Another new set of motocross tires for my 2020 KTM Freeride E-XC. My new CST Tires seem to work pretty good! At the time of filming I didn’t realize Cheng Shin actually makes (and owns) Maxxis Tires that come stock on the Freeride E-XC. I haven’t been able to ride the Freeride E-XC now that I’m working a lot again. I still have a lot of KTM Freeride videos in the pipe th0ugh, so if you’re interested in this electric motorcycle consider subscribing. Lot’s more Freeride videos to come!

Here’s the tires for KTM Freeride E-XC for motocross. Products mentioned:
CST Surge 100/90-18
CST Legion Desert 80/100-21
Renthal Kevlar Resin Grips
Marty Smith’s Re-Grips
Polar Global Vantage M Mutisport/Moto watch

Shorter version of my shoreline rock riding the 2020 KTM Freeride E-XC. I was grossly wrong about this bike’s abilities in gnarly off-road terrain. This Freeride E-XC is a hard enduro machine to it’s core. It will go practically anywhere you point it, even with motocross tires.

I continue to love this 2020 KTM Freeride e-XC with every ride. It’s taking my personally riding skills to the next level. I’m not the only one out there who sees the value in training on the ebike! This thing will teach you to ride and drop your sloppy riding habits!

I let Ryan Hughes run a tank through my KTM 250SX before I sell her off. I'm just not meshing with this bike like I expected. Time to get something else.

KTM 150 TPI?
KTM 250XC-F?

I really don't want a 4-stroke, but I will ride a 250F really well. I don't really want a gas bike to be honest.. but I don't think the Alta Redshift will be the do all machine I need it to be when I'm not riding the Freeride.

Before I bought the 2020 KTM Freeride E-XC I dreamed of riding the shoreline super-gnar. Having never really ridden an electric bike before my first impressions of the Freeride E-XC in the trail were not good. I've since learned to ride the bike. I would TAKE THIS THING ANYWHERE and now I know that it's will get me anywhere I point it.

I love my "Stupid" "Plastic Toy" "Powerwheels" "Gay" "Annoying" "Kids Bike" ebike. This thing is SICK!

Just a typical day for me here in Hawaii

Fun play ride on my KTM Freeride E-XC in the prairie. Nothing fancy, just fun play riding.

How to fix your KTM kickstand with that bolt you didn't know what was for. It's no secret that KTM kickstand are marginal at best. That's ok with me! I don't want a big boat anchor on the side of my bike. The KTM kickstand is very light weight and kicks mostly out of the riders way. KTM even provides a band to keep it up and out of the riders way during aggressive riding.

The Problem is... KTM ships bikes with the auto return bolt and collar installed. Antime the bike is on uneven ground or someone touches it, the bike tips over.

Avoid breaking levers, master cylinders and ripping grips on the trail for no reason! Fix your KTM kickstand bolt today!

Remove the slop or free-play from your KTM E-Gas or Ride-By-Wire throttle. The KTM E-gas throttle uses no cable and therefor gives you no option to adjust out the Slop in your KTM Ride-By-Wire throttle tube. This KTM (and Husqvarna throttle slop is very annoying! Until now, nobody had a solution for this.

You saw it here first! I worked with Kevin at Ducati Spacers to come up with a solution for us Electric KTM and Husqvarna users.

This solution works for KTM Freeride E-XC throttles, 690 Enduro, 990, 1090, 1190, 1290, some Dukes and Husqvarna 701 models with electronically controlled throttles.

Use Coupon Code: JH137 for $5 off the price (not affiliate)

If you race your KTM or Husqvarna in supermoto or motocross this is a must have!! No more slop in that wrist. Fix your “e-gas” KTM “ride-by-wire” throttle today!

I warned him! The sissy-toy KTM ebike has a deceiving amount of power! Just because the noise isn’t there doesn't mean the ebike does t have power! This guy's daily rider has 160 horsepower! “That’s got a little more snap than I expected!” I told you bro! 🤣

ODI bar plugs:

It’s simple to desmog your KTM EXC from 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. Just do it! Don’t let the man keep you and your bike down! Your little dirtbike has nothing to do with the world pollution problems, yet we have to pay the price!!! KTM EXC emissions delete is the solution to your frustration.

Parts #s Used:
78036024000 - Plug Screw SAS M12 x 1.5
0025060086 - HH Collar Screw M6x8 Tx30
0603061001 - Cu-Seal Ring Din7603-6X10x1

How to install a Rekluse RadiusX Auto-Clutch in a KTM 2 Stroke Motorcycle start to finish. The stories of Rekluse installs can make it seems intimidating, but this video will easily walk you through every step so you can install your Rekluse Radius X auto-clutch with confidence.

Rode some bumpy stuff before work. Definitely not the kind of stuff I have any experience riding. I don’t trail ride 🤣

Love the one you’re with 🎤

Beginner Class (ie.. the best course. Old school Hangover style). 9 laps and moto win.

About $80 in parts and she’ll be like new again. Road rash looks worse days later 🤣

KTM 690 Enduro R Burnout. I didn't like that piece of crap Continental TKC 80 so we sacrificed her to the Moto Gods. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sorry, short and busy week this week with the holiday. Few setbacks. She’ll be ready for your viewing pleasure next week.

Just some of the POV footage and bloopers of the "When Trail Bikes Fly" video taken at the track on My KTM 350 EXC-F.

Drone Used:
Wrist Brace:

My KTM 250 SX 2-stroke build is almost complete. Big reveal coming by next week!

Installing a KTM fan kit isn’t hard. If you ride in hot and/or tight conditions. This fan kit was installed on a KTM EXC, but should be relavant to many other KTM models. See the link for a budget friendly fan kit for your 2 or 4 stroke KTM. (no affiliation with seller)

Just my experiences with No-Toil Foam Filter Oil. I used myself, and totally sold the crap out of this stuff to all our racers when I managed the shop. Works super well and is REALLY convenient. Link to the filter kit:


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