I share my biggest secret with you
A secret that saved my marriage when NOBODY thought it could be saved
That made us go through 2 bankruptcies, thanking God
That brought me through sooooo many challenges, and obstacles where most people would’ve given up
I cannot teach you this revealed secret
I can only show you
And you must be willing to embark on this journey yourself.
And once you have watched this video all the way through, you will be ready to really understand who the Bride is.
Not who CLAIM to be the bride.
Watch this video series in which the Bible reveals the true nature of the Bride, and warns us not to CLAIM ANYTHING.

Shavuot / Pentecost understanding:
The Marriage of Yhwh - https://youtu.be/GVlGN1Kpx-Y?si=kcTCgHs7MsxsolUm
Who is the Bride: - https://youtu.be/RFWyYx-qP74?si=E2-j1mk0QsQNKhRe
Does the Bride KNOW yet? - https://youtu.be/Qa6qzZFCQws?si=CCBmHYznLgQoaaIm
Is the Bride a Queen? - https://youtu.be/C2MA7fesdYc?si=Ws1N9iQFWjs0HwNi
Is the Bride willing, now that she understands? - https://youtu.be/bVwxHcRNi5g?si=rfJ567EgVFkZymIf
The Divorce reversed - https://youtu.be/BtB_YYp1lUY?si=gMCk0I70fex6bbnw

Knowing about what comes after the End is very encouraging and re-assuring and HAS to prepare our minds and hearts to endure the Battle. But knowing about it, and actually getting there, are two different things. Study to prove yourself worthy (informed) and prepared. Make sure you have studied Part 1 (The Mystery of sitting under the Figtree) on this Youtube page.

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If only we can see the bigger picture from God's perspective, all the fear and despondency and weak feelings of tiredness and doubt if we will actually SEE the Kingdom, can be seen in the Light of Promise for those who BELIEVE the Word.

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Men's hearts will fail with fear / Men will give up / the Love of men will grow cold - our biggest fear is that we (as believers, myself included) will not be able to endure to the end, if we don't know when the end will be. Its easy to keep on running when you know the finishing line is over a certain amount of kilometres, but if you have NO idea for how long you are going to be running.... it starts becoming extremely difficult to find the faith, patience, trust to continue.

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Heaven, Hell, Paradise, Grave, Purgatory - where do we go once we breath our last breath? Soul - spirit - body: what goes where?

This and all the other questions regarding the unknown beyond the grave is answered, verse by verse, in this series on Youtube.



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Understanding how the MANIFESTATION of God in the flesh are prophesied to die, understanding WHY He had to die, and what has been ratified (confirmed) by that blood, is the only way for believers to really understand Salvation, Covenant and the Eternal Promise of the Land flowing with milk and honey.


The Jews from the Synagogue of satan, Jewish Banking Elite, The New World Order, the Rise of Lucifer and the Battle against the God of Abraham - where does Jerusalem, the Beloved City, REALLY fits in? Or does she fit into everything? Does everything the Bible speak about, really revolve around the Holy Land and the Holy City?
Is she the Bride Revelation talks about - and yet the Whore Revelation talks about at the same time? The enemy of God cannot operate outside of that which has already been prophesied and written, so let's see what the Bible says!

Make sure you've seen the previous discussions to ensure you get the Big Picture of these End days we are in, the days of the final culmination of 6000 years of expectation and warning.

NWO: Synagogue of satan - https://www.bitchute.com/video/iO8GRJAz5gVO/
NWO: Rothschild Dynasty, Pharisees and Jerusalem - https://www.bitchute.com/video/KErSPROx0SXV/


Make sure you have watched the NWO: Who are the Jews from the Synagogue of satan. This study follows on that and builds the puzzle a bit further for you to understand what we are dealing with.

Controversial but essential historical and current exposure on the New World Order and its Controllers.

Links to videos mentioned in the study: Please email [email protected]
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In Matt 16v18-19 Yashua talks about the gates of "hell" and about the keys of heaven - and about His church that is built upon Peter. Or is He?

Study with us and see what Yashua really said.


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If you don't prepare, you will be caught off-guard. Yhwh has for good reason given us the Feast of Tabernacles to show us what comes after the End. This is not a boring study of how we will sit on a cloud in heaven one day and play the harp. You need to know the End, so that you can endure up to then with faith and not fear.

Session 1: PREPARE for what comes after the End
Session 2: How to be DRAWN through the UNKNOWN
Session 3: Knowledge is Power. Endurance is Key
Session 4: How to SEE beyond what your eyes can see.


When we learn about the Sabbath day, we want to know how to keep it. Then if we Google, we get to things like: no switching on the light, no switching on a kettle, no starting the engine of your car so no driving. What is going on? What are the intention and idea of the Sabbath day as spoken by the 6 Day Creator Himself? And how does that compare to the thousands of rules we see on Google?

This is just a short expose on a very complicated question, and I hope you will benefit from it if you are on this Way of doing what is pleasing to the Almighty.


Wondering how the Saints of the Book of Revelation knows what to do in the End? Why they seem to never get deceived by the Beast? How they are able to endure to the End? The Revelation Saints has a few cycles behind them, where they followed in the Paths (or cycles) of Righteousness - year after year. Watch this introduction video, and then spend time studying the 4 sessions with us.

At the end of each video there is a link to the next one.

Session 1: Prepare for what comes after the End
Session 2: How to be drawn through the Unknown
Session 3:Knowledge is power. Endurance is key
Session 4:How to look beyond what you see


God's law forbids bastards / eunuchs / harlots / strangers and the uncircumcised to enter into His Congregation (Deut 23 and other verses)
But what does He REALLY mean by that? Does the bastard (illegitimate child) then have NO chance of ever coming into covenant with Elohim?

Let's have a look at all the contradictions regarding this topic - contradictions in the Word itself - and realise - God DOESN'T contradict Himself so something deeper is to be understood.


His Voice thundered from the mountain
His Spirit sounded like a very strong wind
And still - not many can hear (stand) it.

What is so important about Shavuot? Why must we go through this journey and stop at the 7th week after Pesach?

It is so important for the End Day preparation of Believers to understand the first Shavuot (Pentecost). This introduction was taped during a live recording at the Shavuot Conference at Tava Lingwe Resort in the Free State SA.

After discovering What / Who / How, its not time to know the WHY?
And then see the REAL reason for S.M.A.R.T as prophesied in Scripture.

Know that we know WHAT it is and WHO some of the well-known role-players are, lets see HOW they are pushing S.M.A.R.T on every person in the world (if you believe them)

2nd question in the series:
What is Smart?
Who is involved?
How will they do it?
and Why?
Very important to identify the current world leaders in this system.
Make sure to watch all 4 Parts.


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