can provide thoughtful care of the highest quality, we feel that the Conscious Evolution Institute is your best source for Hormone Balance and Optimization Therapy.

We have a staff of trained physicians and specialists, and we can assign one of our doctors to personally lead you every step of the way. He or she will provide you with individual care, make sure you know all of the options you have available, and will arrange for you to receive the exact care that you need in order to restore both your hormones and your vitality.

Do You Have HGH Deficiency?

If this is your first time to seek Hormone Replacement Therapy, just take a moment to answer the following questions:

Do you struggle to find interest in sexual activity?

Are you listless, without the motivation and desire to achieve your goals?

Has your endurance and strength dropped significantly in recent years?

Is it more difficult to control your weight, even if your habits haven't changed?

Are you losing your muscle tone even though you engage in the same level of physical activity?

Does aging seem to be sapping the happiness and joy out of your life?

Are you struggling with irritability, sadness, and grumpiness, with no clear cause?

Do you have trouble staying awake after meals?

Are you experiencing memory lapses or cognitive decline?

If you are thirty or over, and you experience three or more of these issues, there is a significant chance that you are currently struggling with HGH Deficiency or Low-T.

Vitamin B12 is one of the many essential nutrients that the body needs to operate at its fullest capacity.

Vitamin B12 is responsible for facilitating a process related to the body's most basic form of energy—ATP. Without ATP, human life would not be possible. B12 activates the mitochondria in our cells, which then produce ATP.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency is one of the more common forms of Vitamin Deficiency. It is not only caused by malnutrition, but also by digestive issues which prevent the proper absorption of Vitamin B12.

This can occur to individuals of all ages, but it is common for the human body to lose its ability to absorb Vitamin B12 as men and women grow older.

For folks with Vitamin B12 Deficiency, the symptoms can be widespread and significant. Symptoms of B12 Deficiency include fatigue, poor sleep, weight gain, depression, lack of focus, impaired immune health, and more.

For these people, Vitamin B12 injections can provide incredible wellness benefits. Vitamin B12 Injections can even lead to hair growth!

Vitamin B12 Compatible with Hormone Replacement Therapy and Most Weight Loss Programs

Many patients with Vitamin B12 Deficiency are overweight, mainly resulting from their body's impeded metabolism.

B12 Injections can be helpful for weight loss because they encourage increased metabolism, which boosts Basal Metabolic Rate, and because increased energy levels make it easier to work out or otherwise stay active.

Though B12 Injections can provide excellent health benefits on their own, combining them with other Wellness Treatments will give even more remarkable results.

HGH Therapy and Bio-Identical Testosterone Therapy also uplift energy and increase fat-burning power, and combining their effects with B12 only amplifies results. B12 Injections are also compatible with the HCG Diet and effective weight loss supplements, including Methionine, Choline, and Inositol.

Why Choose B12 Injections over Vitamin B12 Supplements?

Oral B12 supplements may be beneficial for some patients, but many people have issues with the proper absorption of B12 via the digestive tract.

This malfunction tends to become more problematic and severe in correlation with age. That means that it is possible that dietary and oral B12 will not meet your physiological need for the vitamin.

Vitamin B12 injections deliver the vitamin directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system entirely.

Then B12 can circulate through the blood and perform its vital functions. The most effective form of B12 Supplementation by far is the B12 Shot. The two main types of B12 Injection are Methylcobalamin and Cyanocobalamin—Methylated B12 Injections are by far the most effective.

Methylcobalamin vs. Cyanocobalamin

Both Cyanocobalamin and Methylcobalamin are widely used in B12 Supplements, but you should always opt for Methylcobalamin. Supplements that use Cyanocobalamin are less expensive, but they also don't work as well.

Methylcobalamin stands for Methylated B12. This is the way that the body is used to experiencing Vitamin B12 in nature, and the body can immediately put Methylcobalamin to use in Mitochondrial Cells.

Cyanocobalamin is a synthesized form of Vitamin B12 that is combined with a Cyanide molecule (though the dosage is much lower than the body's threshold for Cyanide poisoning).

Though Cyanocobalamin isn't dangerous, it just isn't as effective. The most significant benefit of Methylcobalamin over Cyanocobalamin is that Methylcobalamin stays active in the body longer, allowing it to provide more significant gains.

Also, there are some advantages that Methylcobalamin can offer that Cyanocobalamin cannot, including improved focus via enhanced visual accommodation and improved Circadian Rhythm.

