Did Arson Destroy Evidence in Gilchrist Deputy Assassinations?

The Assassination of Two Gilchrist County Sheriff Deputies - An Investigation https://wp.me/p2FjTj-8VC


In the beginning, researchers mostly considered the 2012 Sandy Hook hoax as a capstone event carried out by DHS and FEMA to promote gun control. Then, in 2016 the #Pizzagate scandal revealed a Satanic cult at the “black heart” of the government’s Deep State. Five years later, many of the children have grown up, and it’s time to take a fresh look at the child victims of Sandy Hook in the light of potential crimes of child abuse, child trafficking and pedophilia.

Comment From PCGEEK: The unidentified man is Curtis Urbina with his daughter Lenie Urbina and Nate Wheeler .... theyve been friends for years and younger pictures of both were used as victims. Lenie Urbina was used as Avielle Richman and Nate Wheeler as his fake younger brother Ben Wheeler. The following collage you will even see a released pic of Ben & Avielle together but really it is Lenie & Nate when younger.

Complete Article https://wp.me/p2FjTj-8Lt

Sandy Hook Kids That Never Died. See the REAL REASON why no death certificates were released!

FULL ARTICLE: Why the Marjory Stoneman Douglas School Shooting is Another False Flag.

Psychological operations (Psyops) to control public opinion inside the United States have been authorized by the NDAA since 2012.

Psyops are often discovered when organizers overlook critical details in their elaborately staged event. This video was published by the Newsweek Media Group and originally produced by David Hogg, himself.

But we all deserve to know how David Hogg was able to interview shooting survivors hiding in the closet and calling for gun control, at 9:32 in the morning when the alleged shooting didn't take place until 2:21 in the afternoon.

The alternate time of 9:32 PM is easily ruled-out since all students and personnel had long been evacuated.

It may be significant that the NYT reported a fire drill was carried out at the school earlier in the day.

American Media Intelligence put out a HUGE story that will cause chaos for the deep state and their Russian Collusion lies about President Trump! This puts Mark Zuckerberg in jail IF justice is done and you get the word out! This is just too good! We have caught Zuckerberg red handed paying a Russian by the name of Dimitri Shevelenko to rig the 2016 election for Hillary! Facebook has been involved in rigging US elections since 2009 when the State Department gave Facebook a $120,000 contract for a template on winning elections! Yes, Hillary Clinton paid Facebook to figure out how to rig the 2016 election for her! This is BEYOND Treason! Spread the word patriots!

Field McConnell- Michael Herzog - Trump SES Strategies 4-3-2018

Christopher Bollyn is an investigative journalist and the author of the Solving 9-11 set of books.

Bollyn has a degree in history from the University of California at Santa Cruz focusing on the Israeli occupation of Palestine. He has written in-depth articles about the Middle East, electronic vote fraud, the dangers of depleted uranium, and the historic and geo-political background leading to the September 11 terror attacks, 2001.

Of this he has spoken at numerous seminars in America and Europe.
Open Mind Conference 2016

Pizzagate: The Video That Will Change Everything You Thought You Knew; John & Tony Podesta’s paedophilia artwork.
The Pizzagate analysis presented by "Reality Calls" shows that restaurants in the same vicinity as Comet Pizza all use pedophile symbols in the logos of various organizations.

Interest in #Pizzagate began when Wikileaks released a batch of John Podesta’s emails in November 2016. Reddit users and others broke down alleged code words used in the emails such as “pizza” and “Cheese” all well know code words for human trafficking.

The video also connects John and Tony Podesta to the disappearance of Madeline McCann, who went missing in Portugal on the 3rd of May 2017.

The Podesta brothers show an uncanny likeness to the police sketches published in Guardian in 2013.

The Wikileaks emails also found the Podesta Brothers were invited to “Spirit Cooking” by performance artist Marina Abramovic. Abramovic is known for her satanic like rituals involving blood and semen amongst other weird things.

Tony Podesta is a big fan of artist Biljana Djurdjevic, who’s work dwellson child sexual abuse, bonding and torture.

