Lunacy of Max Igan Exposed - An apparent Organic Brain syndrome lurks behind Igan's once ariculate and soft-spoken delivery. Max admittedly smokes dope but the last batch from New Zealand must have been a load of crazy weed of traumatic brain syndrome. The fact that he continues to promote the NZ Mosque shooting as a real event will place him under perpetual house arrest as a lunatic. Ankle chain, please.

During a HLN Interview Sue Shortt smiles at the camera then claims she arrived at the firehouse and her son was there. Later she changes her story to claim her son was NOT at the firehouse.

The State of Connecticut’s Public Safety and Security Committee (PSSC) is a joint standing committee of the Connecticut General Assembly and contains members of the Senate and the House. In the Connecticut Legislature, there are no separate chamber committees.

PSSC is charged with matters relating to homeland security, the Department of Public Safety, including state police, state organized task force on crime, municipal police training, fire marshals, the fire safety code and the state building code, civil preparedness and legalized gambling, and military and veterans’ affairs, except veterans’ pensions.

The Public Safety and Security Committee of 2015 has 15 Democratic members and 10 Republican members. The Chair of the committee is Sen. Timothy Larson, Democrat, who is also the General Assembly’s Majority Whip. For the names of the other 24 committee members, go here.

On March 3, 2015, at a public hearing of the Public Safety and Security Committee on SB 1011: An Act Concerning the Training of Security Personnel, a private citizen named Maureen Crowley boldly spoke out on the Sandy Hook fraud.
Citizen (Maureen Crowley) speaks out on Sandy Hook hoax at Connecticut State committee hearing - https://bit.ly/2QEwHEL

An Essay on Sandy Hook - August 27, 2016 Submitted by Maureen Crowley - https://bit.ly/2T7V7bh

Pete Santilli Show
When the president of the United States asked the president of Ukraine to investigate, he was asking him to investigate crimes at the highest levels of both governments. This video lays bare the the amount of corruption in Ukraine that took place under the Obama administration beginning in 2013 and explains clearly how Ukraine was corrupted by Americans.

Second Amendment Sanctuaries Started in 1774 - https://bit.ly/2sVAJ20
(MRR) - https://www.brighteon.com/f54f59f0-58a3-4ffc-831f-a007846d3379

BURNED: Are Trees the New Coal? is a documentary film that tells the little-known story of the accelerating destruction of our forests for fuel, and probes the policy loopholes, huge subsidies, and blatant greenwashing of the biomass electric power industry. A 30-minute version of the feature-length film will be broadcast and available for free on-demand streaming worldwide on Link TV to coincide with the International Biomass Conference and Expo on March 18-20, 2019 and the UN International Day of Forests on March 21, 2019. This international premiere is being promoted by US and international environmental organizations as part of the BURNED Barnstorming Tour, a grassroots campaign to expose the biomass electric power industry’s destructive forest, energy, and climate practices - Partnership For Policy Integrity

London Bridge Staged Knife Attack

Saugus High School Shooting Page - https://justpaste.it/54on8

TRULY UNBELIEVABLE! The Dark Art of MK Ultra - Beware Fake News Mind Control - You're Brainwashed!
James Red Pills America - Complete Video: https://youtu.be/6XszCCIGFvs

Whistleblower: Google Is Developing AI for ‘Planetary Surveillance’

10/11/2019 Breitbart News Tonight - Zach Vorhies - October 11, 2019 (Twitter perpetualmaniac)

Oklahoma group home residents evacuated to hospital after being injected with insulin instead of flu vaccine


DORIAN New Daily Updates - (BIN) http://bit.ly/2lxEoPS

Investigators like Mike Morales, Rance Smith and Jim Lee have provided technical evidence that Dorian was engineered as a weaponized hurricane. But the big story may be the agenda for this storm as economic warfare against China who has been purchasing sea posts in the Bahamas. President Trump recently floated the idea of buying Greenland - a territory owned by Denmark. The Danish cargo shipping line is Maersk - an aggressive company involved in shipping for China and probably much more...including weapons and human trafficking.

The Bahamas are also known as tax havens for wealthy alien residents. With the current move to repatriate manufacturing from China back to the US. It follows that offshore tax shelters for the greedy are also under attack. In this video, Redpill News report the findings of "3Days3Nights".

DORIAN New Daily Updates - (BIN) http://bit.ly/2lxEoPS

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WGFL) — The organization for at-risk youth called the Reichert House was started by Gainesville Police Chief Tony Jones over 30 years ago, but even though most of their funding comes from the police department--- there is a gray area on what they choose to report to police officials

Back in December, Reichert officials discovered a 13-year-old boy was engaged in oral sex with a 15-year old boy on a Reichert house bus.

School officials didn't immediately report the incident, but instead they offered the kids various services, suspended them and told their parents.

“There was no police report originally taken, they were not aware of any crime committed,” GPD Inspector Jorge Campos said.

Florida’s “Romeo and Juliet” law explains because the youngest person was 13 years old, the sex act could be against the law.

Campos tells CBS 4, Reichert House employees didn’t know it was a possible violation of the law.


Beginning at minute 14 Adam Green and Christopher Bjerknes Discuss how Sandy Hook is specifically targeted for censor by the ADL.
MRR: https://youtu.be/6J5kquq7SnA

Al-Quds Day Rally In Dearborn, Michigan: Israel Is A Cancer, Will Crumble In Less Than 25 Years As Our Leader Khamenei Calculates; U.S. Government, Politicians Are Satanic Terrorists; Hamas, Hizbullah, IRGC Have Right To Resist; U.S. Hasn't Given Us Anything Allah Didn't Intend On Giving Us, That We Wouldn't Have Gotten In Our Homelands - https://www.memri.org/reports/quds-day-rally-dearborn-michigan-israel-cancer-will-crumble-less-25-years-our-leader


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