August 21, 2020

Day 5 of being held under duress at Pacific Gateway Hotel YVR, which has been turned into a "quarantine" (detention) camp, for anybody returning to Canada without a "suitable facility" Turns out having two weeks left on your lease isn't good enough for Health Canada. FUCK THIS FASCISM.

They gave me an MSDS - AFTER I was back in my prison cell/hotel room. They are spraying a chemical concoction all over my room indiscriminately, like I'm a bug!

- didecyldimethylammonium Chloride 4%
-Benzyl-C12-C16-alkyldimethyl Chlorides 4%
-ethyl alcohol 1%

Because apparently it kills a "deadly virus" but is perfectly fine to breath in and roll all around in.
Just ask little man/tough guy known only as "Darren" who assaulted me when I tried to read his badge. Clearly RCMP.

So this shit is going into my lungs and being absorbed into my skin.
All because I went to Vegas for a few days. And YES I had a great time!

Also dont get my 45 mins of recess a day without a huge dollop of toxic hand sanitizer in both directions, even though I literally touch nothing all the way to/from by room! Illogical!

So I am personally holding all staff involved (nurses, sprayers), DARREN (RCMP), the Quarantine Officer (Amy/Kevin) and the Governments of BC and Canada LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE for ANY future health problems (mental and physical) that I endure as a result of this illegal, arbitrary and unscientific detention.

You all had the choice to walk away from this bogus mess. Nobody forced you to work there.
I am NOT homeless, I have a LEGAL apartment, I am the LEGAL TENANT. and you KNEW THAT.

Get ready for full blown tyranny Canada, its here! First NZ and Oz. We're clearly next.

Footnote: There is another quarantine facility at OPUS hotel in DT Vancouver. They tried to shuffle me there cause apparently I have become a nuisance here (GOOD) I refused.

Hey, here's another idea - How about just, I don't know, LETTING ME GO HOME?


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World traveller and Digital Nomad who's life is being turned upside down by a fake ass PLANDEMIC.

I can no longer stay silent. Here to share my real world, on-the-ground experiences as I REFUSE TO STOP TRAVELLING!

Travelling is my LIFE, its in my blood. It's who I am. Nomadic people are real, and I am one.

This "COVID-19" (yeah right) and the idiots who cooked it up can go F*** themselves.
Save your money people and buy food, maybe stack PM's and crypto as well. It's prob gonna get ugly before it gets better...