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This is a first look video on the Retekess V115 FM/AM/SW/MP3 Radio. So far I like it, definitely a smart purchase at $18.99 with free shipping!

Just a short video, I ran this one through a different rendering program called Pitivi. Up until this point I have been using Kdenlive and it's good but Pitivi seems to render faster, and the file size is lower.. I don't know.

An intro review and unboxing of the Mini Mag Light Pro LED, they can be had for $33.50 from The link is below, I bought mine on sale from my local Ace Hardware for $19.95!

Just a clip.

Just some morning thoughts.

All in a day's work!

Just some observations.

Something I noticed while watching a recent video.

Just a brief clip.

Kinda a Saturday morning run through my thoughts.

I was stung at least three times by some angry Yellow Jackets, here in Tennessee they are a ground nesting hornet type insect that work together to inflict pain!

Just decided to work on a couple antennas, they are both Nagoya antennas and they will give you better gain versus a standard Baofeng antenna with regards to VHF.

I just felt like showing you something I used to do when I was young.

Finishing the woodsman's knife.

I decided to do a little blacksmithing today, so I forged a blade. Tomorrow I may put a handle on it. Then maybe I'll make a sheath.

I built a simple tube amplifier in a couple days, figured I'd share the result, it uses a 6L6GC and a 12AU7 tube.

I bought a $20 hatchet from Lowes just for this project, I modify the "Project Source" hatchet into a usable weapon and tool.

Just some thoughts on what you should have in a community, and the benefits of diplomacy.

Just walking through the house we built, describing the layout showing where we are so far.

I got to thinking about what I would do for defence if I lived in a restricted place. These are my conclusions.

This antenna will work with Baofeng UV5R and other UHF handheld radios and mobiles.

I am just doing the initial review of this holster after carrying it for a month or so, I will do a follow-up in a year if we are still around!

The Holster I am Reviewing:


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