Insidious...painful...high blood pressure...obesity...diabetes...skyrocketing cholesterol and triglycerides levels...fibrosis (liver scarring), cirrhosis...liver cancer...all of these conditions come to mind for people suffering from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and its more severe form non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).

The problem is, that, over time, these diseases trigger the accumulation of fat in the liver that leads to inflammation, which results in the liver damage mentioned earlier.

Worse, the condition has resisted all attempts of a cure. Presently, there are no prescriptions or medications that are approved to treat the disease. Several seemingly promising treatments have been tried and found wanting.

Consequently, treating the affliction relies on losing weight and becoming more active. This is, of course, a good idea for everyone, regardless of their current state of health.

But for people suffering from and living with NAFLD and NASH, lifestyle changes are at best a rear-guard action. At worst, many people are unable to continue these lifestyle modifications.

Even though human growth hormone (HGH) is considered a performance-enhancing drug (PED) and has been in controversy for decades now regarding its use as a PED and as an anti-aging supplement, many alternative physicians and endocrinologists have been touting its anti-aging benefits throughout these past decades.

They've seen the results in their patient's improved skin and hair, weight loss, etc., and/or have heard and discussed the anecdotal findings of their hormone replacement therapy (HRT) patients.

Now, there is another published and peer-reviewed study that backs up their claims that were recently published in Aging Cell.

HGH Study on Turning Back the Biological Clock

In this exciting, new study, nine men were the subjects, aged between 51 and 65 years. They were given HGH injections in order to stimulate the thymus gland. As we age, the thymus gland tends to atrophy (degenerate or waste away) which is concerning as it plays a very important role in the functioning of our immune systems.

Repros Therapeutics Inc., (RPRX) maker of Androxal, an experimental drug to boost men's testosterone levels to normal levels, met drug study goals.

Androxal was designed to treat men with a condition known as secondary hypogonadism. Hypogonadism is identified by having low testosterone levels, an essential hormone for both men and women. Secondary hypogonadism usually results when there is an issue with hormone signalling in the hypothalamus or pituitary gland within the brain. This results in the testes not being stimulated to produce testosterone.



Testosterone Deficiency is a frustrating component of aging that affects the lives of millions of guys nationwide. Luckily, there are a variety of Testosterone Therapy Products that are very effective at relieving Low-T. One of the many Testosterone Treatments available today is Androgel. With Androgel, it is possible to overcome the symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency.

Androgel Topical Testosterone for Andropause and Low-T

Androgel is a safe and effective Testosterone Therapy produced by AbbVie Inc. for the treatment of Hypogonadism in Men. Clinical Testosterone Deficiency is characterized by a variety of issues, including low sex drive, impotence, fatigue, and loss of muscle mass. Androgel can relieve and reverse the symptoms of Low-T, helping men restore both vigor and sexual potency.

While Low-T has various causes, it is most commonly a byproduct of aging. Testosterone Levels drop consistently from age thirty, onward. Other health conditions and lifestyle choices further impact Testosterone Levels. For example, Obesity and Smoking both increase the risk of Testosterone Deficiency. It's estimated that 12% of men in their fifties suffer from Low-T.

Who Shouldn't Use Androgel?

Androgel is only intended for men over the age of eighteen with clinical symptoms of Low-T. Testosterone should never be used as a means of performance enhancement and should only be used by men diagnosed with Testosterone Deficiency. Upon diagnosis, your Hormone Specialist will assess the safety and viability of Testosterone Therapy, as certain men are at increased risk of side-effects and negative consequences.

Certain Medications may Interact with Androgel, including Steroids, Blood Thinners, and Insulin.

While Androgel is quite safe when used as directed, abuse of the product can increase the risk of heart attack, hypertension, and stroke. Abuse of Testosterone is also linked with aggression and addiction.

How To Apply Androgel

Androgel is popular because it is easy to self-administer. Androgel is designed to be massaged into the stomach, chest, shoulders, or upper arms. Because the testicles are particularly sensitive to Testosterone, you should avoid applying Androgel to the groin area.

It's important to keep the area where the Testosterone Gel is applied covered until it is fully absorbed into the skin to prevent cross-contamination. It takes around two hours for Androgel to be fully absorbed through the skin, and you should avoid getting the area wet. After two hours, you can go about your day exactly how you'd like.



