Yoyo join me in eating some cereal and talking politics. I give an important Q update in which I cancel the series. Also, I give my opinions on both sides of the coin whether it being Republicans or Democrats that win this upcoming Midterms.


I don't know what to think now after this. Maybe something will happen to her that serves justice for all the things she's done. I hope. Or maybe its theatre and they are all in it. Nevertheless, fuck Hitlery.

Yoyoyo I dive a few layers into what comes across my mind at times and how things are just so out there. These things range from the corruption of politicians... to aliens... to technology far advanced and being hidden. etc. I will do more rant videos in the future.

I'm back baby. I go over some of the recent gossips surrounding the media and politics but mostly I'm just pissed off and ramble off.

Hello everyone, today I go over a few of the major channels that I think you guys would enjoy the most. Some of these channels and I go way back and others are channels that I think the content would surprise and interest you the most. Please visit these channels and view a video or two.
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Hello Houston today I'm getting personal with my people by giving you my opinion on what it means to be AWOKE. Comment what you guys think whether you disagree or agree, I'd like to hear your own unique thoughts too :)
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Regular Houstonian guy making YT channel based on political commentary regarding alternative news or news you won't see in the mainstream media. I also aspire to make changes within the politics of Houston/Texas by informing voters, helping them to vote, and helping them engage. Especially the Latino population of both Houston and Texas.