I am going over some newspaper articles that are showing a U-Turn in the Corona handling of the swiss Government and MSM. Also, massive child-abuse network in Germany facing trial, first sentences by court...

The Anti Lenz Field Generator Concept revisited. For all of you who don't know what ALF is, please watch the ALF concept study #1 also. In that Video I am explaining it.

Additionally I'll try to explain the basic principle here again.

Traditional Electromagnetic Induction Generators all run with an Efficiency <100% because when a magnet is approaching a coil then the coil will generate an electromagnetic field that:

-will repell the magnet when it's getting closer (=increasing fieldstrength)
-will attract the magnet when it's moving further away (=decreasing fieldstrength)

this results in a brake effect which demands for more mechanical input power. If this effect wasn't present then
the Generator would easily run at an Efficiency higher than 100%. This effect saves the law of Energy conservation, according to accepted science.

In the ALF the magnets and Coils are both fixed to the stator. Fluxbridges will switch the magnetic path of the magnets, becoming dynamic magnets themselfs (the ferromagnetic fluxbridges mounted to the rotor) that are, seen from the perspective of the coil, strong when further away from the coil and weakest when very close to the coil. This way the usual brake effect (often called 'Lenz Effect') is reversed and turned into an accelleration effect.

In Theory this Generator, once reaching a certain RPM, will not require mechanical input Energy to operate. The law of Energy conservation may not be applicable to all Regimes of quantum-ferromagnetic Interaction.

A first Prototype, showing some interesting Features. The design however is much too "principlistic" in the sense of: iittle interaction area and therefor little gain. Was fun anyway.

Collecting Dandelion Roots and some Information about it. What I forgot to mention: You can eat them raw, but they are somewhat bitter. Better cook them like a vegetable.

Also, the latex milk from the Dandelion is not poisonous, but know that latex milk is very often a sign of toxiticy in other plants.

This is not a medical advice or encouragement for self-treatment in any way. Whatever you do lies solely in your responsibility.
Studies have shown that Viridae (Viruses) steal iron from your body in order to replicate. Researchers have found a substitute for iron that our body can use, but is useless for the virus.
(This is a reuploaded Video because the original one played upsidedown after upload)

Additional Note: I would really be careful with things like that. It is interesting, but also very new.

Alternatively I want to inform all of you during these times: for profilactic and treatment of mild cases was good success observed this way: : up to 2 L Tonic water, like bitter Lemonade that officially contains Chinine aka Quinine, and added to every 3dL a soda-tab of zinc+vitamin C. This is a weak substitute of the prescripted HCQ+zinc Treatment. This is not a substitute for a doctor, but I think it is good to know.

I didn't make this Video myself and I am publishing it only for the uncommercial and sole Purpose of scientific study. Additionally it may serve to cheer up the mood of us, the selfisolated citizens, at least a little bit.
Ueli Maurer, federal Councillor of Dept. of Finances and former federal Councillor of the Dept. of Defense of Switzerland has no idea on how to handle a rifle. The Guy who instructs him has some real foul language. Finally, somebody who doesn't intuitively and immediately suck up ^^ Indeed, Maurer should have hired him on the spot for more important matters.

A Lesson I gave a Couple of Years ago. For Beginners to Advanced, some very easy to Play and remember "Modules" for Improvisation and some useful Hints for geometrical Composition.
Sorry for the bad Video Quality, I had some weird Audio Synchronization Problems with multiple Video Editors. It even gave me varying Lags when saved with the exact same Settings (except for "Quality"). This one was the best, but it has the worst graphical Compression Artefacts. Hope you like it anyway.

The Lenz Law states that in an electromagnetic Induction Generator the Generator-Coil will always generate a magnetic field that works against the mechanical Input force that is turning the shaft of the rotor. Actually this secondary Field works against the magnets that are mounted to the rotor. But Lenz was wrong, there is at least one way to use the field of the Generator Coil not against the Input force, but as an addition to it, The Lenz Law is reversed, Losses become Gain. Several Laws of Physics disproved.

A song that I have made. No professional recording or video.


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I lately focused on the Energy Cartel, the Control of the global Energy Resources, which play one of the most important Roles in Geopolitics. The Question that I am asking is: What if we had electrical Generators that require no Resources to be used up? Wouldn't this break the Power of the Energy Cartels? And from a scientific Point of View: Does Electromagnetics really obey to the Law of Energy Conservation?

I am presenting various Data that proofs the first and second law of thermodynamiocs is wrong, just like the Lenz Law about Generators is also not true. Clean Energy is possible, but unwanted. That being said, there is 99% Fake Infos about socalled "Free Energy* out there. One can waste a lot of time, trying to find one gem amongst the bunch of crap. For instance there are some people living from ads in millions of utube views of their silly Little perpetuum mobile Videos.

More serious Researchers do explain what is actually inside a black box, explain their device completely. If that is not the case, even don't bother to waste your time.

I hope you like some of my content, your comments are highly appreciated.
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