Gainesville Commission fails to take recommendation to fact-check SANDY HOOK content in Gainesville’s “Emergency Gun Control Resolution”

Gainesville, Fl City Commission 3/1/2018: Harold Saive spoke at public comment in reference to a proposed “emergency resolution” on Gun control in the aftermath of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas School shooting. The intent was to convince the commission to remove reference to the Sandy Hook story since the commission has no confirmed knowledge the Sandy Hook event resulted in any deaths. Saive had emailed several compelling documents to the commission in advance of the meeting to support the claim. Upon receipt of the documents, the commission was bound to respond under Misprision of treason (Title 18 § 2382.) The commission, however, chose to ignore their legal responsibility under Title 18, and ultimately passed the resolution containing unconfirmed reference to Sandy Hook by unanimous vote (7-0) on 3/15/2018.

Compiled 3 videos exposing Sheriff Israel sex scandal and abortion with minor.

Sheriff Scott Israel Sex Scandal - Teenage Affair and Abortion ScottIsrael2012: The Real Scott Israel for Broward Sheriff

Take 1 Barry Israel - Published on Oct 26, 2012 Meet the former girlfriend of Broward County Sheriff’s candidate Scott Israel. The happily married father of triplets, Scott seems to have a "friend" that his wife Susan knows nothing about. Integrity? That’s Scott Israel. Illegitimate children? That’s Scott Israel. A much younger girlfriend on the side? That’s Scott Israel. When voting on November 6th, please vote Scott Israel for Broward County Sheriff.

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ScottIsrael2012: The Real Scott Israel for Broward Sheriff

Take 2 Barry Israel - Published on Oct 28, 2012 Have you met the former girlfriend of Broward County Sheriff’s candidate Scott Israel? The happily married father of triplets, Scott seems to have a "friend" that his wife Susan knows nothing about. Integrity? That’s Scott Israel. Illegitimate children? That’s Scott Israel. A much younger girlfriend on the side? That’s Scott Israel. When voting on November 6th, please vote Scott Israel for Broward County Sheriff. Paid for and approved by Friends of ScottIsreal2012 - http://www.scottisraelforsheriff2012.com


ScottIsrael2012: The Real Scott Israel for Broward Sheriff -

Take 3 Barry Israel Published on Oct 28, 2012 You know about the illegitimate child of Broward County Sheriff’s candidate Scott Israel. The happily married father of triplets, also had a girlfriend who had an abortion. Scott’s family and friends know nothing about this "friend" he kept on the side for six-months. Integrity? That’s Scott Israel. Illegitimate children? That’s Scott Israel. A much younger girlfriend on the side? That’s Scott Israel. A former girlfriend who had to have an abortion? That’s Scott Israel. When voting on November 6th, please vote Scott Israel for Broward County Sheriff. Paid for and approved by Friends of ScottIsreal2012 -


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iBmVHDktOs Barry Israel Channel


Florida's School system corruption revealed after fake shooting at Parkland. Students used as pawns for camera fodder to promote gun-grab legislation.

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Mar 24, 2018 -- Dr. James Fetzer-McKnight Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, University of Minnesota Duluth; Founder, Scholars for 9/11 Truth; Editor, Assassination Science; Co-Editor, Assassination Research.

This video of the Parkland shooting and other false flags exposes the lies and evidence that continues to be ignored by MSM, Government, and surprisingly most social media. The false narrative continues to move forward to strip Americans of the right to protect themselves. The end result of the propaganda and false flag drills will be the end of American freedom and possibly deaths of millions of Americans or total enslavement.

Dr. Fetzer is number one in exposing the absolute TRUTH over and over. He leads in this department with each false flags. I have had the pleasure of working with him on the Las Vegas shooting and have learned so much from him. If you would like to have information that is presented in a non-biased view with no political agenda this is the place to go. You can also find Dr. Fetzer's work along with other experts on http://jamesfetzer.blogspot.com/ and if you would like to have his research in hand you can purchase his books at moonrockbooks.com.

In a CBS News interview promoting their upcoming documentary titled “39 Days, ”David Hogg tacitly admits he was not at the school during the alleged Parkland massacre.

HOGG Says: On the day of the shooting, I got my camera and got on my bike and rode as fast as I could three miles from my house to the school to get as much video and to get as many interviews as I could because I knew that this could not be another mass shooting.

The fact that the bicycle ride was Hogg's first encounter with the alleged massacre, is forever sealed when Hogg says, "I knew that this could not be another mass shooting". If Hogg had been at the school prior to his bicycle ride he would have expressed little doubt as to what he thought happened. Think about it. Why would a budding journalist leave a school shooting to return home just to get a camera...when he had already used his phone to take several video interviews at the school?

And then Time magazine attempts to coverup David Hogg's admission that the inerviews of Alex view and another student hiding in the closet was actally recorded at 9:32 in the morning.