The benefits of exercise are tremendous. Adding a regular weight lifting or resistance training regimen to your weekly routine can boost Testosterone, help you lose weight, and more! Working out is about more than building strengthit's a powerful tool to help you live a healthier and happier life.

Aerobic exercise is important, but cardio alone will not fulfill all of your body's wellness needs. The ideal exercise regimen combines Aerobic exercise and weight training for maximum potential. Let's focus on some of the many health advantages associated with anaerobic exercise.
Burn Belly Fat With Resistance Training

Studies have shown that lifting weights is more effective than aerobic exercise as a means to reduce stubborn adipose belly fat. Muscles naturally burn calories even when at rest. This basal metabolic rate increases with overall muscle mass. This means that the more that you can lift the higher your fat-burning potential!
Improve Heart Health By Lifting Weights

The overabundance of adipose fat heavily impacts cardiovascular health. This fat is associated with inflammatory hormones and proteins. Losing belly fat has the added bonus of reducing the influence of these chemicals, which negatively affect blood pressure and harm blood vessels. Weight lifting lowers triglycerides, balances blood pressure, and increases HDL Cholesterol.
Get Blood Sugar Under Control With Anaerobic Exercise

When you work out, your body needs more energy. Your body responds by using available glucose reserves. This reduces the strain on the pancreas that contributes to insulin resistance and Type-2 Diabetes. Weight lifting also encourages increased HGH Production, which frees energy stored in fat cells for use once readily available blood sugar is used up. A regular workout program trains your muscles to absorb blood sugar more readily.
Lifting Weights Mitigates Cancer Risk

Cells in your body fat produce a growth factor known as FGF2 that can increase the risk of various cancers. Obese individuals tend to make way too much of this hormone. Losing weight with exercise and diet reduces the dangerous influence of FGF2.
Stronger Muscles Help Prevent Injury

Weak muscles put your body off balance and in danger. Your muscles help maintain coordination and balance. A sedentary lifestyle interferes with your body's stability and increases the risk of injury. Weight training also strengthens the tendons, reducing the risk of tears, sprains, and other injuries.
Pumping Iron Lets Off Steam, Builds Mental Fortitude

Mental health and physical health are tightly intertwined. Strength training helps relieve psychological stress by giving it an outlet. A structured workout program also gives you goals and provides structure. It bolsters your ability to meet and overcome mental roadblocks. Exercise is also known to release hormones associated with psychological wellness, such as endorphins, serotonin, HGH, and Testosterone.
Strength Training Enhances Mobility and Flexibility

Combining weights with stretches has major benefits for your ability to maximize your range of motion. While simple stretches are beneficial to flexibility, mixing those stretches with some resistance training amplifies the benefits. Furthermore, strength-building exercises which target neglected muscles and muscle groups add to these mobility gains. Extension exercises do the most for flexibility.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Prescription and HGH Delivery

After you have discussed your diagnosis with your prescribing physician and worked with your Hormone Doctor in order to create a plan tailor-made for your needs, your HRT Specialist will create your Hormone Replacement Program and write you a prescription for the Hormones and other drugs that you will need in order to achieve your goal of Hormone Restoration.

Our Licensed and Board-Certified Hormone Clinic has access to a Specialty Hormone Pharmacy that can provide you with what you need to get started. Because the pharmacy specializes in HRT Therapy Solutions, we can provide you some of the best prices that you will find anywhere, and we can also have your prescription delivered directly to your home or office in a discrete manner. Just open up your Mail-Order Hormones and you can get started right away!

Buying HGH: A Primer on Obtaining a Prescription for Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone may seem like its difficult to get a prescription for, but it's really not all that hard. The most important thing to know about getting Human Growth Hormone is that you can only get it if you have a legitimate medical need for HGH Replacement. For adults, this means that you are suffering from a condition known as Human Growth Hormone Deficiency.

HGH Deficiency generally has two causes among adults:

Somatopause is an Age-Related form of Growth Hormone Deficiency caused by a reduction in the efficiency of natural endogenous Growth Hormone Production by the Pituitary Gland over time.

Sudden-Onset HGH Deficiency is generally caused by surgery, injury, or any other condition which can inhibit the ability of the pituitary gland to properly produce Human Growth Hormone.

Somatopause is the most common cause of HGH Deficiency among aging men and women, and a Bio-Identical HGH Prescription can help you to resolve your Hormone Condition and improve your health and vitality.

