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Povestea noastră. Trailerul din filmul care se va face....
Finlandezii au blocat muzica din trailer.
Nu știu dacă voi o auziți, dar în Finlanda a fost cenzurata.
Și pe Instagram e cenzurata.
Cică in Finlanda nu e acceptată melodia.

Gabriela Radu
Se aude si în Franta! Si se vede ce mama si ce copii minunati sunt maltratai acolo!
Doamne ce monstrozitati de oameni acolo în Finlanda!

Camelia Smicala
Finlandezii au blocat muzica.
Nu știu dacă la voi se aude, dar în Finlanda, securitatea a blocat-o.

Cristian Nic
Se aude muzica.

Camelia Smicala
Cristian Nic și Instagram a blocat muzica

Daniela Onisor Solomon
Lauren Daigle. Da se aude la noi în Austria este în topurile naționale de radio...

Ana Mihai Balanca Ravoiu
La noi se aude si se vede ce copii fericiti alaturi de mama lor sunt acesti copii!
Finlanda la tine se aude asta????

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Never give up!

Camelia Smicala

In the 'good world', the institutionalization of children by 'companies' that are in touch with the state, are some ideal money-wasting business ...
Do not underestimate the power of 'market economy' ...
The official reason why the children of Camelia Smicala were kidnapped in the family is that “she loves them too much”.
That they have a very strong soul connection.
There is no mention of what it means “too much love” for a mother, or what kind of measurement has been done.
Maybe in Finland there is a unit of measure of maternal love that we do not know about, yet the documentation does not specify anything in that sense.
And they not even say that Mary and Mihai were very happy with their mother.
This is a documentary by Finnish television Yle International.
It also includes an intervention by Anne Metteri, a professor at the Tampere University of Sociology, a world-renowned scholar in this field, an intervention that makes it very clear that the Tampere Child Protection Service is in a serious error.
However, Mary and Mihai continue to be against their desire, forcibly and against any logic, in the custody of this service.
Thursday, November 1, 2018

Update on the case of Camelia Smicală's children in Finland.
A Psychiatrist has brought little Maria to the brink of suicide.
Problems continue for Camelia Smicală and her children.
The case of Dr. Smicală, whose children Finnish authorities have taken, has come to a new phase.
This time, the children - Mihai and Maria - have come to the care of a psychiatrist thanks to whom little Maria has come to have suicidal intentions, relates Camelia Smicală.
She recieved the latest report from the doctor, in a document which concludes that the little girl does not want to do therapy because of her mother, whom she has seen approximately three hours - in two months!
Camelia Smicală has notified the Romanian authorities yet again.
„Today I received the latest report written by the child psychiatrist who has kept my children hostage for two years, WITHOUT EVER HAVEN SPOKEN EVEN ONCE WITH THE CHILDREN.” In the report are the following points:
--Maria was obligated to do “therapy” in the department where this “doctor” is the department head (she became the head doctor after she “solved” the problem of my children) in the beginning of the year 2018.
--As a result of "therapy " and "protection" measures, Maria repeatedly wanted to commit suicide in March-April 2018. In the report it is written that Maria continually threatens suicide and refuses contact with the "therapist ".
--Mihai, whom they could not oblige to do “therapy” has not had suicidal intentions.
--At the end of April, Maria refused “therapy” saying that she was hurting her.
At that time, I could only see my children under strict supervision (2 supervisors plus a translator) for 1.5 hours every 3 weeks, without having any possibility to communicate with Maria. The "psychiatrist's" conclusion (which, I repeat, has never spoken with or even seen the children): Maria's condition and her refusal to do "therapy" is because I would have influenced her (how? I still have no telepathy capabilities). The "psychiatrist's” conclusion: the children must be completely alienated from me.
In 2015, when the children were taken from home for the first time, both children were taken in a suicidal state, but a psychiatrist who investigated (truly) the children demonstrated that: all the time they were home, the children did not have any psychological problems, all official measures provoked the children's trauma and the only solution was their return home.
Now, the children are not allowed a competent psychological evaluation, but only the remote evaluation of a “doctor” who offers “treatment” leading to suicide. Maria did not get any help. Only your prayers prevented her from doing something reckless. I was not informed about it, but only found out about it today on paper.
As a result of the fact that Finnish officials' actions on my children have repeatedly put their lives at risk, we have notified the Romanian Embassy and called for the prompt intervention of the Romanian State, whose citizens we are.
I will make a complaint to the Finnish police, too, but I know from the start it is pointless.
I wrote this, so that you know, in case something happens to me (they put gasoline on my engine once before, to blow me up...” wrote Camelia Smicală.

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numa' sa nu ziceti apoi ca n-ati stiut...

movie wich is erase from 'normal' social-media like FB, youtube etc...

Nicolas Sarkozy, demanded on national television that the French people race mix with the non-White migrants or face state sanctions if they opposed.

Appearing by telepresence robot, Edward Snowden speaks at TED2014 about surveillance and Internet freedom.
The right to data privacy, he suggests, is not a partisan issue, but requires a fundamental rethink of the role of the internet in our lives — and the laws that protect it.
"Your rights matter," he says, "because you never know when you're going to need them."
Chris Anderson interviews, with special guest Tim Berners-Lee.

In 2013 Edward Snowden leaked thousands of classified American National Security Agency documents, sparking a global conversation about citizens' rights to privacy on the Internet.

2018-09-12 UE approves controversial Copyright Directive
including internet ‘link tax’ and ‘upload filter’
By James [email protected] Sep 12, 2018, 7:12am EDT

Those in favor say they’re fighting for content creators, but critics say the new laws will be ‘catastrophic’

The European Parliament has voted in favor of the Copyright Directive, a controversial piece of legislation intended to update online copyright laws for the internet age.
The directive was originally rejected by MEPs in July following criticism of two key provisions: Articles 11 and 13, dubbed the “link tax” and “upload filter” by critics. However, in parliament this morning, an updated version of the directive was approved, along with amended versions of Articles 11 and 13. The final vote was 438 in favor and 226 against.


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