Well....that was pretty lame. But we have evidence of foreknowledge by Hogg and at least 2 students. Here's the original video recorded at 9:32 AM on Feb 14th, alegedly while hiding from the shooter in a closet. The 9:32 time is coincident with the fire drill held earlier in the day giving Hogg the opportunity to make the recording in advance of a shooting drill they knew was coming in the afternoon.

But Hogg made the mistake of announcing the correct time of 9:32 in a video intended to represent events at 2:52 in the afternoon.

The time of 9:32 PM at night is ruled out since the students had long been evacuated and student access to building 12 was blocked by authorities.

The coverup video is in response to a Newsweek video of students hiding in a closet, Hogg is heard saying that the interview with Alex View and another student took place 9:32 on Feb 14th. The time of 9:32 AM is the only possibility since students had been evacuated from Building 12 long before 9:32 at night. The time of 9:32 AM also gives Hogg time to leave the school before the alleged shooting.

Snopes tried their best to debunk Hogg's own words as "False" but they only provide a long, wordy article that most people will not read. On a complete reading, Snopes provides nothing more than pausible deniability by listing Hogg's previous string of lies.

The only thing critical thinkers can count on are more lies from Hogg, the Crisis actors, Sheriff Israel and Fake News Mockingbird media.

Mike Decker uses a Nikon, P-900 to document horrendous aerosol pollution over Wyoming. Increasing frequency of dark, brown, red and black emissions has become increasingly common on a global basis but Decker's location in Wyoming is exceptionally high.

Mike Decker Video Channel

Aerosolized Coal Fly ash: Risk Factor for Neurodegenerative Disease

Coal Fly Ash Aerosol: Risk Factor for Lung Cancer

Harvard Solar Geoengineering Research Program

Several speakers appeared at the City of Gainesville meeting at public comment (3/1/18) to endorse a resolution word-smithed by commissioner Harvey Ward. The resolution contained a reference to Sandy Hook which has been solidly debunked as a FEMA DRILL where nobody died.

Harold Saive spoke to the commission in order that the resolution demanding "emergency legislation" would be amended to strike any reference to Sandy Hook since the outcome of legal action related to Sandy Hook are winding their way through the courts.

For the City to include whimsical references to Sandy Hook as a "massacre" is not only dishonest, but could expose the City as "accessories after the fact" for promoting a DHS Drill as a shooting "massacre".

Most of the speakers were not local to Gainesville and claimed to be from Broward County, Parkland or former graduates of Marjory Stone Douglas high school.

Saive had emailed several documents and videos to each commissioner in advance of the meeting. One video was an excerpt of Dr. Steve Pieczenik's broadcast claiming Sandy Hook and Parkland were staged shootings.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik excerpt

Resolution Excerpt:

"WHEREAS, The tragic shooting deaths of fourteen students and three teachers and wounding of more than a dozen others at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is the latest in a string of at least 63 school shootings since the Sandy Hook Massacre in 2012"

Complete Resolution as passed - http://goo.gl/Jaue4G

Photo of eleven Sandy Hook "survivors" who were never issued death certificates, didn't die in the FEMA drill but graduated high school in 2017. These - now adults - are eligible to seek compensation for ID theft and other related abuses. Future career and job opportunities are also complicated by the allegation they are actually dead or by charges alleging they were involved in an act of deliberate deception. - goo.gl/rZezwX

Freedom of Information Release – FBI Documents RE: ‘Urban Moving Moving Systems, Incorporated (Mossad) the 9/11 ‘Dancing Israelis’

Deeper Shades of Mossad – Urban Moving Systems and the Exploding Mural Van

Related Article - DC Lawmaker Warns Public About Rothschild Climate Manipulation Related to RESILIENT CITIES

The following clip is an excerpt from a 1990 C-Span Booknotes broadcast where Brian Lamb interviews authors Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman. The title of the book is - "Every Spy a Prince - The complete history of israel's Intelligence Community."
AMAZON - goo.gl/QYp3Ue

Alexandria, Va – This Tuesday morning, a teacher who also serves as a reserve police officer accidentally fired his gun at a school in Seaside, California, while instructing a class on firearms safety. -- Three students were injured, and one was hospitalized, but the school did not report the incident, nor did they notify the parents or seek medical help for the injured children. The most badly injured of the three went home to his father covered in blood with a serious wound, and bullet fragments lodged into his neck.


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