How to Buy HGH

In order to Buy Human Growth Hormone legally, you have to go through an intermediary, like the physicians at the Conscious Evolution Institute. If you don't have an HGH Prescription, you can't legally Buy HGH. Your doctor will give you an examination and blood test in order to assess your health needs, and if analysis shows that you need Human Growth Hormone, you will receive a prescription to fit your needs as a patient.

Have you ever wondered why it seems so difficult to lose weight? It looks like the people that are trying the hardest have the most trouble achieving successful changes in body composition, especially when considering long-term results.

This is largely the result of how certain diet/training strategies impact Hormone Balance. Without specific knowledge, many people engage in the worst weight loss/strength training tactics out of ignorance. Take a moment and let us help you start off on the right track.

Hormone Levels are Intricately Interconnected

The human endocrine system is a complex interplay of organs and hormones designed to help the human body function as a single unit. Weight loss can be a challenge because abrupt changes in diet and activity level cause the body to react to preserve body mass as a protective mechanism.

Insulin, blood sugar, Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone, Cortisol, and Thyroid Hormones all belong to the same series of hormone cascades that directly impact physiological function. Disrupting the balance among these hormones can make it extremely difficult to lose weight and keep it off.

Your hormones aren't concerned with keeping you thin and fit; they work together to maximize the odds that your genes will live on for another generation. Our bodies have been trained for millennia to survive feast and famine situations.

In the not-so-distant past, the threat of starvation was much greater than the accumulated dangers of overeating. This is the reason why crash diets don't work.

While it's important to eat well and stay active, many people take things too far when they are trying to lose weight. Two of the biggest barriers to losing weight are highly restrictive diet plans and overexertion during workouts. When we eat too little or train too hard, it leads to self-defeating changes in Hormone Levels.

Rapid Changes Disrupt Hormone Balance

Elevated Cortisol production chips away at sex hormone levels while also increasing stress and anxiety. Decreased Testosterone Levels make it harder to build muscle mass, which suppresses metabolism. Chronically elevated Cortisol also leads to increased bloating due to impaired electrolyte balance, which adds water weight.

Cortisol Levels are designed to peak in the morning and slowly drop throughout the day. Chronic stress due to poor dietary habits can make it harder to get a restful night's sleep, which further disrupts sex hormone balance while also having a devastating effect on HGH production.

Human Growth Hormone is a tool that our body uses to convert body fat into usable energy. When HGH Levels are too low; it helps preserve body fat, to the detriment of diet goals.

The Thyroid Gland can't tell the difference between an extreme diet and the threat of starvation, so it significantly boosts the production of T3, which increases appetite.

Thyroid hormones trigger amplified Ghrelin Production, which makes you hungrier more often, and makes you crave larger portions.

Weight loss and increased strength/endurance do involve conscientious dieting and a good workout plan, but you still have to give the body the fuel that it needs to function optimally.

Making rapid "Cold Turkey" changes to your lifestyle is one of the biggest roadblocks to successful weight loss.

One of the most dominant factors related to wellness is energy level. Nothing makes you feel older than not having the energy to be happy and productive in your everyday life. Fatigue is a huge drain on well-being which is absolutely dreadful. One reason why we feel more tired when we get older is because of declining Human Growth Hormone Levels.

Most people think of Human Growth Hormone with concern regarding growth and development, but HGH plays a massive, widespread role in general human metabolism because it influences and enhances cellular metabolism. When HGH Levels drop too low, this affects many physiological functions related to metabolism and perception of energy level.

If you're interested in boosting your ability to learn...developing razor-sharp memorizing skills...dramatically increasing your capacity for learning and retaining new information...and adding a new weapon to your stress-busting arsenal...then it's time you learn about phosphatidylserine (PS).

PS is an essential fatty acid that our bodies produce in limited amounts.

Phosphatidylserine is in the family of fats called phospholipids and is a significant component of cell walls.

PS helps them repair and maintain cells and improve their ability to communicate with each other.

Aging is associated with cognitive decline, as it is with so many other conditions.

Typically, the symptoms of cognitive decline are a lack of ability to concentrate and memory difficulties.

In a 1991 study from Neurology magazine, researchers discovered that 100 mg of PS given three times daily improved memory and learning in elderly patients with age-related memory impairment.

Alzheimer's disease is by far and away the most feared and dreaded form of dementia.


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